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Latest News from China - 04/09/2001

April 16, 2001 |  

[China] The Truth of the "Signature" Campaign

When a 7-year-old first grader was forced by the school to sign her name on a document which slandered Dafa, she actually replaced the last two characters of her name using two homophonous characters.

A fourth grader reluctantly signed his name when his teacher forced him. But, when his teacher was not paying attention, he immediately scratched his name off.

Since a third grader did not want to sign the papers, his teacher dragged him by his ears to the front of the classroom. He defiantly crossed off other students' signatures from the sheet.

[Wenjiang and Shuangliu County, Sichuan Province] Police in Wenjiang and Shuangliu County Fraudulently Obtain Practitioners' Signatures

Around March 29, 2001, police from Wenjiang and Shuangliu County Police Stations in Sichuan Province went to Falun Gong practitioners' homes, looking for information about practitioners' cultivation. In some cases the officers took down notes while in other cases they did not. Then, they asked the practitioners for their signatures and fingerprints. After some inquiries, the police brought out forms. The wording on the forms was hidden, because they were folded. Only the signature portion was shown to the practitioners. They then asked practitioners or their relatives to sign their names and impress their fingerprints on the form. Those who refused to sign the forms would be immediately sent to a labor camp. In addition, they asked practitioners to turn in two personal photos. In some instances, they required that the practitioners be photographed.

At the current United Nation Human Rights Commission in Geneva, Switzerland, Jiang Zemin's criminal regime is up to some new tricks. In an attempt to sway the attendees in his favor, his minions showed attendees some documents gathered from the "transformed" practitioners. We realized right away that some of the signatures and fingerprints were collected by forceful and fraudulent means. Therefore, we should immediately expose their conspiracies and keep alert to them. At the same time we should upgrade our Xinxing [mind and heart nature] and not comply with the vicious forces, or give them the chance to take advantage of this.

[Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] In Wanjia Labor Camp of Harbin City,

More Than a Hundred Practitioners Went on a Hunger Strike While Asking for their Unconditional Release

Since March 29, 2001, more than 100 practitioners in the Wanjia Labor Camp went on hunger strikes when their demands for unconditional release were not met. Since this news has been posted, the hunger strike is still continuing. We hope that all kind-hearted people will pay more attention to this issue.

[Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Dafa Practitioners Expose Phony Scientist He Zuoxiu

Dafa practitioners in Harbin City received the news that on March 26, 2001, He Zuoxiu [member of China Science Academy, who initiated the campaign defaming Falun Dafa] would give a lecture defaming Dafa. Immediately, they created some flyers which disclosed not only his ignorance in the field of science, but also how he sold his soul in exchange for a political career. The practitioners distributed the flyers around the Northern Theater where He Zuoxiu planned to give his lecture. When some Dafa practitioners were distributing flyers, the lights on both sides of the street suddenly went out, which allowed them to successfully put the flyers on the marble floor around the theater.

As there were a lot of Dafa truth-clarifying flyers, He Zuoxiu's schedule had to be changed. He had to go and visit the City Drug Rehabilitation Center first. Finally, escorted by two police cars, he gave the lecture in the theater of an exhibition center.

[Northeast China] Dafa Truth-Clarifying Flyers were Found Everywhere in a City of Northeast China

On April 2, a five-meter long (about 16') banner reading, "Restore the Reputation of Falun Dafa," was hung at the entrance of a factory. "Falun Dafa is Good" was spray-painted everywhere in a county. About a hundred practitioners went to spread the truth about Dafa in the countryside. The farmers said, "If the issue of Falun Gong is to be broadcast for another half year, we will all start to practice Falun Gong."

On April 6, several bright-red characters reading, "Falun Dafa is Good, Restore the Reputation of Falun Dafa," were painted on the street and walls in a city. They attracted the interest of many passers-by. I guess the writings had already been there for several days. In addition, a lot of little stickers reading, "Falun Dafa is Good" were put on big stones in the woods.

