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Latest News from China - 07/02/2001

July 13, 2001 |  

[China] The Second Time That I Experienced "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful"

On September 29, 2000, I went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. On November 8, I went to Beijing again. Over the last 9 months, I have been forced to separate from my husband and son, because local police officers were trying to arrest me. The police often went to my home and tried to arrest me. They harassed my relatives and threatened my husband. I experienced many difficulties while wandering about. When my husband and son were anxiously waiting for me, and when I suffered from the bitterness of not being able to return to my own home, I was very sad. However, when I thought about Teacher and Dafa, all the sufferings became nothing. I patiently talked with my husband about the principles of Dafa and helped him understand the importance of our stepping forward for others. When the police officers were looking for me and tried to secretly arrest me, he protected me, watched for the police and passed the information to me. This greatly helped me escape from the vicious forces many times. His contribution was such a tremendous help so that I could contribute my effort as a Dafa's particle in the Fa-rectification. I am really grateful to him. The process of our Teacher's Fa-rectification has been expedited, and every Dafa disciple must follow the course of Teacher's Fa-rectification. Teacher entrusted us with a great historic mission, "Dafa disciples' doing Fa-rectification." I feel sacred and serious. Therefore, when we eliminate the evil beings and do the Fa-rectification, we should understand correctly the relationship between our own cultivation and Fa-rectification. Thus, we are able to use our supernormal abilities at will.

On the night of June 9, 2001, when I was posting Dafa truth-clarifying materials with another practitioner, we were surrounded by a group of policemen. I remained very calm at the time. I seriously told them, "You cannot touch me. I do not allow any of you to continue persecuting Dafa practitioners." They did not listen to me and one of them took out his handcuffs, attempting to take me away. I loudly recited Teacher's Fa-rectification verse, "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the evil is completely eliminated." Then the policemen immediately looked at me dumbstruck. So I walked away. Three or four minutes later, I returned and could not find the other practitioner. Right now the practitioner's situation is unclear.

[Northeast China] A Dafa Practitioner at Northeast Agriculture University was Abducted

Female Dafa practitioner Liu Limei is an associate professor, graduate student instructor, Ph.D. degree student, and party director of the Veterinary Department at Northeast Agriculture University.

On April 25, 2000, Liu Limei went to appeal in Beijing. She was escorted back and detained for 45 days. Police released her after extorting 3,000 Yuan [about $275, $60 is average monthly income in China] from her family. The university did not allow her to go back to work and suspended her Ph.D. degree program. At last, Liu Limei had to quit her job. In September 2000, without any notice, the authorities of the university stopped paying her salary. As her husband had to take care of their child during her detention, he also quit his job. Although both of them lost their jobs, the university authorities continued to harass her family. As long as they found a piece of truth-clarifying material in the university, the personnel in the University Security Department would bring the material to her home. If a student disappeared (went to appeal), she and her family were harassed even more. The university authorities claimed they would put her into a detention center. In such a situation, Liu Limei had to leave her daughter at home and wander about like a homeless person.

Although she was forced to leave her home, her family was still continuously harassed. Whenever the university found anything related to Dafa, regardless of whether it was at midnight or in bad weather, the officials from the University Security Department would come to her home.

On May 17, 2001, after Liu Limei had wandered about for half a year, she ran into several vicious persons from the University Security Department. They forcibly dragged her into a car and abducted her. They sent her to the City Police Office and posted an announcement on campus claiming they had detained Liu Limei for the banners, flyers and booklets found on her. They fabricated a story that they caught her while she was distributing the truth-clarifying materials in Nangang District. Moreover, they combined her case with two other criminal cases that occurred a few years ago into a report of the Security Department of Northeast Agriculture University.

Two people reading the announcement had the following conversation, "The Security Department does not do anything useful. Instead of investigating so many criminal cases, they are only good at giving honest people hard times."

The director of Security Department of Northeast Agriculture University: Bao Yanguang's Telephone: 011-86-451-5390237 (home)

[Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province] Miao Qiang, the Vicious Policeman in Mudanjiang City Nanshan Police Office, Brutally Tortured Dafa Practitioners

Policeman Miao Qiang force fed practitioners with a mustard solution, hung practitioners from their fingers, scratched their ribs with an iron-board, tortured practitioners on a "tiger stool" [a torture instrument which can inflict excruciating pain on the tortured person] and suffocated practitioners by covering them with blankets and other inconceivable methods. He has tortured several practitioners so badly that they became wounded and disabled.

