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Latest News from China - 03/29/2001

April 06, 2001 |  

[Minghui Net] [Beijing] Hong Kong Practitioner is Secretly Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison Hong Kong Practitioner Chu O-Ming (Note: Chu O-Ming is his name on the Hong Kong Passport, another translation of his name is Zhu Keming) who went to Beijing to sue Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan was secretly tried and sentenced to five years in prison. On the Chinese New Year's Day of 2001, some practitioners and I went to Beijing to validate Falun Dafa. We were arrested and detained in Beijing Haidian District Detention Center. There, I met practitioner Chu O-ming from Hong Kong. He asked me about the recent situation. I spoke to him briefly about Teacher's lectures and other matters. He was very excited after hearing the news. He also told me what he had experienced after being arrested for trying to sue Jiang Zemin, Luo Gan and other criminals. He also told me that he was tried secretly and illegally charged. He showed me the Judgment Notification Letter. It included these words: "sentenced to 5 years in prison, on the charge of obstructing justice, and confiscating a computer, a scanner and other equipment." I stayed with him in the same cell for only two days. Later I was transferred to another cell. [Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province] Mayor Says Arresting Falun Gong Practitioners Needs No Legal Procedure According to a person who works at Jiamushi city government, vice-mayor Zhao Qingyou ordered that all Falun Gong Core Practitioners be arrested. The arresting officer would be exempt from all legal procedures. His order means that the vicious, so called, "guardians of the law" can completely ignore the law and do whatever they want. Falun Gong practitioners are already being arrested at will. If following legal procedures is abandoned, what is the difference between the Chinese government and the Mafia? [Wujing, Jiangsu Province] True Story about "Million Signature Drive" in Wujin Detention Center Who signed the banners that were sent to the United Nations? A few practitioners who were released recently exposed the secret. In the detention center, the guards brought a banner to them and told them that after they signed their names on the banner they could be released. The practitioners didn't think further and signed their names. Later, the banner became one of the pieces that was sent to the United Nations. [Harerbin, Heilongjiang Province] Harerbin Local Authorities Fabricate Signatures to Fool their Superiors The "Million Signature Drive" being used by Jiang Zemin and his accomplices to persecute Falun Gong was spread to every place where there a were people. Since local authorities found this "campaign" very boring, they created many methods to get it over with. In Harerbin Administration Department of Heilongjiang Agricultural Reclamation Bureau, the party and administrative units passed down the following order: Everyone must sign his name. Anyone who doesn't sign will be sent to the police station. So people felt forced to sign their names against their will. Some people signed fake names. Some people, who had learned the truth about Falun Gong, found excuses, such as needing to go out on business or needing to use the restroom. Thus they avoided signing their names. So the officers from the workers' union had to bring the forms to the families of their employees to force every employee to sign. Other work units could not motivate their employees at all, so the leaders just signed every employees name on the list. For example, in Harerbin Automobile Horn Factory, since people wouldn't sign their names, the organizers had to copy all names from the employee name list including those who were on business trips, sick days, or family leave. They even signed the names of those who had been laid off! That way the factory got a 100% signing rate. [China] Practitioner Zhu Chunrong Speaks out for Falun Gong During the National People's Congress and the National People's Consultative Conference According to a reliable source, practitioner Zhu Chunrong broke through many barriers and faced heavy pressure in order to speak up for Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa practitioners during the National People's Congress and the National People's Consultative Conference. He had a pure loyal heart to the Teacher and a firm belief in Falun Dafa. He used his own experiences to validate Falun Dafa and clarify the truth to the representatives. This is another splendid poem of safeguarding Falun Dafa. Now Zhu Chunrong is secretly detained. Kindhearted people please extend your support and attention to him. [China] The Price of Suppressing "Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance" Recently, during the employees' meeting of a work unit, the leader said, "According to the documents from city and provincial authorities, public security is deteriorating badly. Luo X [first name is not known] stated in a meeting that public safety in China gets worse every day. All around the country, very serious crimes are committed. Since the founding of the country there has never been more illegal activity. Everyone please tell your family members to be cautious. Don't let your relatives become crime victims as it will affect their work." Why is public safety deteriorating? A few days ago my sister called me. Her call can help to explain this. On the phone she told me that she was robbed in broad daylight only a few steps outside of the bank. This was shocking, as it had never happened before. When she reported the robbery to the police station, the policeman told her that they had many similar cases but they had no manpower to investigate any of them. Almost the entire police force was mobilized to monitor Falun Gong activities. So there was no point in even reporting the case. My sister was very sad that public safety had gotten so terrible after Jiang Zemin began to suppress Falun Gong. When Jiang Zemin suppressed the people who believe in "Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance", he