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Crimes Committed by the Shijiazhuang City Labor Camp

April 07, 2001 |   practitioners in Mainland China


Currently, more than 20 practitioners have been illegally detained in Group 2 of the Shijiazhuang City Labor Camp. This is a male group with 5 teams in it. As a result of the brutal persecution in this camp, Song Yong was forcibly "reformed" and practitioner Tao Hongsheng, a staff member in the Security Division of Hebei Province, died after just 6 months of detention. Huang Wei was transferred from Team 3 to Team 4. Wang Hongbin is in Team 4, while Zhang Haibin, a high school student, is in Team 2. Liu Ruiheng, the former assistant at the Zanhuang County practicing site, is detained in Team 1. Forced to work continuously for over 10 hours every day, they can only stop to eat and sleep. No family members may visit, and they are not allowed to practice Falun Gong exercises.

Criminals monitor the Falun Gong practitioners closely, because if any practitioner does the exercises, goods belonging to the criminals will be confiscated. The practitioners started a hunger strike to protest the inhuman treatment and illegal detention. The extremely vicious police in the labor camp said, "Whoever practices Falun Gong is a counter-revolutionary [considered an enemy of the country in communist China /translator] and must be detained in the camp." They told the practitioners, "Don't ever plan to leave here, even when you are done with your detention term, unless you are 'reformed'. This is the command from higher authorities!" A few cops with good hearts advised the practitioners, "We know you are all good people and you are innocent. But it is no use to talk to lawyers or appeal to higher courts. The "boss" [Jiang Zemin and his associates/ translator] will not let you out if you are not 'reformed'. Give us your written promise [promise not to practice Falun Gong/ translator]. Then you will be able to get out of here and continue to practice Falun Gong elsewhere."

The Legal System Department of Pubic Security Bureau in Hebei Province and the Committee of Provincial Shijiazhuang City Labor Camp Management

Tel: 86-0311-3033941-2142

Zhao Feng and Officer Wei in the Judgment Reconsidering Department (The original judgments on all Falun Gong cases are always affirmed.)

Tel: 86-0311-3033941 ext. Judgment Reconsidering Department

Shijiazhuang City Labor Camp Management Department (They respond to calls with rudeness and without reason. No visits from practitioners' families are allowed.)

Tel: 86-0311-7754007-207

Zhao Zhiqian, the head of Group 2 of Shijiazhuang City Labor Camp

Tel: 86-0311-7777689-628

Management Department (There is a female police officer in the department who lies and is very rude.) Tel: 86-0311-777689-619

Chief Zhao of the Admonishing and Security Department

Tel: 86-0311-7777689 ext. Admonishing and Security Department

Provided by practitioners in Mainland China