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A Letter from Jail: The Great Wall Made from Flesh and Blood

April 01, 2001 |  

About a hundred of us female Falun Dafa (Great Law; Universal Principles) practitioners were illegally detained in Judong Labor Camp in Jiangsu Province. We want to disclose our personal experiences to let the world know how the police in Judong Labor Camp have brutally persecuted us and to expose their immoral nature.

Since Jiang Zemin issued an order to ban Falun Gong [ Falun Dafa] on July 22, 1999, his followers have detained 30 Dafa practitioners at the Judong Labor Camp and started a programs of long-term physical and mental persecution and torture directed at our practitioners. October 2000, brought another wave of intensified persecution and the number of detained practitioners had quickly risen up to 300. Over here, we have totally lost our freedom, even basic human rights -- our speech is even deprived. Their rule is that we must be in a group of three to five people at all times; with two guards watching each practitioner. Under the direction of the police, the guards do not allow us to speak to anybody else. Whenever they see us talking, they beat and swear at us. Many of us were beaten so badly that much of our bodies were wounded and became disabled while working. Hair was torn out and some practitioners even had parts of their scalp torn. Sometimes, the police would use electric batons or police batons to beat us. The electric shock caused the bodies of some practitioners to be bruised with blisters and the skin split open with bleeding. Other times, when they felt like being more severe they specifically chose sensitive parts, like the head, face and neck, to beat or give electric shocks. Many of the guards themselves couldn't stand the sight. In other cases, they took a single practitioner alone to the office to beat viciously. On a specific day last December, they beat dozens of people. In order to hide it from the public, they turned off the light and beat us in the dark. They also subject us to long-time hard labor everyday. It was terrible!

They also tortured us spiritually and mentally, namely the so-called "transformation classes". One method they used was to spread rumors to mislead practitioners-- like telling us that 98% of practitioners had been "reformed". In fact, the situation in Judong Labor Camp had already proved it to be just the opposite. Very few practitioners wrote statements renouncing Falun Gong under pressure and later some of them nullified those statements after realizing that Dafa is really good.

They tried to manipulate our thoughts and hearts by taking advantage of the fact that Dafa practitioners are compassionate and always think of others. They claimed that the sufferings incurred on our family members were due to us having practiced Falun Gong and having been involved in politics, etc.. [Note: Falun Gong is apolitical; the reason we are now politically known is because of the ongoing persecution]. They even said that we are selfish. Some practitioners are bewildered and thus feel guilty and think they had done something wrong towards our country and relatives. That was their base point of their "being reformed". However, those who chose to be educated by the truth of Falun Dafa know that we are taught to be kind and benevolent under all situations so as to attain a selfless and altruistic nature.

To protest against the persecution of Dafa and its practitioners and to manifest our firm beliefs; we started hunger strikes. In retaliation, those wicked officials used seven or eight people to hold down one Dafa practitioner and force-fed him with hot soup. The entire esophagi of some people was burned badly. January 24th, 2001 brought another tragic truth about the persecution, as it was the Chinese New Year. Many of our family members, had to spend it without us. For all detained Dafa practitioners in Judong Labor Camp, however, it was an even more tragic day. Wang Jianping, a Dafa practitioner who was from Yancheng County in Jiangsu Province and had been detained in the third unit, he departed from the world unjustly after being force-fed for 48 days. It was yet another monstrous crime that Jiang Zemin's followers had committed while they were persecuting Dafa and cruelly torturing Dafa practitioners.

Furthermore, they had forcefully confiscated our Dafa materials and scriptures. We were also not allowed to reveal the truth of our situation and the real conditions here when we met our family members; all of our appeal letters were unreasonably detained, etc.

In Judong Labor Camp, we have suffered all kinds of torment and abuse, but our steadfast faith to the Teacher and Dafa will never change. To protect the Great Law of the Universe, we will use our flesh and blood to build an unbreakable Great Wall. What are told here are just a few of the many crimes those wicked officials have committed. We are here appealing to all people with conscience to step forward; in order to protect the justice of the human world. All good-willed people of the world should unite and end the criminal persecution of Falun Gong.


Dafa Practitioners in Mainland China

March 6, 2001