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Latest News From China - 07/24/2001

July 30, 2001 |  


1. [Baoding City, Hebei Province] The Persecution of Falun Gong Escalates After Beijing gets the 2008 Olympic games

After being awarded the 2008 Olympic games, the "610 Office" (a department especially established for persecuting Falun Gong) escalated its persecution of Falun Dafa, using the excuse that it must safeguard social stability.

On July 18, 2001, the "610 Office" of Xinshi District in Baoding city openly slandered Falun Gong in a "Letter to the People," announcing that Falun Gong damages social stability. It also announced that 1.) whoever discovers and reports Falun Gong practitioners who are spreading or distributing printed materials or "illegally" gathering, will be awarded RMB 500 to 1000 yuan; 2.) whoever discovers and reports the location where such materials are printed or provides important leads to find the location will be awarded a lump sum of RMB 3000 yuan. Then the "610 Office" boasted that the award would be issued immediately. In fact, this scheme is an attempt to use the "610 Office" to entrap more innocent people.

2. [Shanghai City] Police in Shanghai Plan to Arrest Dafa Disciples Just Before the APEC Conference

Because of the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) conference to be held in October, police in Shanghai plan to arrest Dafa disciples just beforehand. We hope that Dafa disciples in Shanghai will strengthen their righteous thoughts and totally repudiate these arrangements. Don't give them a chance.

3. [Shandong Province] Dafa Practitioners in Wangchun Labor Camp Are Imprisoned in a Water Dungeon

Recently, the vicious forces in Shandong province became even more desperate in persecuting Dafa practitioners. Even if someone were found practicing at home, he would be arrested and sent to a brainwashing class. Whoever refused to be brainwashed would be sent directly to a labor camp without any legal procedure.

There are numerous stories about the evil of Wangchun Labor Camp. Practitioner Wang Zonghua was imprisoned in a case about one and one-half meters in height with water about half a meter deep on the bottom. He can't stand up straight and he can't sit down. He was told that he wouldn't be released unless he succumbed to the brainwashing. His face is as swollen as bread. Recently many practitioners have been illegally arrested, causing a great loss in the effort to validate the truth. If practitioners go on a hunger strike after being arrested, they are immediately handcuffed and shackled. If they don't succumb to brainwashing, they are sent directly to Wangchun Labor Camp. Some practitioners have only a breath of life left in them because of the hunger strike. Yet they are still carried to Wangchun Labor Camp.

The evil forces in China have really gone berserk. What we have listed here is just a drop in the bucket. We can see the eventual elimination of evil after all of this craziness. The righteous forces in the universe surely can no longer forebear such evil testing of Dafa. The dark night is drawing to an end and a beautiful new dawn is breaking.

4. [China] It's the New Age of Information in China: Equipment Monitors All Communication

Under high pressure from Luo Gan, the core member of Jiang's criminal group, the State Security Bureau wrote a military pledge. They promised to get the job done or accept a severe penalty. They agreed to install various equipment in a short period of time. Luo Gan has also urged the Information Industry Department to issue an emergency notice to companies in the field of Chinese Telecommunications and Chinese Co-Communications to cooperate with the installation of the equipment.

At present, such equipment appears in many capital cities across the country. The equipment monitors the phones and filters the Internet IP package and GSM cell phones.

5. [Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province] Shijiazhuang Will Spend Over 1.5 Million Yuan RMB to Construct a Brainwashing Center

According to reliable sources, in order to achieve the goal of long-term suppression of Falun Gong practitioners, Shijiazhuang city will spend over 1.5 million Yuan RMB to construct a brainwashing center especially for Falun Gong practitioners. They will illegally detain the persons whom they consider not having been transformed and put them into this center. These persons will then be brainwashed in stages.

6. [China] Two-year-old Child Can Clearly Distinguish Good from Evil

Taotao is now two years old. He especially enjoys looking at Teacher's pictures and shouts "Teacher! Teacher!" while holding them.

One day, Taotao spoke to himself: "Hit the panda! Hit the panda!" Upon hearing this, his daddy said: "Panda is a national treasure, we should not hit it; we should hit bad people instead!" Then he asked Taotao: "What is a bad person?" Without any hesitation, Taotao said: "Jiang Zemin is the bad person! Jiang Zemin is the bad person!" His daddy, who is not a practitioner, was dumbfounded. He never imagined that a two-year-old child could clearly be able to distinguish good from evil.

7. [Changchun, Jilin Province] Changchun Agricultural School Brainwashing Class Persecutes Good People

Fan Guangsheng, male, is a biology teacher in Bonihezi Middle School of Jiutai City, Jilin Province. In mid-February 2001, he was violently taken away from the school, and forced into a brainwashing class without any due procedure.

Tao Ye, male is the director of the teaching section of Datun Middle Shool in Changchun City, Jilin Province. At the beginning of March 2001 the local police forcibly pulled him out of school and sent him to the Changchun Agricultural School brainwashing class in Xinglongshan of Changchun City.