[China] A Story on Truth-Clarifying

A Dafa practitioner spray-painted "Falun Dafa is Good" characters on the street. The owner of a restaurant appeared and found out what the practitioner was doing. He told him, "You had better spray 'Falun Dafa is Good' on the wall on the other side of the street as well." The practitioner agreeably did what he had suggested.

Great! Everyday people are awakening.

[Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province] Information About Dafa Practitioners being Illegally Detained and Sentenced to Forced Labor in Xinxing County of Shuangcheng City

Dafa practitioner Fu Wenqing (male) was from Xinsheng Village of Xinxing Town. In February 2000, he went to appeal in Beijing to validate Dafa. He was illegally detained for 109 days and fined several thousand Yuan [1000 Yuan is approximately US$125; $60 is average monthly income in China]. In July, he was again illegally detained for 70 days, because he studied the Fa [law or principles of universe] and practiced Falun Gong at home. In January 2001, he was forcibly taken into custody for 3 days, because the local police suspected that he might again go to Beijing to appeal. While he was in custody, he was beaten so severely that he had bruises all over his body. Since he refused to sign on the "breaking statement" [breaking from Falun Dafa] , he was detained in a local Nursing Home for another 2 months. Now he has been secretly sentenced to 1 year of forced labor and detained in the Changlin Labor Camp of Harbin City.

On January 1, 2001, practitioner Chen Chunling (female) went to validate Dafa at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Now she has been sentenced to 1 year of forced labor in Wanjia Labor Camp of Harbin City.

In January 2001, practitioner Liu Shuping (female) was illegally detained in a local Nursing Home, as she did not sign on the "three statements"[guarantee statement, repentance statement and breaking statement to announce giving up practicing Falun Gong and not to appeal in Beijing etc.] After she went on a 6 day hunger strike, she was transferred to No. 2 Detention Center of Shuangcheng City. Two months later, she was illegally sentenced to 1 year of forced labor in the Wanjian Labor Camp in Harbin City.

Practitioner Han Yuling (female) has been detained in the No. 2 Detention Center of Shuangcheng City for 3 months. She has not been released as of now.

Practitioner Yang Xuchun (male) was illegally detained in a local Nursing Home, because he refused to sign the "three statements." Because he went on a hunger strike for 6 days, he was transferred to No. 2 Detention Center. One month later, he was forced to attend the "transformation class." During that period, he was often beaten up.

From January 2001 to March 2001, many practitioners were forcibly taken to the local Nursing Home to attend the "transformation class." Among them were: Liu Ying, Liu Yong, Zhang Guoyu, He Jingwei, Cheng Lan, Yang Shuzhen, Yang Jun, Yang Ming, Yang Chuanshun, Mu Yesheng, Mu Chuanzhong, Tong Shukun, Hong Zuohua, Jin Guirong, Liu Hongying, Bai Yaqiu and Wu Yanqiu.

In the "transformation class," the police physically abused Dafa practitioners as follows: They forcibly removed the practitioners' clothes; they burned practitioners with hot wax; whipped them with leather belts; poured ice water on them; stuck bamboo splinters under their finger nails; dropped sulfuric acid on their faces and beat them up with plastic tubing.

In January 2001, male practitioner Zhao Dehua went to appeal in Beijing. Afterward, he was detained in Shuangcheng Detention Center for more than 50 days. Following that, the Township government put him under strict surveillance in a local Nursing Home. Because he refused to sign the "three statements," he was brutally beaten several times. Due to having been burned with hot wax on his chest, there were four deep wounds, from which blood and pus often dripped. The skin over many areas of his body was broken from the beating. It was difficult and painful to remove his clothing, which had stuck to the broken skin. Later on, he was taken to Shuangcheng City Police Station. His present whereabouts are unclear.

