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An Account of the Criminal Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners in Beijing Juvenile Detention Center

June 01, 2001 |   The practitioners in Mainland China

[Minghui Net] The custodians of various prisons in Beijing have illegally adopted extraordinary austerity measures to transform jailed Falun Dafa practitioners. They adopted the "sandwich system" for those practitioners who refused to be transformed: every practitioner is flanked and monitored by three criminals around the clock, including the time when they are asleep. Some of these overseers are serving lengthy sentences, some have been convicted of murder, and others have nefarious characters. They often beat and curse Dafa practitioners with the secret encouragement of the prison officers.

Since it began to unlawfully detain Falun Gong practitioners last November, Beijing Juvenile Detention Center has also started to dispatch Falun Gong practitioners to different cells and force them to undergo illegal transformation under duress. The prison staff forces the criminals and practitioners to watch videos and other programs denouncing Falun Dafa. Since these criminals have been imprisoned for a long time, they don't know the truth about Falun Gong. Under the order of, and inducement by the police, they hold meetings to chastise and attack the practitioners en masse. Should a practitioner not be transformed, they would latch on to the practitioner at all times, harassing him or her constantly and unrelentingly. Yu Peiling was not allowed to sleep for six consecutive days for her refusal to be transformed. Yang Fengxia and Li Hongyan were forced to put on helmets and had their legs constrained with belts to stop them from practicing Falun Gong. They were also condemned to hard labor. Some prisoners even put the picture of our teacher on the floor and forced Yang Fengxia to step on it. Li Shuying inadvertently revealed the fact that she quietly recited Teacher's articles while waiting for her meal. The prisoners shook her violently to stop her from reciting. Mu Chunyan was relentlessly "criticized" by the whole team until 3 or 4am in the morning. The police also called upon their relatives to coerce them with their sufferings.

When coercion failed, they made use of a "swindler" named Li Cuixiang, who was serving a 15-year sentence. This criminal had a slick tongue. She claimed that she had read Zhuan Falun (the main book of Falun Dafa) and some of her family members had practiced Falun Gong before but were now transformed. This con artist, with a deceitful face, and under the influence of the evil beings, deviously bewitched the practitioners with the "enlightenment" [along the evil path] pitch. Some practitioners were deceived and accepted this "enlightenment" under duress. They relaxed the requirements on themselves and even began to deceive other Dafa practitioners. Yao XX had been studying the Fa and practicing exercises since she was released on bail for medical treatment last August. She was taken in for further transformation this February and detained in this Juvenile Detention Center. At the beginning, Yao was very steadfast, but when Li Cuixiang pretended to be sick and deceived her with lies, Yao was unwittingly transformed by the deception. However, they still did not let up. Even though she had heart disease and her blood pressure remained perilously elevated, the police and Li Cuixiang forced her to write critique material and guilty statements daily. Yao was rendered very confused, and wrote whatever Li Cuixiang wanted her to write.

The police pretended to be nice on the surface to those that were transformed, but whenever there was any indication of "remorse," they would remove their masks in an instant. Liu XX felt remorseful after she was transformed, so the police forced this 60-year-old woman to stand in the hallway and ordered other prisoners to stand with her to force her to transform. Zheng XX, a prison guard, didn't think Zhang Lixin had been transformed thoroughly and castigated her viciously and loudly.

The police fought to claim credit, and attendant rewards, for the success of the transformation program. Of those that were transformed, some were due to the lies and deception by Li Cuixiang; but in their reports to the authorities, the police claimed they had spent many hours talking to the practitioners. In order to showcase their achievements and seek remuneration from Jiang Zemin and his associates, the director Jin Hua contacted numerous organizations, the courts, TV and radio stations, and sponsored an "inspection" extravaganza. She directed Li Cuixiang to force the transformed people to rehearse and enact performances to extol the transformation program and the police. They rehearsed until late into the night every day and were thoroughly exhausted. However, if anyone did not appear vivaciously involved in these activities, she would be considered not to have been transformed thoroughly enough and would be persecuted further.

Wang Zhiwen and Ji Liewu were initially detained in the Beijing Custody's Special Monitor Team, and later transferred to a general team to be with hard-core criminals, as they failed to be transformed. These criminals were very violent. They often fought and swore at each other. Ji Liewu was transferred to Qinghe custody (located in Chadian, Tianjin City), where he was subjected to hard labor, shoveling dirt in the chilly winter weather. Wang Zhiwen was locked up in a small cell (a special confinement room used to punish determined practitioners), shackled with handcuffs and fetters weighing 28 kilograms each. He again refused to be transformed, and was sent to Beijing Juvenile Detention Center for further transformation.

Everyday, the police force the people they are trying to transform to spend a lot of time reading slanderous articles, so as to reinforce the deception and further pollute the practitioners' minds. The police also lied that the practitioners outside had resorted to violence. When the school explosion incident took place in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei province, they tried to mislead people to suspect Falun Gong before the real perpetrator was caught. The prisoners have been brainwashed for a long time and isolated from the outside world, so they have lost their ability to think independently and express their real ideas. They are totally under the control of the police and have been denied all of their basic human rights. If any one refuses to comply, the police will induce other prisoners to bully them.

The people who persecute Dafa practitioners in Beijing Juvenile Detention Center:

Director: Jin Hua Cellular: 86-13701383103 Phone: 86-10-61291919 ext: 1203 (O)

The ninth district prison: Phone: 86-10-61291919 ext: 5208 (O)

The district director: Cai XX

The district director: Huang XX

The deputy director of the district: Zheng XX

Prison police: Fang Rui