[China] Waiting in the Rain for 7 Hours in Order to Help Fellow Practitioner to Step Forward

A fellow practitioner told me a story, which deeply moved me. A practitioner wrote the so-called "separation statement"[to guarantee never to practice Falun Gong again] in a labor camp. After he got out, he felt regretful and was too ashamed to see other practitioners. He locked himself indoors and would not visit others or receive any phone calls. A practitioner who used to practice Falun Gong with him thought, "He feels sorry and regretful. That means he still does not want to give up Dafa. Now, he is just disturbed with human thoughts and cannot step forward. He needs help. Aren't they the practitioners whom Teacher is waiting for? I should send Teacher's articles to him. If he does not open the door, I will wait outside until he opens it."

Later, when he was waiting outside the door, it started raining. The practitioner stood outside under the roof. It had been raining all the time. The practitioner waited in the rain for 7 hours. At last, the practitioner's sincerity moved him. He opened the door in tears, "Come on in. You need not say anything. I already understand." After that he came back to cultivation. He exposed the vicious forces, clarified the truth and became a particle in Dafa again.

[China] Why does the Picture Cry?

Once, a practitioner went to a fellow practitioner's home, and he saw a picture of the fellow practitioner's deceased relative crying bitterly. The fellow practitioner told him that the relative used to be afflicted with a serious illness, but he didn't really start cultivation when he learned about Dafa, and later he died. Maybe he is grieving everyday for not cherishing and just letting go of such an opportunity as Dafa cultivation. Teacher said, "Cultivation practice is not child's play, and it is more serious than anything of everyday people; it is not something to take for granted. Once you miss the opportunity, when will you be able to get a human body again in the six paths of reincarnation? Opportunity knocks but once. Once the illusion you cannot relinquish disappears, you will realize what you have lost." (From Teacher's article "Practicing Cultivation After Retirement") Let's treasure this cultivation opportunity that doesn't come in tens of thousands of years even more, make good use of every day and every opportunity, and bring into play our power as Dafa particles to better harmonize Dafa.

[Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] News from Shijiazhuang City

On June 18, 2001 around 9 p.m., when 60-year-old Shijiazhuang Dafa practitioner Wang Huanjun was distributing Dafa truth-clarifying materials and posting Dafa aphorisms, [such as "Falun Dafa is good", etc.] a policeman suddenly darted out and took her away. Her whereabouts are still unclear and her family is very anxious and worried.

The following is a list of phone numbers of related public offices:

Hedong Police Station 011-86-311-5055880

Hedong Police Office 011-86-311-5052742

Chang'an Police Station 011-86-311-6049391

City Police Department 011-86-311-7026911

Chang'an District Government 011-86-311-6048580

The City Government 011-86-311-6688114

[Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Ma Huiru, a Vicious Person in Harbin City, Turns in Falun Gong Practitioners to Police Station

Practitioner Pan Jinyu is a retired employee of the Harbin Industry University. When she was giving out truth-clarifying materials in the oxidation dorm early this June, Ma Huiru, the head of the dorm committee reported her to the local police, and as a result, this practitioner is still being held in detention. This vicious person has been very active in turning in Falun Gong practitioners. Many practitioners were arrested by the police due to his efforts. His phone number is 011-86-451-6690696.

[Wuhu City, Anhui Province] Wuhu City Dajiang Evening News Creates Boundless Karma

On June 25 and 26, 2001, the Daijiang Evening News of Wuhu City published two lengthy reports about brainwashing Falun Gong practitioners on the "Today's Life" page for two days in a row. It used the most malicious words in attacking and slandering Dafa and Teacher, and at the same time exposed its sins committed against Dafa to the world. We solemnly warn all people who participate in the persecution: your crimes have already been recorded. Due retribution won't be too far away. What awaits you will be more than a justice trial.

