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Latest News from China - 6/15/2001

June 28, 2001 |  

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  • Two Labor Camps Hear New Articles of Mr. Li Hongzhi from a Loud Speaker
  • Large Falun Dafa Banners Hang on Main Streets
  • Labor Camps Are Shocked by the Voice of Cosmos
  • [Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province] Practitioner Zhao Jun Is Paralyzed Under Police Abuse
  • áPh.D. Student Is Illegally Arrested
  • Words from an Official in The People's Congress
  • áPractitioner Deng Chaogong's Ten Fingernails Are Peeled off in Detention Center
  • Practitioners Walk to Beijing to Appeal
  • Lawless Policemen Kidnap Practitioners and Brainwash Them by Force

Two Labor Camps Hear New Articles of Mr. Li Hongzhi from a Loud Speaker

At 11:00 p.m. of May 16, and 1:00 a.m. of May 17, People inside the Tiantanghe and Tuanhe Labor Camps heard the new articles written by the Teacher of Falun Dafa. The articles broadcast from loud speakers placed near the labor camps were: "Coercion Cannot Change People's hearts," "Persons in Charge of the European Fa Conference and All Attendees," "Suggestions," "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts Are Powerful." The music "Pudu" and "Jishi" were also broadcast.

On the wall beside the gate of Tiantanghe Labor Camp as well as along Jing-kai Highway, some practitioners painted words, in large red characters, such as "The Fa rectifies the human world," and "Falun Dafa is good." On the way to the Tuanhe Labor Camp, there are words like "Restore the reputation of Falun Dafa," "Restore the reputation of the Teacher," and "Suffocate the evil." Many policemen were sent out to search for and arrest the Dafa practitioners. But with righteous thoughts, all of the practitioners returned home safely.

Large Falun Dafa Banners Hang on Main Streets

At noon on June 6, a ten-meter long banner with "Restore the Reputation of Falun Dafa" was hanging from the apartment building of China Broadcasting and Television Department. The conspicuous red characters could be seen from far away. The banner was hanging near one of the main streets in Beijing, and thus attracted many people.

At two o'clock that afternoon, a similar banner appeared in Jingsong No.8 District, where the brainwashing class is located, and where practitioners have been viciously persecuted. The great deeds of Dafa practitioners have effectively eliminated the evil and awakened the righteous minds and conscience of people.

Labor Camps Are Shocked by the Voice of Cosmos

On the morning of June 8, the broadcasting of Falun Dafa again echoed in the sky of the No.1 and No. 2 Labor Camps in Gansu Province. Hundreds of Falun Dafa practitioners detained there were greatly encouraged. It also effectively suffocated the evil.

People living next door to the labor camps were also awakened (enlightened) by the voice from Falun Dafa. We hope that all kind-hearted people will be awakened from the illusory dreams.

Dong, Secretary of Political and Legal Committee in Chengguan District of Lanzhong City, has been following Chinese President Jiang Zemin, who was named "Human Rights Scoundrel" by Amnesty International. Dong used different vicious methods on Falun Dafa practitioners in his district.

Ren Congshan started practicing Falun Dafa after learning about the big sit-in on April 25, 1999. In January of 2001, Ren was detained in the brainwashing class of Taoshuping Detention Center, of which Dong is in charge. Ren has been detained for six months now. Because Ren refused to give up Falun Dafa and went on a hunger strike, Dong gave orders to send him to labor camp.

Falun Dafa practitioners hereby warn Dong: It is a law of heaven for the evil to receive retribution and for the good to receive bliss. If you don't stop doing evil deeds, you will see retribution right away.

Office telephone number of Dong is 86-0931-8487751; cell phone: 86-0931-3923781.

Practitioner Zhao Jun Is Paralyzed Under Police Abuse

According to reliable sources, Dafa practitioner Zhao Jun in Mudanjiang City has been severely abused by the police in Mudanjiang City. At the hospital, a doctor's conclusion after examining him is that Zhao has been permanently paralyzed. In order to block the news, the criminals do not allow Zhao's family to see him. He is now detained in No.1 Detention Center. We hereby call on the attention of all the kind-hearted people.

