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Exposing Jiang Zemin's Lies

June 17, 2001 |   A Practitioner from Mainland China

June 9, 2001

[Minghui Net] Since May 22, 2001, foreign media (including the Associated Press) have been allowed to tour the Masanjia Labor Camp. This is another clumsy fraud cooked up by Jiang Zemin, the "human rights scoundrel" (as referred to by Amnesty International), after the self-immolation event in Tiananmen Square. He has once again wanted to cover the truth and persecution on Falun Gong practitioners and deceive kind-hearted people around the world. So what's the real story behind the tours? Please take a look at the following facts:

The Masanjia Labor Re-education Camp, Liaoning Province, is a large-scale complex with all the facilities necessary for detaining more than 7,000 people (In fact, Masanjia holds at least 3,000 people every year). Masanjia Labor Camp has many things including its own fish farm (the Masanjia Fish Village), winery (the Great Dragon Winery Limited Corporation), clothing processing factory, and machinery plant. The main source of labor comes from the Masanjia inmates. Each worker has a certain workload. If they are unable to finish it, they are punished to different degrees. Their living expenditure is on average less than 90 RMB Yuan per month [about 12 U.S. dollars].

In addition to a male dormitory, the Masanjia Labor Camp also has a dormitory for women (i.e. the Women's Detention Center of Masanjia Labor Camp). This center has mainly housed female Falun Gong practitioners since Jiang Zemin started to persecute Falun Gong. With the escalation of the crackdown, the Women's Second Detention Center of the Masanjia Labor Camp was established at the end of October 1999, and it was built especially for detaining and persecuting female Falun Gong practitioners.

Most of female practitioners who refused to be "brain-washed" were detained together with ordinary prisoners in the Women's Detention Center, which was next to the male dormitory (i.e, the Ninth Squad of the Masanjia Labor Camp). They were forced to do intensive labor. Those who received brain-washing, however, were held together in the Women's Second Detention Center. The center was open to the public, which means the authorities of the Masanjia Labor Camp often sent those who had been brain-washed to confuse the other practitioners' minds as well as host people from the local and central governments who were visiting for investigations.

So the original Women's Detention Center naturally became the Women's First Detention Center. Because the Women's Second Detention Center showed various skills and "outstanding performance" in the persecution of Falun Gong, Su Jin, the head of the Center, often earned rewards from the higher levels. The Women's First Center, however, did not want to fall behind, so the two centers began competing for fame and profits, and they constantly came up with new measures to persecute and transform Falun Gong practitioners. Particularly at the beginning of the Second Center's establishment, in order to efficiently brain-wash the practitioners' and compete for rewards, the police officers employed numerous means to persecute and transform Falun Gong practitioners. They used electric shock and physical punishment as frequently as eating, and their cruelty would make one's hair stand on end. Even the cell chief and tyrants of the male dormitory, the Sixth Squad of Masanjia Labor Camp next to the Women's Second Detention Center, were dumbfounded saying, " The police officers of the Second Center are indeed cruel-hearted."

When the head of the Masanjia Labor Camp answered questions from foreign reporters, he claimed that the Labor Camp had not even detained any male Falun Gong practitioners. As the matter of fact, starting November 19, 1999 the receiving squad (department) of the Masanjia Labor Camp accepted the first male Falun Gong practitioner. From then until August 2000, a total of thirty-four male Falun Gong practitioners were detained in the labor camp. During that period, the receiving squad (department) sent five male practitioners to the Sixth Squad of the Masnajia Labor Camp and forced them to listen to the brain washing there.

Because of the "outstanding performance" of the Women's Second Detention Center in the persecution of innocent practitioners, Wang Maoling and Dong Jufa, the leaders of the "610" office (an office established by Jiang Zemin to persecute Falun Gong practitioners) visited the Masanjia at the beginning of July 2000. They both evaluated the Masanjia officers' work and provided a detailed report to Jiang Zemin. Moreover, Liu Jing, another leader from the 610 office, had gone back and forth to the Masanjia Labor Camp many times. He encouraged Jiang Zemin to give Masanjia 6,000,000 RMB Yuan as a special fund to establish a "Masanjia Thought Education and Transformation Base." The whole project would cost 10,000,000 RMB Yuan [about 1,000,000 U.S. Dollars], and the Liaoning Local government was asked to raise the rest of fund by itself.

At the beginning of 2000, the condemnation of Jiang Zemin's persecution of Falun Gong both inside and outside the party as well as in foreign countries became stronger and stronger. The Jiang Zemin political regime could not wait for the completion of the Masanjia Thought Education and Transformation Base, so it moved people from the newly-built Liaoning Teenage Education Center of Masanjia Labor Camp to another place. Then the Masanjia authorities decorated the Teenage Education Center and carefully chose a group of Falun Gong practitioners who accepted the brain-washing and transferred them there. After the Liaoning Teenage Education Center formally became the Women's Second Detention Center, it was opened to the public and used to deceive the foreign and domestic media as well as all the kind-hearted people in the world. The on-going Thoughts Education and Transformation Base project was shelved, standing south of the Eighth Squad of the Masanjia Labor Camp.

Those vicious people who are in power thought that if they moved the Women's Second Detention Center away from the Sixth Squad and away from the male cells, they could better cover up the fact that eighteen female practitioners were forcefully undressed and put into male cells. What they neglected, however, was that the real Women's Second Detention Center (i.e. the one located north of the Sixth Squad; a four story building which detains hundreds of female practitioners) still has the original curtains hanging on the door. The words on the curtain, "The Women's Second Detention Center," still remain as vivid as before. Why didn't they let the media reporters interview the Falun Gong practitioners detained there? Why didn't they let the real "Woman's Second Detention Center" open to the public? A board with the words, "Women's Second Detention Center of the Masanjia Labor Camp," was taken away, but the facts of the persecution could not be taken away.

Good ends with good; evil ends with evil. Heaven will have its own justice.