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UK Falun Gong Practitioners Clarify the Truth at the Annual Amnesty International Conference

April 16, 2001 |   Falun Dafa practitioners in the UK

[Clearwisdom.net] From April 6 to April 8, 2001, the UK branch of Amnesty International (AI) held an annual conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. Over one thousand Amnesty International members from the UK attended this conference, as well as five Falun Gong practitioners from England and Scotland. Due to the limited amount of time available before the conference, these practitioners did not have the opportunity to apply to give a presentation. However, during these few days, by speaking both openly to the public and through private conversations, they still made significant progress in clarifying the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong by Jiang Zemin and his followers. In addition, when the conference concluded, Falun Gong practitioners from the UK felt they had gained a deeper understanding of Dafa (Great Law and Principles), and came to better understand how to communicate and interact with other organizations.

During the conference, Dafa practitioners distributed many materials that clarified the truth and that included the names and pictures of the practitioners who were persecuted to death. In addition, they also provided detailed information about the practitioners who were sent to mental hospitals or labor camps. Together with the booklets and videotapes explaining the real story of Falun Gong, they were placed in the conference exhibition center.

The conference organizer made some special arrangements in order to allow the Falun Gong practitioners to play the videotapes for two days in the lobby area. Many people stopped by and watched the entire video. Many participants of the conference, including the chair, not only asked many detailed questions about the truth of Falun Gong and took materials for further reading, but also gave many suggestions.

During the conference, the practitioners realized that we should do more to let a greater number of people know about Dafa, and that we should truly catch up with the Fa rectification.

Falun Dafa practitioners in the UK

April 11, 2001