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Latest News from China - 04/12/2001

April 17, 2001 |  

[Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province] Jiang Liying, female, (January 2001), Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province, was Persecuted to Death

Jiang Liying was persecuted to death in the middle of January 2001. Detailed information is unavailable.

[China] The Office of State Council Launches a 3 Months Campaign Entitled "Cleaning up and Consolidating" Internet Bars

The following four State Departments ?the Information Industry Department, Public Security Department, Cultural Department and Business Administration Department will launch a 3-month campaign to "clean up and consolidate" Internet bars.

For the content of the electronic bulletins, the Internet editors/website hosts are charged with responsibility for it and the users should always register. Furthermore, all accesses to the Internet from the Internet bars must be recorded and the copies are kept for further reference. Under the guise of "Endangering Security of the Internet and Information," the authorities could charge the users with any "crime" of their choice. In some areas, in order to access the Internet, users need to show their I.D.

The targets of these new directives are obviously Falun Gong practitioners who spread the truth of Falun Gong and those who contradict Jiang Zemin's Criminal Regime. What indeed is the purpose of Jiang Zemin's so-called political ideology? It is actually mind control. Such a system represses kindness and encourages viciousness.

[Beijing] Let People Know the True Content of Zhuan Falun

In early October 2000, I went on a tour in Beijing. To my surprise I discovered that a lot of people did not know what the book Zhuan Falun is really about. The knowledge that people had came from the fabricated information of state-run TV. My tour guide, a college student, was one of them. I asked her, "Have you ever read Zhuan Falun? Are you familiar with Falun Gong?" She answered, "No. I just watched TV. Isn't it labeled as XX [the slandering words that Jiang Zemin's group used to defame Falun Gong are omitted]?" I felt sad, so I told her, "I will recite 'Lun Yu' [the forewords in Zhuan Falun] to you. It contains the entire content of Zhuan Falun." So I started to recite from the beginning of "Lun Yu." She asked many questions while I recited to her. She thought it was very good and wanted to read Zhuan Falun. I did not have the book with me but I gave her the website address of Minghui Net. She lived in Beijing and went back to surf the Internet.

Several days ago, a factory launched the "signature movement."[to collect signatures from everyday citizens to denounce Falun Gong] A worker who is not a practitioner said, "I often visit Minghui Net. Falun Gong is good. I will not sign."

[China] A Kind-hearted Person Put Up a Dafa Banner in Front of the Police Station

On December 11, 2000, I was taken back to my hometown detention center, because I went to Tiananmen Square and unfurled a banner reading, "Falun Dafa is Good." In the jail, a practitioner brought in another banner. He did not a have chance to unfurl it. What would we do with it? If we could not get it out there, we would have to take it with us to the labor camp. Then we thought about Ms. A, who was not a practitioner. She was arrested and incarcerated with us because of business-related issues. She said, "I will take it out of here and I will hang it on the entrance of the police station."

I came across her on the street a few days ago. She told me, "The day after I got out, my friends invited me to dinner at a restaurant near the police station. As it was night, I hung the Dafa banner on the handrail in front of the police station. I did not go back home that night. The next morning, the police were in an uproar. They shouted, cursed and pulled down the banner. People passed by. My friends and I looked at them and we all laughed. A friend whispered to me, 'You are very brave.'"

[Jiangshu Province] The Crimes Committed Against Falun Dafa Practitioners by Persons from the Fangqiang Labor Camp

The guards at the Fangqiang Labor Camp, in order to torture the determined Falun Gong practitioners, forced them to work 10 hours a day. After work, the practitioners were punished by having to stand till 10pm, 12am, or even 2am. Practitioners Bao Shunyuan, Cao Zhiyun and Zhan Xingmao were the typical examples of this kind of torture. They were forced to admit to crimes they had never committed. Cao Zhiyun was the first to complete his detention term. When the police realized that the cruel tortures would not make him change his mind, or change his belief, they added 3 more months to his sentence.

Now there are more and more practitioners being detained there.

