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Dafa Practitioner Ding Gangzi Dies from Abuse While Detained

June 20, 2001 |  

Ding Gangzi, male, 47, Zanhuang County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei province

Dafa practitioner Ding Gangzi, male, 47 years old, was a resident of Chengguan Township in Zanhuang County of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei province. Since beginning to practice Dafa in 1997, he did everything according to the principles of "Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance," always helped others with a kind-heart, and never sought after fame or personal gain. He ran a bicycle repair shop by the roadside, providing the best services to his customers. In his spare time, he repaired the roads around his shop voluntarily. All his neighbors agree he was a very nice person. Yet, even such a nice person was persecuted after July 20, 1999. He was illegally detained 5 times, arrested at home without any legal warrants 3 times, and abused while being detained, which led to his death.

In December of 1999, Ding Gangzi was arrested while legally appealing in Beijing, and was illegally detained for 3 months. On October 3, 2000, as Ding Gangzi was working at his bicycle repair shop, police from the Chengguan Township Police Station deceived him into entering a police car to "take a brief questionnaire at the police station." He was instead sent to the Zanhuang County Detention Center directly and was illegally detained there. At the detention center, he was abused in various ways such as having both hands handcuffed behind his back, wearing foot shackles, being shocked by electric batons, and not being provided enough food. Ding Gangzi went on a hunger strike to protest, and was often beaten by other criminals under the guards instruction.

When Ding was in critical condition due to the abuse, his inmates rang the bells several times for the guards to help, but did not get any attention.

At around 9:00 am on June 11, 2001, security guards of the detention center sent Ding's corpse, still in handcuffs and foot shackles, to the county hospital for a false emergency treatment. The medical personnel at the hospital wanted to send the corpse to the morgue directly, since they found out Ding had died a long time ago and that his corpse was decayed and attracting flies. However, the police forced the doctors to "treat" him and give him infusions of medicine. The doctors pretend to "treat" the patient, and "diagnosed" the cause of death as having no breath, no heartbeat and no returned blood during the transfusion. They then sent Ding to the morgue. The police also forced the doctors to provide false evidence by filling out a report claiming Ding "died after failed emergency treatment" in order to cover the truth of their crimes. The police blocked the news of Ding's death, and did not even notify Ding's family members of his death.

Concerned people told the news of Ding Gangzi's sudden death to his family members around 8:00PM that same day. Ding's family members rushed to the county hospital. However, the vicious police did not allow them to see Ding's body. Without any choice, they went to the home of Qin Xinguo, the head of the "610" Office and the Deputy Chief of the County Police Department, to inquire about the truth and to request justice for Ding Gangzi. Upon entering Qin's house, his son jumped out like a mad dog, yelling loudly "I'll kill you XXX!" and tried to assault Ding's family members, only to stop after somebody held him down. But Qin Xinguo called "110," [the emergency number in China] the heads of the Township Police Station and the East Street Police Station. They threatened Ding's family members and expelled them from the house. In their grief and indignation, the family members tried to find Zhang Zhanchuan, the chief of the County Police Department. Zhang ignored them

Falun Dafa practitioner Ding Gangzi is survived by three daughters and his wife. Currently, they have no place to appeal for justice, and are being harassed by the vicious police. They are crying all the time.

Kind-hearted people, the same crime is happening around you and me. If you tolerate it, the tragedy eventually will hit you. "The good and evil will receive their own retribution;" this is the eternal natural law. What you have done will be recorded, despite your ignorance and denial. Humanity's moral dignity is not allowed to be trampled upon, and everybody's effort is needed to maintain it. Let us demand justice for the dead, punish the criminals according to the law, and eradicate the evil!

Ding Gangzi's sudden death is another murder case of Dafa practitioners, and it follows Zuo Zhigang's murder by the corrupt police on May 30. The ruthless persecution of Dafa practitioners has infuriated the cosmos. It was reported that on June 14, 2001, the counties surrounding Shijiazhuang had hailstorms. In some areas, the hail was the size of eggs and destroyed grains and damaged farmland.

Murderers who persecuted Ding Gangzi:

Feng Junzhou, head of detention center, Zanhuang County, (Home) 011-86-311 4222363, (Work) 4220101

Qin Xinguo, Head of "610" Office, Zanhuang County Police Department, (Home) 011-86- 311-4221189

Feng Jianjun, police chief of Chengguan Township police station, (Home) 011-86-311 - 4222765

Zhang Zhanchuan, chief of Zanhuang County Police Department, (Home) 011-86-3114622257, (Work) 4221076

Wei Zhenhui, deputy chief of Zanhuang County Police Department, (Home) 011-86- 311 - 4221492