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Latest News from China - 05/03/2001

May 10, 2001 |  

[Minghui Net]

[China] Jiang Protects Himself by Harassing Others

Jiang Zemin will attend the Fortune Global Forum in Hong Kong from May 7 to 9, 2001. As a result, the issuing of passes to Hong Kong and Macao has been discontinued since the beginning of April. This will affect Chinese citizens who have immigration interviews on May 8 with the Canadian Government. Jiang's government ordered that without a special excuse, all citizens from Mainland China are not allowed to enter Hong Kong for any personal or business reasons. Complaints have been heard everywhere all over the country. Such words appeared on most major BBS forums, "Under such critical circumstances, how can I attend my exam? I am suffering so much." Some people entered Hong Kong by way of other countries or arrived in Hong Kong a week in advance, causing them to incur extra expenses. However, faced with such a small-minded man holding power who has been scared out of his wits by Falun Gong, people can only choke with silent fury.

[Beijing] Attention: Police Attempts to Murder Cao Kai, a PhD Student

On February 27, 2001, Falun Gong practitioner Cao Kai, a PhD student of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was detained in Qinghe Detention Center, Haidian District, Beijing. Two tubes were inserted in his nostrils and the other end of the tubes was seen to lie on the back of his neck. Around April 11, some practitioners heard that police were distributing a bulletin that the arrest of Cao, who was considered to be a criminal at large, had been ordered nationwide. We hope all kind-hearted people around the world will pay attention to the case of Cao Kai in case police murder him.

[Shenyang, Liaoning Province] Masanjia Labor Camp Sends Practitioners to Prisons in Northwest China

Masanjia Labor Camp in Liaoning Province has been severely punishing Falun Gong practitioners who refused to renounce their belief. Simply for informing others of the truth, those practitioners were threatened that they would be sentenced and thrown into prisons in northwest China. Practitioner Zhen from Fushun City and Zhao from Shenyang City have been transferred and their whereabouts are still unknown. The other practitioners who have refused to be "transformed" will soon be sent out.

The family members of those untransformed practitioners were not allowed to visit them, and the practitioners had not seen their family members for a long time. In the labor camp, Zhang, the director of the fourth group of the first team of the second division, treats untransformed practitioners with "wheel tactics" (a Chinese slang meaning to act in rotation) in an attempt to reform them. Those practitioners haven't been allowed a good rest for a long period of time; meanwhile, they have been forced to do labor. The guards threatened that they would be sentenced and sent out if they still remained untransformed.

The phone number of Masanjia Labor Camp: 1-86-24-89210074

[China] Righteous Thought Flashes, Police Terror-Stricken

On the eve of April 25th, a group of police rushed into the home of the parents of a female practitioner when the practitioner happened to be there. The police were prepared to arrest her; however, she was very calm and unflustered. With a righteous thought in her heart, she shouted at the police, "Get out of here." Those police were shocked dumb with fear by her awe-inspiring righteousness, and didn't know what to do. This practitioner imperturbably tidied up her belongings and left; police did not hinder or harm her.

[China] "Hi, Are You Pasting Falun Gong Materials? Give Us One."

When two Falun Gong practitioners were pasting-up truth-clarifying literature near a weaving factory at night, suddenly two elderly workers who were on the night shift shouted at them, "Hi, are you posting Falun Gong materials? Give us one." The two practitioners walked into the duty room with pleasant surprise. The two kind-hearted workers told them in very low voice, "You should be very careful when you do this. The situation is now turning tense. Pay attention to your safety..." The practitioners were very appreciative and told them some truth about Falun Gong. When they were leaving, the two kind-hearted workers escorted them to the entrance of the factory.

[Wuhan City, Hubei Province] PhD Student Is Sent To Labor Camp

Simply because he went to Beijing to appeal and clarify the truth of Falun Dafa to people, Zhang Yi, a PhD Student from the Higher Education Institute of University of Science and Technology of Central China in Wuhan, was sentenced to 2 years of forced labor after being illegally detained 4 months. Afterwards he was sent to Hewan Labor Camp. Other students from this university, including Qiu Tian, Xiong Ming, Chen Weipeng, Shang Fuping, Chen Si, and others, have been illegally detained for nearly 5 months, and, at present, they are still kept in the "reformation class" of Hanyang Detention House. In addition, Yang Zhen, another practitioner arrested at the same time, has been sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor.

Fearing that Falun Dafa practitioners Niu Lina, Wang Changhui, and Zhang Jiehong, who were released from Hewan Labor Camp not long ago, and Du Jinghua, who had just come back from the "reformation class," would once again participate in the process of Fa-rectification, the police called on them at their homes one by one in an attempt to get a record of their guarantees. The practitioners didn't give in at all. The police then illegally detained them for 15 days fearing that they would go to Beijing to appeal during the Labor Day holidays. We don't know what persecutions lie ahead for them after the 15-day detention. Therefore, we would like to remind our fellow practitioners, please use your intellect and wisdom, avoid being arrested, and actively eliminate evil.

