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Latest News from China - 06/01/2001

June 08, 2001 |  

[China] Practitioners Send Forth Righteous Thoughts

Practitioners in a certain Chinese city became very excited after they read the Minghui editorial "Send Forth Righteous Thoughts" in the morning of May 26, 2001. They overcame a great deal of difficulties and hand-delivered the article to each practitioner as quickly as possible.

At 5 AM sharp on May 27, all the practitioners solemnly sent out the purest and most resolute, righteous thoughts to shoulder their responsibilities as Dafa disciples and to fulfill the promises they made a long time ago.

[Northeastern China] Practitioners Post Eye-catching Flyers to Clarify the Truth about Falun Gong

On May 30, practitioners in a certain northeastern Chinese city held another large-scale group activity to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to the city residents. This time, the practitioners printed the flyers on yellow and blue stickers, and also hung multi-colored balloons with the words "Falun Dafa is good" printed on them. In addition, the practitioners added a line at the bottom of each sticker, and wrote in small print the following words, "All kind-hearted people like the flyers. Anyone who takes them down will receive retribution for his action." Most of the flyers were posted the previous evening. The next day, many flyers could still be seen in nearly all the major city streets, including the square in the heart of the city where the city government, the city police department, and major banks are located. The brightly colored stickers grabbed the attention of many passers-by. The consciences of the people are gradually awakening, as the righteous thoughts of practitioners are becoming more and more powerful.

[Heilongjiang Province] Falun Gong Broadcast Heard over the Sky of the Local Prison

At midnight one day in early May, a loudspeaker began to play a Falun Gong broadcast clarifying the true facts from the 7th floor of a building that sat directly across from the prison and the police detective squad in a certain Heilongjiang city. The radio broadcast program was played twice and lasted more than 40 minutes before the policemen finally managed to take the loudspeaker down. The voice of righteousness shook up the evil people and greatly encouraged the practitioners.

[China] "Yes, I did that!"

One day, a policeman went to visit a practitioner and asked her if she was responsible for the posting of Falun Gong truth-clarifying flyers that had caused quite a stir in the city several days earlier. The practitioner courageously replied, "Yes, I did that! What is wrong with that?" The policeman smiled at her and left without saying anything else.

[Beijing] Beijing Practitioners Forced to Attend "Transformation Classes"

The Lanniao Skyscraper Training Center is located near Shuangqiao in the Beijing district of Chaoyang. The district government spent a total of 3 million Yuan turning it into a "transformation" site for Falun Gong practitioners. Each "transformation class" lasts 15 days, and most of the practitioners who attended the "class" had been sent there after they were arrested in their homes.

The practitioners are placed under strict surveillance the moment they arrive at the "transformation" site, and guards are posted at each stairwell. The practitioners are not allowed to move around unescorted. They are watched by the so-called "helpers and teachers" even when they sleep at night.

The "class" is held in the following manner: except when they are sleeping or eating, the practitioners have to spend every minute of the day talking to the "helpers and teachers." These "helpers and teachers" are either members of the 6-10 office [an organization formed to crack down on Falun Gong], local policemen, or former practitioners who have been "transformed" and are being paid to "help out." Three or four "helpers" usually surround each practitioner. In the beginning, the "helpers" pretended that they were nice people and just wanted to talk to the practitioners. If they felt that they were not making progress with their "transformation" work a couple of days later, they began to reveal their true nature. They have used a variety of methods to torture the practitioners, including denying the practitioners food and/or sleep, forcing the practitioners to remain standing for long periods of time, verbally abusing the practitioners, and making up lies to scare and confuse the practitioners. Several groups of "helpers" then took turns bombarding the practitioners around the clock. Some former practitioners, including Zhao Yaze, have done more damage than outsiders ever could. They have forgotten that nobody can damage the great laws of the universe. The only thing they are doing is allowing themselves to be used by the evil and along the way destroying their own future.

