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Medical Professor's Testimonial to the Miracles of Falun Dafa

July 31, 2001 |  


1. Practicing Falun Dafa Gives Me a New Life

I am a professor of medicine and have been teaching pharmacology and conducting research in a medical school for 22 years. Here, I would like to present and analyze the experiences of myself and several other Falun Dafa practitioners which validate the fact that Falun Dafa is an extraordinary science.

Before practicing Falun Gong, I constantly suffered from more than ten chronic illnesses, including migraines, cholecystitis and Schimmelbusch's disease (proliferation of the mammary gland) despite more than ten years of continuous medical treatment. On June 21, 1994, I attended Li Hongzhi's Falun Dafa class in Jinan, after which my illnesses disappeared completely without any further treatment. I haven't had the need to take even one pill for the past seven years. Prior to that, even as a medical professor living inside a medical school, "modern medicine" could not cure my illnesses. Through practicing Falun Gong, my body changed miraculously in a short period of time. I personally experienced the wonder of Falun Dafa a true and most extraordinary science. As a result, my confidence in the practice became rock-solid and has continued as such to this day.

Since July 20, 1999, Jiang Zemin and his gang of followers have continuously slandered Falun Dafa, deceiving and poisoning the Chinese people. Like many other Falun Dafa practitioners, I felt the need to go to Beijing to appeal in Tiananmen Square, explaining the truth to the government, the police and the public. I did so on six occasions.

2. Four Liters of Blood Lost With No Ill Effects

In the beginning of December 2000, I went to appeal in Tiananmen Square and unfurled a banner that read, "Falun Dafa is Good." I was dragged into a police car and taken to Chongwen District Police Station. Three police officers took turns beating and torturing me. They put me in a bath of icy cold water up to my neck, trying to force me to tell my name and address. I refused. They then sent me to the Chongwen Detention Center.

In the detention center, other inmates tortured Falun Dafa practitioners all day long. They did not allow practitioners to sleep or to speak. Beating and cursing are very common. We did not relent as a result of their torture, but continued to do the exercises. Four to five inmates kicked and punched me. We felt we had no choice but to go on a hunger strike (without food or water) to resist the persecution.

Another miracle happened. After three or four days of hunger strike, I vigorously passed about 4 liters (1 gallon) of blood through my rectum, which really scared the inmates in my cell. After that, I got up and walked on my own back to bed. As a doctor, I know that if an ordinary person were to suffer such massive bleeding, it would have been very hard to stop the bleeding pressure would have to be applied. Second, the person would be in shock. If the shock lasted for more than five minutes, the brain would lack oxygen and the central nervous system might shut down as a result. However, I did not have any such symptoms. This miraculous reaction further substantiated my belief in Falun Dafa. The inmates at the scene said, "Those who practice Falun Gong will not die from sickness." Many days of hunger strike and the loss of so much blood did not endanger my life instead I felt lighter. Such a reaction is extremely rare in medicine and can't be explained by modern science.

3. Hunger Strike Without Water For 18 Days Transcended The Limits Of Life

When I was in the detention center, I went on hunger strike without water for 18 days to demand my unconditional release. During this period, my captors collected and analyzed my urine. Results of the urinalysis were normal both times. I continued to urinate four to five times every day, releasing somewhere between 100~400 cc (about to 1 cups) of urine each time, despite the fact that I was consuming absolutely no water. This runs counter to the expectation in medicine that one will die from kidney failure and dehydration if one does not eat or drink for 7 days.

Similarly, in Kaiping Labor Camp, Tangshan, Hebei Province (Hebei First Labor Camp), a female practitioner who was sentenced there for three years went on hunger strike for four and a half months to demand her unconditional release. Her weight dropped from 108 lb (49 kg) to 63 lb (29 kg), her blood pressure became undetectable, her heartbeat was so weak that an electrocardiogram could not be performed and the electrolytes and trace elements in her blood were lower than normal. Of particular note, her potassium level was 2.4, less than half the normal level of 5. Low blood potassium can cause digestive and muscular weakness. Since potassium is an important cation that maintains the function of cell membranes, if blood potassium is excessively low, the cell membrane's ability to function may disappear, leading to cell death, heart and other organ failure. However, this practitioner showed no such symptoms. She could still walk and talk and showed normal cognitive function.

Attention: The miracles described here demonstrate the power of Falun Dafa. The goal of our hunger strike, however, was not to perform miracles but to protest the evil persecution and to demand our unconditional release. We absolutely cannot accept the harsh and inhumane treatment given at labor camps and detention centers to hunger striking Falun Gong practitioners. Such crude treatment is irresponsible and completely violates international human rights standards. We strongly condemn this heartless brutality!

4. Hunger Strike For One Month and Forced Injections Of Morphine

A practitioner was 5 feet tall (1.65 meters) and weighed 108 lb (49 kg). In order to obtain unconditional release and protest her illegal detention, she went on hunger strike for more than one month. Her weight dropped to 63 lb (29 kg). Instead of releasing her, the guards sent her to the drug-abuse rehabilitation ward in Tangshan Hospital. They tied her arms and legs apart on a bed and forced drugs and liquids into her. Her vision gradually blurred and she developed a terrible itch that she described as feeling like countless insects nibbling away inside her bones. The itching could be felt from the skin surface all the way to the bones, so that even scratching the skin until it bled would not offer any relief. Her body was trembling and spasmodic so that she wanted to scream, to shout, to jump, and to run. The practitioner asked a doctor what drugs he was administrating. The doctor said without feeling, "Your sense of individuality is too strong. We want to break it down."

I am a medical professor. Based on this practitioner's description of her symptoms, I believe that she was administered a narcotic such as morphine. Anyone with medical knowledge knows that narcotics are highly addictive and fall under the strict regulation of national drug laws. Only attending doctors can prescribe them and the hospital has to put its stamp of approval on the prescription. Large doses or continuous use of the drug will cause addiction very quickly. Once addicted, severe withdrawal symptoms develop such as excitement, restlessness, spasms, severe itching (like insects crawling inside the bones), coughing, constricted pupils etc. In order to gain relief from these symptoms, addicts often resort to all means to obtain more of the drugs, such as theft, burglary and even murder. At the end of this vicious circle, one will often die from overdose or other abuse of the narcotics. Hardly anyone who is given morphine can escape the harsh reality of its addictive nature. China's national drug regulation states that, "Doctors who abuse narcotics and causes medical incidents are legally liable." á

"Dafa is indestructible." This female practitioner did not become addicted to the drugs. Miraculously surviving a total of eight months of hunger strike, she was released unconditionally from the labor camp. This is the power of Falun Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts and the extraordinary power of Falun Dafa. All of the facts presented here validate that Falun Dafa is an extraordinary science! Shouldn't the truth presented here also be sufficient to awaken those deceived by the evil force who persecute innocent Falun Dafa practitioners and make them repent?

5. A Sincere Appeal

The miracles that I have seen and heard are only a few tiny drops of water in the vast ocean of truth of Falun Dafa. Jiang Zemin brutally persecutes Falun Dafa and has committed innumerable crimes. More than 258 practitioners have been tortured to death. I provide here my own written testimony and sincerely hope that everyone can think rationally about this. I appeal to all kindhearted people to help rescue the tens of thousands tortured Falun Gong practitioners in China!