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Several Stories of Practitioners Telling the Truth about Falun Gong

July 31, 2001 |   A Dafa Practitioner from China

(Clearwisdom.net) When we first participated in promoting Dafa, my spouse tried printing some truth clarifying materials on the computer, and I would put them up at different locations. Soon we realized that they would be quickly torn down. Our first thought was that we did not paste them firmly enough. We then put double-sided adhesive tape over the back of the Dafa materials. Yet two hours after we put them up, we again found they were scraped away. Even the materials we placed discretely disappeared quickly. At that time I was a little frustrated. Later on I read an article from Clearwisdom.net, which gave me some insights. The article said that on XX day in XX city, some Dafa practitioners went together to put up truth clarifying materials by spraying paint, putting up posters, and hanging banners. The next day there was white dust all over the sky, and the lights were dark. I sensed that many vicious beings in other dimensions were eliminated through their actions. This gave me confidence. I made a stamp using an eraser that is as big as my palm. Now I can take it with me and stamp truth-clarifying thoughts anywhere, at any time.

One day I noticed a spot where a lot of parents would bring their kids to play under the trees. I stamped on a tree, "Restore the Reputation of Falun Dafa." Two months later, the gardeners planted some tall flowers and plants around that tree, and people could no longer chat or play there. I think maybe a demon controlled people to do that because it was scared of the truth and didn't want people to be around it. But what happened actually achieved the opposite effect. The tall flowers and plants now protect the sign.

At present, my spouse and I spend time visiting our former classmates, coworkers, and relatives. One after the other, we tell them the truth about Falun Gong. One of us will make conversation, while the other continuously sends forth righteous thoughts. We have found this very effective. Once we went to see a friend. His house is spacious and well furnished, but as soon as we walked inside we felt uncomfortable and depressed. We told him the truth about Falun Gong, but he disagreed. I realized that I needed to send forth righteous thoughts. I soon felt lighter, and he then changed the manner in which he was speaking and said something supportive about Falun Gong. Before long another person stepped in. I felt uncomfortable again, and started sending forth my righteous thoughts again. Soon I felt relaxed, and this person also started to be supportive of Falun Gong. When the third person entered, I felt uncomfortable long after I started sending forth righteous thoughts. This one was very stubborn, and was heavily influenced by the vicious force. I then went into another room to hold one hand vertically in front of the chest to send forth my righteous thoughts and eliminate the evil controlling this person. Then the first one who was supportive of Falun Gong started to oppose the wrong ideas of this person.

Before visiting anyone, sending forth our righteous thoughts on the way to eradicate the evils at their homes is very helpful to telling the truth. The evil becomes frightened. Once we were on the way to a friend's house to promote Dafa, so we sent forth our righteous thoughts on the way there to eliminate the evils at his place. When we arrived, we found out that the brakes of his car had failed on his way home, and he would not make it back on time. We were very disappointed, and were about to go home. Then he called using his cell phone, and told us that his car was now all right. We decided to stay and wait for him. But when he started his car, the brakes failed again. We realized that when we eliminated the evils at his home on our way over, the evil controlling our friend became scared, and stopped him from coming home.