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Crimes Committed by Zhang Qi, Wang Jin, and Wang Jingfu in Qinglong County, Hebei Province

May 22, 2001 |   Dafa Practitioners in China

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The Public Security Bureau of Qinglong County, Hebei Province, has been using a great deal of police force to illegally monitor and persecute Falun Gong practitioners. They hunt down, intercept, arrest, and detain the practitioners, in addition to ransacking their homes and sending them to labor camps and prisons. By now, our county has illegally detained or arrested thousands of Falun Dafa practitioners.

Zhang Xi, the deputy chief of the Public Security Bureau, has declared many times publicly, There is no rule of law in dealing with Falun Gong practitioners. Those beaten to death are of no account. Their bodies will be buried, and that is it. He also said, If they are beaten to death, we will declare that they have killed themselves. Testimony by Falun Gong practitioners doesn't count. Whatever is done to Falun Gong practitioners doesn't matter. Falun Gong practitioners are an exception to the laws. This is the belief of our superiors. No one will listen to the appeals on Falun Gong. If you have the capability, you can go to appeal. I will give you time. Zhang Xi instructed guards in the prisons, Let them practice the exercises of the jail (referring to various punishments). In addition to instructing military police and convicted criminals to beat Falun Gong practitioners, Zhang himself often beats up practitioners personally.

Wang Jin, the chief of the detention center, physically abuses, beats up, curses and tortures Dafa practitioners. For punishments, he applies implements of torture in an illegal manner. According to incomplete statistics, he has beaten Dafa practitioners more than 1,000 times. He is vicious and cruel when conducting the beatings, and even the guards don't have the heart to witness his abuses. Wang keeps cursing at the practitioners and repeating the verbal instructions of Zhang Xi while conducting the beatings.

Wang Jingfu, a doctor at the Qinglong County Hospital, has ignored his moral obligations and duty as a doctor. While force-feeding one practitioner, he knocked out two of her teeth, and left her throat injured and bleeding. He even invented anal force-feeding, which is humiliating and torturous for the Dafa practitioners. When he was unable to force food through the nose or mouth of one female practitioner, Wang Jingfu had five convicted male inmates hold her down, and inserted the tube anally. His viciousness will forever leave a disgraceful mark on the name of the Qinglong County Hospital.

Every Falun Gong practitioner detained or arrested in our county has been subjected to varying degrees of torture and abuse. Listed below are some real life examples:

Wang Sufen, female: Military police stripped off her pants and beat her with leather belts, four-angled plastic rods, and police rods for more than half an hour until Wang passed out.

Du Yinqin, female, age 50: She was beaten by six military police officers so severely that she had to keep rolling over on the ground. Zhang Xi, standing close by, asked, Are you still saying Falun Dafa is good? If so, keep beating her. They didn't stop until she passed out. When she regained consciousness, she was handcuffed and shackled. She couldn't take care of herself. Whether she was awake or sleeping, she had to remain squatting, as her hands were chained to her feet.

Li Guishu, female: She was forced to stay outside in the rain. She sat in a pounding rain in the yard, drenched, for one day and one night. All of her clothes were soaking wet, but she wasn't allowed to change. Hu, male: The head of the detention center, Wang Jin, stripped his pants off in front of the window of the female cells. Wang also whipped Hu's buttocks with leather belts. Hu's buttocks swelled and turned dark purple.

Zhang, female, age 40: Wang Jin had people strip off Zhang's pants and hold her down on a chair. They beat her until her skin was torn and the flesh gaped open. After she put her pants on, they became blood-soaked and stuck to her flesh. She also had a bump on the back of her head the size of an egg.

Liu Yuxia, and 16 other practitioners: After they were viciously beaten by Wang Jin with leather belts, they were forced to crawl on ice. Then, they were locked up in a cold room for three days without water or food. Feng Guirong and Feng Guiling (both female): They two are sisters. On the morning of the coldest day in the winter, they were handcuffed and strung up on an iron bar for 45 minutes. It was so cold that even the guards wearing heavy coats couldn't stay out for long. The two sisters wore very little. (No sweaters were allowed in the prison.) Their hands swelled from the cold, became stiff and lost sensation. After they were released, they remained handcuffed. Later, Feng Guling had blisters as big as eggs all over her hands.

Criminals like Zhang Xi, Wang Jin, and Wang Jingfu will be punished by law and receive their retribution under the heavenly principles.

May 13, 2001