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The Persecution of Dafa Practitioners Continues in Luoyang City, Henan Province

June 15, 2001 |   Dafa practitioners in China

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He Zhaoxu, male, 26, is a worker at the No. 1 Tractor Company. He started practicing Falun Dafa in late 2000, after which his Xinxing improved rapidly. On December 28, 2000, he went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa and was later arrested by the police from the Tractor Company. After being detained for more than a month, he still refused to write a letter guaranteeing that he would not practice Falun Gong or appeal to the government. Before the Spring Festival, he was transferred to the Luoyang Psychiatric Hospital. During his detention at the hospital, he was forcibly injected with drugs and various unidentified medications were poured into his mouth. He suffered through many kinds of torture, but still refused to sign the "Transformation Letter." His whereabouts are unknown at the present time.

Wang Weiping, male, 38, used to be a senior engineer at the Luoyang Glass Company. He was also an assistant at a Falun Gong practice site. Since he firmly persisted in his cultivation, persecutors in the public security department of the Luoyang Glass Company tricked him into returning to his hometown (Hancheng City, Shanxi Province) and then sent him to a detention center. The municipal government of Luoyang had ordered the Glass Company to send at least four Falun Gong practitioner into labor camps. Eventually, Wang was sentenced to three years in a labor camp. He is currently being held in the Wugulu Labor Camp in Luoyang City. He still has not signed the "Transformation Letter." In order to "transform" him, the vile perpetrators are detaining him in a small room and forcing him to watch video programs that slander Falun Dafa from 5 am to11 pm every day. They are trying to brainwash him by force.

Lu Feng, male, 31, was a worker at a heavy machinery company. In late 2000, Jianxi Police Sub-department sentenced him to three years in a labor camp. Since he refused to be brainwashed, persecutors transferred him to the place with the worst conditions and forced him to work there. The persecutors also did not allow his family members to visit or send anything to him. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Xiong Yuhua, female, in her 60's, was detained twice and sent to a psychiatric hospital on one occasion for appealing to the government in Beijing. She was also sent to "Transformation Classes" twice. However, she persisted in her cultivation of Dafa. In April 2001, she was again arrested, and her whereabouts are unknown.

Zheng Xurong, female, almost 60, is a retired manager who used to work for the Luoyang Glass Company. She also used to be a Falun Dafa assistant . At the end of 1999, she went to Beijing to appeal to the government and was detained for 15 days. She was allowed to leave after paying 5,000 Yuan RMB. Around the time of the Spring Festival 2000, she was forced to attend a "Transformation class." Since she refused to be brainwashed, persecutors detained her for ten months, and then sentenced her to three years in jail. At the moment, she is jailed in Xinxiang City.

In December 2000, Luoyang Labor Camp held a "Transformation class." On Dec 29, perpetrators started arresting practitioners. In March 2001, they sent seven practitioners, who could not be brainwashed to a detention center. The perpetrators wanted to send these practitioners to labor camps. However, the practitioners went on a hunger strike that lasted for ten days. Afraid of trouble, the police released the practitioners. However, they suddenly arrested these same practitioners from their homes or work units one week later. This time the perpetrators sent the practitioners directly to a labor camp. The practitioners' whereabouts are currently unknown.

Zhang, Xiang, female, 49, is a practitioner in Henan Province. In March 2000, she went to appeal for Falun Dafa in Yanshi City, saying that Falun Dafa is a righteous cultivation way, and asking the persecutors to release the practitioners detained for appealing in Beijing. As a result, Zhi Yuebin, Li Zhancai, and their associates from Houshi Town brought her back and detained her for three days. She was released after paying 2000 Yuan in "bail." Since Zhang Xiang couldn't afford the bail, the persecutors tortured her so severely that she became delirious. The persecutors then handcuffed her to a guardrail for several hours, and eventually sent her to a detention center. Three days later, the officers of the town sent her to Baimasi Psychiatric Hospital. The persecutors even asked her to pay for all the medical expenses (3,800 Yuan) and a fee for transporting her to the facility (100 Yuan). Zhang Xiang's husband Jia Shufang gave them 1,200 Yuan. The persecutors did not return any of the money to him; they even seized the receipt from him.

Zhao Zhende, Zhi Yuebin, Li Zhancai and their associates illegally broke into and ransacked practitioners' homes. Liu Hongxun said, "What law? There is no law here!" He beat people at will. They ransacked a total of ten homes and fined the occupants. Even those people who no longer practiced Falun Gong were fined 1,000 to 5,000 Yuan. They extorted money from all practitioners on their "blacklist," and for those who could not pay, they searched the practitioners' homes and seized their personal items.

Zhang Jiancheng, male, 42, is a practitioner in Henan Province. He bought 100 T-shirts on which his fellow practitioners printed "Falun Dafa is good" and "Falun Dafa is a righteous cultivation way." For this, he was detained for 35 days and then sentenced to two years in a labor camp. His farming machine parts (worth over 10,000 Yuan) were seized.

