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I Have Come to Fulfill My Vow by Following the Path of Truth (Part II)

May 11, 2001 |   A Dafa Practitioner in China

3. Doing Dafa Work

Teacher has said, "If you are doing well in your cultivation, you will do well in spreading the Fa in your local area and practitioners will do better in their cultivation." ["A person in Charge Is Also a Cultivator" in Essentials for Further Advancement] For almost one year, at the beginning of my cultivation practice, I cultivated alone at home. After I understood what I should do, I stepped forward. I met many veteran practitioners who were undoubtedly steadfast in the Fa and had studied Zhuan Falun close to a hundred times. However, I found that some of them were obstructed by many human notions and they unknowingly limited the Fa with their human understanding. The Fa in turn restrained them. I had expected to learn from the veteran practitioners when I first met them, but didn't expect that some of them would be in such a state. I decided to gently confront them by sharing with them my understanding from within the Fa. The veteran director of the assistance center was shocked. She pondered deeply what I said and declared that she would regard me as a mirror, and encouraged me to openly and freely exchange my experiences with other practitioners.

Once, I was invited to host an experience-sharing meeting of assistants and veteran practitioners. The director called many veteran practitioners to take part in this meeting. It had just started when an assistant handed me a note, which read, "The understanding of the Fa at higher levels can only be attained through predestined relationships; it should not be casually explained." (Falun Dafa Explication) After I had read the note, I earnestly spoke to everyone present about the topic. "I am not sharing my thoughts with a show-off mentality. I just want to discuss with all of you my personal understanding of the Fa. I just started with a few words, but you already feel that I speak from a high level. Actually, I haven't even talked about my understanding of Fa at my own realm. The purpose of Fa study is to break through the human mindset and to genuinely understand the Fa with rationality." After two days' Fa study, many practitioners presented their speeches. There were numerous comments, especially from the veteran director who said, "I'm a veteran practitioner and have practiced cultivation for four and a half years. I've read Zhuan Falun over one hundred times. I've been telling myself that I want to cultivate beyond the Three Realms as soon as possible, and I've thought of this as a big vow. Now I realize that I had no idea what "The cultivation of the Great Fa" is really all about, and my way of thinking had become a great obstacle for me to make breakthroughs within the Fa." Since then we have held many group studies and tried to break through human notions in our study of the Fa. As a consequence of these studies, practitioners in the whole area gradually improved their understanding of the Fa from within the Fa.

I had several opportunities to attend Master's overseas lectures, but I felt the Dafa cultivation environment needed me to study the Fa with even more local practitioners. I have always been in good spirits and have never been tired. Wherever I go, I follow a natural course, never act forcefully and remain rational. Looking within to examine myself is very natural and instinctive for me. I don't consider myself to be at a higher level than others and never set out to just willfully "do something." Therefore, my personal cultivation and the work I do for Dafa naturally fuse together. Every time, before I start to do something for Dafa, I always try my best to adjust my mind to the most righteous position and actively clear away any elements that don't conform to Dafa cultivation. By doing so, there will not be much resistance or many tests for me. By correcting the unrighteous components, I achieved good results. Through studying the Fa, all practitioners have realized: the more righteous our thoughts, the less resistance we will encounter. Otherwise, not only can the work not be done well, but also, Teacher will set up tests for us. I had received many compliments, and this compelled me to watch over my heart more strictly. I knew the compliments I got from practitioners were actually given to the Fa, because they had seen the mighty power of Dafa and the importance of Fa study. I also clearly realized that it was Dafa that created everything in the cosmos, including me. If a life truly dissolves into the Fa, there will be no "demonic interference from one's own mind," and one should not restrained by the Fa at this level from doing what needs to be done. Those who have demonic interference from their own minds do not really know the meaning of Dafa. Their interference is something of a joke to genuine practitioners.

When incidents of interfering with or undermining Dafa arose, I usually didn't try to deal with it deliberately. Instead, I exchanged opinions with other practitioners about how to understand and how to study Dafa. When practitioners put their minds to the Fa without others' advice, they naturally discovered their own attachments and problems from within the Fa. Also, this helped them truly realize how important it was to study the Fa. The energy field was not only righteous but also powerful. It was not just a matter of humans working to "solve problems." I realized that it is not enough to merely exchange experiences about how to search our inner selves. Searching within should be part of the natural and inevitable character of a mature practitioner. But if a practitioner cannot understand the Fa of higher levels and of different realms, searching within becomes futile: it seems that you know, but you actually don't know. You try to search within but you can't find anything. Only by studying the Fa and sharing experiences according to Master's teachings, and truly understanding what the cultivation of Dafa means, can improvements take place and changes advance by leaps and bounds. This brings true regeneration to a practitioner. So far, during my course of cultivation, whenever I have shared with other practitioners my understanding of what Dafa cultivation means, they have always been shaken. It seemed to many practitioners as if they had just begun to understand the Fa and had just realized how important it was to study the Fa. Sharing my understanding with them enabled them to study the Fa more earnestly, rather than giving credence to the words of those who thought they had already reached consummation and no longer needed to study the Fa.

