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Practitioner Liu Jian Has Been on A Hunger Strike for Over 70 Days and His Life Is In Danger

May 29, 2001 |   A Practitioner in China

May 18, 2001

[Minghui Net] Falun Dafa practitioner, Liu Jian, male, is 33 years old and lives in Madaokou, Street No. 17, Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province. His parents are workers in the Jinan Diesel Engine Factory. On March 6, 2001, Liu Jian was illegally kidnapped by the Tianqiao Police Station in Jinan and was taken to the Tianqiao Transformation Class inside the government hotel. When the police could not "transform" him, they sent him to the Liuchangshan Labor Camp, where he was beaten, mentally tortured, and strapped to a bed for long periods times. In this method of punishment, his hands and feet were fixed, and only a hole was left near his buttocks for urination and bowel movements.

Liu Jian has been using a hunger strike to protest this kind of illegal kidnapping, and has been brutally force-fed everyday. During this period, his body became extremely weak and he was sent to a hospital for medical examination. He has been persecuted to such a degree, that he is in danger of losing his life at any time. However, the evil police still will not release him, and did not even inform his family of his detention. His family learned through friends that he was being detained in a labor camp. This is the same kind of kidnapping done by gangsters. Even to this day, he is not allowed to meet with his family members, the excuse being that Liu Jian has not been transformed. Due to the long-term hunger strike, Liu Jian is extremely weak physically. He was again taken to the hospital of the Forced Labor Transformation Bureau in Shandong Province, where he was being treated medically at times. Even in this condition, he is still not allowed to meet with his family members.

We strongly appeal to kind-hearted people in the world to show concern for this situation, and to rescue Dafa practitioner Liu Jian, who has been on a hunger strike for over 70 days.

We also solemnly warn the evil murderers that if you do not stop your evil actions, you will be punished by the heavenly laws.

List of Evil People:

Li Changshui, Director of Jinan Police Bureau: 86-531-6915454

Hospital of Jinan Forced Labor Transformation Bureau: 86-531-2976881

Jinan Liuchangshan Forced Labor Camp: 86-531-7953784