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] Dafa Practitioners were Illegally Fired from Changchun City Gasoline Engine Factory

Beginning last Monday, those practitioners who had refused to write the "the four guarantee statements" were all fired. We hope people pay attention to this illegal activity.

[Wuhan City, Hubei Province] The Forced Labor Administration Committee of Hubei Province Illegally Detained Dafa Practitioners and Arbitrarily Extended their Detention Terms

Zeng Fanliang, the director of Liangdao Street Police Station in Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Kuang (vice director), Chen Jingwu (the head of detectives), and policeman Cao Hongwei who is in charge of the Falun Gong issue were the criminals who persecuted practitioner Peng Min and his family. Peng Min was tortured to death. They had ransacked Peng Min's home and detained his whole family. According to insider news, those criminals were awarded 10,000 Yuan [about $1,250, $60 is the average monthly wage] for the successful persecution of Peng Min and his family.

Telephone number of the police station: 011-86-27-88873618

[Hubei Province] A "Red Head" Document [top secret] Issued by Hubei Province

According to a top-secret document issued by Hubei Province, the total number of Falun Gong practitioners being sentenced to forced labor was 650 in the province. Among them, 352 were in Wuhan City, including 104 male and 248 female practitioners. Among them were 6 Falun Dafa contact persons. 254 of the incarcerated individuals were sentenced to 1 year of forced labor. 96 practitioners were sentenced to 1 to 2 years forced labor. 2 practitioners were sentenced to over 2 years of forced labor. In fact, the document also claimed that the number of practitioners being sentenced to forced labor was only a very small portion of the actual number.

In addition, the first item in the document, enacted on March 15, 2001 by Hubei Province Forced Labor Administration Committee, explicitly regulated that the practitioners who refused to admit Falun Gong is XX [slandering words respectfully omitted] or did not accept the forced labor would have their detention terms extended indefinitely. The practitioners who did not follow the rules at the labor camp or were caught passing Master Li's articles around would be punished the same way. The document requires every propaganda department to be consistent in what they say to people. It also requested each work unit to be stricter in their management of the Falun Gong practitioners. Those places lacking police forces could apply for more financial support, material resources, and manpower. The upper government would be fully supportive.

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] Fenjing Labor Camp in Changchun City Illegally and Indefinitely Extended Dafa Practitioners' Detention Terms

Falun Dafa practitioners illegally detained at the Fenjing Labor Camp were treated the same as serious law-violators. They were put under surveillance for 24 hours a day. Three or four people watched one practitioner. Practitioners were grabbed by their arms, even when they went up or down stairs. For even the tiniest matters, they had to report to the guards. Practitioners were not allowed to talk with each other or have normal conversations. They were not permitted to have contact with their relatives and people outside the detention center. They would be forcefully separated if they stayed close to each other in the dining room or bathroom. Practitioners were told that if they did not write the "three statements" (Breaking Statement, Repentance Statement and Guarantee Statement), they would not be released.

Under these conditions, our determined Falun Dafa practitioners still strive to actively change the environment. We spread Dafa and advise the guards to be nice by writing letters or "thought reports" to them.

[Masanjia Labor Camp, Liaoning Province] Please Pay Attention to the Recent Situation of Practitioners Detained in the Masanjia Labor Camp

Three Dafa practitioners, Feng Gang (male, University Lecturer), Luu Kaili (male, Engineer) and Han Fei (male, Teacher) from Dalian City were illegally detained in the Masanjia Labor Camp due to exercising their citizen's right to appeal. The three practitioners were determined in cultivation of Dafa and went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. They asked for their unconditional release. They had been detained for nearly 1 year. Intermittently, they went on hunger strikes for several months. Their latest hunger strike lasted more than a month. Now they look very weak.

We hope all kind-hearted people from all walks of life and relatives of the practitioners pay attention to this situation. Please help to stop the criminal activities committed by Jiang Zemin's regime.