Because she went to validate and appeal for Dafa in Beijing, a blind female practitioner was detained in No. 2 Detention Center of Shuangcheng City. Several days later, she was transferred to a Nursing Home and was beaten up many times while she was there. Some law-violators in the Township government ordered her to hand in money. As she did not have any money, they confiscated her land and sold it for profit.

In February 2001, practitioner Xu Shuhua (female) was detained in Shuangcheng City Detention Center, because she had gone to appeal for Falun Dafa in Beijing. Two months later, she was transferred to the Wanjia Labor Camp in Harbin City and sentenced to 1 year of forced labor. As she went to validate Dafa in Beijing, some law-violators in the Township government brutally beat her husband and stole their only belonging -- a four-wheeled wagon. For them to get their possession returned, the police ordered her husband to turn in 5,000 Yuan [which is about a year income].

Those criminals who persecuted Dafa practitioners were: Wang Chuizhuo (the Head of Township government), Zhang Yunlong (General Secretary), temporary guards Bai Chunwu, Yu Chunbo, Liu Zhu, Wu Lei, the driver of the police office named Bai, and others. We reserve our rights to sue these criminals.

[Weifang City, Shandong Province] Dafa Practitioners in Weifang City: Please Keep Alert For Your Safety

Recently, the Weifang City police, using taxis and other vehicles as camouflage, installed monitoring equipment in taxis and patrolled around Dafa practitioners' residential buildings. The indicator lights on the monitors would turn on if Dafa music would be heard within a 100 meter distance [about 330 feet]. Dafa practitioners, please keep alert.

[Chengdu City, Sichuan Province] In Order to Defame Falun Gong, Police in Chengdu City Instigated a Thief to Commit Perjury

A Dafa practitioner went back to visit his family in Chengdu City. Her old father worried about her very much. He told her that most of the local villagers knew that Jiang Zemin group was defaming Falun Gong by any possible means. Not long ago, the local police caught a thief and ordered him to claim that he practiced Falun Gong. The police videoe-taped his perjury and released him.

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] Changchun City Escalates the Persecution of Dafa Practitioners

After the Spring Festival, (January 24, 2001) Jilin Province and Changchun City escalated the persecution of Falun Dafa and Dafa practitioners. My husband was a Dafa practitioner. However, in the last two years, since he did not have a deep understanding of Dafa, he could not practice outdoors but practiced at home. In March, the leader from his work unit suddenly asked him to declare his position on Falun Gong. He seriously rejected them. Therefore, on the same day, he was forcibly detained and sent to a "transformation class" in Xinglongshan Town's Changchun Agriculture Institute in Changchun City. His freedom was restricted and he was separately detained. Relatives were not allowed to visit him. He was also forced to write the "breaking statement" and "guarantee statement." Another 30 practitioners were also detained there. Among them were university teachers, undergraduate students, government officials, retired officials, workers, and farmers. They were all illegally detained because they refused to write the "guarantee statement." [to guaranty never to practice Falun Gong again, not to associate with Falun Gong practitioners or go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong] In addition, newly-arrived practitioners were illegally admitted there everyday. According to information from inside the Chuangchun Public Security Department, the "transformation class" will be continued until August. This is another piece of criminal evidence about persecution conducted on orders by Jiang Zemin's criminal regime and his followers in Jilin Province and Changchun City.

I hereby call on all relatives and families of those Dafa practitioners who are being persecuted to resist all the crimes and conspiracies perpetrated by Jiang Zemin's group. Please expose their viciousness and demand the unconditional release of the Dafa practitioners being detained, sentenced, or put in forced labor.

[Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] The Person who Destroys the Party and the Nation is Jiang Zemin

It is said that under the pressure of Jiang Zemin, some officials in Shenyang City made a decision to reward 3,000 Yuan to those who discover and report a Falun Gong practitioner accessing the internet; 300 Yuan to those who discover and report a Falun Gong practitioner distributing truth-clarifying material; and police who catch practitioners distributing material will be granted a "3rd Prize". People say the Party and nation will be devastated soon if Jiang Zemin and his regime continue to create turmoil like this in the country.

