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Vicious Persecution Cases at the Gaoyang "Model" Labor Camp in Hebei Province

May 04, 2001 |   A Falun Dafa practitioner in China

Case 1: Shu Ping (female, 26 years old) from Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province

Shu Ping had been pregnant for 4 months when she was sent to the Gaoyang labor camp. As she insisted on her belief in Falun Dafa and kept appealing for Falun Dafa, she suffered from brutal torture. She was shocked with an electric baton on her feet and mouth, and because she couldn't be intimidated, she was forced to hold a position called "sitting on the plane"[a torture that makes a person bend like the shape of a flying airplane] in a torture room. Though she was suffering from lumbago and felt sick and was wracked with pain from the continuous torture lasting more than 20 hours, she still kindly reasoned with the malevolent policemen, "Do you still have any human nature left? How can you treat a pregnant woman in such a way?" However, a wicked policeman answered, "Who can prove that you are pregnant? If you die, we'll just send you to the crematorium to burn and then inform your family they can pick up your ashes for a fee of 85 Yuan! [about US $10]."

Case 2: Zhang Jinying (female, 42 years old) from Baoding City, Hebei Province

Zhang Jinying was sent to the Gaoyang Labor Camp on November 30, 2000 from Baoding. At 11 AM, she was stripped to be searched. She told them, "You are violating my human rights. I will sue you!" But the officer in the camp answered, "You Falun Gong practitioners have no right to speak out. It is useless to sue. We have been instructed that no piece of paper should be allowed into the camp." She was searched for more than 20 minutes while trembling in the freezing cold. She was not allowed to put on clothes until they grabbed Teacher's articles from her hands.

At midnight on the same day, she was awakened for interrogation. The guards took her to an empty room and forced her to sit on the ground barefoot with her legs stretched out. Two big men, the team leader, Yang and the director Ji, each stepped on one of her legs. Two policewomen held her shoulders on both sides. The rest of the police brandished handcuffs and electric batons around her. She was told, "It is not allowed to practice Falun Gong exercises nor to spread Falun Gong in the camp. Can you follow the rules?" She answered, "No. I can't. Falun Dafa [another name for Falun Gong] is a righteous law and it should be known by all predestined people. It is the great gift to human beings." A male leader said, "She is the most stubborn one. We have to apply more severe torture." Two policemen started to shock the bottoms of her feet with electric batons. She was rolling on the ground in tremendous pain. The heartless policemen couldn't keep her still and called more than ten people to hold her. They handcuffed her and hung her upper body upright while keeping her two legs on the ground. They continued to shock her and she could only violently tremble and twist her body in place. The handcuffs dug deep into her wrists, cutting to the bone. The skin on the outer sides of her feet was torn off. Then they started to shock her mouth with the electric batons, which made her flesh burn and reek. After continuous torture for over an hour, the team leader said viciously, "She is too stubborn. Let her experience high voltage electricity!" An electric generator was brought in and two pieces of copper wire were tied to her thumbs. Laughing maliciously, they started cranking the generator handles. Her whole body trembled, screams burst from her throat, and her teeth chattered. They tortured her this way for more than 3 hours.

On the next day, she and another six Falun Gong practitioners were detained in a cold room with temperatures down to --20 0C [-6 0F] and winds passing through all four walls. Both their hands and feet were frozen and swollen.

The police were afraid that their evil behavior would be exposed. Before the Chinese New Year of 2001, whenever they interrogated people, they would play taped music in the big empty room and turn the volume as loud as possible to cover up the practitioners' screams. During two months' detention in a small prison room, Zhang Jinying was subjected to torture more than ten times. The practitioners kept reciting Teacher's articles in order to resist the loud noise from the cassette players. In order to stop their reciting, the team leader Zhou brutally kicked the practitioners' legs and lower bodies and kept banging one practitioner's head harshly against the wall.

At 2 AM on February 27, 2001, Zhang Jinying was interrogated again for allegedly "attempting to commit suicide." She had suffered severe tortures such as electric shocks and the so-called "sitting on the plane" for over 26 hours. It is hard to imagine how much she had suffered.

On April 27, 2001, Zhang Jinying was granted three day's leave to attend the memorial service marking the 100th day following her father's death. She finally escaped from the den of iniquity. Now she has left home and is determined to keep clarifying the truth of Falun Gong to the world, until the day the Fa rectifies the human world!

Case 3: Han Junmiao (female, 45 years old) from Xiong County of Baoding City, Hebei Province

At a midnight interrogation on November 30, 2000, she insisted that Falun Dafa is righteous; she would never give up practicing nor admit to any "crime." The police tortured her with shocks from electric batons and an electric generator on her palms, the bottoms of her feet, back, and many other sensitive places on her body. She would rather sacrifice her life than give in to such inhumane tortures. She scorned these buffoons, saying, "I'm not afraid of your electric shocks." The corrupt policemen immediately changed to using rubber clubs and leather belts with metal buttons. She was beaten so brutally that she started vomiting blood.

At midnight of December 6, she suffered inhuman tortures again and was forced to "sit on the plane." The treatment lasted three days and three nights. At last she vomited blood and fainted. She was sent to the hospital until she was eventually out of danger. She has experienced such midnight tortures six times, and each time the brutality increased, but she always firmly refused to write any statements of "giving up." To protest against the fascist methods of the labor camp, she stood with astonishing willpower for more than 80 hours without any food or sleep. At last she was forcibly injected with large amounts of drugs.