Ph.D. Student Is Illegally Arrested

Liu Limei is a Ph.D. student in Northeast Agriculture University in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. She has been to Beijing to appeal many times where she clarifies the truth about Falun Dafa to the people. Because of this the lawless officers in the Security Department of Northeast Agriculture University have kidnapped her and sent her to the brainwashing classes many times. She did not give in at the detention center or at the labor camp. The Security Department put her on the wanted list so she couldn't go back home. The police often searched for her in her home as well as at her relatives' homes. She was arrested at the end of 2000. Nothing has been heard about her since then.

Telephone number of the Security Department of Northeast Agriculture University is 86-0451-5390110.

Words from an Official in The People's Congress

A Dafa practitioner once talked to an official in The People's Congress of the city, who expressed his willingness to know more about Falun Gong. After reading Zhuan Falun, he said "President Jiang Zemin is doing the Cultural Revolution all over again by putting people on the opposite side of the government and making them fight each other so as to establish his own prestige. We government officials do not agree with his use of the government to persecute Falun Gong. I will practice Falun Gong, too." He asked the practitioner to teach him the exercises.

The official also said "I am not afraid. The evil can never ride over what is right. Falun Gong teaches people to be good. I have nothing to be afraid of. After I learn it, I will ask the minister to learn it, too."

See, Jiang? People are against you. Government officials are against you. Aren't you ashamed of your evil performance?

Practitioner Deng Chaogong's Ten Fingernails Are Peeled off in Detention Center

Practitioner Deng Chaogang from Qidong, Hunan Province, has been detained in Ting Dong Detention Center in Beijing for over four months. His sister said that all of his fingernails were ripped off from police abuse. He was in a bad condition and was very weak. Police do not allow his family to see him.

Practitioners Walk to Beijing to Appeal

Dafa practitioner Zang Peixi is working in Panyikuang Shipment Area in Huainan, Anhui Province. On April 20, he was sent to the brainwashing class. He walked out of the class at the end of April. He went to Beijing on foot to validate the Fa and had walked for 22 days. Later he was sent back. He is now detained at Huainan Detention Center.

Practitioner Wang Ming (female, in her 60's), who also walked to Beijing to appeal, lives in Tianjiaan District of Huainan. Recently, the police searched her house and took her away. She is now detained in No. 2 Detention Center in Huainan.

Lawless Policemen Kidnap Practitioners and Brainwash Them by Force

Since June 10, a new round of persecution has been carried out in Changchun. Police and residential committees in each residential area have been pressuring practitioners, forcing them to write letters denouncing Falun Dafa. Otherwise, the practitioners will be arrested or kidnapped and sent to the brainwashing class in the Agricultural School in Xinglongshan Town of Changchun. Each district and community is assigned a quota for arresting people. In order to fulfill the quota, the police can arrest practitioners either from home or from their work place at will.

At 2:00 p.m. on June 13, Party Secretary Bai Zhizhong and Director Wang in the residential committee in Jingcheng, Luyuan District of Changchun, collaborated with many policemen in Dongfeng Police Station and Silian Police Station. They went to the Designing Institute of the No.1 Auto Manufacturer where they arrested Dafa practitioner Wei Chunyu by force, carrying her by the limbs and dragging her to the police van.

Over 1000 employees in the institute stopped their work. They all accused the police of illegal conduct. People crowded the road for more than an hour. Still the police dragged Wei to their van and put her under detention in the Agricultural School in Xinglongshan Town of Changchun to receive brainwashing.

A practitioner from the Car Company of No. 1 Auto Manufacturer and one from XinXin Kindergarten were also taken by force from their work places. The Agricultural School in Xinglongshan Town of Changchun is a base for detaining Dafa practitioners in Changchun, where a brainwashing class is held. Actually, it is just a way to detain practitioners for as long as they like. The policemen there are very cruel. They beat practitioners at will.

Practitioner Liu Fufeng from Panjiatun in Lvyuan District was sent to Weizigou Labor Camp because she had appealed in Beijing.

The name of the criminal: Bai Zhizhong, Party Secretary in the residential committee in Jingcheng, Lvyuan District, Changchun City. Zip Code: 130011. Office telephone number: 86-0431-5905721.

"Do You Still Have Any Human Conscience?"

