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Resisting All Evil Forces in the Human World

April 27, 2001 |  

Best regards to honorable Teacher! Best regards to Dafa [the great law and principles of the universe] practitioners in the world who are steadfast in their genuine cultivation! The following are my thoughts on the current Fa-rectification and on how to resist evil forces. I realize the Fa-rectification is progressing very fast. Every one of Teacher's articles reveals the tremendous changes in the cosmos. This is because when Teacher teaches the Fa, all living beings in different layers and different dimensions of the cosmos are listening. Every publication of one of Teacher's articles brings about great changes in the cosmic dimensions. In order to keep up with the rapid progress of the Fa-rectification, we practitioners should progress in our cultivation with vigor; improve ourselves in solid cultivation; look within during conflicts; and truly "refer to the Fa in doing everything." Some practitioners think that Teacher has borne all kinds of hardships to save people and are touched by Teacher's arduous efforts. In my opinion, no living being can completely know how much Teacher has suffered in offering salvation to people. In fact, Teacher's Fa-rectification is also very difficult. The salvation of people is only the manifestation in the human world. It is just as Teacher said in his poem "Unbearably Cold in Higher Places" -- "Taking care of all human affairs,/ Painstakingly looking after heaven./ Whom should the words be confided to?/ It's even colder in higher places." Frankly speaking, in order to repay Teacher's benevolent, arduous efforts to save mankind and his immense grace, Dafa practitioners should make further advances, improve their Xinxing [mind nature, moral character], and validate the Fa [the law and principles of the universe] with reason and wisdom. Dafa practitioners should also understand Dafa and Teacher with rationality and should not understand using human sentiment about this special and mighty undertaking that Teacher is doing for us. Teacher has said, "The disciple who can understand the Fa according to the Fa is on the way towards consummation; the attachment of ordinary people's sentimentality to Dafa is a mountain on the way." Once in a dream, I saw that Teacher's hair had turned white. I cried and was very sad in the dream. When I woke up, I still could feel my Yuanshen [main consciousness] crying. I felt very sad. It is hard to describe the tremendous pain I felt. I still remember that on July 22, 1999, when the evil forces started persecuting Dafa and Dafa practitioners, I thought to myself: "If someone dares to touch even a fine hair of Teacher, he has to pass through me first. I will stand in front of Teacher and open my arms. There will be many other practitioners like me standing around Teacher and opening their arms. If one falls down, more will fill in." The dream made me realize that it was Teacher who had been protecting us and suffering for us. I felt incomparable pain and wanted to cry. The dream has been rooted in my mind. Whenever I want to relax a little bit in cultivation or hold on to attachments in the tests, I think of Teacher and feel ashamed. I convert this indescribable pain into motivating power in my cultivation. I realize why Teacher suffered hardships in offering salvation to people, because it is difficult to save people who are always attached to their own notions and benefits. If a practitioner is not diligent in his cultivation, Teacher will worry about him and suffer for him; if every practitioner is diligent in cultivation, Teacher will be gratified because what Teacher really wants is the kindness of our hearts. To cultivate vigorously and solidly is to truly be considerate of Teacher. I realize that Teacher's vast mind cannot be imagined by any living being, and that Teacher's mercy to save living beings in the cosmos cannot be described in words. For example, we all think those who have done really bad things would be completely eliminated from body to soul. But Teacher still has mercy on them. He wants us to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa and clear up their misunderstanding of Dafa so that they can change from hating Dafa to understanding and supporting Dafa. Isn't this offering true salvation to them? For those practitioners who have walked away or turned against Dafa, Teacher has given them opportunities again and again to wake up and come back to the righteous Fa. However, I cannot imagine how Teacher will suffer and decrease the karma resulting from their damaging Dafa. The only way not to disappoint Teacher is to cultivate solidly and to keep up with the progress of the Fa-rectification. In the following, I'm going to talk about some of my thoughts on resisting the evil forces. I realize that, as practitioners in the human world, we should resist all the evil forces in the world. I classify evil forces in the world into two types, namely, evil forces that persecute Dafa and evil forces that corrupt moral standards in the world. First I would like to talk about the evil forces that persecute Dafa. I believe that every Dafa practitioner should resist all evil persecutions against Dafa. Take practitioner A as an example. Practitioner A went to validate Dafa and was arrested by the police. When they were about to take him away, he said out loud, "Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa! Jiang Zemin is the tyrant who persecutes Falun Gong! Jiang Zemin is the greatest sinner of the human race!" and so on to validate Dafa. The police were flustered and exasperated. They dragged and pulled him toward the police