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Iowa State Daily: Falun Dafa welcomed here in United States

July 12, 2001 |  


Staff Editorial, Iowa State Daily (Iowa State U.)

AMES, Iowa -- As Americans, we tend to take many things for granted. Brought up in the world's foremost democracy, it is rare to sit back and realize the extent of our constitutional liberties.

In China, things are different. The [party' name omitted] regime in power holds a tight grip on its citizens, not allowing anything that strays from the ordinary.

Practitioners of Falun Dafa are being persecuted in China as we speak. Why?

Because they color outside the lines of an Orwellian totalitarianism that pays no respect to individual human rights.

The government there is cracking down on practitioners, as many have been jailed, tortured or even murdered.

We are pleased to see the Falun Dafa practitioners in America practicing something that is sacred to them.

Despite what the Chinese government claims, they are not a cult.

They do not practice mass suicide.

They are a group of people who peacefully engage in a spiritual practice devoid of anything wrong or evil.

We encourage people to find out the truth about Falun Dafa and observe the peaceful practice.

Not only will it give you an example of the lifestyle of a different culture, it will also give you a newfound respect for America, a country where you can't be persecuted for your individual beliefs.