One evening several days ago about 10 members of the office of the local government joined local police to break into a Falun Dafa practitioner's home. They showed no identification and attempted to kidnap the practitioner, taking her away to a brainwashing class. The practitioner's nine-year-old daughter spoke with the force of justice "My mom cultivates great law of Zhen-Shan-Ren (truthfulness-compassion-tolerance). She is the best mother in the world. Do you want to transform her into a bad mother? My school exams are coming up. If you take my mom away, who is going to help me with my studies? Who is going to look after me? You are breaking the law. Do you not have any human conscience left?" Having heard the girl's powerful words, the lawless people were embarrassed by their actions, and after about an hour, they left, crestfallen.


Two Female Dafa Practitioners Severely Beaten In Jail

Li and Li Yanxia, two sisters from the town of Zhangping in Longyan County, were forced to leave their home and lead a nomadic life because they were firm in continuing their cultivation of Falun Dafa. In the end of May 2001, they were arrested illegally in Weihai City, Shandong Province. Since June 2001, they were detained in Longyan County Detention Center and Shanghang Detention Center respectively, where they have been interrogated and severely beaten by cruel police.

Datun Town Practitioner Li Jialing Was Tortured and put in a Catatonic State

Falun Dafa practitioner Li Jialing is a farmer of Hanjiujuzi Village of Datun Town. During the Spring Festival of 2001, she was kidnapped by the lawless people of Datun Town and illegally detained in the Xinglongshan Town Agricultural School of Changchun undergoing brainwashing. She was then sent to Heizuizi Woman Labor Camp of Changchun City. During her time in jail she was forcefully drugged and tortured. The inhumane torture left her in a catatonic state.

Falun Dafa practitioner Tao Ye was the education coordinator and principal of an elementary school. During Spring Festival (in February) of 2001, he was kidnapped by Datun Town officials and illegally detained in the Xinglongshan Town Agricultural School of Changchun undergoing illegal brainwashing.

Recently the authorities who oppress Falun Dafa often break into practitioners' home in the middle of the night, jumping over the fence or breaking down the door, dragging practitioners to police cars and hauling them off to the police station. In the police station, practitioners are forced to write the guarantee letters denouncing Falun Dafa, or they are sent to for brainwashing.

Datun Town criminals list:

Party secretary: Wang Jiangyi

Official in charge of persecution of Falun Gong: Si Huatong

Policeman of Datun Town Police Station: Geng Wanshun

Wanjia Labor Camp Brutally Tortured Dafa Practitioners

News from practitioners detained in Wanjia Labor Camp reveals that after Falun Dafa radio was heard in Wanjia Labor Camp, the frightened jail guard tortured the practitioners even more viciously, causing even greater suffering for them.

In view of this situation the Harbin practitioners suggest that practitioners in Harbin area send out righteous thoughts at a fixed time every week to eradicate the evil in other dimensions and use supernormal powers to ensure that evil forces meet their just retribution.

Righteous Thought Of A Young Boy

I am a fifth grade student in a countryside elementary school. Even though I am not a practitioner, I know Falun Gong is good through the changes happened to my mom since she started practicing Dafa.

Several days ago I was asked to rehearse a show that slanders Falun Gong. Then I went home and read some information about the truth of Falun Gong, so I decided I would not participate in the show. Next morning I talked to my teacher about the decision and the teacher asked me why. I said Falun Gong is not a religion. Teaching people to be good is not evil. Once I knew this, I would not irresponsibly speak out against it. The teacher did not say anything and did not mistreat me because of it either. Afterwards, the show was canceled. I think I did the right thing and I am very happy about it. I heard from my mom that on June 3 at 5am, 6am and 7am practitioners would send out righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil, so I joined my mom in eliminating the evil. I sincerely hope that my righteous thoughts are effective. How wonderful the world will be if the evils are eliminated.

The Criminal Records Of The Changlinzi Labor Camp Guards

The families of practitioners detained in Changlinzi Labor Camp were told by guards that they are not allowed to visit unless they first slander Falun Dafa in writing. Practitioners who refuse to be brainwashed are forced to work. They are locked up intentionally with prisoners who are suffering from highly contagious diseases. God's justice will be manifest. Good will be rewarded with good, and evil will be rewarded with evil. Kindhearted people please show your concerns of the situation of the practitioners who are illegally detained in Changlizi Labor Camp.