car. Practitioner A didn't want to comply and refused to get into the police car. He told them, "People who practice Falun Gong are all good people. Your persecution of me is persecuting yourself. Whoever persecutes Dafa is committing tremendous crimes!" The police were so angry that they lost their sense of direction [they didn't know what to do and how to deal with this practitioner]. They wanted to handcuff the practitioner. The practitioner thought, "One righteous thought can suppress one hundred evil minds. You are not able to handcuff me." Sure enough, they could not handcuff him. The police flew into a rage from shame and finally forced him into the car. The practitioner still called out loudly in the police car, "Persecuting me is persecuting Dafa. You will not have a good end! Good will be rewarded with good and evil with evil. It is not that there is no judgement but it is not the right time to judge; when the right time comes, good and evil will be judged accordingly!" Then he started reciting "Lunyu" [the forward of Zhuan Falun] and Hong Yin [Teacher's poem collection], which made their heads ache. The police car stopped at the police station. The practitioner refused to get out of the car. They finally managed to drag him out of the car. They wanted to take a picture of him. He closed his eyes, and raised or lowered his head so as not to cooperate with them. The photo just couldn't be taken. They asked the practitioner to wait in the office for questioning. He refused to go. They wanted to handcuff him in the waiting room, but he resisted being handcuffed with all his strength and at the same time called out, "Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa! Restore Dafa's reputation! Restore my Teacher's reputation!" At last they wanted him to sign a paper in order to send him to prison. He refused to sign or be fingerprinted, and refused to comply when being asked to get into the police car again. He called out loudly, "Falun Dafa is good!" and so on. The police heaved deep sighs at him. They tried very hard to get him into the car. The practitioner didn't stop validating Dafa even in the police car. The police had to close the window for fear that the passers-by might hear him. When the police car stopped at the prison, the practitioner refused to get out of the car. They had to apply force to drag him out of the car. The practitioner refused to be sent to prison. He sat on the ground and started practicing the exercises. The police tried very hard to stop him from practicing. Several people eventually carried him into the prison. Although the practitioner was forced into the prison, he was steadfast in Dafa and his righteous thought was solid as a rock. Someone came to body search him. He tried to stop them and said, "I'm not a prisoner. You cannot do such a thing to me." He was then assigned to a cell. He refused to enter the room and kept spreading the Fa to the staff in the prison. Later, he started a hunger strike to protest the illegal detainment. He knew, no matter what he did or how much he suffered, it could not be compared at all with what Teacher has suffered for us. The police were going to force-feed him. He resisted firmly and kept spreading the Fa to the people around him. The inhumane force-feeding caused the kind people to cry and the police became even more out of control. He said to them with sternness, "I'm not a prisoner. It is my freedom not to eat the prison food. You don't have the right to interfere with my freedom." Finally, the police found an excuse to release him. The above experience of the practitioner is a typical example that reflects my opinions on resisting evil forces. I think that we should resist all persecution against Dafa and Dafa practitioners. These persecutions include all kinds of illegal methods and actions, such as improperly collecting signatures, education classes, ransacking homes and confiscating property, interrogations, detainment, force-feeding, making false accusations, making arrests, body searching, forcing conversions, torturing (such as beating, using tools to torture and impose physical punishment, etc.), insulting Dafa (such as parading Dafa practitioners along the streets or having public meetings to denounce Dafa and practitioners), illegal fines and so on. Please destroy the malicious slogans or posters as much as you can. I also realize that we should resist the evil forces with wisdom and righteous thoughts when encountering danger. The corrupt forces arranged the persecution of Dafa and Dafa practitioners. Teacher does not accept these arrangements. Neither should we. As long as we keep righteous thoughts at all times, the evil forces will not have a chance, and the righteous thoughts can eliminate them. Finally, I want to talk about my thoughts on resisting the corrupt, evil forces. Once, a practitioner repeated words that came from ordinary people, which contained vicious language. I realized that all the corrupt things are going to be cleaned out during the Fa-rectification. The words from the corrupt people are full of evil. We should resist them and should not repeat them in order to diminish their evil power. In addition, we are practitioners and will be enlightened beings in the future. How can we say dirty words? The practitioner did that unconsciously. I think he didn't realize the effect. To the corrupt, evil forces, we should not be involved with them or assist them. Righteous minds and actions are enough to suppress the evil forces. Good behavior will set up new standards that comply with Dafa's requirements for human beings. The above is my personal experience. Please compassionately point out anything improper. A Dafa Practitioner April 15, 2001