[Qingdao City, Shandong Province] Police Illegally Watch Over And Arrest Falun Dafa Practitioners

Recently, the National Public Security Bureau in Qingdao City carried out a series of measures to closely watch over Falun Dafa practitioners. They monitored the practitioners' telephone calls, beepers; watched over the practitioners in their homes and work units; tracked after and arrested practitioners by employing spies (possibly these include those who have been "reformed") and plainclothes policemen. As a result, some practitioners were arrested, a batch of Falun Dafa materials, books, as well as some computers and printers for printing out Falun Dafa materials were hunted down and taken away, leading to a great loss for the Fa-rectification process in Qingdao City. In addition, address books and other contact records were taken away by the police. It is in part due to some practitioners' negligence, which provided a chance to damage Falun Dafa. Fellow practitioners, please pay attention to the means you used to record contact information. Don't mark it too clearly in case those wishing to harm Falun Dafa get their hands on it. Practitioners get rid of your attachment of fear which vicious people take advantage of to coerce practitioners.

Those wishing to harm Dafa have been monitoring the practitioners' telephones and beepers to such an extent that as soon as the practitioners' phones and beepers receive any information, they already know their locations, and then they can quickly track down the practitioners. Please be alert!

Some of the arrested practitioners had been forcibly "reformed" while the situation of those who still firmly cultivate Dafa remains unknown. At present, most of the Falun Dafa practitioners in Qingdao City are being monitored. Please be careful! What's more important is Falun Dafa practitioners should face their own attachments directly, the attachments of fear, and get rid of them. Face the evil directly, and never give the vicious forces a chance.

[Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Falun Dafa Practitioners Are Illegally Arrested By Police Who Break-In

On the evening of April 18, several practitioners in Harbin were arrested in a practitioner's home by police who broke in. (The door might have been pried open or opened with an all-purpose key.) There's no further information about their situation. Please be careful while distributing Dafa materials during this period of "severe punishment." It was also heard that, when one Falun Dafa practitioner was distributing CDs about the truth of Falun Dafa (including "Real Story 2," "The Truth of Self-Immolation" and "Falun Dafa is Righteous" CDs), he was taped by a monitor in the building, and was arrested later. Please take care!

[Zhejiang Province] Falun Dafa Practitioners Suffer Cruel Torture

I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner in Zhejiang Province. At the end of 1999, I wrote an appeal letter clarifying that Falun Dafa has only benefits and does no harm to society, to people or to families. As a result, I was sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor where I suffered a lot from cruel tortures. There're several hundred practitioners in Zhejiang Province sentenced to forced labor. It is prohibited to say that Falun Dafa is good at the labor camps! If one does so, longer terms of imprisonment and severe tortures would be implemented. For example, in July 2000, a forcible measure was carried out in the labor camp. We were hung up for several days and nights. Some of us were punished to sit on the "Tiger Bench" [a kind of brutal torture instrument]. We were offered one Liang [equal to about 0.1 lb] of rice and a little bit of water every day. They also forced us to write statements of regret; otherwise, our terms would be extended and we would be burned with fire. Some practitioners are still being detained several months after completing their terms.

Beginning this February, many Falun Dafa practitioners have been detained again. There're over 100 counties in Zhejiang Province, and more than 40 practitioners are detained from each county. At present, some practitioners' whereabouts are unknown. Some were immediately arrested and sent to labor camps or sentenced to jail.

All these measures are against human nature. Please make public our situation via the Internet and let people know the truth.

[Wei County, Handan City, Hebei Province] Expose Evil Police

In the beginning of December 2000, a 15-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner, Guo Yunfei from Wei County, Handan City, Hebei Province was illegally fined a large amount and his family's property confiscated because he had gone to Beijing to appeal. Practitioners Wang Jinzhong and Wang Haiqin were also illegally arrested and their family's properties confiscated because of their appeals. Sheng Wencheng suffered the same fate for having distributed Falun Dafa materials. Another 29 practitioners were arrested and tortured owing to their appealing. The police also forced the practitioners to abuse verbally the teacher and Falun Dafa, detained them indefinitely, and imposed fines.

On November 27, 2000, practitioner Geng Shemei was arrested when appealing in Beijing. The police at Miyun County Public Security Bureau interrogated and tortured her, but she refused to tell her name and address. She was released after a five-days-long hunger strike. Upon returning home, she was taken away by the township government and tortured by them. The officials took off her shoes and beat the bottoms of her feet dozens of times with wooden clubs. After one wooden club broke, they took another one and continued the beating. They also slapped her face dozens of times until her mouth was bleeding. However, she remained firm in Falun Dafa.