Case 4: Dang Huiying (female, 45 years old) from Baoding City, Hebei Province

On a day in early February 2001, team leader Yang accompanied some officials from the Baoding court and the judicial bureau to the labor camp. Dang Huiying exposed Yang's criminal behavior. Such an exposure made Yang fly into a rage. He burst out cursing and said that Dang Huiying brought shame to the labor camp. Immediately after the visitors left, another team leader, Wang, dragged her off the bed and slapped her in the face. When he got tired of beating her, he forced her to apologize to him!

On January 28, 2001, Dang Huiying called out in the detention yard, "Falun Dafa is good!" She immediately encountered brutal, on the spot beatings by the malevolent policemen. Then she was dragged into a room and shocked on the mouth with electric probes. The shocks made her skin bleed and her face deform. The prisoners were so scared that they hid themselves in the bathroom, crying. For over ten days, Dang couldn't eat anything except some liquid food. Later, scabs with yellow and red bleeding pus peeled off layer by layer, and even now there is a big dark scar left on her mouth.

On March 20, the Gaoyang Labor Camp started the "education class" to force the "transformation" of practitioners. Dang refused to answer the questions insulting Falun Dafa and kept saying Falun Dafa was righteous. The policemen accused her of impertinence and at midnight, started brutally torturing her. But she would rather die than surrender or write a statement breaking away from Falun Dafa. At this point she is still forbearing.

Case 5: Wu Guihua (female, 58 years old), Wu Guifeng (female, 56 years old) from Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province

The two sisters' interrogation started on the evening of the same day they were sent to the Gaoyang labor camp. The policemen tried to force them to write statements promising to give up their beliefs. Since they firmly refused this request, the sisters were punished with electric shocks. The labor camp guards forced them to watch each other be tortured. Because of the severe shocks on the bottoms of their feet, there were many bleeding sores, plus the repeated shocks caused many breaks in the skin on the backs of the elder sister's hands. Whenever she formed a fist, the cuts would start bleeding. The two sisters could not even walk without help. For more than two months, they were tortured at midnight, and were forced to "sit on the plane" countless times.

Case 6: Yu Fengyun (female, 45 years old) from Longhua County of Chengde City, Hebei Province

On December 4, 2000, due to practicing exercises in the labor camp, she was dragged out to be tortured with "sitting on the plane." At that time she had been on a hunger strike for three days. The team leader Wang viciously yelled, "Yu Fengyun, are you tired of living? The electric shocks will not make you feel good." Yu answered, "Falun Dafa is righteous. We ask for the freedom of belief! What's wrong with practicing exercises?" Wang flew into a rage, "Who are you Yu Fengyun! Drag her out to punish her severely! Let her know what it means to be in our Gaoyang Labor Camp!" Then Yu was slapped several times on her face. More than ten guards, including Yang, Ma Li, and Ye, rushed up to beat her. After they grew tired of this, they kept Yu Fengyun handcuffed in the same position for 48 hours. Then a male guard kept slapping her in the face and shocking her with the electric baton on her face, the bottoms of her feet, and the backs of her hands. Yu Fengying kept her teeth tightly closed and said to him, "I will never give up my cultivation of Falun Dafa. I will never be frightened by what you will do!" The mean-spirited policeman started beating her with a leather belt while yelling, "I will not stop until you surrender!" Yu Fengyun was so severely hurt from the torture that she could not stop trembling. She fainted and had to be sent to the hospital. On the way back from the hospital, Ma Li said to other guards, "When we make these Falun Gong practitioners obey we will go to a good restaurant to celebrate." After Yu Fengyun was sent back to the prison cell, her fellow practitioners helped check her injures. Her whole body was covered with red and black bruises and lacerations. Her legs, feet, and hands were swelling badly. Her feet were so swollen they couldn't fit into her shoes. It felt like her feet were broken as she stood on the ground.

Case 7: Guo Fuyin (female, 40 years old) from Hua County (Longhai Guan) of Chengde City, Hebei Province

She was searched upon being sent to the Gaoyang Labor Camp. When the book Zhuan Falun was found in her suitcase, she quickly took it back. She was beaten and kicked by the guards for such a long time that her face was swollen and her body was covered with bruises. At midnight the same day, she was interrogated again and was asked to write a statement promising to give up practicing. Guo said, "I was sent unfairly to the labor camp. Freedom of belief is a basic right of any citizen. It is my right to practice Falun Gong. I didn't commit any crimes. You beat people whenever you want. It is behavior worthy only of those who are powerless." The team leader Yang said, "We are the state machine. Jiang Zemin outlawed Falun Gong. You are not allowed to practice it. If you practice it, you are against the Party. If you are not convinced, we'll let you experience my power!" They started the torture by shocking her with the electric batons on the backs of her hands, the bottoms and the tops of her feet, her face and mouth. Her mouth was shocked to the point of festering. Guo would rather die than surrender under the harm they inflicted upon her. Later she was detained in a small cell.

Case 8: Jiang Caiping (female, 42 years old) and Liu Yan (female, 42 years old) both from Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

In early April 2001, four practitioners who had been detained in the Shijiazhuang Labor Camp (the names of the other two practitioners are unknown) were sent here. They were regarded as the most stubborn practitioners by the local labor camp. The Gaoyang Labor Camp started the torture on the evening of the same day they arrived. The police shocked these practitioners on their wet, bare feet. After they fainted, they were awakened with cold water, so that the torture could continue. The persecution lasted from midnight until daybreak. At last, all four practitioners fell prostrate. Then they were forced to "sit on the plane." Except for an old lady among them who was tortured for 48 hours, all the others suffered for 72 hours.

On April 6, 2001, 20 more practitioners were sent here by the Shijiazhuang Labor Camp. The evil police punished them in the same way. Among them, seven practitioners were severely injured and one was at death's door. They were all sent to the hospital.

A Falun Dafa practitioner in China

April 19, 2001