[Chengdu City, Sichuan Province] Chengdu Airplane Industry Corporation Persecutes Dafa Practitioner

Liu Songbai, the vice General Secretary of the Party in Chengdu Airplane Industry Corporation, forced Falun Gong practitioners to write "guarantee letters" according to the "exposing and criticizing" article he composed. He requires practitioners to write, "Falun Dafa is XX [Slandering words respectfully omitted]; I will never practice the exercises or read the (Dafa) books from now on; I will not meet with other practitioners..." Otherwise, he will stop paying the practitioners' salary and only provide a small allowance that merely covers their living expenses. The spouses and children of the practitioners who also work in that company will be fired.

The Security Department of Chengdu Airplane Industry Corporation broke in and ransacked practitioners' homes when they (a couple) left for their hometown to visit their relatives.

[Xinyang City, Henan Province] Police in Xinyang City Tortured Dafa Practitioners

From November 2000 to January 2001, Xinyang City (including its 4 affiliated counties) arrested at least 102 Dafa practitioners. Among them, at least 16 practitioners will be sentenced. The cause for the arresting was appealing in Beijing or copying, posting and distributing truth-clarifying materials etc. The Police tortured those arrested Dafa practitioners, usually not allowing them to go to sleep for 72 hours and beating them severely with instruments of torture. Some practitioners' hair was all pulled out. Some practitioners were beaten so hard that they couldn't even walk or stand up. They were also fined large amounts of money (5,000 -- 10,000 Yuan). The police always arrested practitioners secretly. It's hard to estimate how many have been arrested.

We hope someone sends the word to the International Human Rights Organizations. We also hope the international community and human right organizations could send commissioners to China to investigate and meet with Falun Gong practitioners in person.

[Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Changlin Labor Camp Persecutes Dafa Practitioners

By the end of the year 2000, police forcibly and secretly sent over 100 Dafa practitioners to Changlin Labor Camp. Most of these practitioners were illegally sentenced to forced labor after appealing in Beijing.

Dafa practitioners who refused to write "repentance" letters were made to stand from 6am to midnight everyday. Whenever there was a wind storm or snow storm, they were forced to walk outside without hats or gloves. Other than their breakfast and dinner, they were only allowed to drink water once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Even the time for using the bathroom was strictly restricted. They were not given any toilet paper when they relieved their bowels. Oftentimes they were forced to stop before finishing and were kicked out of the toilet. They were not allowed to use the toilet at night. The guards often insulted practitioners with indecent languages whenever they felt like it.

Three practitioners including Ma Wenrui (from Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province) and Yan Jiguo (from Yilan County) were locked in restricted cells because they refused to memorize "Falun Gong Prisoner Regulation." The situation in restricted cells was very vicious; one restricted cell can only hold one person. Dafa practitioners were handcuffed in a fixed posture and their drinking and relieving were strictly restricted.

Names of Dafa practitioners (most of them are male) known to be illegally arrested:

Yilan County: Yan Jiguo and Ma Yongqian;

Shuangcheng City: Ma Wenrui, Yan Jinhai, Wang Jinkui, Zhao Chengqian and Bai Chunyou;

Shuangcheng Town of Shuangcheng City: Li Jusong (from Changyong village), Liu Jianwei, Zou Jidi, Sun Zhixue, Lu Baoqing, Lu Baoxue, Tong Wencheng, and Zang Dianguo (whose lung was severely injured from beating and suffered from serious hemetamesis [because of bleeding from his lung]);

Shuangcheng City Flax Factory: Chen Yanhai and Gao Peifeng;

Chaoyang Village of Shuangcheng City: Pan Mingzhen;

Tuanjie Village of Shuangcheng City: Zhao Guangxi.

[Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province] The Details of Persecution Towards Heilongjiang Dafa Practitioner

I am a Dafa practitioner from Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province. On July 25, 1999, in order to validate Dafa, I went to appeal in Beijing. On August 3, I was escorted back to No. 2 Detention Center in Shuangcheng City and was released after being illegally detained for 8 days. Afterwards, people from the local police station, "615 office" [an office that was set up to persecute Falun Gong practitioners] and my work unit constantly broke into my house to harass me. At 9pm on December 1999, without showing any warrant, policeman Mao Youliang and Wang Jun forcibly dragged me to the police station. At the time, the policemen were all drunk. Mao asked me, "Do you still practice Falun Gong?" I answered, "Yes! Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is an orthodox Fa!" Mao started angrily boxing my face with both of his hands. He took breaks when he felt tired and then resumed the beating. He kept abusing me while beating me up. The beating lasted for two hours and they locked me up in a very cold room afterwards. They forced me to bend down at the waist and cuffed both of my arms backwards to the water hose. They didn't take off the handcuffs until 9am the next morning. They released me at 5pm after my family asked someone to intercede for me.

On March 4, 2000, I went to Beijing again to validate Dafa. The police illegally detained me at Shuangcheng City No. 2 Detention Center. On April 4, I was illegally transferred to Harbin City No. 2 Detention Center. Officials in the "615 office" threatened my family, saying, "We will send him to Northwest China if he refuses to be transformed!" My mother was so frightened that she collapsed and couldn't get up from bed right afterwards. My family members had to borrow money and bribe them for my release. The police and town officials totally extorted more than 27,000 Yuan from my family before I was released. This put my family into heavy debt and my house was almost empty.

By the end of December 2000, the township government and my work unit were planning on taking me to the "transformation" class for brainwashing. I got the news beforehand; therefore I had to leave my home and wander about. After I started to cultivate Dafa, I became healthy, both physically and spiritually. My family also became harmonious. However, I was persecuted to such a degree [by Jiang Zemin's group].

[Haiyang City, Shandong Province] Recently, Many Dafa Practitioners were Illegally Sentenced to Forced Labor in Haiyang City

Recently, there were many Dafa practitioners being illegally sentenced to forced labor. The known names are:

Wang Fengxian, male;

Yu Haiyong, male, middle school teacher;

Cheng Shaoyong, female.

[Haiyang City, Shandong Province] The Haiyang "Transformation" Base Tortured Practitioners with Psychiatrically

The Haiyang "Transformation" Base in Yantai City tortured practitioners psychiatrically. They made the practitioners very tired by not allowing them to sleep if they refused to be transformed. Under the high-pressure policy and cruel psychiatric tortures, some practitioners were "transformed" against their own will. However, "Coercion Cannot Change People's Hearts" Those practitioners released were very regretful. They are now righteously facing their own attachments and coming back to the path of Dafa cultivation again.

[Anhui Province] Anhui Dafa Practitioners in Hefei City and Wuhu City were Illegally Arrested

Recently, Zhang Yu, Li Yulian, Zhao Qinghua and other Dafa practitioners were arrested in Hefei City.

Dafa practitioner Ding Guoxiang (female) from Wuhu City was arrested while distributing truth materials. She is now illegally held at Xijiang Detention Center.

Recently, Dafa practitioner Liu Gang, student of Anhui Architecture Engineering College in Hefei City, was arrested.

[Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province] The Bitter Experiences of Falun Dafa Practitioners' Families in Shuangyashan City

I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. I work very hard and was once rewarded with an "Advanced Worker" and "Model Worker" certificate in Shuangyashan City. In 1998, I was also rewarded with the title of "Elite of The Electrical System Between The Centuries"in Heilongjiang Province.

