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Suffocating the Evil in the Dark Den of the Masanjia Labor Camp

May 31, 2001 |   Practitioners who were once tortured in Masanjia

The guards at the Masanjia Labor Camp, Liaoning Province, use the most cruel and inhumane tortures to persecute Dafa disciples both mentally and physically. All of their hands are stained with Dafa disciples' blood. In order to achieve their goals, they use people who intentionally accept "evil-enlightenment" and criminals from society as their accomplices to help persecute Dafa practitioners.

Yang Jianhong, a criminal from Shenyang (a city in Liaoning Province) who was sentenced to one-year labor education, was famous for her cruelty, violence and wickedness in "transforming" Dafa practitioners, and thus was appreciated by the vicious guards. She used high voltage electric stun batons, metal and wooden instruments, etc., to beat practitioners, causing injury to several hundred practitioners. Because of her so-called "achievement in persecuting Dafa practitioners," she was released before her term ended.

Wang Qinyun, a former practitioner from Jinzhou (a city in Liaoning Province), accepted evil-enlightenment intentionally after she was sent to Masanjia and became a malevolent assistant to the persecutors. She insisted on torturing Dafa disciples for days and nights without end. She was good at punishing practitioners physically and the instrument she often used to torture practitioners was an electric stun baton.

There were also Li Yong from Shenyang, Lu Wenhua from Chaoyang, Kong Yumei and Rong Min from Linghai, Lu Xiuying, Liu Wei, Zhao Xiumin and more such scum who assisted the guards in persecuting practitioners. In order to obtain the award of an earlier release, they tortured practitioners more viciously; they used more physical tortures with all kinds of tools for punishment and wouldn't let practitioners sleep. Dafa students were only allowed to go to the bathroom once per day. Some vile people even used needles to puncture practitioners who refused to be transformed. There was one practitioner who was bloody all over her body after this torture.

Last month, ten practitioners who refused to be "transformed" were secretly sent away and their whereabouts still remains unknown. We don't know if they are still alive or not. Currently, there are more than 10 determined practitioners who are still kept in Masanjia and we really worry about them!

All the kind-hearted people please speak out with your righteous voice! Please stop those vicious people!

We sternly warn those perpetrators in Masanjia Labor Camp: stop brutally torturing Dafa disciples immediately! "Doing good will be rewarded with good, evil with evil. Do not believe that you will escape your just reward; it's only that the time has not arrived yet." All the vicious things that were done by these people cannot escape the justice of history. The Falun Gong practitioners you tortured will be the witnesses of the persecution!