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A Child Diagnosed by Modern Science with Cerebral Paralysis Experienced A Miracle after He Obtained Dafa

July 18, 2001 |   Practitioners from Heilongjiang Province, China

(Clearwisdom Net) As a ten year-old boy this year, Wangwang is still not able to speak. He was diagnosed by the hospital as having cerebral paralysis, but its cause remains unknown.

In 1997, he stayed in the hospital for 40 days, but there were no effects from the treatment. When he was 21 months old, he still couldn't walk, and the family all worried about him. His grandmother, a Dafa practitioner, noticed that the child was very happy when seeing the Falun emblem. She then played the tape recording of Teacher's lectures so he could listen to them. On the night the tapes had been completely played for the 7th time, Wangwang was suddenly able to walk, even though previously he could not even stand without help.

At this time, the boy's mother obtained Dafa.

After that, his mother often played the recording of Teacher's lectures, or read Dafa literature to him. For several years it seemed that his changes were not significant: he still couldn't speak, neither could he look after himself. Although he was not deaf, he couldn't communicate with his parents.

Then, after this Chinese New Year, his mother accidentally found that he could recognize his parents from the photos of many people. She then taught him to read the character cards, and found he did learn when taught. Later she found he could also read characters that he had not been taught. As he couldn't speak, he pointed to the card with his finger to show that he recognized the character when his mother pronounced it. Later it was found that he could even point out the things that his mother wished him to point to as soon as she thought about it, even without speaking out loud. He could also point out all kinds of graphs and charts on the mathematics sheets. Recently his mother examined him in the Chinese Language and Mathematics taught from year 1 to year 4 in the Chinese primary schools, and he knew all about them although he had never been taught. What is even more surprising is that he could also point out English characters.

Every time Wangwang sees Teacher's portrait, the Falun emblem and the lotus flower on the back of the book Zhuan Falun [Falun Gong's major book], he smiles broadly. I know that he has a pre-destined relationship with Dafa.

These are the magical changes that happened after a child whom modern science had diagnosed as having cerebral paralysis obtained Dafa.