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Facing Perpetrators with Righteous Thoughts

July 15, 2001 |   By a practitioner in China

[Clearwisdom.net] At the end of last year, I was arrested when sharing cultivation experiences at a practitioner's home in Beijing. At the police station, we were ordered to stand facing a wall. I didn't follow the order. I told them, "we are not criminals; you cannot treat us like this."

Then the police dragged me outside and attempted to handcuff me to the gate. I staunchly resisted. They dithered, "It's too difficult to cuff her here, let's chain her to the tree." I still strongly resisted. When they saw that they couldn't chain me to the tree, they let me sit on the ground.

At the time, it was very cold in Beijing. They wanted to remove my overcoat and leave me with only a thin shirt on to freeze in the cold. Again, I resisted firmly. Half a dozen strong policemen failed to take my clothes off despite their great effort.

Then, one policeman said that they needed to body-search me. I denounced them, "Don't you dare abuse me under such preposterous pretext." They said, "Our rule is that we can body-search if we have more than two policemen present." I continued to denounce them, "If you dare touch me, I'll yell out and have everyone come and witness your animal behavior."

My righteousness restrained the evil. They gave up and let me sit on the ground with my hands cuffed behind my back, waiting for my turn to be interrogated.

During the interrogation, I refused to say a word. (They wanted us to reveal our names and home addresses so they could send us back to our hometown police.) They tried for some time to make me talk, but they failed.

The next morning, they didn't allow us to use the toilet. We reasoned with them, saying that they had no authority to deprive us of our basic human rights. Eventually, they reluctantly yielded.

Later in the morning, they transferred me and another female practitioner to a different police station. Over there, they continued the interrogation, but they still couldn't get what they wanted.

Then a policeman threatened me, "Tell us or we'll put you on a 'tiger stool' (an instrument of torture)." But I did not have an ounce of fear. My tone was firm and somber, "I can't believe this comes from the mouth of a people's policeman. Is this any different than what transpired at the 'Zhazi Cave' (where the Kuomintang tortured CCP members before 1949)? Where is your conscience? You use such cruel means to torture kindhearted people who only have 'truthfulness, benevolence and forbearance' in their hearts, and who never retort however badly they are treated." The policeman was speechless. He turned to the other policemen, "I am stunned by her words. I don't know what to say."

After that, they adopted a rotating tactic by having many different policemen take turns interrogating me continuously. Eventually, they lost patience and wanted to handcuff me to a radiator. I tried hard to resist. After one of my hands was cuffed, they found out that the other handcuffs were all broken. The policeman said to me, "Looks like you are meant to have only one hand cuffed."

After that, they pressured me again, "If you still don't tell us, we'll beat you to death." I was unruffled, and wasn't afraid to die. I replied calmly, "Death doesn't scare me. To tell the truth, I would rather die than be tortured like this, without any human dignity. What bewilders me is why you let the real bad guys, the arsonists and murderers, roam free; yet you spend all your effort viciously persecuting us, the ones with high moral values that conduct ourselves according to the impeccable principles of 'truthfulness, benevolence and forbearance'." The policemen said shamelessly, "So what?"

I said, "Well, as officers in the government, you are a disgrace to this nation. I dare you to take responsibility for what you just said?"

They couldn't think of any other ways to deal with me. They released me after 48 hours.