was actually encouraging falsity, cruelty, and violence. So we can imagine how evil Jiang Zemin is. [China] The Truth about the CCTV News Tonight, CCTV (Chinese Central Television) station broadcasted a piece of news that claimed: " The team that has had outstanding achievement in fighting against XX [slanderous words omitted] gave touring lectures in Changsha, Hunan Province and Changchun, Jilin Province, and 3,000 people in Changchun city attended the conference." How did they come up with Ɖ,000 people'? According to the people who attended the conference, they were assigned to attend by their work units. The provincial government forcibly apportioned a quota [for attendees] to some work units and sent them the admission tickets. People who were assigned to attend included Falun Gong practitioners from each work unit and also some people who were asked to attend simply to "make up the number". It was given a fine-sounding name of "receiving education", and each person who was unfortunate to be assigned to attend was told that "you must go", otherwise he/she would be treated this way or that [meaning that they would receive some kind of punishment no matter if he/she is Falun Gong practitioner or not - translator]. In addition, every admission ticket issued HAD to be returned at the conference site [in order to make sure that people really attended the conference - translator]. There was so much pressure that "all seats were occupied at the conference". How about the situation during the conference? It was just like what Teacher said, "Coercion Cannot Change People's Hearts" (from New Articles of Master Li), there were people reading newspapers and foreign language books, chatting, and even those who seemed to be paying attention to the lecture were actually thinking about other things. [Fuyang, Anhui Province] Police Force Passengers to Curse There are policeman at the entrance of the Fuyang Railroad Station who hold a page of insults toward Teacher and Falun Dafa. They force the people entering the station to read it, and those who refuse are arrested. Before the train leaves, the police will ask the passengers to once again read it; when they arrive in Beijing, the passengers must again read it before they can leave the station. During the period when the National People's Congress and the National People's Consultative Conference were convening, in order to prevent Falun Dafa practitioners from going to Beijing, all the work units in Fuyang specially assigned people to report on the situation of Falun Gong practitioners at 10:00AM and before 5:00PM every day. Also, the people in charge of the work units went to talk with the practitioners and told them that they were not allowed to leave Fuyang city. [Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province] Professor Wang Yong is Sentenced to 3 Years of Forced Labor Because he practices Falun Gong, Professor Wang Yong from the University of Science and Engineering of Jiangsu Province was sentenced to 3 years of forced labor by the Public Security Bureau of Zhenjiang City. Wang Yong is a young professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department and the former director of the Teaching and Research Section. He's also the chief professor at the University of Science and Engineering of Jiangsu Province. In his earlier years, he studied in the United Kingdom. Because he went to Beijing to appeal many times, he was sentenced to forced labor in January 2001. [Weifang, Shandong Province] More Practitioners from Weifang, Shandong Province are Sentenced to Forced Labor The Beigong Street Office, Beigong Police Station in Weicheng District, Weifang City, Shandong Province will illegally arrest many Falun Dafa practitioners and send them to labor camps. Those practitioners they will arrest are Li Guozhen (over 50 years old), Li Youyan, Zheng Donglian, Guo Caixia (female), and Yue Xia (female). Beigong Street Office and Beigong Police Station in Weicheng District have already sent Li Peihong and his wife Wang Qicai to labor camp at the end of 1999. Their 11-year-old child had to stay with their relatives. After the National Day Holiday of 2000, Ding Aili (female), Ren Sujun (female, oldest daughter of Ding Aili), Xin Jinyan (female), Liu Yueying (female), Liu Jieyue, and others, were sentenced to forced labor. The Beigong Street Office and Beigong Police Station in Weicheng District are the two departments that sent the largest number of Falun Dafa practitioners to labor camp. People who commit crimes to Falun Dafa practitioners and their relatives will eventually be punished. There are currently over 10 Falun Dafa practitioners still detained in Cheliu Town, Fangzi District, Weifang City. These Falun Dafa practitioners have already been tortured for several months. They suffered both mental and physical tortures while detained in dark rooms. We hope the kind-hearted people will pay attention to their situation and we also hope that the international human rights organizations will help free them from the persecution. [China] Jiang Zemin and His Accomplices Cause Enormous Suffering for Falun Dafa Practitioners and Their Relatives A Falun Dafa practitioner got rid of her bad temper after learning Falun Dafa and her whole family was very happy about the change in her. After July 20, 1999, she told her husband that she would go to appeal. Before she could finish her words, her husband slapped her face and scolded her. She still maintained a good temper and did not get angry. Her husband was deeply touched and said in sincere words, " I know it is Falun Dafa that made you a better person, but what can I do? My words don't count." Her elder brother is a policeman who is in charge of the Falun Gong issue. The director of the Public Security Bureau ordered him, "If your sister goes to appeal and you cannot bring her back, you will be fired!" Under a lot of pressure from Jiang Zemin's accomplices, her brother pressured her four times, got very angry, slapped in her face twice and yelled at her, "Why don't you commit suicide by taking rat poison? You can go ahead and die today: if you are dead, you will not get others in