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Neutralize Evil Influences with Righteous Thoughts

May 09, 2001 |  

[by a female practitioner in China]

1. Every Dafa disciple has the ability.

On April 22, the police required me to go to the station with them for an 'investigation.' I said, "I'm not going there. If you need to talk to me, you can do it right here at my home." They said that wouldn't do. I thought to myself, "I will not tolerate the arrangement by the evil. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. Any acts of persecution against Dafa must not be sanctioned." I quietly asked Teacher to give me strength so that I could stamp out the evil! I protested loudly, "You cannot arrest people at will. If you want me to go to the station with you, you must guarantee my safety. I have dependent elders and children. You will be liable for wrecking my family." They were a bit taken aback. They assured me of my safety before we left.

At the police station, a section chief started threatening me. In the past, I would often figure out some way to deal with them as an ordinary person would. Even if I had managed to survive the ordeal, I could not hide my attachment of fear. This time, too, my heart started pounding the moment he launched his intimidation routine. But quickly, I realized that I was the righteous party. He was the one who should be scared. I started reciting silently the "Knowing Heart, " "Rectifying the Colossal Firmament," and "True Nature Revealed" over and over. I did not hear a single word he said. He sensed that he could not get me to talk, so he asked two of his deputies to talk to me. I became much calmer and took a good look at the surroundings. There was a tall metal chair in the room. It was obviously an instrument of torture. Heaven only knows how many crimes they had committed with it. I told myself, "This is a place the evil gathers. Since I am here, I must rectify this place, and let righteous thoughts eliminate the evil." I was the type who seldom experienced any extraordinary sensory phenomena during my practice. I did not know if I had the ability. Yet as soon as I harbored the thought, I felt Master's presence. I was no longer alone but joined with all other righteous beings in the universe. My mind was clear; my determination immovable as Tai Shan [a well-known towering mountain in China].

The two deputies started to work on me. They tried threatening and coaxing. I hardly heard a word of what they said. I asked Master, "Please give me strength," and I told myself, "My divine side, come quickly to rectify the Fa." As I looked at the two of them, I said repeatedly to myself, "Demolish the evil, suffocate the evil." Soon after, another deputy came into the room and told them, "Don't pound on the table. Couldn't you two show some manners?" The two deputies softened their voices and their attitude was no longer as brutish. I could feel that the evil forces that had controlled them in other dimensions had been eliminated, leaving these two ordinary beings who were deceived by lies. How could they possibly tell me what to do?

Shortly after, I started to feel pain in my chest, and had trouble breathing. The deputy who yelled the loudest said, "Is it because I've scared you? All right, I'm getting out of here, I'm done." The remaining deputy said, "Are you all right? Why don't you drink some hot water? You've never been spoken to like this before, have you? That deputy was being most courteous to you today."

They did not coerce me further. They finished their report and sent me home. The section chief even told me, "If you want to practice, just do it at home. We won't bother you if you just keep it to yourself." He totally changed his stance.

From this experience, I now have a much more lucid understanding of Master's teachings:

"Actually, every Dafa disciple has abilities. It's just that the abilities do not manifest in the surface dimension, so they think that they don't have supernormal abilities. But regardless of whether they can manifest in the surface dimension or not, when a person's True Thoughts come forth, they are very powerful."

------- Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful, 4/24/2001

The evil influences may appear menacing, but they are really on the ropes, and quite impotent. The Vajra's unwavering, righteous thoughts are the most powerful.

2. Thoughts and conduct must be based on compassion.

"Dafa is widely disseminated to save all sentient beings." The evil beings who persecute Dafa and Dafa practitioners will, at the same time, harm and victimize not just themselves, but other beings who are exploited by them when they commit such crimes. Eliminating them will provide salvation to humankind, so long as people still possess goodness in their hearts.

By staying alert and rational, I did not entertain any thoughts of hatred towards those police officers. In the past, when they were bad mouthing and screaming at me, I had the inclination to attempt to change their outward thinking right away, often ignoring the evil influence controlling them from other dimensions. These evil influences were the real root cause of their wicked behavior. In order to change a human being's overt manifestation, one must eliminate the controlling evil influences from the root. One must be thorough in eradicating the evil.

The more adamant and powerful the righteous thoughts are within us, the more alert and rational will be our minds, and the calmer and kinder will be our demeanor. The field of righteous thoughts does not just eradicate the evil, it also harmonizes our surroundings. I did not prepare myself to answer questions from the police before hand, answers just came to me naturally when they raised the questions. When I thought to myself, "Stop the badgering. You will never get anything out of me." Sure enough, they changed the subject and started to discuss other issues. One of them said, "You always look at Falun Gong as being good, good, good. Why don't you view it from another angle, and see what is not so good about it?" I calmly told him, "What you just said could be meaningful in some sense, but I'm afraid it's also where you've missed the point." He thought about it and smiled, "Are you telling me that what I see are all negative things (from the propaganda)?" I just smiled. He did not say anything more.

Another policeman asked, "How would you define 'light year?' Is it a unit-measure of time or of distance?" I broached the concept of different dimensions with different time frames and space. He found that too complex to comprehend. I said, "It's really quite simple. For example, say you ask someone how far it is to the bus station. They tell you it takes ten minutes by foot. Now you tell me: is 'ten minutes' a measurement of distance or time?" He obligingly acknowledged: "You know a whole lot more than I do." On the surface it appeared they were interrogating me. In reality I was directing and transforming their thoughts without their being aware of it.

I also discovered that other than those human beings fully under the control of the evil influence, many could be saved, including the policemen. The four policemen who interrogated me showed varying degrees of compassion. My child needed to be picked up after school while I was at the police station, so I asked to go pick up my child. They agreed and provided transportation, bringing my child to the police station. The car came in from the back entrance. The policeman who was driving whispered to me, "I was afraid to give your kid a bad experience so I didn't use the front entrance." I said to him, "I appreciate your kind consideration." After observing my family situation, one policeman said, "You have a very nice and enviable family. We don't want to wreck your family life." Another one said, "You have a smart and polite child. You're both patient and gentle. That's rare." Yet another said, "You must be outstanding at work; I would like my kids to learn from you."

Both compassionate thoughts and conduct are powerful. It can subdue evil. It can also transform people. Eradicating evil and providing salvation to people both are acts of benevolence. Although I could not see the scenes in other dimensions, I could feel the difference in the manifestation of benevolence at various levels. The compassion of Teacher and the power of Dafa are immense and magnificent.

A Chinese practitioner

May 1, 2001