[Langfang City, Hebei Province] The Wanzhuang Labor Camp Persecutes Falun Gong Practitioners

The vicious guards at the Wanzhuang Labor Camp frequently abuse the practitioners being detained there. Zhang Xuezhi, a young man who is being detained in the 2nd Platoon of the labor camp, has been beaten so brutally that his eardrums are ruptured, his eyesight has been drastically reduced, and his chest has turned yellow. The guards have ordered or urged the inmates to beat the practitioners. The inmates often tie the practitioners up to beat them. For every practitioner that they successfully "transform," the inmates' leaders have their sentences reduced by one month. The pained cries of practitioners are heard so frequently that the guards have set the volume of the radio at the highest level to cover up the sounds. Even senior citizens could not escape such brutal and inhumane treatment. A practitioner who is in his 60s is often physically assaulted and not allowed to sleep at night.

The guards have even punished the practitioners for questioning why they were being mistreated in such a manner. On May 16, practitioner Liu Xidong mentioned to the guard that he wanted to ask the head of the labor camp why the work hours of the practitioners had been extended for no apparent reason. The practitioners had been forced to work 19 hours a day in the past. While the United Nations Human Rights Commission was holding its annual meeting in Geneva, the practitioners were allowed to "only" work from 6 AM to 6 PM. They also were beaten less frequently. However, as soon as the meeting ended in April, the work hours of the practitioners were gradually increased and eventually went back to 19 hours. The practitioners started to get beaten even more frequently than before. The guard not only totally ignored Liu's request, but he proceeded to handcuff Liu to the fence for a whole morning. When practitioners Wang Fenghai and Liu Xijie tried to talk to the guard about it at around the noon, they were also handcuffed to the fence for the rest of the afternoon. Liu Xidong was then handcuffed and brutally beaten in the evening.

[Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] The Authorities Arrest Another Practitioner

Practitioner Bai Sulan, female, around 30, was illegally arrested several days ago. The only reason for her arrest was that she answered "yes" when the police asked her whether she would continue to practice Falun Gong.

[Sanhe City, Hebei Province] A Record of Mistreatments Against Practitioner Hao Yafen

  1. Being physically and verbally assaulted on several occasions
  2. In April of 2000, while she was being forced to attend a "transformation class" at the Yanjiao Development Zone, a policeman named Qi Xiaoquan grabbed her hair with one hand, and used the other hand to slap her face and her hands multiple times.

    In June of 2000, she was arrested for going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and detained at the Yanjiao Police Station. Policemen Liu Yalu and Qi Xiaoquan used electric batons to shock her entire body, slapped her face, and kicked her for more than an hour.

    In December of 2000, she went back to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and was arrested again. They held her inside an iron cage at the Yanjiao Police Station for six days and six nights. She was then brought to the Development Zone Police Station, and beaten by members of the City Security Squadron. The vicious policemen including Xu Cheng kicked her head with leather boots, slapped her face while wearing studded gloves with nails sticking out, and kicked the rest of her body repeatedly. Several police officials, including a vice squadron leader with the surname of Chen, Hao Zhongwu, and a police chief with the surname of Ma, were present. They not only did not intervene, but instead encouraged the beating.

  3. Being forced to pay heavy fines on many occasions
  4. In April of 2000, her employer took away her bonus and half a month of her salary, totaling approximately 1,500 Yuan [Chinese dollars, the monthly salary of an average city worker in China is about 500 yuan]. Her family gave Zan Qin, the head of the local police station, a bribe of 2,000 Yuan to keep her out of jail.

    In May of 2000, the Development Zone authorities forced her to pay 2,000 Yuan and refused to give her a receipt for the money.

    In July of 2000, her employer notified her that the police had imposed a fine of 5,000 Yuan (again they refused to give her a receipt for the fine). Policeman Liu Yalu forced her to pay another 1,000 Yuan without giving her a receipt. Her husband was also fined more than 2,000 Yuan.

  5. Being fired from her job

Her employer, the Sanhe City Electric Company Limited, fired her from her job. The company officials who have persecuted her include company presidents Luo Shao and Shi Yuewen, the head of the company Communist Party branch Yang Jingyu and Wang Yumin, the head of the Employee Politics Division Fu Qinghe, and the head of the Security Division Duan Jun.

The phone number of her employer is 86-10-61593366.

