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Beijing Police Rape A Small and Weak Female Dafa Practitioner

June 25, 2001 |   A Dafa Practitioner

[Minghui Net] Many illegally arrested Dafa practitioners are still imprisoned in detention centers in Beijing. Among them is a female practitioner named "Han Mei" (pseudonym) who is less than 1.50 meter (about 5 feet) in height and who weighs about 70 lbs. I listened to the narration of her tragic suffering while tears kept running down my face. Here is what she had to tell me:

In January 2001, a police car drove to her home to try to take her husband away because he didn't give up cultivating Falun Dafa. She held their one year-old son in her arms while clinging to her husband's leg, trying to stop the policemen from taking him away. The police mercilessly took her husband away disregarding her anguished cries. Several months have passed. No one knows where he is and if he is still alive.

Han Mei left her beloved child with her mother-in-law, and then resolutely went to Beijing with her mother to validate Dafa and clarify the truth about Falun Dafa. One day in April, the police caught her and her mother. Before a police van came, she said loudly to the crowd, " I am a Falun Gong practitioner, and we all strive to be good persons. I came to Beijing just to tell you: Falun Dafa is good, Falun Dafa is a righteous practice, and let you know the truth and offer you a chance to be saved. Since I was young, I have been physically weak and sickly and I was almost abandoned. Falun Dafa saved me and my whole family." Many on-lookers nodded sympathetically and requested the police to let go of this small and weak woman. But the police didn't agree. At that time, "Han Mei" seized some Dafa materials confiscated by the police and threw them to the crowd. At once the masses snatched the materials.

The police van took her and her mother to the Dongxiaokou Police Station. During 48 hours of unlawful interrogation, the police got nothing from them. They locked Han Mei in an iron cage and poured cold water on her, soaking her from head to foot. What is even more intolerable was that a policeman put her in a solitary confinement cell and interrogated her, with the window blocked and the light turned off. She didn't answer any of his questions. The malevolent policeman sexually abused her. As she was too thin and small to resist his scoundrel's act, she knelt down on the ground and pleaded, "Don't treat me like this, you also have a wife and children." But the scoundrel policeman turned a deaf ear to her pleading and inhumanely raped her.

The next day, She and her mother were sent to a detention center in Beijing and are held there indefinitely.

In detention centers, Dafa practitioners are made to sleep on the cement floor and frequently receive beatings from criminals. This is the real situation of China's detention centers that is too horrifying and brutal to be described in words.