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I Have Given My Life Just to Awaken You: In Memory of Practitioner Zuo Zhigang

July 18, 2001 |  

It has been one month since practitioner Zuo Zhigang was tortured to death by the police. His family members have refused to sign the official form, which states that they agree with the official explanation that he died by committing suicide. The family members are instead demanding that the authorities perform a proper investigation. Because of this, the police have refused to release his body to them for a proper burial.

The death of Zuo came as a great shock to his family and friends. He came from a large, extensive family, with over two hundreds relatives. They all knew what a good person he was. However, some of them had been deceived by the government propaganda, and had refused to believe the suffering of the Falun Gong practitioners in China. His death has awakened them to the truth. Everything has become clear to them now.

After Zuo died, some of his relatives saw him appear in front of them wearing yellow clothes. He looked exactly the same as he did before. The two white candles that the relatives had lit in front of his photo dripped down into the shapes of lotus flowers.

It took only a few hours from the time that he was first arrested to the time that he passed away. He left this world quickly, without leaving any words behind. If he had the chance, maybe this is what he would say to his family and friends:

My dear loved ones, is this the only way for you to see the truth?

To all my kind-hearted relatives and friends,

You refused to believe that good people could be locked behind the bars,

You refused to believe that over two hundred Dafa practitioners have lost their lives.

Now as I watch you in heaven, I see the tears running down your cheeks,

I am happy for you because you have finally seen through the lies.

The hours of torture that I endured,

Seemed to have passed by in a split second.

It is easier to move a mountain than to shake the truth that I hold in my soul.

Do you know that the lotus flowers formed from the white candles are from my heart?

I have given my life,

Just for the chance to awaken you!