Both Fan Guangsheng and Tao Ye are diligent and conscientious members of their work units, as well as earnest and responsible in doing their jobs. They never care for their own personal gain, but instead put other people's well being first. Their colleagues all say that they are unselfish, have good characters, and have hearts of great benevolence. The people who are around them see the purity of Falun Dafa in their conduct. Hence as a result, they all call for justice for the Teacher of Falun Gong.

After putting them into the brainwashing class, the Datun police demanded 4000 Yuan as "warranty money" from Tai Ye's family members. This put a great deal of pressure on the family, as they had never been wealthy to begin with. There are three generations of people in Tao Ye's family. Unable to endure all these pressures, Tao Ye's wife had to divorce him, leaving the old parents and child unattended at home. Their family has been torn apart.

While in the brainwashing class, Fan Guangsheng and Tao Ye always regarded the Fa as teacher and did not forget what Master taught. Whenever the police and the judicial personnel talked to them, they positively and wisely clarified the truth on their own initiative. Many people benefited from their clarifying the truth. When there was any slandering and framing of Teacher, Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa practitioners by the evil force, they both eradicated the evil head on, thus helping Teacher and upholding the Fa. Every time the evil force brought in another group of people, the newcomers were always initially eager to try to "reform" them. They would frequently approach Fan Guangsheng and Tao Ye under the guise of "conversing," "communicating" and "understanding." In the end, these people were frequently dumbfounded by the speech of the two practitioners and would have nothing to say in reply. Finally they would become aware that they were in the wrong and gradually decrease their visits. After a short time, they would stop coming and stay upstairs, playing mahjong or drinking liquor while waiting for the next group to "relieve guard."

Because these two practitioners firmly cultivate Falun Dafa and clarify the truth very wisely, the evil people fear and hate them. Often times the evil people would brutally beat them. Recently the two practitioners were illegally put into labor camp.

8. [Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province] Female Falun Dafa Practitioner Zong Xiaoyan Is in Critical Condition after 20 Days of Hunger Strike

Zong Xiaoyan (female) is 43-year-old. She was held in custody for half a month in 1999 for appealing to the authorities. Afterwards, she was detained for a total of 45 days because she exchanged experiences with other practitioners and practiced Falun Gong exercises outdoors. She went to Beijing to validate Dafa around the National Day (October 1st, 2000) and, as a result, she was sentenced to 1 year in a labor camp by the East Nanjing Road police substation. Before she was sent to the Jiangxi Female Labor Camp, she engaged in a 20-day hunger strike; her physical condition was extremely weak. After a physical examination, the hospital discovered the following symptoms: abnormal heartbeat, high blood pressure, and withering of internal organs. The labor camp didn't want to accept Zong in her condition; however, the East Nanjing police officers forcefully sent her to the labor camp for their own promotion.

Zong Xiaoyan's Home Telephone Number: 86-791-8303632.

Phone Number of Policeman Wu Qiang, Zong's residential area supervisor: 86-791-8327704.

9. [Beijing] Police Officer from the Xicheng District Detention Center Beats Falun Dafa Practitioners

A police officer from the Xicheng District Detention Center (badge number 023815) slaps any practitioner he sees on the face---he slapped me over a dozen times!

Once, I saw him hit a fellow practitioner's head with his bare fist. After a while he said, "How come my hand aches so much?" While he was complaining, he took out a keyring, and started hitting the practitioner's head with an automobile plate held in the key ring. The practitioner's head began bleeding as a result. This is just one example of the police officer's brutality.

10. [Hefei City, Anhui Province] Falun Dafa Practitioner Lu Shanshan Is Illegally Sentenced to 2 Years in Labor Camp

Female Falun Dafa practitioner Lu Shanshan from Hefei city, Anhui province graduated from the Hefei Industrial University with a computer science degree. She went to Beijing to appeal several times. On March 3rd, 2001 she was illegally taken from another practitioner's home under the suspicion of "Accessing the Internet (for Falun Gong related materials)." She was sentenced to 2 years of forced labor "reeducation" in June and sent to Nanhu Farm.

11. [Guangan City, Sichuan Province] Cholera Spreads in Fangping Town of Guangan City, Sichuan Province

Since mid-July 2001, 30 to 40 people have died from cholera in Fangping town in Guangan city. There are also two people who died inside the city of Guangan. Although the township government reported that only several people died from cholera, the townspeople are fully aware of the situation and everyone is gravely concerned. The Guangan municipal government has forbidden residents from entering Fangping.

Here are the causes for the disaster: Since the illegal crack down on Falun Gong on July 20th, 1999, there have been over 20 people who have been thrown into prisons or sent to a labor camp in Guangan city alone. [This does not include those sentenced or sent to labor camps in subsidiary counties.] Police in Guangan city will go out of their way to arrest Falun Dafa practitioners upon collecting any leads.

It is a heavenly principle that good and evil will each be met with its respective rewards and retributions.

12. [Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Typhoid Fever Virus Resurfaces in Harbin after Many Years

The typhoid fever virus has recently resurfaced in Harbin city, Heilongjiang Province, and it has been confirmed that 6 people have been infected. This has caused worries in some areas.