Editor: Zhao Yongmei

A list of vicious people in Wuhu City:

Wuhu City Party Committee leader: Zhan Xialai (who often publicly claimed full charge of the "Falun Gong" issue)

Assistant director of Wuhu City Party Committee: Fang Cheng

Wuhu City Party Committee public agency, main office: 011-86-553-3832500

The Second Secretarial Department 011-86-553-3833753

The head of Wuhu City Politic and Law Committee: Zhou Qidong 011-86-553-3826124 (office) He is a forerunner in the persecution against Dafa practitioners. He started activities such as comprehensively controlling Dafa practitioners and psychological brainwashing, and even implicated practitioners' families. Beginning from July 20, 1999, he dispatched more than 2,900 police and conducted 8 rounds of checking registration of Dafa practitioners.

Head of Wuhu County Party Committee: Wang Cangjiang 011-86-553-8811364

Director of Wuhu County Politic and Law Committee: Sun Yuejin 011-86-553-8811177

Fanchang County Politic and Law Committee: 011-86-553-7872915

Fanchang County Sun Village Police Station: 011-86-553-7252059

[Hefei City, Anhui Province] Anhui Medical University Police Station Ties Dafa Practitioner with Rope in Brainwashing Class

On the afternoon of June 19, 2001, Dafa practitioner Liu Zong'ai in Hefei City was at home alone, and was abducted by the Anhui Medical University Police Station. The police tied him with a rope and forcibly sent him to a brainwashing class.

Another Hefei City practitioner, Ding Zhaoxing, was illegally detained for 15 days for distributing truth-clarifying materials, and after his term expired, he was directly sent to a class for vicious brainwashing.

[Huaibei City, Anhui Province] Officers from Suixi County National Security Brigade in Huaibei City, Anhui Province Persecute Falun Gong Practitioners

Recently, Zhang Shoujian of Suixi County National Security Brigade has been illegally searching practitioners' homes and confiscating their property. He even beat up practitioners and threatened them, "You will never come out of the detention center if you get in right now."

We are warning Zhang Shoujian: Immediately stop committing these crimes; otherwise you will receive retribution in the near future! Meanwhile, we ask local practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil beings that manipulate him. If he still doesn't come to realize it, let him receive "immediate retribution in this lifetime."

For a period of time, in order to catch Dafa practitioners who clarify the truth to the public, the local police have been assigning people to "stand by" practitioners' homes, and keep watch on practitioners at night. However they have not been successful.

[Anhui Province] Female Dafa Practitioner Li Hong Goes on Hunger Strike for 20 Days after Being Detained

Around May 10, 2001, female Dafa practitioner Li Hong was arrested as she was exposing the vicious forces in Anhui Province. She has now been transferred to Hefei Labor Camp. She has been on a hunger strike ever since.

[Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] It is Reported that by July 22, Shenyang City will Arrest all Dafa Practitioners Who could not be Brainwashed

It is reported that by July 22, 2001, Shenyang City authorities will forcibly arrest all Dafa practitioners who could not be brainwashed. Fellow practitioners, please resist the vicious forces and send forth righteous thoughts to collectively eliminate the evil.

[Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] University Expels Student for Practicing Dafa

Qiao Chuangqi, a student from Shijiazhuang University of Military Mechanics Engineering, was expelled from the university for persisting in practicing Dafa.

[China] Famous Caricaturist Hua Junwu Received Retribution for Slandering Dafa

In December 2000, the "Xin An Evening Paper" posted a Dafa-slandering caricature drawn by Hua Junwu. Hua Junwu is now suffering from a vertebral disease and can no longer spread the vicious slander. All along, this person couldn't tell right from wrong or white from black. He traded his conscience for his personal profit and promotion.

[Xihe Town, China] The Meaning of "Immediate Retribution in This Lifetime"

In June 2001, Wang Zhi, the leader of Kongtun village of Xihe Town, borrowed a motorcycle from a practitioner. On his way to take care of business, it started to rain. He took off the cushion and found Dafa truth-clarifying materials inside. He then took away the materials. As a result, the motorcycle would not work well anymore. In addition, he fell off of it and injured his right wrist. When the practitioner found out that the truth-clarifying materials were missing, he asked Wang to return them. However, Wang refused. One day later, Wang again fell down from a bus for no apparent reason, but he still couldn't awaken to it. His wrist did not heal until his wife gave the truth-clarifying materials back to the practitioner.