[Sanhe City, Hebei Province] Sanhe Authorities Kidnap Practitioners and Send Them to Labor Camps

Recently the evil people in Sanhe have kidnapped a number of practitioners and sent them to labor camps. Some practitioners were told that they were being sent to Beijing to attend "transformation classes," but in reality they were sent to labor camps. The very night that they were arrested, practitioners Zhou Xiulan and Wu Zhijin (both from the township of Huangtuzhuang), and Wang Shuling (from the village of Xiaoyangezhuang) were sent to the Kaiping Labor Camp in the nearby city of Tangshan.

Wei Shulan, a teacher at the 1st Elementary School, escaped from being sent to the labor camp after she protested it with her life. Other practitioners were able to get away.

[Qingyang County, Shanxi Province] News from the Changqing Oil Field

Practitioners Cui Yumei (female, 43, an employee of the Changqing Oil Field 2nd Refinery) and Zhang Huaqiao (female, 52, her husband works at the Changqing Oil Field 2nd Refinery) were arrested after they went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong in December of 1999. Cui Yumei was detained for more than 40 days, and Zhang Huaqiao was detained for more than 30 days. They had to pay a fine of 3,000 Yuan before they were released. The employer of Cui Yumei placed her under strict surveillance, withheld most of her salary, and only gave her a small living allowance every month. Members of her family watched Zhang Huaqiao around the clock. They would not let her leave her home and would not give her any spending money. The two practitioners went back to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong on December 20, 2001. They were arrested again and detained for more than 30 days. They were forced to attend a "transformation class." Because they insisted on practicing Falun Gong, they were secretly sentenced to labor camps around mid-February of 2001. Each practitioner was given an 18-month sentence. They are now being held at the Pingan Labor Camp in the city of Lanzhou.

Wang Yinfeng, in his 50s, went to Beijing twice to appeal for Falun Gong. He was arrested and detained for more than 60 days. Around mid-February of 2001, he was sentenced to one year at the Pingan Labor Camp in the city of Lanzhou.

Several practitioners from the Changqing Oil Field (whose names are not being published out of concern for their safety) went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong in December of 2000. Since then, they have been forced to live on the streets and cannot go back to their homes.

Practitioner Liu Zhirong was arrested and detained for more than 70 days after she went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong in December of 1999. In April of 2000, the police arrested her at her workplace and sentenced her to one year at the Pingan Labor Camp in the city of Lanzhou. The term of her original sentence expired more than 80 days ago, yet she is still being detained at the labor camp.

Practitioner Jiao Lili finished her one-year sentence at the labor camp more than 80 days ago. But because she insists on practicing Falun Gong, she is still being detained at the labor camp.

[China] Infamous Qigong Slanderer Receives Retribution for His Bad Deeds

Sima Nan, an infamous Qigong slanderer who has been attacking Falun Gong viciously, was seriously burned in the recent days. According to newspaper reports, he was sitting in a wheelchair when he went to attend the funeral of Liang Zuo. He told reporters that his feet had been severely burned. Does he know that having his feet burned is not just a simple warning?

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] A Former Practitioner Receives Retribution for His Bad Deeds

A former practitioner was "transformed" while serving time at the Heizuizi Labor Camp in the city of Changchun. After he was released from the labor camp, he began to experience health problems, and participated in efforts to slander Falun Gong and Master Li. He also attempted to "transform" other practitioners. His family members did the same and damaged the reputation of Falun Gong. This April, that former practitioner died under excruciating pain. His family members have also fallen ill and do not dare to show their faces anymore.

[Beijing] A Giant Circle of Light Appears in the Beijing Sky

From approximately 11 AM to 2 PM on May 30, Beijing residents witnessed firsthand the circle of light that the residents of many other cities had already seen previously. The sky was very clear, and a giant circle of light gradually began to appear around the sun. The diameter of the circle was several dozen times the diameter of the sun. The edge of the circle took upon the colors of the rainbow, and the area between the sun and the giant circle of light shone with a grayish purple light.

Many ordinary Beijing citizens took it as a sign that something major is about to take place. The practitioners, of course, know what had happened and what is about to happen.