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Hail Storm Strikes Shandong Province

June 25, 2001 |   Jingshi

[Minghui Net] According to a report from the Civil Administration Bureau in Shandong Province, five cities and 12 counties in that province were recently struck by a severe hail storm, which affected 810, 000 people and caused direct economic losses of more than one billion Yuan RMB.

It was reported that from the evening of Thursday, June 14, to the middle of the following day, heavy hail accompanied by violent wind suddenly fell in Jinan, Taian, Dezhou, Binzhou and Linyi. The twelve counties that suffered most in these areas are Changqing, Daiyue, Xiajin, Wucheng, Qihe, Yucheng, Pingyuan, Linyi, Bincheng, Boxing and Feixian.

The statistics available so far indicate that 810, 000 people have been affected by this disaster and 130, 000 have suffered greatly . About 133, 000 hectares of crops were affected: 73, 000 hectares were severely damaged, while 33, 000 will yield nothing. Two hundred and twenty-six houses collapsed and 40, 300 houses were damaged by the storm. More than 15, 000 trees were uprooted or broken and 35,000 vegetable sheds were completely destroyed.

It is also known that Shandong is one of the provinces which most severely persecutes Falun Gong. The officials in all areas of the province followed Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan closely and carried out their most vicious secret instructions, leading directly to many deaths. Among those killed were the kind-hearted village woman, Chen Zixiu; a young engineer, Su Gang; a righteous old man, Liu Yufeng; and an agricultural officer named Qi Fengqin. The authorities themselves have committed shocking crimes and their brutality is beyond human imagination.

However, it is the course of nature that retribution will come for evil deeds. The actions of those wicked people have brought about natural disasters that human power cannot combat.