She was later sent again to the county public security bureau and suffered all sorts of tortures. She went on a hunger strike for 15 days beginning the second day in the first lunar month (January 25, 2001). She was force-fed many times during this period and suffered all kinds of inhuman tortures. Her torturers pressed her to write a letter guaranteeing she would no longer practice and a letter repenting her having practiced in the past, but she refused. After fining her family members a large amount of money, police released her.

Upon returning home, the thugs in the township government went to her home to arrest her again. She did not give in. Police forced her husband into the police vehicle and then carried her as well as her four-year-old daughter into the police vehicle. After going on a hunger strike for three days, she was released. Afterwards, she was arrested again, and sent to Shijiazhuang Labor Camp together with Wang Shefang, and since then no one knows what has become of them. We hope all kind-hearted people can give them support.

[Shenyang, Liaoning Province] Falun Dafa Practitioners Illegally Sentenced

Falun Dafa practitioner Chen Li from Shenyang City was arrested by police under the charge of "illegal assembly," and recently was illegally sentenced to imprisonment for 2 years. Her husband Yan Hongwei was arrested last April and illegally sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment.

Practitioner Zu Liming from Shenyang City was arrested. Zu's spouse, Miao Qisheng was arrested in October 1999 and sentenced to imprisonment for 2 years. Zu's present situation is unclear.

[Hebei Province] Falun Dafa Practitioners Illegally Sent to Labor Camps

Falun Dafa practitioners, Liu Rande, Yang Xuemin were sent to a labor camp for two years of forced labor. Liu Yuemin, Shi Suxia, Shi Yitang, and Liu Airong were detained. All of them were illegally fined.

[Daqing, Heilongjiang Province] A Further Account of the Lawless Acts of Ma Yunfeng of Longfeng Public Security Bureau

The several examples revealed in the News from China on April 25, 2001, on Minghui Net were only a very small portion of Ma Yunfeng's criminal acts. Almost every Falun Dafa practitioner knows of Ma Yunfeng. No matter whether the practitioner had gone to Beijing to appeal or had promoted Falun Dafa in public, as long as he practiced Falun Gong, Ma Yunfeng would extort money from him. In every case handled by Ma Yunfeng, he demanded money from practitioners' family members, relatives and friends by the means of threatening; he made quite a fortune. Many practitioners upon being put back into jail would be extorted once again. The number of these cases is temporarily unavailable. Many practitioners are still in jail, and their number is also unavailable.

In the beginning, Ma Yunfeng was very timid, asking for only several thousands Yuan RMB. Later on, because of the policy put forth by Jiang Zemin that "there is no law in dealing with Falun Dafa practitioners; you can do whatever you want with them, just as before in treating the 'four categories of people' [In the Great Cultural Revolution, there were four categories of people who were persecuted without restraint]," he gradually became more reckless, asking for fifty or sixty thousand Yuan. If he did not get the money he asked for, he would extend practitioners' sentences or send them to labor camps. The family members of practitioners thus were forced to submit to Ma Yunfeng's threats. Some practitioners' families were not wealthy and were unable to hand over as much money as he demanded, and had to bargain back and forth with Ma in order to reduce the amount of money. Even after some practitioners had been released from jail for quite a few days, Ma Yunfeng unexpectedly would call again to extort money, demanding that their family members provide money and deliver it to a certain place. The family members of practitioners did not dare to resist Ma and had to submit the money. Even if practitioners had been bailed out because their family members had been extorted by other members of the security bureau, the insatiable Ma Yunfeng would still unexpectedly demand money from the practitioners.

Falun Dafa practitioners' family members, relatives and friends had spent a lot of money but did not dare to tell the truth to anybody, and could not appeal anywhere. As a result, Ma Yunfeng became even more reckless in his greed. In order to extort practitioners' wealth, he would summon a practitioner for interrogation with a casual excuse. If he was unable to find any evidence against the practitioner, he would then take away 'suspicious' property from the practitioner's home. Ma Yunfeng would utter some flimsy pretext, and the practitioner would never see that property again. Ma Yunfeng bought a house for one of his mistresses with the extorted money. (Ma Yunfeng is not just greedy. He is also unrestrained in his sexual desires, and completely unprincipled in finding ways to satisfy them. He has forcibly wrested away other men's wives and provoked the husbands and wives to divorce. He has many mistresses.) It is as if Ma Yunfeng has become the law in the Longfeng Public Security Bureau.

Recently another group of Falun Dafa practitioners have not been released at the end of their terms. It seems that those evil people headed by Ma Yunfeng are once more going to collect a fortune illegally.

In the near future we will file a criminal lawsuit against Ma Yunfeng. We also ask the family members of Falun Dafa practitioners not to submit to Ma Yunfeng's illegal extortion.

Ma Yunfeng's telephone numbers: 86-459-6243295 (home); 86-459-6762164 (work); 86-126-1597515 (BP).

May 3, 2001