trouble. If you are not dead, I will break your legs so that you cannot leave the building. Even if I have to feed you for your whole life, I will not allow you to go to appeal." Her old father who is plagued by many illnesses also ripped her mouth and said, "The day you go out to practice and appeal and be arrested again will be the day I die in your home." This is a unique method employed by Jiang Zemin that involves threatening and pressuring others in order to instigate them to fight against Falun Gong practitioners. [Wuyi, Zhejiang Province] Practitioners Zheng Xuhong and Zheng Weihong are Sentenced to 2 Years of Imprisonment Recently, the county court secretly sentenced Falun Dafa practitioners and sisters Zheng Xuhong (female) and Zheng Weihong (female) to 2 years in prison for distributing Falun Gong truth clarifying materials. The police department refused to let their relatives and friends visit them. It is said that their younger brother, a Ph.D. student, is also a Falun Dafa practitioner and has already been expelled from school; his whereabouts are unknown. Because their relatives are not Falun Dafa practitioners, further details are not known at the moment. Many practitioners nationwide were secretly sentenced recently. The police department also forced the practitioners who stayed at home to write the "promise" [things such as to not practice Falun Dafa or go to appeal - translator]. Practitioners who insisted on practicing Falun Dafa were sent to labor camps. Freedom of belief is the basic right of each citizen bestowed by the constitution, and it is also a fundamental human right. We once again appeal to the international community and to human rights organizations to help us and prevent further violations of human rights and persecution in China. [Sanhe, Hebei Province] Falun Dafa Practitioner, Li Fengxia, Is Illegally Detained Li Fengxia, female, is a Falun Dafa practitioner from Sanhe City, Hebei Province. Her son, Yang Jin, was illegally dismissed from No.1 high School of Sanhe City because he believes in Falun Gong steadfastly. After this fact was exposed over the Internet, on March 20th, Langfang city police department and policeman Yan XX from Beicheng local police sub-station, Sanhe City forcibly seized Li Fengxia and Yang Jin, illegally searched their home twice, and confiscated Dafa books and materials. After five hours' illegal interrogation of Yang Jin without any result, the police released him. Li Fengxia was illegally sentenced to 2-years of forced labor education because she went to appeal many times, but she was sent back home because she had an "illness." When she was arrested again, the police threatened her by saying that she had not yet fulfilled the term of her forced labor education, and questioned her about accessing the Internet. Li Fengxia at present is on a hunger strike to protest. We appeal to all kind and just people, domestic or foreign, as well as to related organizations to pay attention to this matter and help stop the illegal persecution. [Yanjiao Economic Development Zone, Beijing] Yanjiao Economic Development Zone Government Traps Dafa Practitioners into a "Transformation Class " During the "two conferences" [the Conference of People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference held during early March], Yanjiao Economic Development Zone authority deceived Falun Dafa practitioners into a "transformation class" to forcibly transform them in the name of setting up a "study class." There were 15 practitioners deceived into the "transformation class" from March 1st to 3rd. In the "transformation class," the practitioners were forced to get up at 6 AM to jog (physical punishment), then attend a so-called natural science class (brainwashing and mental torture), and put on uniforms (like criminal prisoners). Dates for their family members to visit them are arranged. Dafa practitioners' family members are extremely indignant about these actions of the Yanjiao Economic Development Zone authorities because they violate the national constitution and trample on human rights. They all say that they will sue for justice for their family members when the day comes that Falun Gong issue is redressed and the reputation of Falun Gong is restored. At present practitioners Zhang Deli, Hao Yafen, Su Xiuqin, Jing Lirong, Guo X Lin, Zhang Lixin and so on are illegally detained in the "transformation class." [Hefei, Anhui Province] Falun Dafa Practitioners, Liu Li and Hu Yanming, Are Illegally Arrested On March 25, 2001, Hefei Dafa practitioner Liu Li, female, was arrested on her way home and is illegally detained at Hefei No. 1 detention center. Her husband Wang Jian was illegally sentenced to forced labor education in 2000 because of his appealing for Dafa. Their child, a junior high school student, is left at home unattended. Hefei Dafa practitioner Hu Yanming, female, was arrested at the same time as Liu Li and her present situation is unclear. Her husband ,Zhu Ming, was illegally sentenced to forced labor education in March 2000 because of he distributed materials which clarify the truth of Dafa. Their daughter is left at home unattended. [Shenyang, Liaoning Province] Local Joint Defense Team Members Are Hired to Illegally Arrest Falun Dafa Practitioners Clarifying the Truth of Dafa Each local police sub-station in Shenyang area has hired two joint defense team members (militia, high-school students, and thugs) to patrol the subordinate communities round-the-clock to seize the Falun Gong practitioners distributing the materials clarifying the truth of Dafa. Dafa practitioners, please take note. [Wuchang, Heilongjiang Province] Accounts of the Illegal and Criminal Actions of Police and Personnel Since July 20, 1999, the police and personnel from Wuchang City have been persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners continuously. On October 1999, Dafa practitioners Xu Changqing from Anjia Town, Sun Xiqin from Lalin Town, Zhou Hezhen, Xu Shukun, and so on were illegally detained in No. 2 detention center because they went to Beijing to appeal. The former director, Sun Xueben, frequently beat and yelled at the Dafa practitioners