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Partial Record of the Brutal Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners By Policemen In Ningjin County, Hebei Province

May 06, 2001 |  

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In October 1999, three female Falun Dafa practitioners, Peng Rongfen , Chen Yanying , and Zhang Qin were illegally detained in the Ningjin detention center by the Police Bureau of Ningjin County because they went to Beijing to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. Later, policemen arrested 18 more people in Sizhilan Town who, upon being asked, admitted to practicing Falun Gong. Fifteen days later, policemen forced the families of those arrested to pay 2500 -- 4000 Yuan (Chinese dollar, the average monthly income of a city worker is 500 Yuan) for releasing each arrested practitioner. The payment was said to be a "bail payment", but no money has been returned by the authorities and it is unknown where the money is.

Peng Rongfen, a resident of Sizhilan Town, Ningjin County, Xingtai City (home phone: 86-319-5935260), was sentenced to 3 years forced labor, only because she wrote a letter to clarify the truth of Falun Gong to Chinese Central Governmental leaders. She has been placed in the Group 1, Company 2 of Brigade 4, Shijiazhuang Labor Camp.

Zhang Qin's husband was also arrested merely for trying to reason with the Police Bureau on behalf of his wife. Although it was said he would only be detained there, it seemed he would have to stay there forever. After six months of detention, their child became like an orphan and depended on relatives for care. They had no money to pay the "bail payment" since they are poor peasants. Their relatives borrowed money from others to pay 6,000 Yuan to secure their release.

Chen Yanying had been detained for 8 months, and was released only after going through a 9-day hunger strike. On October 2, 2000, Dafa practitioners Zhang Qin, Zhang Xue, and Chen Yanying were arrested for handing out flyers that explained the truth about Falun Gong. The Ningjin Police Bureau director Guo ordered Liu Liying, Wang Gangjun, and another employee of the Political Security department, and three personnel of the Criminal Department to carry out the wicked directive to torture the practitioners. They tried to force the practitioners to reveal where the flyers were printed. Because the practitioners refused to tell the location, they handcuffed them on their backside with one hand stretching upwards, and the other hand bent over the shoulder and stretching downwards in a very painful position. Wang Gangjun forcefully slapped Chen Yanjing's face dozens of times, and held her body on the floor as he beat her hips with a wooden board until he was too tired to continue. Chen Yanying was then placed on a chair and was held there. Another policeman grasped Zhang Qin's hair with one hand, stepped on her legs, and used another hand to pull her handcuffs upward, using great force. Immediately the handcuffs cut into Zhang's skin, causing blood to drip down quickly. She eventually lost feeling in her hands. She had been tortured for four days in this manner before she was illegally sent to the Ningjin Detention Center.

Zhang Xue's family was forced to pay 3,000 Yuan, after which she was released following a 15-day detention. After being detained for 45 days, Chen Yanying and Zhang Qin were released after both endured a hunger strike for 9 days. Upon her release Chen Yanying still experienced extreme pain in her legs due to the torture.

Just after New Year's day, 2001, more than 40 Dafa practitioners from Ningjin County were arrested and placed in Ningjin Detention Center because they went to Beijing to appeal. Later, prior to the Chinese Spring Festival, policemen started to arrest Dafa practitioners again on a large scale all over the whole county, resulting in the displacement of many practitioners. According to a partial record, at least 26 Dafa practitioners had been sent to labor camps, with one of them being sentenced to heavy jail terms. The practitioners' families were charged at least 160,000 Yuan as a "penalty", in addition to being fined by rural and township administrative governments.

Today, many Dafa practitioners are still detained in Ningjin Detention Center. They have gone through hunger strikes together three times in an effort to gain their unconditional release, and to restore the reputation of Falun Dafa.

We are all good people, who don't fight back when beaten or sworn at. But we were illegally sentenced to forced labor, jail terms, unlimited detention, charged heavy fines, and have had our homes confiscated. Police have found a way to get rich quickly because of their illegal actions and wrongdoing toward us, and these events reveal the behavior of the "people's police" in Ningjin County.

Names of Employees and Related Working Units Who Carry Out Criminal Behavior and Participate In Persecuting Falun Dafa Practitioners

Zhao Wensheng, vice mayor of Ningjin County, Hebei Province, is in charge of persecuting Falun Gong. Home phone: 86-319-5809896.

Liu Liying and Wang Gangjun, Political Security Department, Ningjin Police Bureau, are in charge of persecuting Falun Gong. Office Phone: 86-319-5887906

Director Guo and Director Ding Shouxin, Ningjin Police Bureau. Office Phone: 86-319-5889990.

Zhang Huabo, mayor of Ningjin County (He is aboard now); Bi Zhenshui, vice Mayor of Ningjin County (In charge of Human Resource); Liu, officer of the Ningjin County government. Office Phone: 86-319-5884220.

March 25, 2001