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The Field of Righteous Thoughts Is Compassionate, Harmonious, and Powerful

July 19, 2001 |   By Wuxing

(Clearwisdom net) After the Canadian Falun Dafa Conference, the new topic of sending forth righteous thoughts was quite exciting to me. I felt that the progress of Fa-rectification greatly accelerated. On the other hand, I kept feeling that I wasn't able to do as I wished. I felt that I needed to further improve my understanding of the Fa. It was Saturday yesterday, the day when all Dafa practitioners around the world sent forth righteous thoughts together at fixed times. I am calming down and thinking clearer now. Here are some of my thoughts to share.

The Field of Righteous Thoughts Have the Power of Offering Salvation to All Beings, Rectifying and Destroying Evil

"The Buddha light illuminates everywhere, propriety and justice rectify and harmonize everything." The biggest characteristics of the righteous thoughts in the realms of Dafa practitioners are pure compassion, selflessness and altruism. The power of such righteous thoughts is mighty strong. When we face vicious people, we don't need to use any special mind-intent. The righteous thoughts that we carry can rectify all incorrect states and eliminate evil. Its manifestation is unintentional and natural. When vicious people torture us, Dafa practitioners' faith in Dafa is unshakable, and regardless of how we suffer, we feel sorry for the policemen who beat us and kindly tell them to be good. I think that such immense compassion is the righteous thoughts we need to have. The effects of such a field of righteous thoughts can serve the same role as the supernormal abilities from our sending forth righteous thoughts in eliminating evil in other dimensions. It might be even more powerful. Non-intentional can be all-capable.

Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts Is Like Going to the Battle Field; Only with Compassion and Calmness Can It be Truly Powerful

Sending forth righteous thoughts is to directly use them to dictate supernormal abilities to do things. Righteous thoughts come from our cultivation and Fa study while participating in Fa-rectification. Having the righteous thoughts to direct supernormal abilities to eliminate evil is compassionate. It is to be responsible for all righteous elements in the cosmos, and to offer salvations to people to the greatest extent. It is Dafa practitioners' important historic manifestation of selflessness during Fa-rectification. It is sacred and solemn. Only Dafa practitioners are capable of doing so.

Sending forth righteous thoughts is like going to the battle field. When we hold our palm vertically or make the Big Lotus Flower Hand Sign, whether we can see it or not, the supernormal abilities are full and complete in our own realms of cultivation. They instantly join the war of eliminating evil and do whatever they need to do. When we send forth righteous thoughts, the more rational, compassionate, and calm our human side is (or the more we have assimilated to Dafa), the easier it is for our godly side to take effect and become mighty and powerful. All human matters are in the low levels. When one's main consciousness is controlled by low-level matters, such as emotions or notions that one is attached to in the human world, the part that has succeeded in cultivation will be restrained and cannot be brought into full play.

The Process of Gods Eliminating Evil and Humans Destroying Their Enemies Are Completely Different

Everyday people in the human world will start a war and even be delighted to kill their opponents when there is a conflict regarding their fame and interests. Humans cannot be free from the entanglement of emotions and interests when struggling with their enemies. The means they use are often vicious and full of demonic nature. Both sides in the conflict are fighting with each other on the same level.

However, Buddhas, Taos, and Gods eliminate evil out of their compassion and mercy, and to protect and be responsible for all righteous elements in the cosmos. A cultivator has no enemies. How can a compassionate and great Buddha be perturbed by a few vicious beings in the human world? He can give happiness to the whole mankind instantly, and he can also destroy the whole mankind instantly. When we do cleaning, we don't consider the microorganisms, we just clean. If it were too dirty to do, we could hire a sanitation worker. Therefore, I think, neither the evil old forces in the Three Realms nor the humans used by them are anything in front of the enlightened beings. It's done once they are cleaned away. It's not worthy of Gods to be perturbed. Gods do not have any human emotions when eliminating evil.

Some practitioners say, "The persecutors are getting more and more vicious. They are worse than beasts. Whenever I saw them wildly persecute practitioners in the Mainland, I was so angry. I immediately sent forth my thoughts." I was in a similar state some time ago. Whenever I read a report on the persecution, my emotions arose and I started to send forth my thoughts while I read. I felt tired both mentally and physically after such a day. If it were the tiredness caused by the loss of energy in other dimensions, I should be able to get it back by doing the exercises. Falun can recharge me as well. But the tiredness in my mind seemed hard to get rid of. Through studying the Fa and sharing experiences lately, I came to understand this clearer: the fundamental point of sending forth righteous thoughts is to save people with compassion, and to stop vicious beings from further persecuting Dafa and destroying people. Giving punishment immediately to those who have done wrong is to save their lives, instead of retaliating or being on the same level as them. Furthermore, the purpose of sending forth righteous thoughts is to eliminate evil. If we have emotions or are angry when we send forth the thoughts, we cannot give it a full play, nor can we get the result of complete elimination. Therefore, only with enough calmness and detachment can we have wisdom and power. This is also to cultivate our great compassion and tolerance.

July 15, 2001