and forced them to stand beside a toilet to smell the offensive odor. In order to prevent the practitioners from practicing Falun Gong exercises, the police guards tied them to beds with ropes, and put shackles (some of them as heavy as 25 kilograms [about 55 pounds]) on them. Practitioner Zhou Hezhen was tortured by being made to to sit "the tiger stool" [an extreme exhaustive and painful torture to punish prisoners physically] because of her persisting in practicing the exercises. In February 2000, 19 Dafa practitioners from Wuchang City went to Beijing to appeal, they were unreasonably intercepted on their way and escorted to an administrative detention center. During the custody, several policemen broke practitioner Zhang's frostbitten finger and sprained his shoulder while trying to snatch Dafa books from him. Afterwards, the police sent some of the male practitioners into jail, illegally imprisoned them for over one month, and forcibly extorted a so-called "deposit" ranging from 500 to 2000 Yuan RMB from the practitioners. In July 2000, Zhang Yali (female), Cai Xin (male) and so on were illegally detained for clarifying the truth to their work units and other departments. Criminal policemen put Zhang Yali's head into two plastic bags to suffocate her. After Zhang resisted their action, the police fiercely struck her head and viciously abused her. Dafa practitioner Cai Xin is 63 years old. The police poured cold water on him, slapped his face, and threatened to staple his body with staplers. Yang Songpeng, former deputy director of the political security section knocked out one front tooth of Dafa practitioner Shen Hongtao. Practitioner Shen was beaten to unconsciousness and lost control of her excretions. From October to December 2000, nearly one hundred Dafa practitioners were illegally detained in detention centers and temporary custody centers, and imprisoned in jails. They were compelled to go on a hunger strike to request their release with a verdict of not guilty. The "6.15" Office [An office created by the local government to deal specifically with issues related to Falun Gong] issued an order to forcibly feed and infuse them. One practitioner twitched for 3 hours while on a hunger strike. The warden paid no attention after merely asking about it. One policewoman at the No.1 temporary custody center threatened the three female practitioners who were on a hunger strike that they would be sent to a crematory. Deputy director of the "6.15" Office, Liu Xiaoling forced Dafa practitioners to abuse the Teacher and Dafa, and to step on the picture of the Teacher. When the municipal police department was compelled to release the practitioners in the end, the police extorted a so-called "deposit" ranging from 500 to 2,000 Yuan from the family members of the practitioners. Before the Spring Festival of 2001 [February 24, 2001], the municipal police department and every local police sub-station wantonly arrested Dafa practitioners on a large scale by adopting the measure of deception. They threatened the family members of Dafa practitioners that they would be dismissed from their public positions if they did not send the practitioners to detention centers. Until now, over 10 people have been sent to Harbin labor camp, more than 60 people were detained illegally for an extended term, losing their basic personal freedom and living rights. Three female practitioners protested with a hunger strike before the Spring Festival, but the prison authority refused to release them. The Secretary of Municipal Party Committee supports these public service personnel who violated the law while executing it by saying at a meeting on politics and law that, in coping with Falun Gong, it is OK to leave the practitioners with just one breath left. [Wuchang, Heilongjiang Province] Falun Dafa Practitioner Sun Shaomin Is Arrested for Distributing Materials that Clarify the Truth about Falun Dafa Falun Dafa practitioner Sun Shaomin, male, was arrested for distributing materials which clarify the truth of Falun Dafa. He has been sentenced to 1 year of forced labor education and is currently detained in Tanglin Forced Labor Camp, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. The prisoner guards in the camp physically torture practitioners who are not "reformed" by forcing them to stand facing a wall until midnight everyday, often beating and cursing them. Sun's wife is also a Falun Dafa practitioner. In January 2001, several policemen illegally broke into their house and arrested her. The police ransacked the home and took away all Dafa materials. Their daughter, a university student and their five-year-old son, a fifth-grade student were present at the time of the break in. The event was videotaped and later broadcast on the local TV station. Practitioner Sun is still in the labor camp. His kids have no where to go and have no choice but to stay in a relative's home. [Xi'an City, Shanxi Province] Accounts of Persecution Against Falun Dafa Practitioners in Xi'an Xing Rongzhen, female, 50 years old, was illegally sentenced to 2-years of forced labor education because police found a Falun Dafa exercise music CD in her home. In the detention center, she was put with those so called "reformed" people [the people whose mind has gone astray due to Jiang Zemin regime's brainwashing or torture]. After having a discussion with her, they were awakened from the "reform". Now practitioner Xing is being detained alone and not allowed to meet with others. Her personal freedom has been completely taken away. Bu Jianghong, female, 32 years old, resigned and went to work outside of town. Police have listed her as wanted and are offering an award of 50,000 Yuan RMB (Approximately an 8-year salary of an average urban worker) for her arrest. They fear that she is meeting with practitioners in other areas and goes to appeal. The police defy human and divine laws; they trample laws wantonly. This is the real situation during Jiang Zemin's so called "best period of human rights" in China. Dong Xiuqin, female, 52 years old, benefits from practicing Falun Gong both physically and mentally; she persists in practicing despite