On July 19, 2000, the Political Security Unit of the City Police Department received a coded telegram from the Provincial Police Department. Following those orders, on the charge of "accessing Minghui.org,"[www.clearwisdom.net in English] the police detained me for more than a month. At that time, I was the vice director for the Information Exchange Center in the City Telecommunications Bureau and also the vice director of the Youyi County Telecommunications Bureau. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner and I try to follow the requirements of Dafa. I strictly hold on to my Xinxing (mind-moral nature) standard and try to do my job well. However, for the purpose of persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners, several people in authority arbitrarily made innuendos and fabricated false stories. They accused me of "disturbing the public order." Jiang, the head of the Political Security Unit, and a police officer named Ge, unlawfully took away my cell phone, pager and took over 600 Yuan from me.

On December 28, 2000, I again went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. At Tiananmen Square, the police officers brutally beat and kicked me. During the beating, my glasses were thrown into the air and fell down, and I was covered with bruises. A 5-year-old child, a Dafa practitioner, was also brutally beaten. I was first detained in the Tiananmen Square Police Station, next at the Shahe Detention Center, and finally the Changhe County [Hebei Province] Police Station Patrol Unit. More than 10 police officers in turn interrogated me to get me to reveal my address. They even said, "Nowadays, we don't have time to catch the killers and criminals in Changhe County, but we will get you." They handcuffed me in a cruel fashion - with one hand coming down from above the shoulder and the other hand coming up from below. They repeatedly pulled on the handcuffs to torture me. The handcuff deeply cut into my wrists. It took 2 policemen to put on or release the handcuffs.

After I was forced to tell my name and address, they detained me in the basement of Shuangyashan City Liaison Office in Beijing, next to Zuogezhuang Market. The basement was full of detained practitioners of all ages, both male and female.

All those people were held together in a window-less space not larger than 10 square meters (about 32 feet by 32 feet). Together with others, my wife, my 10-month old baby and I were detained in that same window-less room. We had to pay 45 Yuan for our "luggage storage fee" and 45 Yuan every day for "food and lodging." Later, as I was being escorted back by train to continue revealing the truth to the people, I used my righteous thought and managed to escape. Now, I have been forced to leave my home and wander about as a homeless person.

My wife and our child were sent back to Wohongqiao Police Station in Shuangyashan City, where they were bailed out afterwards. However, my wife's work unit stopped paying her salary and did not allow her to go back to work. They also forced her to write the "guarantee letter" [to promise to stop practicing Falun Dafa or never go to appeal]. Since she won't give up practicing Dafa, she also has to leave home. Now she and our baby are wandering about as homeless persons.

My mother is 61 years old. Before the Lunar New Year's Eve, the police took her away without due cause. Up to this day, she is still detained in the Shuangyashan City Detention Center.

[Anqiu City, Shandong Province] Secret Agents Discovered and Illegally Arrested Five Dafa Practitioners

Recently in Anqiu City, secret agents found 5 Dafa practitioners and subsequently arrested them unlawfully. While being detained, they went on a hunger strike as a means to request their release. Because of that action, they were handcuffed, put in shackles and forced to sit on iron chairs. A female practitioner had a righteous mind and thought: I should not be detained here and I should go out to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa. Therefore, she managed to get out of the handcuffs, climb over the wall and run away. Now she is back in the stream of Fa-rectification. The other 4 practitioners firmly refused to cooperate with the evil forces and rejected all blame for the fabricated crimes of which they were accused. Their firm belief in Dafa had broken through the methods of the evil forces. On the third day, they were all released. This again verified what our Teacher had taught us, "If every one of you can understand the Fa from the bottom of your heart, that will truly be the manifestation of the Fa, whose power knows no boundary--the reappearance of the mighty Buddha Fa in the human world!" [from Teacher's article "Cautionary Advice"]

[Anhui Province] An Advice to "Judas"--- Please Stop!

After Chen was "reformed" in the Anhui Female Labor Re-education Center, she went around and actively defamed and slandered Dafa. Now she is diagnosed with late-stage intestinal cancer. The outcome was sad. We hope those people can stop their wrong deeds before it is too late.