Recently I have been to some places and met some of the people who claim to have reached consummation. Their bodies are not locked up and they do not need to study the Fa. They told us that Zhuan Falun was the elementary school-level textbook, so let us not be attached to it. We should put down Zhuan Falun and enlighten to the Fa at higher levels. These were complete lies. I shared my cultivation experiences: the fact that my mind had broken through to the sixth layer of the universe after I cultivated Dafa for about four months; how I read through Dafa; how I was enlightened to the Fa at different layers and realms; how I had cultivated righteously since July 22, 1999; how my gong had been rising up like a rocket; how, when I read Master's teachings, countless principles continued to manifest themselves to me without end. I truly wanted to show them by my example and let them see the mighty power of Dafa through me. They thought they had cultivated so high that others couldn't understand them. As a true particle of Dafa, I am able to share my experiences with everyone, and do so without any trace of interfering with their minds. Sharing my experiences would further encourage people to firmly study and cultivate Dafa. Through Fa study and experience sharing, practitioners in my area could truly work for the Fa and study the Fa according to Master's teachings, valorously make further advances through the Fa, and, by studying the Fa, become enlightened to numerous Fa principles. From July 22 up to now, none of the practitioners who have been studying the Fa together have fallen behind. All are outstanding and above-board practitioners who could take the lead in any area. Many of them have cultivated better than me.

We have seen several cases where corrupt beings from higher dimensions possessed individuals who didn't have righteous minds. Their purpose was to destroy practitioners' righteous belief in Dafa. Those phenomena appeared mainly in the period before the publication of Master's article "Determination and Solidity." It would normally happen this way: Practitioners who were usually not diligent in studying the Fa would suddenly experience a dramatic change in their xinxing [mind nature]. They would seem to have a high understanding of the Fa and their state of mind was very peaceful. Their words could easily move veteran practitioners to tears. Usually acting in the name of Teacher, they said things others could not grasp or comprehend. They would know what you did today and would point out your attachments. Many practitioners were fooled and thought this came from the benevolence of Teacher. They appeared to be very compassionate, while indicating that other practitioners were not very compassionate. They acted like those people who think they have already achieved consummation recently. In the face of this situation, we, first of all, clearly pointed out that such a state did not come from their own genuine cultivation; second, we told them that such a state of "compassion," does not exist in our cultivation way, since we cultivate from the inside to the outside. At the same time, we tried hard to help them back on the way to Fa cultivation so that they could see what the problems were from within the Fa. Since we had righteous minds, and it was impossible for them to have a high understanding of the Fa, these evil lives quickly gave themselves away. At that time, the people who had been interfered with were those who usually were not diligent in studying the Fa. It was hard for them to give up this attachment and so they eventually drifted from the Fa. Now, however, the people who are being interfered with are those who have cultivated well in the past and they are deceived to a greater extent. Many practitioners can only perceive from their instincts that what these people are thinking and doing is wrong, but they cannot convince them. I think it all relates to practitioners' xinxing and Fa study. These evil lives are very vicious. We must look right through their fa ade of false compassion and see their truly vicious nature.

I have the following understanding through Fa study: The stars inside the solar system rotate just like the motion of the solar system; the rotation of the solar system is just like that of the galaxy; the galaxy rotates just like the rotation of the universe. If you assimilate into a layer of the Fa, you will have the power of the Fa at that layer. It is the manifestation of the Fa to those lives who have cultivated to that realm and it is a natural result. Consequently, if you cultivate well you can spread the Fa well, and the other practitioners around you can cultivate well along with you. If you are attached to your personal consummation and cannot cultivate according to a broader perspective, it will be difficult for the beauty and magnificence of the Fa in a higher realm to manifest itself to you. Teacher has said, "The Buddha Fa is boundless. The Fa is as vast as the universe." This is a whole new theory of the universe. Master has been using human concepts of the universe to bring us up to higher levels, where we can measure everything from the macroscopic to the microcosmic in terms of the Fa. He enriches our intelligence with the Fa, which enable us to have insights into the immeasurable and boundless world, the mysteries of everything, from particles and molecules to the universe, from the even smaller to the even greater.