the persecution. Her husband said a few truthful words about how she has become healthy from the practice and for this, the police forced him to attend a three-day "study class". On March 15, 2001, the local police sub-station asked her to attend the so-called "study class" for three months ( costing 800 Yuan per month). Practitioner Dong has had no choice but to leave home to avoid persecution, and has been listed as wanted. Zhang Ronghua, female, 38 years old, has been to Beijing three times to validate Falun Dafa. Once she had her young daughter stay at the Xi'an liaison office in Beijing and managed to escape to go to appeal. After returning from the third appeal, the local government used her father to deceive her. She was told that she had work arranged for her etc. Instead, on January 30, 2001, she was sent directly to the detention center for illegal detention without any procedures. Lu XX, female, over 50 years old, was arrested for going to Beijing to validate Falun Dafa in January 2001. Police took all of her clothes except for a single-layer, poured cold water on her body, neck and face and forced her to freeze outside in the cold winter. Zhang XX, over 50 years old, was arrested for going to Beijing to validate Falun Dafa. The police tied her to a tree, stripped off her clothes and poured cold water on her neck and body. Chen XX was forced to attend a "study" class by the local police sub-station for declaring the previously written "guarantee" statement [of not practicing Falun Gong written under Jiang Zemin regime's brainwashing or torture] invalid. It was heard that nine Dafa practitioners from Lianhu District are being forced to attend a "transformation" class and to pay 1,200 Yuan for each month of the class. Jiang Zemin's local associates secretly videotape the practitioners, broadcasting the video on TV. In an attempt to deceive people, they label the practitioners as "reformed", etc. Such news about so-called "reformed" practitioners are fabricated to mislead the public. Currently, in some areas, Falun Dafa practitioners are forced to pay 10,000 Yuan beforehand for the so-called "tuition" to attend the "study" class. Some practitioners have said that police go to residential areas to check who practices Falun Gong, keeps close watch on those people, and then sends them to a class or forced labor education. A kind-hearted gate guard of a residential area replied to a policeman, "No. No practitioners here." Falun Dafa practitioners from one district posted banners in every district of the entire city. Police are everywhere, keeping watch secretly, to find the "organizer" of this event. The practitioners are still clarifying the truth of Falun Dafa to worldly people. While a practitioner distributed materials that clarify the truth of Falun Dafa, a senior citizen got a copy and understood what these materials meant. The old man said to the practitioner, "How much more of the materials do you have? Let me help you distribute them." The practitioner gave him some but the old man said, "Too few" and asked for more from the practitioner. This shows that people are awakening. [Yanshan, Hebei Province] Accounts of Persecution Against Yanshan County Falun Gong Practitioners Around New Year's day of this year, Yanshan County Government, Police Department, and Criminal Police Department illegally arrested Falun Dafa practitioners and exerted more cruel means towards practitioners who have been going to Beijing to appeal. The police have been brutally beating, ransacking, imposing high fines, and imposing detention, and forced labor education. (It has been heard that in order to continue persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners by sending them to forced labor camp, Wang Taichang, the Secretary of the Political and Law Commission has had to bribe the forced labor camps in Shijiazhuang and Tanshan which declined to accept Falun Dafa practitioners.) 1. Policemen Liu Tao and Gao Xuewu from Mengdian Police Sub-station, Yanshan County forced Falun Dafa practitioners to take off their clothes and shoes, and poured freezing cold water on their bodies and feet. Then, they forced the practitioners to stand outside to suffer at night in the very cold winter before the Spring Festival (February 24, 2001). Some practitioners' feet were terribly frostbitten. (Because they are still detained, their names of these practitioners are not yet known). 2. Yanshan detention center has 50-60 Dafa practitioners. Many practitioners have been illegally sent to forced labor education. Among them, 8 practitioners are from the capital town of Yanshan County. Liu Jiandon, from Chengguan Town who is detained in Group 1 of Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp. Three practitioners are from Qingyun Town, Yanshan County. Du Junqing from Houpoqi Village is sentenced to 3-years of forced labor in Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp; Wang Hongyao from Zhongtai Village is sentenced to 2-years of forced labor in Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp; Yu Mingjing, female, from Yuhuanzhen Village is sentenced to 2-year forced labor in Kaiping Female Forced Labor Camp, Tangshan. 3. Ten other practitioners are from Yanshan County. Among them are Liu Jinghui from Nanguan Town; Li Xiumei and Zhao Ruifeng who have been dismissed from Yanshan Grain department; Xing Xiuyun from Zhongtai Village, Qingyun Town; Yu Shuiting from Yuhuanzhen Village, Qingyun Town etc., who are still detained in Yanshan county detention center. It was heard from the center that the practitioners are forced to do physical labor for long periods and are only allowed to sleep two hours per night. These practitioners are imposed with high fines, the minimum being one thousand Yuan, or are illegally sent to forced labor education. Those failing to pay the fines have their homes ransacked. For example, Lu Fengyang from Dawangbao Village, Wangshu Town is illegally imposed with a fine of 5,000 Yuan. Liu Jinghui's home has been ransacked several times. His TV and cassette recorder were taken away, and his three-wheel tractor has been driven off. Liu has also had a large fine imposed. For other practitioners, even water pumps, sewing machines, bicycles (too shabby to ride), grain (the only few bags of corn at home), farm cattle, furniture, clothes, beer in self-owned small shops are all taken away; with nothing being left in their homes. 