Related Phone Numbers:

Zhang Jian, Head of the "Newly-Receive-Release" Big Unit, Cellular Phone: 13504907665, Pager: 011-86-24-999-150848, Office Phone: 011-86-24-9210504

Xu Fei, Head of a Big Unit, Cellular phone, 13002472839, Home Phone: 011-86-24-89212908

Tu Yupeng, Head Guard: Cellular Phone: 13940382170

[Dalian City, Liaoning Province] Dalian Police Illegally Implicate Dafa Practitioner's Family Members

A work unit in Dalian City successively fired the father, daughter and son-in-law of a household in Dalian City, because the mother in the household insisted on practicing Falun Dafa cultivation. Recently, when the son-in-law went to his former work unit to apply for a permit to work abroad, he was informed that: "The application will not be approved unless you hand your mother-in-law over to us." In order to escape the persecution, his mother-in-law, however, had already left home. She was forced to become a homeless person and had to wander about. The police still wouldn't call an end to this matter. They first demanded money from the family. After being refused, they often went to the family's home, hoping to find her there and arrest her. They also persuaded the neighbors to entice her to come to the police station. The practitioner and her family members will not be fooled any longer.

[China] Police Hold Dafa Practitioner's Family Member as Hostage

A Dafa practitioner was forced to leave home recently. In order to locate the practitioner, the police station paged her son and asked him to come in. When he arrived at the police station, officials from the city's "621 Office," [in charge of persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners] policemen from the district police department, and the head, the chief-of -police, and policemen from the local police station were all there waiting for him. They forced him to tell them his mother's whereabouts. They would not release the son unless they could arrest the mother (the practitioner). They even summoned the leader of the son's work unit to the police station to help them. Finally, after they were unable to discover the whereabouts of the practitioner, they had to release her son, but not until they had subjected him to five hours of house arrest.

[Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province] The Illegal Conduct of Persons at the Chaozhou City Asylum and Sanshui Labor Camp

Many kind Falun Gong practitioners are being held at the Chaozhou City Asylum. The conditions there are very bad. There are no normal facilities for daily living, except a cement slab for a bed and a toilet in each room. The 3 daily meals consist of watery congee [a type of rice soup] and pickles. No hot water is provided. And yet, they charge each person 40 Yuan per day. [for "room and board"; living expenses, about $4.5, average monthly wage is about $60] What is even more absurd is that the family members who come to visit someone there have to pay an extortion fee that is called "admission money." The unscrupulous, greedy guards actually set up a small shop at the gate of the asylum. Everyone who comes here to visit a detained person has to buy a carton of cigarettes, which costs 80 Yuan. The "officials" sitting inside the Asylum will not admit anyone unless they hand in the cigarettes they just bought. Afterwards, the guards return the extorted cigarettes to the shop in exchange for cash.

Practitioners being forcibly sent here on February 22 are: Dai Miaochang, Xu Chunfang, Zheng Chuchu, Wu Xiaohong, Wu Zhaochao and others. Another practitioner, Xu Weihua, went to Beijing last June (2000) to appeal for Falun Dafa and was detained in Beijing for 5 months and was afterward escorted back to Chaozhou City. He was transferred to this facility after being detained another 15 days in Chaozhou City. His mother was sentenced to forced labor in the Sanshui Labor Camp, after she had twice gone to Beijing. His other relatives live far away from Chaozhou City. For the last half year, he has been eating congee and pickles everyday.

Other practitioners from Chaozhou City who are being sent to the Sanshui Labor Camp for forced labor are: Zeng Shugang, Lin Kai, Lin Xiangrui, Hong Haoyuan, Liu Ruiquan, Luu Qiufa, Lin Yanhua, Huang Shaolan, She Shuzhen, Chen Aimei, Chen Weiyan, Lu Liqing and Wu Yurong. We have heard that if they refuse to be "reformed, " they will not be released, even though they have served their full term.

