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Eradicating Attachments During Fa-Rectification Is the Prerequisite for Breaking Through the Arrangement of the Old Evil Forces

May 10, 2001 |   A practitioner from Toronto Canada

Reading Master's new article "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful," my heart was shocked.

In retrospect, I realized whether or not one can eliminate one's own attachments are crucial to keep up with the Fa-rectification process. The attachment manifests differently for everybody and to different degrees, but its effects are the same. It blocks the progress of cultivation, therefore eradicating the attachment is inevitable in order to enlighten to higher Fa and principles. The reason for not eliminating attachments are the same: that is, we can't let go of human concepts, lay too much importance on oneself and are unable to identify the fundamental attachments we have. To put it plainly, one doesn't have a steadfast faith in Dafa and Master.

Using supernormal capabilities should take our righteous enlightenment of Fa to the realm of completion as a prerequisite. And this should be the level of a Dafa practitioner who is worthy of being called "a particle" or "enlightened being" by Master. If one can reach such a state, one will no longer be attached to supernormal capabilities, naturally. Supernormal capabilities, are just like an innate part of the practitioner and applying these capabilities, to assist Teacher to eliminate the evil, is completely out of his being responsible for positive factors of the universe. This practitioner plays the role of a defender of the universe, not with human intentions or with the human attachment of zealotry but regarding the opportunity to use the capabilities Master bestows to his disciples to manifest boundless Buddha Fa.

I have this feeling because when I exchanged thoughts with a few practitioners, the first thing they talked about was how we could use supernormal capabilities now. There was a hidden joy that is hard to describe. I was surprised. I think, being a Dafa practitioner, one has to be both a participant in Fa-rectification and a genuine cultivator in Fa-rectification.

Our main consciousness, and our principal self (benti) must realize clearly we must take part in the Fa-rectification without any excuse, no matter if it's the fully cultivated part ("let the part of you that has been fully cultivated glow with an even purer brilliance." - "Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)") or the part that is still in cultivation ("Validate the Fa with reason, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and offer people salvation with benevolence-this is establishing the mighty virtue of an enlightened being." - "Rationality") This is the fundamental difference between Fa-rectification cultivation and traditional cultivation. Meanwhile, we are truly people in cultivation, and in taking part in Fa-rectification activities, we should require ourselves in all circumstances according to a practitioners standard. Through genuine cultivation, our whole body, including the outer most shell, completely dissolves into the Fa. ("Practitioners can't let go of cultivation even at the last instant toward completion." - "Suggestion") [Unofficial translation by translator.]

Committing any unscrupulous deeds, or taking Dafa or Master's words with human emotions or human understanding is disrespect to Master and Dafa, and could be very dangerous.

What Master tells us is Fa. Through genuine cultivation, our understanding and righteous enlightenment of Fa can be transformed to conscientious deeds. Such deeds are also a part of genuine cultivation; is the process of assisting Teacher in rectifying the Fa; is the process of individual cultivation; is the process of elevating xinxing (mind nature/heart nature by trans.); is the process of enlightening to higher Fa and principles, until Fa rectifying the heaven and earth and (practitioners) reach the consummation and achieve the Buddha status.

At the same time, I also realized that Master has painstakingly made a great effort for us practitioners to advance in the Fa-rectification and possess the mighty virtue an enlightened being should have. Master spares no effort to awaken us at this last moment of Fa rectifying Heaven and Earth to break the arrangement of the evil force and take initiative with an even more sober mind to eliminate all the old forces, and do our best to reduce the persecution on Dafa and Dafa practitioners. And to awaken the people with predestined relationship and people who still have benevolence in their hearts to make it possible for their everlasting life to establish the mighty virtue of an enlightened being.

My fellow practitioners, how should we treat Master's good intention? All the arrangements of the old forces are based upon practitioners' attachments ("Over the past year, practitioners' own karma, inadequate understanding of the Fa, inability to discard attachments amidst tribulations, inability to deal with things using righteous thoughts amidst painful trials, and so on, are the main reasons behind evil's escalation of the persecution, and are the true fundamental excuses that the evil has used to attack the Fa." - "Eliminate your last attachments") So eradicating our fundamental attachments is the prerequisite for breaking the arrangement of the evil forces and the guarantee of our keeping up with the Fa-rectification process. In order to achieve this, but not be attached to such a purpose, we have to take part in the Fa-rectification process willingly and conscientiously. No matter what you can do, how big or small the thing is, and no matter how splendid or unnoticeable the effect on the human side is, they are not to be used to evaluate the cultivation. For the genuine cultivation in Fa-rectification, the essence for improving oneself is to identify one's attachment and get rid of it.

In such a process, we should do our best to study Fa more in order to maintain one's righteous belief and righteous thoughts. ("Fa can eradicate all the misunderstandings")

Studying the Fa is essential for our cultivation in Fa-rectification. In the Fa-rectifying process, all kinds of tests and tribulations will arise targeting all kinds of human attachments. No matter what we hear or who the speaker is, we need to evaluate the words with Dafa. Also, no matter who he is and what he has said it cannot be evidence to doubt Dafa. All practitioners are cultivating in Dafa and all are enlightening to the realm we could reach, and are not Dafa itself.

We are only a particle in this boundless universal Dafa. Discarding the selfishness and self-ness and dissolving into the torrent of Fa-rectification is where the significance of lives of Dafa practitioners lay.

A practitioner from Toronto, Canada

May 1, 2001