4. Over 20 Dafa practitioners have been detained in the garage in the yard of Qingyun Town Government, Yanshan County. Even though it is the cold winter, family members were not allowed to deliver food, clothes, quilts or mattresses. The practitioners were not allowed to meet with their relatives and only one steamed bun was sold to each person everyday for 10 Yuan [unreasonably expensive]. Police brutally beat practitioners who had gone on a hunger strike for 6 days. When beating, the police turned off the lights, using torchlight instead; beating them with heavy clubs and shocking them with electric batons. Some practitioners were brutally beaten three times in one night, resulting in being crippled and unable to walk. The police cover information carefully and continue to brutally beat those practitioners they suspect in disclosing information. 5. There have been even more practitioners forced to leave home, such as Xing Xiuhua from Chengguan Town, Yanshan County, Liu Yuancheng, an employee of Yanshan County Government, Liu Shuzhen from Hongmiao Village, Yanshan County, and Zhang Yufeng, a retired employee of South Iron Factory, Yanshan County have had to stay away from home. Many practitioners are dismissed from party membership, fired from their work units, and not paid the retirement allowance, etc. A list of the criminals persecuting Dafa practitioners: Wang Taichang, vice secretary of Yanshan County Political and Law Commission (the key person responsible for persecuting Falun Gong). Qi Kaitai, the Director of Yanshan Government. Wang Jianguo, a policeman from Yanshan Police Department. Zhang Qingguo, a policeman from Yanshan Police Department. Li Jinbei, vice secretary of Qingyun Town Party Committee, Yanshan County (610 Office mainly in charge of persecuting Falun Gong). Liu Baoting, the secretary of Qingyun Town Party Committee, Yanshan County. Fan Chuntian, the director of Qingyun Town Government, Yanshan County. Wang Weiping, the director of Qingyun Town Police Sub-station, Yanshan County. The third division of the criminal police department of Yanshan county: in charge of ransacking. [Baishan City, Jilin Province] The Situation of Persecution in Lushuihe Town Ding Xiuxian went to Beijing once and was detained for 15 days. The amount of his fine is unknown. He Xiaofeng went to Beijing once and was detained in Beijing for 15 days and in a different local area for another 15 days after being sent back. He was forced to submit a bail of 1500 Yuan RMB and was put in foot-cuffs for practicing Falun Gong in jail. His family did not want him to be tortured, so they spent about 10,000 Yuan to have him released on bail. Ms. Zang, over 60 years old, went to Beijing twice. She was detained for 15 days the first time and another 15 days the second time. Wang Jindong, male, went to Beijing once and was detained for 15 days. He was sentenced to 2 years of forced labor for distributing pamphlets clarifying the truth. Now he is detained in the Baishan labor camp. Liu Fengji, male, over 60 years old, went to Beijing to appeal, was detained for 15 days, and was fined 5000 Yuan. His work unit withheld his entire pension and blamed him for implicating the work unit. After serving this unit all his life, he ended up with this kind of treatment. Chen Shude went to Beijing to appeal and was detained for 15 days and was fined 2000 Yuan. Meng Qingling went to Beijng to appeal and was detained for 6 days. Her family bailed her out, but was required to submit an accommodation fee and bail of 5000 Yuan. Her husband went to ask for it back several times but was only refunded 4000 Yuan. Zi Huajie went to Beijing to appeal and was fined 5000 Yuan. Ma Jingyuan female, was sentenced to 1 year of forced labor, but was allowed to serve outside of prison. Xu Jingxiang, female, went to Beijing to appeal and was detained for 1 month. Now she is being held in the Lushuihe detention center. As she wrote the "letter of guarantee (not to practice)" under pressure, she will be released. Xiang Lianjie was detained without reason for 15 days around sensitive dates. Since he has a photocopy machine and disclosed the suspicious points of the "self-immolation" incident, he was sentenced to 3 years of forced labor. Now he is currently being held in a detention center. Xue Ruirong, male, was sentenced to 1 year of forced labor for distributing truth-clarifying materials. His family bailed him out. Wang Guirong: When police asked her whether she would continue to practice Falun Gong, she replied "yes," and was therefore detained for 15 days. Yuan Shufang went to Beijing to appeal. After coming back on her own, she was detained for 15 days for admitting what she had done. On February 27, she went to Beijing again and now there is no information about her. Min Zhaoling, Min Zhaoyun, and Min Zhaoyong were detained without just cause for 15 days. Zhang Shunguo was detained for 15 days for practicing at home. Jiang Xianru was detained for 15 days without reason. Zhang shengqi was detained for 15 days the first time. Later, because of distributing literature clarifying the truth, he was sentenced to 2 years of forced labor. Sun Changping went to Beijing to appeal on October 1, 1999 and was arrested. After being sent back, he was fined 1500 Yuan and sentenced to 1 year of forced labor. As he had sprained his back, the sentence was served outside of jail. On one sensitive date he was detained again. Xu Hongxiang went to Beijing to appeal and was sentenced to 1 year of forced labor. In the labor camp, she was locked on the "death bed" for over 10 days. Since she led others practicing Falun Gong, she was frequently beaten, hung up, and shocked with electric batons. After seeing some other practitioners writing "renunciation letters," she wrote one too and was released after 10 months. She awakened afterwards and continued to distribute truth-clarifying literature. Since