Jail Freed Convicted Felons To Jail More Practitioners

The lawless officials recently adopted some new illegal measures:

  1. Harbin City and its surrounding counties will build several more jails and labor camps to arrest and put more practitioners in jails.
  2. Harbin City illegally detains practitioners. Even those who have given up Dafa and written the guarantee letters are not allowed to go home. The police logic is that once released, they will start to practice again, declare their guarantee letters invalid and go out and distribute Falun Dafa materials. So they are not released. To make more room to illegally detain more practitioners, Wanjia Labor Camp releases convicted felons. Those who can pay the most are the first to be released. Since Clearwisdom published many articles disclosing these criminal acts, they now torture practitioners even more ruthlessly, decreasing food and increasing the workload.

70 yr-old Lady Practitioner Kidnapped From Home

Zheng Miaojun, a 70 yr-old woman and practitioner of Falun Dafa, was forcefully taken away from home and is being detained illegally in Lianhua Village 2nd detention center of Chengdu City.

Criminals List:

Xie Zhujun, Sheriff of Jiangxi Street Police Station: 96978-12021, 5585784

Xiaoqing, 96991-637879.

Division one of Wuhou police station of Chengdu City Police Department: 50575749

Jiangxi Street Community Committee: Liu Xiaokang, Zeng Yongmei, 5594766, 13980603710 1260129636.


The Current Situation Of Several Illegally Arrested Practitioners

Ren Jin, a woman, was illegally arrested by Jiuliti Police Station on May 14 and detained in a cell for male suspects. The cell floor was covered with feces and urine. The horrible odor made it very difficult to breathe. She ended up with vomiting and dry heaves, which in turn caused her body to twitch all over. Ren Jin has had good health since a young age and has not previously had such symptoms. Regardless of this, the police sent her to the Lianhua Village 2nd Detention Center. While being searched, she refused to take off all her clothes so she was handcuffed and shackled by the jail guard. This once again caused her whole body to twitch. The detention center had to send her to the hospital. Next day she was taken back to the cell. Her lower body was numb and lacking strength. According to doctor's diagnosis, the condition could lead to paralysis in her lower body.


Liu Lingping's spine was broken at the waist, leaving her whole body paralyzed.


Young Longhui was severely beaten by vicious police. Her lower leg had a 20 cm long wound. The lower leg was swollen as large as the upper leg.


Other practitioners also illegally detained include Li Bingnan (Ren Jin's mother), Tang Ying, Tang Hongmei, and Fang Guangxiao.

Practitioner About To Give Birth Is Refused Birth Permit

Two high school students were discovered while distributing flyers about Falun Dafa. One was captured. Practitioner Hu Yu was about to give birth but authorities refused to issue her a birth permit. Jiang Zemin and his followers trample on human rights to such an extent!

Police of Huainan area have started to round up practitioners on a large scale by searching practitioners' homes since the end of May. Here is the partial list of the practitioners now being held in detention centers:

Panzhihua Mining Company Team one: Fang Chengfang

Panzhihua Mining Company Team two: Ms. Xia Zhehong, Mr. Ma Liangjiu, Mr. Su, Mr. Chen Jianzhang.

Nihe Town: Ms. Li Sucheng, Ms. Hu

Panji Town Tax Beareau: Mr. Zhang Jianguo

The authorities in Huainan area held two brainwashing classes in Datong District. One was in Technical School of Huainan Mining Bureau, another in Jiulonggang Retirement Home. We hope that the practitioners use righteous thoughts to resist and eliminate the evil.

Huainan practitioner Ma Haiyun was arrested illegally in November 2000 and has been detained in Huainan Second Detention Center for almost eight months.

List of Criminals

Division of politics and security, Police substation of Panji district, Huainan, Wang Huaijin tel. 86 554 4971021.

Practitioners Were Illegally Arrested

According to June 6, news report by Xinji TV station, sixteen more practitioners were illegally detained because they posted and distributed Falun Gong materials. They are: Ding Xiaohuan, Zhang Jingren, He Lancang, Liu Yueying, Qiao Wenqing, Wang Ying, Geng Ping, Wang Ming, Yang Xiaomei, Qiao Guijie, Zhang Jing (she was sentenced to three years labor camp term after just being released at the end of 2000). One practitioner's name is unknown.

