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The Tragic Experiences of Chengdu Dafa Practitioner Zhu Xia and Her Family

May 16, 2001 |  

Because my baby was less than one year old, I was allowed bail and awaited trial on the fabricated charge of "violating execution of the law." Facing unfair and illegal acts by lawless people on my family members and me in the last two years, I appealed again.

I am Zhu Xia and live in Apt. 1, Entrance 3, Building 4, 5 Jinrongxiang, Guangrongxiaoqu, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. Because I practiced Falun Dafa, I was illegally detained multiple times. In October and December 1999 when I was still pregnant, the police put me under detention in Xindu Detention Center and Taiyangdao Detention Center, respectively. In 2001, between January and March, I was illegally detained in Guangrongxiaoqu Police Station.

At the end of February 2001, in my administrative area, a person who had been sentenced to labor reeducation and was "reformed" came back. People in the police station and street affairs section forced me to attend her so-called "reformed report." After I refused, they asked me to attend a so-called "reform" class. At that time, many people, including my neighbors, knew that the police threatened to send me to labor camp as soon as my child turned one year old. As a result, I had to leave home. In the meantime, the police searched my home, looked for all of my relatives and friends, and even went to the Xinhua detention center where my husband was being detained (he firmly cultivated Dafa [great law and universal principle], and that was the second time he was in detention). They also went to the female labor camp to look for practitioners I knew before.

They threatened and harassed my family members, which caused my father to require blood transfusions twice and his mental illness to recur. They made "reformed" people come to my home to forcibly transform my mother. When I was sent back this time, I learned that my case was even known to some provincial officials because I was claimed to be a "backbone," and have influential overseas contacts. (The fact is that some kindhearted people just wanted to send us some clothes after they learned about my experiences from the internet). Right now, my mother and I are the only ones who have not written repentance letters in this police station, so they want to give me a heavy sentence.

As I gaze at my sleeping child's small face and see my father's frail and bony figure, my surging thoughts rise up as I watch my family again suffering from a tragic fate much like in the Cultural Revolution. The grief in my heart is so deep. The pen in my hand grows heavy; there is so much to say. I can't help but cry out: "Human beings! Let us learn to respect each other! Respecting others is also respecting yourself and benefits yourself!"

How can the evil forces break up our families at will just because we firmly cultivate Falun Dafa and believe in the universal principles of Zhen-Shan-Ren [Truthfulness-benevolence-forbearance]?! Open your eyes to the children separated from their mothers, those old and infirm people, those great compassionate and tolerant Falun Dafa practitioners who have homes but can't come back, those who are detained without reason and are forced to give up everything they know - family, home, job -- being falsely accused of violating an unjust law! They use great forbearance in their lives to appeal to people's consciences and awaken them to the truth!

Dafa is blameless! We are innocent! My family is full of tribulations. I will demand justice for my young child, elderly parents, and illegally detained husband. I hereby appeal on their behalf.

My little son Wang Xiao: male, was born on April 24, 2000. During the period of pregnancy, I was imprisoned twice in October and December 1999. I was put under house arrest for three months from January to March 2000. In May 2000, the police attempted to send me to a welfare house (at that time, my child was less one month old). Because I argued with the police and wanted to sue them, they did not succeed in arresting me. In December 1999, my husband was illegally sentenced to labor reeducation. In December 2000, this happened again.

In January 2001, my son got hit in Tiananmen Square when some policemen were beating me with a police club because I appealed there. On January 2, he was whipped once with a leather belt by a member of the staff of the Beijing office of the Chengdu local government. At that time, he was a baby of only eight months!

My father Zhu Wenlin: 71 years old. He was the vice president of Rangtang County, Aba District. During the Cultural Revolution, he was strung up and beaten until four ribs were broken. He was forced to parade through the streets, crawling on his knees down the street. He was persecuted to insanity, and was mentally ill for ten years. Later, at last through my mother's efforts, he was sent to the No. 4 People's Hospital in Chengdu. However, they withheld his salary for many years. Until the end of 1996 (before my mother obtained Falun Dafa.), my father was almost an invalid - eating, drinking, urinating, and bowel movements were all done in bed. There are certificates showing that he was in the Sichuan Hospital and the Chinese Medicine Hospital saying he was terminally ill, etc. In addition, he often acted insane.

