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Dafa Practitioner Zhao Fengnian Killed by Police

May 25, 2001 |   Practitioners in China

[Minghui Net] Dafa practitioner Zhao Fengnian, male, 48, was a resident of Nancun Village, Nancun Town, Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. He was a cadre at the Ershilipu Industrial and Commercial Bureau in Zhengding County before he died.

On April 29, 2001, in order to validate Dafa and clarify the truth to people, he exercised his rights bestowed by the Constitution and went to Beijing to appeal. However, Beijing police beat him up brutally, causing him severe injury. Later, he was taken back by his work unit and subjected to subsequent torture. On the night of May 5, he was claimed to be missing by his work unit. Later his family (which does not practice Falun Gong) learned that he had already been killed and buried. Not until then did the police station officially inform his family of his death.

On the one hand, the police viciously spread a rumor that Zhao had committed suicide; on the other hand, the police did not dare let his family to take a last look at him and they buried him in a hurry. Detailed information on Zhao's death has yet to be obtained due to a block on the news by his work unit and by the police station.

Good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil. No perpetrators can escape the net of justice.

The murderers and their phone numbers

1) Ershilipu police station in Zhengding County: 86-3115319199

2) Zhengding Industrial and Commercial Bureau

Meishan Branch: 86-3118022494

Director's Office: 86-311-8022025

Secretary's Office: 86-311-8013554/8017315/8013722/8024944

Supervision Department: 86-311-8022744

Security Office: 86-311-8019224

3) Nancun Committee: 86-3118741908

4) Reporting Center of Zhengding Political and Legal Department: 86-3118022289

5) Zhengding police station (located at Hengshan Road, Zhengding County)

Switchboard: 86-311-8021717/8011859

Office: 86-311-8021286

Commissar's Office: 86-311-8021274/8017489

Director's Office: 86-311-8018864

6) Nancun government:

Head's Office: 86-311-8741924

Secretary's Office: 86-311-8741935

7) Zhengding People's Court (located at Changshan Road, Zhengding County)

Director's Office: 86-3118023793

Deputy Director's Office: 86-311-8023792/8023795/8011974/8010143/8010153

8) Zhengding Prosecutor's House (located in Zhongying Buidling)

Prosecutor's office: 86-311-8022280

Deputy prosecutor's office: 86-311-8025227

Supervisory office: 8018902/8028134

Disciplinary office: 8022089

Reporting center: 8022262/8012000