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Record of Brutal Crimes Against Dafa Practitioners by Li Xunhua and Gan Shitao of Xishui County, Hubei Province

May 23, 2001 |   Mainland practitioner

May 7, 2001

On July 10, 2000, tens of Falun Dafa practitioners in Xishui took part in a Falun Dafa group exercise at the County Square.

At 8:00am on July 14, the Public Security Bureau having found out that I took part, came to arrest me. Upon entering the door of the Bureau, Li Xunhua and Gan Shitao immediately pushed my head down and twisted my arms back and up, and shuffled me to the 3rd floor. They sat me down and then Gan started kicking me in the head. Still not satisfied, he stepped on my face and rolled my head against the wall, screaming: "You are not afraid to die practising Falun Gong, I am not afraid to die persecuting Falun Gong; I don't believe in 'the good and evil will be requited accordingly'."

After a round of beating, they wanted me to get down on my knees. I said: "No way. I have not broken any law, I conduct myself according to Zhen, Shan, Ren (Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance); I am a cultivator of Buddhahood and the Tao, there is no reason for me to kneel to you." So the two policemen came down on me hard, trying to force me onto the floor. I firmly resisted. Failing to subdue me, they turned to beating again, whipping me with leather belts. The belt buckle hit my left eye. Blood gushed onto the floor two meters away. My eye was blurred, unable to see. My mouth was also filled with blood which I was forced to swallow. Gan also forced me to take off my clothes to wipe off the blood on the floor so as not to leave any stain. When I finally struggled to my feet, the two of them started punching me on the head, using it as a punching bag as if they were engaged in boxing training. They hit me at least 80 times, resting when their arms grew tired. The torture continued until their lunchtime, then I was sent to a detention centre.

On July 16, I was taken to the Security Bureau by Li and Gan again. Seven policemen were present, one said: "We won't beat you up this time, if you give us full detail how the group exercise was organised. And you will be released immediately, we won't torture you further." I said: "I personally organised that practice, but I won't tell you the name of a single practitioner. Do whatever you want with me. My teacher taught me: 'Live with no pursuits, die with no regret; rid of impure notions, and Buddhahood is not hard to attain.' (Unofficial translation of Teacher's poem) Our purpose for coming out to practise in the Square is to tell people that Falun Dafa is righteous, and that the bad people, like Jiang Zemin, have done wrong to our teacher." All seven of them immediately growled at me at the same time: "Shut up!" Gan yelled: "Kneel down!" The other six stormed over angrily, punching and cursing. Some pulled on my hair, others twisted my arms, and showered me with punches and kicks. I was covered with wounds from head to toe. Blood gushed out of my mouth nonstop. Gan wouldn't let any blood stand on the floor. He came over with rolls of tissue, and they all became soaking red.

When they were exhausted from the beating and catching their breath, Gan said: "Your head is too hard, my fist is hurting." He went and found a leg from a broken chair, and resumed beating and cursing.

At this time, my heart had become increasingly calm, Teacher's poem "Wucun" [the poem mentioned in the previous paragraph] from Hongyin (collection of Teacher's poems) was resonating in my ears. I realised that it was time for me to let go of the concerns for my life; even if I had to die today, I would guard the Great Fa with all I had. By lunchtime, they all left grouching about their hunger, and vowing to continue the torture in the afternoon.

Afternoon came, the thugs returned with red eyes, shouting: "Have you thought about it more clearly? Tell us their names, why suffer for them? If you don't tell us, you will be sentenced to 2 years of 'labour education'." I said: "You are capable of any evil. You are treating the good as if they are bad, and the bad as if they are good, you're unable to distinguish the good from the evil. I know what I should do, even if you shoot me."

Realising how resolute I was, and that their hope of gaining the upperhand had vanished, they said: "That's all for today on the issue of organising the public practise, you only have to tell us where did the 'Ten Questions' come from." I did not respond, they shouted again: "How dare you questioning the [party name omitted] Party with your 'ten questions', what nerve you have." They again resumed the mad beatings and cursing. I said as I endured: "We cultivate to safeguard the Fa. We want Jiang Zemin to stop his slanderous attack on our Teacher and Falun Gong, release all detained Falun Dafa practitioners, and reinstate our right to practise. No matter who persecutes Dafa, they will be judged accordingly. I remonstrate your brutal acts."

They continued to torture me past 4:00pm, by then they were thoroughly exhausted. Such was a day's work for a gang of the so called "people's police." During the entire interrogation, they did not utter a single human sentence, nor did they present any hint of reasoning. If not beating and cursing, it would be threats. I heard people describing them as ruffians glorified with the national emblem, and thought that was quite an appropriate portrait. They have stooped to become a mindless, instrumentality of oppression.

That night in the prison cell, I made up my mind: tomorrow when I am interrogated, I will not say a single word; I will start a hunger strike, letting go of everything.