[China]"What do You Think: Is it Right or Wrong to Persecute Falun Gong?"

One day I came across a friend and had a chat with him. He told me a story. "There was a veteran cadre (a fellow person in a work unit) who practiced Falun Gong and after that, all of his illnesses were gone. He no longer had any interest to compete for fame or gain. His work unit assigned apartments to the employees. Because he had worked there a long time, he was offered an apartment. (Housing is scarce in China). However, he gave it up to the younger employee. But, after Jiang Zemin and his followers started to persecute Falun Gong practitioners, this friend stopped practicing Falun Gong. He was frightened by the persecution. Since then, his old illnesses came back. Often now he has to go to the hospital. His kindness towards people also disappeared. Recently, he thought that he should not have given up the apartment. Therefore, he went to his work unit and fought for it, to get it back. He turned the work unit "upside down." He also fell down and broke his leg. Now he is hospitalized. What do you think? Is it right or wrong to persecute Falun Gong?

[Sichuan Province] Partial List of Names of Those Practitioners who are being Illegally Detained and Sentenced to Forced Labor

Chengdu City:

Jiang Cuirong, female, 42 years old, was sentenced to 1 year of forced labor.

Li Wanfeng, female, was sentenced to 1 year of forced labor.

Li Zhi, female, 38 years old, went to appeal in Beijing in December 2000 and was arrested in Zhengzhou City [Henan Province]. She was sent to one year of forced labor by Chengdu City Yingmenkou Police Station.

Jiang Zhonglin, male, is over 50 years old. He lives across the street from the Second Gate Kindergarten in Chengdu City. He went to appeal in Beijing in December 2000 and was arrested in Zhengzhou City. He was sent to 1 year of forced labor by Yingmenkou Police Station.

Liu Hui, female, was arrested because of distributing Dafa materials. She was detained in Chengdu City Jail. The circumstances had been reported at Minghui Net. On March 13, when her family went to Chengdu City Jail to take some items to her, they found out that she had been transferred to Zizhong City Nanmushi Labor Camp.

Wang Mingxun, female, 55 years old, was arrested because of posting "Falun Dafa is Good" at S. Renmin Rd. in Chengdu City at night. She was detained at Lianhua Village Detention Center and then City Jail. Now she is sentenced to 1 year of forced labor.

Jiange County:

Wang Jisen, male, 36 years old, sentenced to 1 and half year of forced labor.

Pengzhou City:

Xiao Danfeng, female, over 30 years old, was sentenced to 1 and half year of forced labor due to appealing on January 1, 2001.

Liu Zhaorong, female, over 40 years old, was sentenced to 2 years of forced labor due to appealing on January 1, 2001.

Jiang Qunhua, female, over 60 years old, was sentenced to 3 years of forced labor due to appealing on January 1, 2001.

Jintang County:

Liu Jufen, sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Tang Meirong, sentenced to 3 and half years in prison.

Tan Bangqing, sentenced to 3 and half years in prison.

Zen Xingqiong, sentenced to 1 year of forced labor.

Wen Shaoquan, sentenced to 1 year of forced labor.

Sheng Yuqiong, sentenced to 1 year of forced labor.

Zen Guomin, sentenced to 1 year of forced labor.

Huang Buying, sentenced to 2 years of forced labor; is bailed out.

Gu Fengying, sentenced to 1 and half year of forced labor; is bailed out.

The practitioners being detained at Jintang County are:

Zhang Cheng, Xiao Mincheng, Cao Huiying, Zhang Jinxiang, Huang Jiaxiao, Chen Jinzhao, Tang Dengzhao, Yi Kunfeng, Gao Yonghui, Yang Zhenxiang, Tao Suhui, Gao Zhengli, Sheng Yufang, Xu Fenxiu, Yuan Suxian, Liu Suqiong, Zhang Jiqiong.