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Story of a 33-Day Hunger Strike

June 08, 2001 |  

[Minghui Net] I am a Falun Dafa practitioner and my name is Wish (pseudonym). Because I am resolute in Falun Dafa and distribute Falun Dafa truth clarifying literature, I am listed as wanted by the police. In order to avoid being taken away by the police, I had to leave my home and went to Master's hometown, Changchun.

There, I stayed in a local practitioner's home. Around 9 pm on April 10, I went downstairs to get truth clarifying literature and Master's new article that were delivered by another practitioner. When I was returning with the materials, I heard somebody yelling outside: "Stay where you are! We're the police! Put down the materials for inspection. Where's the driver?" When I heard this, my first thoughts were that there were practitioners and Falun Dafa materials upstairs and the driver was in the hallway. I had to protect the others; I went downstairs and was seized by the police.

I was just about to promote the Fa as I arrived at the police sub-station when a policeman pointed at me saying, "I am telling you that you can say nothing." I enlightened to the understanding that this was Master giving me a hint. When they asked for my name and address, I just kept silent. The other two told the police their names and addresses. After our hands were chained and shackeled to a wall for 18 hours, we were sent to the Tiebei detention center in Changchun.

I was detained in room 307 in the detention center. Because I wouldn't cooperate with the illegal deeds of the police, I started a hunger strike to protest. People from the Public Security Bureau, Security Bureau, and other units came to interrogate me many times. They beat me, cursed me, and tried to deceive me with hypocritical words, but they couldn't achieve their goals. Later on they had five or six inmates force me to the ground to take a picture. I just didn't cooperate with them and they failed again. In the end they left, disappointed.

During the daytime when I was sitting or taking a break, I used this opportunity to practice meditation. I thought that they couldn't see me, and they actually couldn't see me, nor could the monitor detect me. I sat there meditating peacefully.

Seven days after I went on a hunger strike, instructor Chen Yufeng ordered cell head Ma Xuanyi, Zuo Xiaomei and other inmates to force-feed me. They used all the cruel means they could muster but they didn't succeed. During this time the instructor also had inmates feed me with medicine and thick salt water, using a wooden stick from the washroom to pry open my teeth. My head, face and whole body were covered with bruises. My teeth were pried loose several times, but I thought "I am a Dafa practitioner and the teeth will recover," and they did recover.

On the 33rd day of my hunger strike, my body had very serious reactions. They forced injections and intravenous tranfusions into me. When they gave me the intravenous drip, I thought at that moment that I couldn't breath and indeed I couldn't breath, so they pulled out the needle. I thought "I am a particle of Dafa," and that I should play the role of a Dafa particle truly and suffocate the evil; I thought I should leave and not stay there to suffer passively. The next day my belly started bulging right before everybody's eyes. They were scared and set me free. I returned to my home the same day. I recovered in just two days and then I merged again into the torrent of assisting Teacher to rectify the Fa.