The next day, Gan and two others came for me, and said: "You are to tell everything today." I replied firmly: "What should be said has already been said; whatever you want to do, I am ready for you." It stunned them. They then put on a smile and said: "We won't ask you anything else today, just tell us why you are not afraid, not even of death. Why did you go to Beijing, and what's the purpose of the group public practice at the County Square?" One policeman asked me to sit down, Gan twisted his face and left. I instantly changed my mind about the decision I made last night, as this would be a very good opportunity for clarifying the truth and rectifying the Fa.

I told them: "We practise in public, and we go to Beijing to appeal, all out of the compassionate wish to tell our government and the people the true story about Falun Gong. It is for the Truth and also for clearing the malicious slander on our Teacher and Falun Dafa.

"I had a terminal illness before I obtained Dafa. When the diagnosis was made at the hospital, they estimated that I had only 5-6 months to live. I was sent home to make all the necessary arrangements for my impending demise. At the time, the depth of my abyss was not what others could possibly fathom; I had reached the end of my life's path. But at the most despondent moment, when I was enduring the most anguish, I came across Dafa. The Teacher purified my body repeatedly, that's how I am still alive today. After I seriously applied myself to study Dafa, I began to understand what it would take to become a person of high morals. I have been forever relieved from the torment of illnesses, my mind has also become righteous, but most importantly, I have discovered the real purpose of life -- to return to one's true origin.

"However, such a great benevolent Buddha Law is being senselessly lambasted by Jiang Zemin and his underlings. How many kind people have been detained, tortured, expelled from jobs, sentenced to prison, incarcerated in labour camps, and ruthlessly plundered? How many innocent citizens are being deceived by the negative propaganda, and rendered incognizant by the government's obscurantism, this causes people to lose their precious opportunity with Dafa. My heart is aching. My heart is bleeding.

"Yesterday when you were torturing me, I heard you interrogating my two daughters in the next room. My older one is 13, the younger one is only 11, and yet you threatened and ruthlessly tormented those two little girls. You had them listen to how I was being tortured -- all the beating and kicking, shouting and harassing. Is there any humanity left in you? Are you doing what 'people's police' should be doing?"

While I spoke, they listened attentively. I continued: "No matter how you beat me and scold me, I will still tell you the truth about Dafa." They were speechless.

On the way back to my cell, they said to me: "This place is not for you, get ready to go home." I was locked up for 20 days altogether and fined 2,000 Yuan RMB.

Today I am recounting the brutal torture in order to expose the evil, and to clear the misconception in people's mind caused by the venomous propaganda and fabrication. It is also to save people. At the same time, it is to sound a warning to those heartless maniacal henchmen of Jiang's ilk. The day when the sword of righteousness is raised, they will be judged according to the law. Throughout history all those who persecuted the good would eventually be obliterated in disgrace.

Please sober up everybody, the evils are in the mist of being eliminated. Their persecution against Falun Gong practitioners has violated the law - the numerous clauses in the "Constitution," the "Civil Rights" law, and the "Criminal Law."

When the Fa descends upon the human world, the criminals will be held accountable for what they have done, they will not be able to escape retribution, it is only natural.



The Ten Questions

  1. Do we behave like a [slanderous term omitted], or is "Zhen-Shan-Ren" like a mirror reflecting Jiang Zemin's true nature - "Jia-E-Bao" (Deceitful, Evil, Vicious)- with such unflattering clarity, prompting the desperate vindictive hysteria to squelch Dafa?
  2. Are we political, or is it Jiang Zemin who tries to put a political label on Falun Gong for his own bloody ends; forcing people to give up their faith, and reworking the Constitution into a meaningless piece of paper?
  3. Are we against humanity or those evil-minded officials in Masanjia Labour Camp (Liaoning Province), who stripped 18 female Dafa practitioners naked and threw them into the male prison cells; and been given awards and commendation from Jiang's government for their bestial act?
  4. Are we anti-science, or is it Jiang Zemin who intentionally turns a blind eye to the fact that millions of people have improved their health and upgraded their morality from learning Dafa; who deliberately vilifies Dafa with fabricated stories on the state media?
  5. Are we anti-people, or is it Jiang Zemin who used the media to create stories, and staged the "self-immolation" drama to deceive people?
  6. Is it our Teacher who's trying to amass a fortune, or is it Jiang Zemin who fostered the illegal pillage of Dafa Practitioners' money and property?
  7. Are we anti-government, or is it Jiang Zemin who openly breaches the laws, recklessly persecutes innocent citizens, uses them as pawns in a desperate political struggle, and in a tragically misguided attempt to advance his own interests brings disgrace and scorn to the image of the government?
  8. Do we disturb public order, or is it Jiang Zemin who abuses his power, plunging the country back to the dark era of the "Culture Revolution," instigating the hatred of deluded people, usurping the name of the people for his own bloody ends, inciting the masses to fight against each other, persecuting the conscientious to distract and divert attention from any concern with his exploitation, extortion and plunder; causing confusion and chaos in society?
  9. Do we want to part with our family, or is it because of Jiang Zemin, whose arbitrary arrest, lengthy incommunicado detention and denial of due process that force people from their homes, and break up families?
  10. Do we not care about our families, or is it because of Jiang Zemin's underhanded tactic, using families as hostage to blackmail and force Dafa practitioners to give up their cultivation practice?