We have also heard that those in charge of the Sanshui Labor Camp used to treat practitioners very viciously. A practitioner was once beaten very cruelly and brutally. Several guards, armed with 11 electric batons, beat on a practitioner at the same time. Other practitioners were all physically and mentally tortured to various extents. However, the guards there learned something. After detained practitioners positively resisted and practitioners outside the detention center exposed the thugs' vicious crimes, the guards there no longer dared to beat people at will. We should continue to reveal their viciousness and stop these bad people from persecuting Dafa and the practitioners.

[Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province] Police From the Dongshan District Police Station Kidnap Dafa Practitioner Li Jieqiang

Before the Spring Festival, Dafa practitioner Li Jieqiang from Dongshan District sent his daughter to kindergarten. Right in front of the kindergarten, the people from the Street Administrative Office and police from the police station took him forcibly away to a "Transformation Class." He is still held at the Meihuayuan Recreation Center for Officials. Altogether, 19 practitioners are being held there with him.

[Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province] The Bitter Experiences of Practitioner Xu Mingxiong and His Family

At 11pm on January 22, when Dafa practitioner Xu Mingxiong and his family from Chaozhou were all asleep, suddenly more than 10 plain-clothes policemen appeared at his door. When the practitioner opened the door, the police rushed in and ransacked his house. They grabbed Teacher's picture and Dafa books and took them away. His wife was handcuffed, because she tried to protect the book and Teacher's picture. Later, the four people of the household, mother, father and two children, a 12-year-old and a 13-year-old, were all taken away by force. The couple was illegally held at the detention center while the children were sent back to their hometown in the countryside. The grandmother wanted to take care of the children and went to their home. When she entered the house, she fainted at the sight of the mess the police had created and had to be sent to hospital for emergency treatment. The two children are left without any care and cannot go to school now.

Twenty days later, as the police had no evidence, they released the couple from that detention center but transferred them to the asylum instead. The police did not bother to go through any legal procedures, nor did they use "due cause," a general, common legal procedure and point of law, used all over the civilized world.

Kind-hearted people, please pay attention to this matter.

[Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province] Practitioners were Sent To "Transformation" Classes Because They Insisted on Practicing Falun Dafa

I have practiced Falun Dafa since 1997. I tried hard to cultivate my xinxing [mind and heart nature] and to be a better person. My family life had become harmonious. Since I have practiced Falun Dafa, my body has regained its health and I can also take very good care of my family. My children were doing well in school and had polite manners. Our family was very happy. However, things suddenly changed. On the evening of February 22, 2001, something happened. Many persons from the Chaozhou City's Chengxi Administrative Office, the local police station and from the Resident Committee invaded my house and forced me to go to the Chengxi Administrative Office to watch anti-Falun Dafa videos. Once we arrived there, they asked us to sign our names on a white piece of fabric on which was written: "I Promise To Separate All Ties With ...Organization." Because the other three practitioners and I refused to sign, we were immediately sent to a "Shelter Camp." This camp, however, was actually a jail where they locked us up behind layers of bars. Because I still insisted on not signing my name, I continued to be detained there. On top of that, the on-going persecution was escalating. I was told that, beginning on April 1, I would be transferred to the police patrol team for the purpose of secret, forced "transformation." [Jiang Zemin's method of brainwashing Falun Dafa practitioners/translator] They planned this in the following manner: Every day, two people would keep me under constant surveillance and a third person would try to "transform" me. They told me that if I refused to accept and would resist their arrangement, 3 months later I would be sentenced to a 3-year term in a Re-education-Through-Labor-Camp. I owe my present good health and virtuous life to my sincere practice of Falun Gong. Being forced to stop the practice is being forced to abandon my healthy life. The police care nothing about human life. I urgently hope that all people with kind hearts and righteous minds would rectify this situation for me and let justice prevail.