Zhao Shuhua, the chief of the Yuhong Street local police station of Xinji city, was named the deputy director of Xinji Police Department to replace Han Junbin to be in charge of crackdown of Falun Gong. Zhao and the new mayor Ge were classmates. They are not satisfied with the extent of persecution and formed a new 610 office within the Police department. The department, lead by director of politics and security Geng Zhanfeng, consists of 10 members, each with specific assigned duties. Some are in charge of monitoring, some responsible for maintaining surveillance, some for hiring people to arrest practitioners distributing flyers and tearing down flyers that have been posted. Practitioners should pay attention to their safety while revealing the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong to the public. Anyone turning in a practitioner will receive a reward of 1000 Yuan from the police department. Some of the practitioners mentioned above were arrested because they were turned in by friends and neighbors.

According to reports from relatives who went to visit practitioners held in Shijiazhuang Detention Center, the police torture practitioners who refuse to be brainwashed. They beat and otherwise torture practitioners frequently. Sometimes the practitioners were cuffed and hung up for several days without being let down. Xinji practitioner and schoolteacher Wang Cha was sentenced to one-year in labor camp without reason.

Practitioners Taken Away Illegally had to leave Blind 80 Year-Old Unattended

On June 3, 2001 about 9am, Yang Dechun, Fengjin Police Station of Kuancheng District of Changchun City, led vicious people to take practitioners He Shuping, Wang Shuang and Sun Jinghua away from their home illegally. He Shuping and Wang Shuang were detained in the Tiebei Detention Center of Changchun City. Sun Jinghua refused to be taken away by the evil police and was cruelly beaten. Her whole body was covered with wounds and black swollen scars. After He Shuping and Wang Shuang were arrested, their blind 80 year-old parent was left unattended. The vicious people also broke into practitioners' home and repatriated practitioners to their hometowns. They often threaten and frighten the families of practitioners.

Penguin police station's phone number 86 431 2637640, 86 431 2612174

Changchun Economic And Technology Development District Police Illegally Arrest Practitioners.

On June 6, 2001 about 3pm, police from the security department and its subsidiary police station illegally broke into practitioners' homes and arrested those who have refused to write guarantee letters denouncing Falun Gong. The practitioners were sent to the brainwashing class held in Xinglong Mountain. If the practitioners refused to give up Falun Dafa they were sent to labor camp or jail. Some of those families still have young children that need to be taken care of. Kindhearted people please extend your helping hands to stop such cruelty. The practitioners are: Lu Bin, Xin Xiuli, Su Huixian, Wang Jinxia and Liu Shuzhen.

Criminals list: (phone area code 431)

Security Department: Yu Chengwei, home phone 4645059

Police station: 4644274

City Politics and Law Committee Director: Lu Shuzhong, 8991114, 8991214

City Politics and Law Committee in charge of the brainwashing class: Liu Yanhui 8991114, 8991218


Party Chief Zhu Qingwen Ordered Beating Causing Practitioner Zhang Shengfan's Death

Since his crime records were exposed in Minghui net, Zhu Qingwen gathered together a bunch of thugs and dispatched vehicles to round up practitioners everywhere. There are practitioners being arrested all the time. Shuangcheng practitioner Zhang Shengfan was captured by the thugs on June 10 and cruelly beaten to death on June 12. Zhang Shengfan was disabled and had to depend on crutches to walk. It is the third death case from Shuangcheng City since Dafa parishioners Zhou Shichang and Wang Jinguo were cruelly beaten to death.

We will fully disclose Zhu Qingwen criminal acts. All the vicious people who sabotaged Falun Dafa activities and cruelly tortured practitioners will receive their due retribution in the near future.

Police Hired Special Agent To Round Up Dafa Practitioners

Authorities in Anshan recently stepped up their efforts to arrest Falun Dafa practitioners. They hire special agents to infiltrate practice groups and caused several practitioners in the Anshan area to be arrested.

According to information from a trusted source, a hired special agent, Hu Zhenglin, is guiding the police to arrest practitioners in the Anshan area. Hu's wife, He Xiufen left home to verify Dafa after publishing her solemn declaration. Hu Zhenglin led four policemen to search for her and finally got her arrested.

Practitioner Yu Zhuang Was Illegally Arrested

Yu Zhuang lost his job since July 20, 1999 because he firmly cultivates Dafa. He was arrested because he went to appeal for Dafa.

