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The Persecution of Dafa Practitioners in Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province

April 14, 2001 |   Practitioners in China

On the afternoon of January 17, under the premise of "meeting and education," the government of Shuangcheng Town in Heilongjiang province rented several cabs to arrest all of the town's Falun Gong practitioners, including those who were no longer practicing. As some Dafa practitioners resisted being illegally kidnapped for detention, the clerks of the town government forcibly carted them off and threw them into the cabs. In the next few days, they detained more than 100 practitioners from Shuangcheng Town alone, while in the Shuangchen City area, they arrested up to 1000.

The Shuangcheng Town government set up a secret jail on the fifth floor of the Qiulin department store and confined those 100 practitioners in five small rooms. They claimed that everyone, even those who had stopped practicing Falun Gong, must pay a 1,000 to 10,000 Yuan RMB fine to be released. A female officer named Liu was responsible for collecting the money. The vice mayor of Shuancheng Town said that anyone who wanted to be released must pay the fine and swear at Dafa and our Teacher.

Those newly imprisoned practitioners all had to sleep on a freezing cold cement floor. A five-year-old boy was also arrested, and his hoarse cries lasted the whole night. The boy's parents, Li Chao and Zhao Dongxia, were both detained. The next day, after being vigorously accused by the child's uncle, those wicked people released the boy.

In Sujiayao Village, Shuangcheng Town, after Zhao Yanju and her husband were illegally sent to a labor camp, the wicked officers abducted their three daughters, Qiupan (19 years old), Qiuyue (15 years old) and Qiuyuan (12 years old). They also ransacked their house, towing away 6000 Jin [Chinese measurement unit. One Jin is about 1.1 pound. ] of corn. Anything they couldn't haul away they smashed. As they were ransacking the house, they pushed the over 80-year-old grandmother to the ground, breaking her arm. Even to this day, she lies in bed unattended. After they arrested those three young girls, the vicious officers forced them to stand on the frozen cement floor with bare feet for 4 hours.

Dafa practitioner Sun Zhixue, from Sujiayao Village, was illegally sentenced to labor re-education. At present, he is detained in the Changlin Labor Camp in Harbin. On the eve of the Chinese New Year, his wife, Fang Xihua, and 12 year old son were also were detained in the secret jail in the Qiulin Department Store.

The practitioners who were released upon heavy extortion were Yan Shuju, Liu Fujin, Zhan Huijie, Luo Lianxiang, Lei Guanghui, Tao Ligang, Liang Xifa, Chen Junping and Zhang Baojun.

The Dafa practitioners who are still being detained in the illegal jail are: Li Zhen, Su Yuqin, Zhang Fuzhen, Zhan Yuhua, Wang Benying, Wang Yingjie, Zhao Xihua, Men Shengying, Dong Ying, Zhu Xiangguo and Li Qun.

Li Qun was bound to a chair and tortured for an entire day and night just because she folded her legs while sitting (she wasn't even doing the Falun Gong exercises). Some practitioners were hung up and beaten by the guards for several hours because they insisted on doing the sitting meditation and practicing Falun Gong exercises.

Yan Shujie and Zhao Yanju were illegally sentenced to labor "re-education" because they were steadfast in practicing Falun Gong.

Practitioners in China

April 8, 2001