police wanted to arrest her, she was forced to leave home for two months. After the "Middle Autumn Festival," she went home and was arrested and sentenced to 2 years of forced labor. She was put in back handcuffs and foot cuffs for practicing in prison. Wang Anli was sentenced to a labor camp, where he has become "reformed" and gone to the opposite side of Falun Dafa. Dong Chunyan is 26 years old. For going to Beijing to appeal, she was detained for 10 days in Beijing and sent back home, where she was detained again for 15 days and forced to submit bail of 500 Yuan. When she asked for a receipt, police refused. Lacking excuses, they said that all issues related to Falun Gong would not go through normal legal procedures. Gu Xirong: For going to Beijing to appeal, she was detained for 15 days. Her fine has added up to between 5000 and 6000 Yuan. Baishan City, Lushuihe Town: High schools, junior schools and primary schools all held signature gathering campaigns. Some students did not want to sign. However under pressure, they signed other names or their teachers' names, thus making a mockery of the event. While this event was being organized, a practitioner warned the principal to consider its seriousness. As a result, the principal did not organize it; rather, a teacher named Ma did. This person got sick and was sent to the hospital for infusion the day before the event. The next day after presiding over the meeting, he got sick again. [Anhui Province] Four Cases of Dafa Practitioners Being Persecuted

  1. Since July 1999, Dafa practitioner Zhang Yongzhen has been detained three times. The first time, she went to Beijing to appeal and execute a citizen's rights, and as a result she was detained for half a month. The second time, she was detained for six and a half months for doing Falun Gong exercises. She was forced to write the "letter of guarantee (to give up practicing Falun Gong)". The third time, she claimed that she was a cultivator who had not participated in politics, and therefore should not be detained. Falun Gong is beneficial to the country and therefore should not persecuted as an illegal organization. As a result, she was detained again. During this period, police forced her and other practitioners to work more than 10 hours per day and treated them inhumanely.
  2. Li Jingshan, male, 32 years old. He went to Beijing in May 2000, and was detained for 15 days in the Hefei detention center. In November 2000, he clarified truth to people and was detained for 15 days on charges of "disturbing the social order."
  3. Ge Huizhen, female, 58 years old, went to Beijng to appeal in April 2000 and was caught on Tiananmen Square and sent back to her local area, (Hefei City)where she was detained for 15 days. Later she was sent to a "study class" and was taken back by her family four days later.
From a certain city in Anhui province: Zhang Caixia started practicing Falun Dafa in 1996, and soon, her body experienced a dramatic change. All symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis B, various gynecological diseases, periarteritis, cervical arthritis, numb limbs, and insomnia have completely disappeared. Since July 1999, her home has been searched three times, as she said she would insist on cultivating. She has also been illegally detained three times. Each holiday, big or small, she was pressured to sign and write a "letter of guarantee" that she would not go to Beijing to appeal, and not meet with other practitioners. On January 23, 2001 (New Year Eve), since she did not sign the guarantee to not go to Beijing, six policemen broke into her house, grabbed and carried her to the police car, without any legal procedure or reason, and without even allowing her to change her shoes. She left with her slippers on, leaving a 9-year-old daughter at home alone. She stayed at home, lonely, and passed the long spring festival season relying on the help of neighbors. Zhang was detained for 15 days and was not released until February 7. During her detention, police did not interrogate her nor give any explanation. Without providing any paperwork, they simply asked her to go home after the 15th day. [Zhejiang Province] Partial List of Falun Dafa Practitioners Persecuted (Sent to Labor Camps or Sentenced to Prison) in Zhejiang Province Tongxiang: Yang Jie Zhujiciwu: Li Wei Jinhua: Xiong Wei, Zhu Limin, Zhu Zuoxin Lan Xi: Shao Xiaoshan Longquan: Jiang Jialin, Xia Zhenqing, Hua Jianhao Jinyun: Li Jiancheng, Shu Baomin, Chen Zhenhong Quzhou: Zhu Hongwan Haiyan: Shu Min, Peng Xiaodong Jiaxing: Xu Jianming (already released) Xinchang:
Huang Guanghui (3 years), Zhu Guangchao (term unknown), and 3 others who have been released
Hangzhou: Du Miaozhen, 3 years (sentenced recently)
Song Huibao, 2 years, labor camp, temporarily bailed out due to illness, (sentenced recently)
Wu Xiangbing, 2 years Tan Xiangqun, in labor camp for distributing materials, (details unclear)
Zheng Limin, 2 years, Longyou Shiliping Labor Camp, the 8th Team, zip code: 324402 Tang Jinghui, 2 years, Longyou Shiliping Labor Camp, the 8th Team, zip code: 324402
Jin Meihua, arrested, pending sentencing Pan Kaixiang, arrested, pending sentencing Wang Jiaying, 2 ?years Wang Yunzhen, 2 ?years, in Xiaoshan Wang Yi, 2 ?years, whose mother is also in labor camp, (details unclear)
Fu Yue and parents, all 3 in labor camp, Fu Xiaojiang (father) 1 ?years, and Fu Xiaolian (mother) 2 years Zhu Jianmin's mother-in-law 2 ?years (Zhu was director of Hangzhou Falun Dafa Assistance Center)
Yu Guiying and Yu Liying (sisters), one of whom has been released Chen Junhua, 2 years Teng Danfen, 2 years Yu Lixin, 2 years, Guo Zhaohong 2 years Pan Sujuan, 3 years, Liang Yun 2 years Yan Suyun, 2 years Mei Su, 2 years Altogether, over 50 are imprisoned in the male jail, and over 50 are imprisoned in the female jail; Dafa practitioners jailed in the 2nd Provincial Prison:
Zhang Jianbo Zhu Limin (home town being Panjin city, Liaoning province, address: P.O. Box 502 Sub-box 801, Linping county, Yuhang city) Note: Zhu Limin is from Panjin city, Liaoning province, and he did not cave in even after being handcuffed for 8 consecutive months in the labor camp.