Because he firmly cultivated Dafa while detained he soon was released. Since July 20, He follows the Fa rectification process closely and assists Teacher to rectify the Fa in the human world. The evil force has been trying to capture him for over a year but failed. In the end of May and early June of this year, he went to a practitioner's home and was arrested. When he got there, the practitioner had been arrested and the police were waiting there. Now he is detained in the police department of Qingdao City. His situation is unknown.

Recent Condition Of Practitioner Wang Li Who Had Been Illegally Sent To Labor Camp

Ms. Wang Li is a practitioner from Wuhan City. She went to Beijing to appeal several times since July 22, 1999 and was illegally detained several times and was closely monitored after being released. Jiang Zemin, named a "human rights scoundrel" by Amnesty International, telegrammed the Police Department of Wuhan City in person to round up all the practitioners in the area and send them to detention centers. Wang Li was one of those arrested. In Baofeng Road Detention Center, Wang Li was cuffed because she insisted on doing exercises. They cuffed her hands to the window bars and forced her to stand on her toes for three days. She went on a hunger strike to protest such inhumane treatment. The vicious police tied her to the torture bed (a type of bed used for inmates on death row as punishment, four limbs are affixed to the bed). Because she started a hunger strike, they tied her up on the torture bed for 18 more days. On April 3, she was sent to Huhan detoxication center for reeducation through labor.

In the detoxication center, she was insulted and beaten by the inmates because she did exercises in the cell, hall and exercise field. She always remained calm. While enduring extreme suffering and tortures, she told the inmates and jail guard not to do bad deeds and explain to them the karmic relationship that good will be rewarded with good and evil with evil.

Wang Li again went on a hunger strike after the guard confiscated Teacher's articles. The guard thought Wang Li always caused trouble for them. On the second day of the hunger strike, they started force-feeding, twice a day. The hunger strike was only several days, however they were force-fed more than 10 times. After feeding, the tube withdrawn from her nose was covered with thick blood. The ignorant police just wanted to follow instructions from upper levels but lost their human conscience. What is waiting for them when the time comes to repay the crimes they have committed?

Practitioners Were Illegally Detained And Expelled From Work.

Practitioners Wang Liqin and Zhang Shuli of Nong-an Oil Refinement Factory went to Beijing to appeal in April 30, 2001. Wang Liqin was taken back to Nong-an on May 8 and was detained in detention center for over one month. She was bailed out by her relatives and not allowed to go back to work. Zhang Shuli was taken back by the local police and is detained in a jail close to east Bridge of Nong-an County. The officials of the province, the county and the factory decided to illegally expel them from work. Kind people please show concerns on this matter.

Criminals' name

CEO of Nong-an Oil Refinement Factory: Zhao Yuanheng

Official in charge of persecution of Falun Gong: Zhao Qingyuan

Factory phone: 431 322 1583 or 431 322 4632

Practitioner Yu Yuebing Was Illegally Arrested

Yu Yuebing was illegally taken away last week. Her whereabouts is unknown. Her home was ransacked.

Practitioners Please Be Aware

Li Meizhen from Xifuzhou City has been brainwashed. Those who have contact with her should be aware. Her home phone is 794 8274417. Her mailing address is 64 Gandong Avenue, Xifuzhou City 344000.

Some Examples Of Retributions Of Some Vicious Followers Of Jiang Zemin

Wang De-en, policeman of Suiyang police station of Dongning County, slapped practitioners' faces. Several days later he was diagnosed with diabetes and is not able to work. He has received his retribution.

Wang Hongwei, deputy sheriff of Suiyang Police Station of Dongning County, had actively participated in the persecution of Dafa practitioners. Before the Spring Festival of this year, he broke several ribs and ended up in the hospital. Vice director Li of the politics and security department beat up practitioners in Beijing. Afterward he could not even raise his arms to eat. Other people all said it was because he tortured practitioners.

Ma Xiangguo, Party committee secretary of Suiyang Town of Dongning County ransomed 5000 Yuan (about 10 months' salary of an average worker) from practitioners. If they failed to pay, the practitioners were sent to labor camp for three years. Not long after, he was removed from Suiyang Town.

Cui, vice chief of Police Department of Suifenhe City, instructed vicious police to torture practitioners and slander Dafa. In March 2000, he was removed from the police department while he was still on a business trip.