4. Powerful Main Consciousness

When I read Master's article "Further Comments on Superstition,"[published on July 13, 1999] I realized more tribulations would come and we should prepare for them, although other practitioners thought it was just another opportunity given to human beings. I didn't expect that a tribulation could come so quickly. When I saw veteran practitioners and veteran assistants one after another showing up on TV [to denounce their cultivation in Falun Dafa], I felt it was inevitable. I was calm and not moved at all when I faced criticism, because I knew we should endure everything. At work, my serene and peaceful mind and my good spirits left a deep impression on my managers and colleagues and privately they gave me a "thumbs up," saying, "You practitioners are amazing!" When the police interrogated me, I rejected all advances and only had one thought in my mind: stifle any human notions, and do not give them an opening. I answered their interrogations based on my cultivation of the Fa and didn't try to avoid anything. After the interrogation, they even thought from their hearts that Dafa was very righteous, that we cultivated very well, and that we were remarkable. During the subsequent house arrest, my calm and positive attitude even made the people watching over me lose their composure. "We are actually scared. How can you smile and take things so lightly in such a harsh environment? What else can be done to make you give in?" When they intentionally studied the articles in front of me that insulted Teacher, the holy roar from the bottom of my heart made them tremble. I told my cultivated side, "If this flesh body of the surface level is used by the evils to damage Dafa due to my unclear main consciousness, please immediately destroy it." After I was released, I decided that I would help any practitioner who could meet me or hear me to cultivate steadily and firmly. My even-tempered, joyful state of mind and calmness did inspire many practitioners.

Before going to Beijing, many practitioners repeatedly shared thoughts on why we should not have any human attachments when going there. When I returned to my hometown I made a wish to Master: "Master, I'm determined to follow the most righteous way. Please help me!" I saw that many practitioners in my hometown were at a loss. With my instinctive understanding of Dafa, I knew what I should do. I immediately shared my experiences with other practitioners on how the practitioners around me, and myself, cultivated in an open and dignified manner. It built up their righteous faith and made them realize that many practitioners still steadfastly cultivated Dafa with their mind unmoved. They started going to other places to share their experiences, and thus even more practitioners cultivated Dafa in a dignified manner. I went back home and shared experiences with many veteran practitioners regarding my understanding of the relationship between one's personal consummation and practitioners' collective improvement. For a period of time I felt very anxious as I saw many veteran practitioners being arrested and fewer and fewer practitioners remaining; at the same time, there were still many practitioners who had not truly followed the Fa. But I was not discouraged and continued to do what I should do with wisdom. Many veteran practitioners around me still cultivate very well. They have been helping to maintain an environment for group studies for over a year.

I have met several practitioners overseas. Their pure hearts towards Dafa moved me. But I was also anxious and I said, "There are veteran practitioners here [you can depend on the veteran practitioners in China]. After you come to Beijing, go back home [overseas] early to study and spread the Fa together. It is such a good opportunity to widely spread the Fa to more people."

While I was doing things for Dafa, I knew I would eventually take the stepgoing to Beijing. (By the way, I don't depend on hints to cultivate; rather, I understand everything clearly through Dafa, for I realize that one is already having tribulations if one is attached to such hints. Only righteous enlightenment that comes from clear and conscious cultivation of Dafa can allow one to reach the state of "no confusion and no puzzlement"). When everything had become suitable, I went to Beijing with a pure and clean heart. After I came back, I realized there was a big difference between personal cultivation and cultivation during Fa-rectification. My main consciousness became indestructibly strong. My righteous belief in Dafa was so powerful that it would have been able to split mountains. More and more I began to realize how fast the course of Fa-rectification was advancing. We would be able to do Dafa work with greater wisdom. After getting rid of human notions, we can easily make use of the human notions to clarify the truth and eliminate the evil factors. In my dreams, I am always moving about freely and quickly to save people caught in a hail of bullets.

After repeatedly studying Master's article "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance," I gradually realized how to adjust one's state of mind to become a God. My main consciousness becomes daily ever more powerful. I will not allow any corrupt matters to exist and any old cosmic forces to test Dafa by taking advantage of any factors of my personal improvement. I no longer look at problems based on my personal improvement and personal consummation. I know my cultivated side is omnipotent and has insights into everything. When I take the initiative to clear away the obstacles in my mind, my true nature can participate well in the Fa-rectification. I feel my well-cultivated side comes out like a mighty river of molten steel from a blast furnace, topping the mountains and overturning the seas. I feel I can restrain evil human thoughts; I am able to put the human thoughts in the palm of my hand, effectively explain to people the truth of Dafa; my mighty righteous thoughts can change components of matter in the fields of time-space. All of this makes me feel the magnificence of the Buddha Fa. When I read Master's article "Rectifying the Colossal Firmament," no words can express the happiness in my heart.

We also are aware that our cultivation experiences are once more "the manifestations of the mighty Buddha Fa in the human world." So far, no matter how many twists and turns we have encountered on the paths to the Fa, many other practitioners and I have traveled the road without any regrets or need for repentance. We accomplished this because we have been striving forward together and understanding the "Fa within the Fa." We have fulfilled the great oath of "assisting Master in his mission in the human world."

A Dafa Practitioner in China