He often remembered being persecuted during the Cultural Revolution and always said someone was going to kill him. Every day he used all kinds of medicines to restrain his mind. He was incontinent and was unable to take care of himself (including eating and dressing). However, from 1997 to 2001, he could get down off the bed and go about and could even hold his grandson. The annual medical expenses dropped dramatically from about ten thousand Yuan RMB to only several hundred Yuan. Just as Teacher Li Hongzhi said: "One practices, and the whole family will benefit." We practiced, so my father saved a lot of medical expenses for our country. The doctors simply couldn't believe this miracle.

However, right now, police are sending people to observe my home 24 hours a day. They often arrest my mother and me and my father's old troubles often break out again. Each one of his diseases (including lung and heart diseases and emphysema) would be enough to take his life. Also, my mother has not had a salary for nine months. If they arrest me and condemn me again, I really do not know what will happen [to them].

My mother Ni Qinghui: 66 years old. Because she practiced Falun Gong and refused to write the guarantee letter, she has been illegally detained four times and they have stopped her salary for nine months. The tribulations during the Cultural Revolution made her want to commit suicide several times. During the Cultural Revolution, she had to support the entire family on her own with great hardship. Before 1996, she also had many diseases. She was in hospital and took care of my father in hospital at the same time (at the time, Rangtang County government was supposed to send someone to take care of him, but no one showed up). After my mother's first operation failed, doctors said that she could only remain alive for several days. During the second operation, her chances of surviving were 50/50.

When I saw my father who couldn't take care of himself and my mother with her gray hair and likely to lose her life at any moment, tears would stream down my face and I didn't know what to do. In those days when I was the only one around to take care of my parents, the only feeling I had was panic. Keeping in mind "making every possible effort," my mother started learning Dafa with a passive attitude.

The year of 1996 was my family's rebirth. After my mother obtained the Fa, so many miracles (in terms of illnesses and spiritually and mentally) appeared for her. In addition, my father also began to become clear-headed. He could sit, lie down, and even get off the bed. When I saw these changes, my appreciation couldn't be expressed in language. Dafa and Master saved my family! Thus, I began to practice at the end of 1996. My family eventually became harmonious and peaceful. Rangtang County and the Culture and Education Bureau were fully aware of the changes in my family. However, they still withheld the salary from my mother just because she did not write the "transformation" letter. My mother wrote letters to clarify the facts and truth many times. However, they said, "we won't discuss [Falun Gong] until the central government redresses it." The fate of Cultural Revolution visits my family again. Five people in my family rely solely on my father's pension.

My husband, Wang Shilin: 31 years old, is an excellent XX Party member, a university graduate and an assistant engineer. Because he practices Falun Dafa, he has been expelled from party membership and from his job. He was illegally detained in Ziyang Labor Camp in Sichuan between 1999 and September 2000. Later, in December 2000, he was transferred to Xinhua Labor Camp through a fabricated accusation: "violating execution of the law." At that time, the police used him as bait and extorted 1,000 Yuan from me. On that day, I was tricked into the police station and was illegally detained for one day. When I clarified the truth to the masses and hoped they would release me, they said that I was stubborn and they closed the windows. Four policemen turned my hands over and knocked me against the desk. They sealed my mouth and handcuffed me. They also threatened to hang me and beat me. I refused to answer any questions. At last, because my child was less than one year old, they were compelled to release me.

Right now, they want to arrest me. I hearby declare that I am innocent, and all Dafa practitioners are innocent. If I were to have any mishap or lose my life, please know that it must be due to the persecution, as Dafa practitioners will not commit suicide.

At the same time, I also call on international human rights organizations to save my child, my parents, and thousands upon thousands of practitioners and their families!

[Editor's notice: We just received word that Zhu Xia was arrested several days prior to our receiving this article.]

April 23, 2001