[Anhui Province] Partial List of Falun Dafa Practitioners Being Sent to Anhui Female Labor Camp Hefei city:
Hu Guozhen, Li Song, Fang Siying, Wang Dexian, Shi Changying, Ding Ziqing, Yang Yilin, Sun Jinping, Hu Xiaoqing, Liu Dehua, Li Yunzhen, Zhao Ronghua, Li Yuzhen, Sun Chan, Zhang Shuying, Zhou Aifeng, Jiang Maochun, Chen Ling, Su Shizhen, Xu Wan, Wang Xiuyuan, Tang Liqing, Dou Mengli, Wu Lifang, Li Qun, Wei Kaizhi, Sun Xia, Gan Zhangmei, Song Hong, Xu Qin, Wang Yunzhen, Wang Yueying, Li Shiying, Chen Zailan, Liu Mingzhi, Xu Cuihua, Lu Jinrong, Wu Xiaohua, Mei Ting, Ji Guangxiong, Li Zhonglan, Tu Xiufeng, Zhang Chuanci, Lu Daozhen, Cao Yaoxiu, Tao Puzhu, Huang Guizhi, Wang Wanling, Liu Xiaomei, Ji Guangying, Ma Xia, Yu Meixiu, Pei Qiyun, Zhang Ruilin, Tian Zhongfeng, Xia Jizhen, Zhang Lanping, Wu Weiming, Chen Tianxia, Bai Yun, Li Mei (who has already been persecuted to death), Zhang Yushu, Ding Qizhi.
Shucheng: Zhang Zhenhe Fuyang:
Zhang Erhuan, Zhang Yun, Li Ying, Shi Xiuzhen, Wu Yufeng, Li Xianying, Jia Tianxin, Xie Congzhen, Liu Liping, Zhang Ruixue, Zhan Tongjun, Ni Cailian, Tang Deheng, Shen Zheling, Luo Junqing, Duan Jinying, Wang Jiexiu, Fan Wenfang, Gan Hongxia
Liu Chunlan, Zhang Jieying, Yang Mingfang, Xie Xiaofeng, Chen Shilan, Zhang Cailian
Deng Mingzhu, Xia Youqin, Xu Shurong, Peng Dianmei, Cheng Yanyan
Feixi: Shi Yongling, Xia Mingzhen Lixin: Li Qin, Lin Xuezhi Mengcheng: Lu Cuihua, Qiu Min, Ma Yumei, Li Qin Ningguo: Gao Shifen, Sun Qingxiu, Fan Ying Wuhu: Yu Yiwen Quanjiao: Jia Xuelan Taihe: Miao Fengying Linquan: Zhang Hongyan Liu'an: Peng Suqin Huoshan: Chen Yuexia, Zhang Fanglin Ma'anshan: Zhang Cuiping, Peng Yulan List of vicious people in Anhui Female Labor Camp,Education office: Zhu Hongjuan, 86-551-5312763, 86-551-5310372 ext. 5686 Second large team: Tao Ganshi, 86-551-2802895 (home phone) Section chief of management and education section: Sheng Shiqin, 86-551-5312769; Chief of labor camp: Li Lihua 86-139-05600882, 86-551-5310308, home address as room 212, 4th building, Tielu Xincun, Hefei city, Anhui provinceSection chief of politics and security section of Hefei Rural Area Police Station: Zhou Yancheng, 86-551-5522131 (home phone) Secretary of politics and law committee of Hefei city: Huang Tongwen, 86-551-2679396 ext. 2099 Xu Daoming, 86-551-2644103 ext. 7258 (the persecution of Hefei Dafa practitioners is primarily planned and ordered by Huang and Xu) March 29, 2001