Duan Xianjun, male, 35, is a practitioner in Henan Province. For appealing to the government in Beijing, he was detained for 35 days. Persecutors extorted 3,500 Yuan for bail from him, and the town's government extorted another 2,000 Yuan. He was later secretly sentenced to two years in labor a camp. Right now, he is being held in Luoyang Labor Camp.

Xi Shaojing, 29 and Jia Yiping, 27, are from Henan Province. On November 16, 2000, they went to Beijing to peacefully appeal to the government. They were arrested and sent home, after which persecutors detained them for 28 days. During their detention, they practiced the exercises. As a result, persecutors put them into an instrument of torture that had never been used in Yanshi City before. It is an H-shaped shackle that leaves the prisoner unable to stand or sit after wearing this instrument. After two days of this torture, they were put into yet another instrument of torture for 12 days. Their hands were handcuffed to the backs of their legs, which is very painful, and they were bound in this fashion for 24 hours a day. They could not take care of themselves, and the persecutors did not give them a single drop of water. No one in the detention center paid attention to their suffering. Later on, the other inmates reported the incident as a group, and only then did some police show up. The practitioners strongly protested such torture and asked the police to release them. They were finally released. However, six days later, Xi Shaojing and Jia Yiping were again arrested and sent to a "Transformation class" in Yanshi City.

Since the persecutors were afraid that other people would learn about their torturing of the practitioners, they took the two practitioners away two days later. The practitioners were detained for an additional 30 days. Since they refused to write a letter guaranteeing that they would not practice Falun Gong or appeal to the government, the persecutors detained them for another 15 days, and then secretly sentenced them to two years in a labor camp.

In February 2000, some police officers in Tiananmen Square stopped Chen Xiane and Hu Cuiying. When asked whether they were Falun Gong practitioners, they replied "yes." As a result, they were taken to a nearby police station. The persecutors then sent them back to their hometown, where they were detained for almost four months.

During their detention, the persecutors brutally tortured Chen Xiane and Yuan Xiangfan. After they reached the time limit for temporary detention, Chen, Yauan, and three other female practitioners were transferred to a detention center, where the persecutors continued to detain them. The five practitioners wrote a letter to the Governor of the County, asking why they were being detained for so long. As a result, the vile persecutors punished them by forcing them to stay on their knees. The practitioners softly recited Teacher's articles. A disciplinary guard heard their voices and said viciously, "Chen Xiane, you still dare to recite the articles! I will put you on the iron chair, and let's see if you still recite!" Immediately, the brutal torture fell on her. The persecutors then strapped her onto the iron chair, which was placed in a tiny restroom. Her suffering made all the female inmates cry. The iron chair was the worst torture in the detention center. According to an inmate who had been there for four years, no one had ever been put into the chair before. County officials had told the guards in the detention, "Just torture them, and let's see how tough they are!" These perpetrators ignored the Chinese laws as well as justice by doing such inhuman things.

Some Details About the Torture of Yuan Xiangfan:

On the morning after the practitioners wrote the letter to the County Governor, the guards ordered Yuan to write a repentance letter. Yuan said softly, "I don't know what mistake I've made." The guard immediately put Yuan into the iron chair. Ironically, the torture happened during the time this facility had applied for a "civilized prison" designation. All the inmates thought that Yuan would be released two days later, because by then higher officials were arriving to inspect the facility. However, the persecutors ordered four inmates to carry Yuan Xiangfan to the detention center next door, and put her in front of the restroom of the cell where Ren Qin (Yuan's sister-in-law, also a Falun Gong practitioner) and Hu Cuiying were detained. In this way, they deceived the officials and gave the impression of a "civilized prison."

Chen Xiane was tortured for two days and nights, and Yuan Xiangfan was tortured for four days and three nights. During the torture, iron bars held their chests, arms, and legs in one position, and they were unable to move at all. Someone had to feed them and help them to defecate and urinate. As a result of the immobilization, their arms and legs swelled badly, and the marks left by the iron bars did not fade for over a month. Although tortured like this, they did not feel hatred towards anyone.

List of Criminals:

Niu Wenqing, Secretary of Yanshi City and the city's Committee of Politics and Law, often came up with new ways to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. He even said, "Whoever practices Falun Gong is against the Party and the people; whoever went to Beijing to appeal is against the government; The government wants to persecute those people who stubbornly practice Falun Gong. We will provide you the bottle if you want to drink poison, and we will provide you the rope if you want to hang yourself!"

Qiao Yueqiang, a judge in Xigong Town, Luoyang City, is the person in charge of the "610" office in Yanshi City. He used covert methods to deceive people like Li Miaoneng and Qi Miaozhi to "transform" them and get them to write pledges. He secretly sent people to search practitioners' homes.

Li Congling (Vice Secretary of Fudian Town), Zhao Zhende (Head of the village, Party Secretary of Houshi Town), Zhi Yaobin (Committee Secretary of Politics and Law), Ji Dongpo and Li Zhancai (Directors of the 610 Office), and Liu Hongxun (a thug who beats practitioners).

Yang Xiaomin (Director of Administrative Protection Division), Ma Kang (Vice Chief of the Police Department), Han Guoqing, and Zhang Hongdao (a worker in the 610 Office).