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Actively Suffocate Evil With Righteous Thoughts

May 20, 2001 |   A practitioner from China: Xin Ming

May 12, 2001

[Minghui Net] As early as July 1999 [when the Chinese government started to ban Falun Gong], many cases of immediate retribution had occurred to the vile people that persecuted Falun Gong practitioners. For instance, a policeman got a terrible disease one week after he slapped the face of a practitioner; a judicial officer who took care of the case of some illegally arrested practitioners, later became hemiplegic; a prisoner who attempted to stop practitioners from practicing Falun Gong exercises found his arm was in pain the moment he dragged practitioners away, and some wardens became very sick each time they punished practitioners...Such examples clearly revealed to people the heavenly principle "Good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil."

However, there are still many Falun Dafa practitioners under brutal persecution today. How come these evil forces are still running rampant? I wonder, where is their judgment? Then I realized that under the current grim situation, any passive, pessimistic and/or fearful attitude of ours can easily leave a loophole for evil to attack us. What we should do is to actively suffocate evil.

It's true that we have lost a lot of the experienced or veteran practitioners, but we still have far more practitioners who have not been arrested, and we also have many overseas practitioners. If every one of us sternly warns the perpetrators around us that they will receive their retribution if they keep torturing practitioners, and if every one of us actively calls those vicious people who tortured Falun Gong practitioners and points out that they will pay for their bad deeds, evil forces will be suppressed effectively.

When everyday people see more and more cases of immediate retribution showing up, they will come to realize that whoever dares to persecute Falun Dafa and Dafa practitioners commits an unforgivable sin and will be punished! By then, it should be clear that Dafa practitioners will not be enduring passively, and that the evil beings will fear Dafa practitioners.

When we see everyday people who are unaware of the truth and who badmouth our teacher or Dafa, we should immediately point out to them the bad consequences of their deeds. This will benefit them and all sentient beings.

Our Teacher said, "Why was the moral standard of ancient people higher? In fact, human beings are very incompetent, it's not that they were morally superior, it's because they believed and knew that doing bad things would receive retribution, doing good deeds would be rewarded, and that human beings should live benevolently." [Note: Unofficial translation of Teacher's Lecture at Canada Fa Conference]

If we tell more stories about immediate retribution in our leaflets that clarify the truth about Falun Dafa, we may help everyday people to keep a high level of respect for Falun Dafa. Teacher said, "Eliminating evil is thus doing Fa-rectification, and is also saving the world's people and sentient beings." [Unofficial translation]

Then, how should we break through our human mentality and eliminate evil? First, we should be well aware of the importance of suffocating evil and we should make up our minds that we will never stop fighting until the evil has been eradicated. We must study the Fa constantly, and keep a rational and vigilant mind. In this way, I think, the evil in the other dimensions will be afraid of us. It will not dare to harm us any more and may even try to keep a distance from us; otherwise, it might be accidentally eliminated by our righteous thoughts.

Second, we should actively resist and suppress malicious deeds by vile people who are controlled by the evil forces. No matter who he/she is-- a leader, a policeman, a hired thug or an old lady from the residential committee--they all carry the evil factors trying to persecute our Dafa and Dafa practitioners; therefore, we shouldn't treat them simply as our personal tribulations. We should face the evil and tell those people about the retribution of good and evil, helping them to get rid of evil's control, so as not to fall into total destruction.

As to the evil factors and those who insist on committing bad deeds, we should use our righteous thoughts to set a certain time when they will receive retribution. As a human being, no matter how strong the resentment you have towards me, I am acting as a Dafa practitioner. I will take it without hatred and will not complain at all. If you are willing to be controlled by the evil forces that act against Dafa, as a master of the new world and a guardian for all the righteous factors, I must stop you. It's not that I have no compassion for you, but that I must let you know the retribution of good and evil so that you will do fewer bad things. This will truly save you.

I suggest that all Dafa practitioners rectify the Fa with their divine side that has already assimilated to the Fa, firmly suffocating all the evil that dares to use our personal karma to create disturbances and tribulations to Dafa.