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Laishui County Falun Gong Practitioners' Bitter Experiences

April 10, 2001 |   Practitioners from Laishui County

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Yan Kui, of Sheting Township, was Arrested Four Times and Violently Beaten:

Yan Kui, of Sheting Township, has been arrested and violently beaten on four occasions: The first time, Yan Kui was beaten up by policemen Liu Yaohua, and Li Zenglin from Qingshui County for practicing Falun Gong in the Sheting market. He was then sent to "Reeducation Class." Several days later, he was beaten again by policemen from Leishui County

The second time, he was beaten up for contacting other practitioners. The third time, he was arrested and sent to the township office and was beaten before the National Day, 2000. The main hatchet men were the mayor, Li Yamin, and the secretary, Dong Shujun. The fourth time was after the New Year. The police found a bag of leaflets in Yan Kui's home and arrested him. Dong Shujun, Li Zhenggong, and seven other policemen lashed him with a steel whip, causing him to pass out seven times. They poured cold water on him to wake him up, then resumed the torture. He escaped from the den of monsters afterwards and participated in the powerful current of Fa-rectification.

Record of Sheting Township Criminals Persecuting Dafa Practitioners

1. On July 21, 2000, the local government arrested over 50 Falun Gong practitioners, of which over ten were beaten. Everyone was fined 200 Yuan (translator's note: about half month salary in urban area) and the total fine was more than ten thousand Yuan. The following is a partial list of practitioners being arrested, beaten, and fined.

Beizhuang Village: Chang Shaojun Couple, Chang Shaoyi Couple, Zhaoruiqi Couple, Fang Yongzhen, Zhang Hongran, Zhang Xzhi, etc. (almost 20 people)

Beilongquan Village: Yan Zongqin, Yan Kui Couple, Yan Yong Couple, Yan Hequan Couple, Zhang Dianjun, Yan Hai, etc. (over 10 people)

Jicheng Village: Liu Chunyu Couple, etc. (over 10 people)

Shiting Village: Li Dianfu, Wang Xinlan, etc. (about 10 people)

2. Around last National Day, 24 practitioners practiced the Falun Gong exercises together near the Market, and all of them were arrested.

Dong Shujun was the driver of the police vehicle sent to transport arrested practitioners. The following is the list of practitioners that were arrested:

Yan Zongqin, Yan Kui, Yan Hai, Chang Shaojun, Chang Shaoyi, Dong Yanjun, Zhai Haisheng, Li Quanshu, He Shufang, Gao Baojin, Fang Yongzhen, etc.

These practitioners were beaten until they were black and blue. Later on, the arresting officers sent Yan Zongqin, Chang Shaojun, Chang Shaoyi, Kui Xlan, Wang Jinhua, Yu Zhengang to the detention center and tortured them again after the National Day. Some practitioners were bailed out, while some were continuously detained. Yan Zongqin, Yu Zhengang, Kui Xlan, Cao Xiaoping, Liu Jinhua were released after paying a fine of 5,000 Yuan (translator's note: about ten months salary in urban area) respectively. Yan Zongqin's son only had 1,200 Yuan at the time and had to borrow 750 Yuan from Liu Jinhua to pay the fine to get Yan Zongjin released.

Among those practitioners detained, some were held over two months, while some were held over three months. Yan was detained for 105 days. The people who are in charge of persecuting Falun Gong in the County include Secretary Sun Guijie, Director Tan Shuping from the police station, section head Li Zenglin, Secretary Liu Yaohua from politics