Dafa Practitioner from Chaozhou City

[China] The Police Officers are Lower Than Police Dogs

Dafa practitioner, Li Zhen (pseudonym), was 61 years old. On December 8, 2000, she went to Tiananmen Square to appeal for and validate Dafa, and was subsequently unlawfully arrested and taken to XX Police Station. To force her to reveal her name and address, the police insulted her, beat her, and handcuffed her outdoors in the cold, and as an additional act of torture, poured cold water on her. In spite of these cruel actions, the thugs were unsuccessful in obtaining her name and address. Finally, police officer Li Jie handcuffed her outdoors to a tree and let a big police dog loose. Practitioner Li Zhen was not afraid at all, but continued to recite Teacher's poem "Mighty Virtue." During the daytime, when this dog would become aware of people, it was very vicious. However, it was very gentle in front of the Dafa practitioner. It only walked around the yard and was very calm. Each time it approached the practitioner in the proximity of about three feet, it turned away and walked somewhere else. The animal would not bite the practitioner. However, the police officer was not awakened [refused to understand what was happening/translator]. Having no way out, he only seemed to feel peculiar and then took the dog away and locked it up.

[Jinan County, Shandong Province] The Crimes of Jail Guard Liu Lei, As Committed at the Jinan County Detention Center of Shandong Province

Jail guard Liu Lei from the Jinan County Detention Center in Shandong Province was a very vicious officer. Here are details of some of his bad deeds. One year ago, a Falun Dafa practitioner was studying for a master's degree at Huadong Teacher's University in Shanghai City. Because she practiced Falun Gong, he unlawfully arrested her and sent her back to her hometown. She was taken to her hometown detention center. Every jail inmate, Falun Gong practitioners and common criminals alike, has to recite jail rules. However, after she read through the rules, she thought those were for the common criminals, and she did not consider herself a criminal. Therefore, she refused to learn and recite those rules. The guard, Liu Lei, then took her to another room and beat her. The young woman had not had anything to eat for 6 days. But, together with jail guard Wei XX, they beat her up. Eventually, to make the torture and abuse especially cruel, they even stripped her of her underwear.

After the brutal beating, the young woman passed out [fainted] and remained unconscious for a full day. At that, Liu Lei and Wei XX became scared and decided to let the girl go home. After she had been examined by a medical doctor, she was diagnosed as being injured from the beatings. What was done to her by those two police thugs was a crime. By displaying this criminal behavior, they committed an illegal act under the Chinese Constitution. However, in spite of perpetrating these illegal, criminal acts, Liu Lei is still employed as a police officer and Wei XX has even been promoted to a higher position.

Liu Lei remains in a position of power and continues to commit crimes. He continues to arbitrarily beat and insult people who were illegally detained. One jailed practitioner only momentarily slackened her pace a bit. For that slight miscalculation, she was forced to kneel on the icy ground for hours. On the morning when this practitioner left the Detention Center, she saw Liu Lei shackle a person with huge iron cuffs weighing over 20 kilos (over 45 pounds) and beat that person to the ground with a rubber hose. At that time the outdoor temperature was below minus 200C. [about minus 50 F]

We reserve the right to put criminals like Liu Lei on trial.

[China] To Evil Police Officers: To Reject the Warnings of Your Conscience will Make You Fall Into a Hole from Which There is No Escape

Zhang Tao [sound], a guard at the Changchun City Female Labor Camp's 6th Branch, is very young but did a lot of bad deeds while hurting Dafa practitioners. As a result, she often had nightmares, which interrupted her sleep and awakened her. She rarely slept well and once told someone that she often had nightmares of killing people.

Therefore, we would like to appeal to you to awaken and listen to your conscience. All those who commit evil deeds for Jiang Zemin, please stop what you are doing now! It is the only chance left to find a way out. There are higher beings observing you who record your crimes. One day, rejecting the voice of your conscience will cause you to fall into a deep pit from where there is no return. Please stop doing evil deeds and save yourselves. Don't sacrifice your precious life for Jiang Zemin. Please, be awakened and see the light!

[Tangshan City, Hebei Province] The List of Names of People Who Persecute Dafa Practitioners in Xiaoba Village's "Transforming" School, Located in Fengrun County of Tangshan City

Zhou Qiusheng, Zheng Chunsheng, Wang Lihua, Yang Shuyun, Shi Aicheng, Lin Xiuhua, and Meng Yafei.