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Latest News from China - 03/25/2001

March 31, 2001 |  

[Harbin, Heilongjiang Province] Police Plot to Frame Falun Gong

A few days ago, some vandals set six buses on fire in Dongli District, Harbin City. The police station of Dongli District and No.3 Office sent officers to investigate the incident. When they failed to solve the case, they spread rumors saying that Falun Gong practitioners did it, hoping to place the blame on them. The police wanted to direct anger from the bus owners towards Falun Gong, but their lies deceived no one. They only served to let people know how incompetent and vicious Jiang Zemin's government is.

Those who understand Falun Gong said, "Falun Gong practitioners are nice people who value Xinxing (virtue). There were so many of them who went to Zhongnanhai (China's political leaders' compound in Beijing) to appeal in 1999, yet they did not leave one piece of trash on the ground. It is impossible to imagine them burning vehicles."

[Dalian, Shandong Province] Voice of Falun Dafa Strongly Suffocates the Evil

Most Dafa practitioners in the Dalian Re-education Center have been steadfast in practicing Dafa. Recently, the police there started a new round of "forcible conversion," mostly through cruel torture. At midnight several days ago, however, a broadcast of Falun Dafa resounded simultaneously from different places in the Re-education Center. This greatly encouraged the practitioners and suffocated the evil.

[Jinan City, Shandong Province] Police Use So-Called "Transformed Practitioners" to Trap Dafa Practitioners

Recently, the Jinan Police Station in Shandong Province used the so-called "transformed" people to arrest many Dafa practitioners. Tianqiao Police Substation was the worst example. They had the "transformed" people call Dafa practitioners who were clarifying the truth of Falun Gong in other places and make an appointment for experience sharing. Practitioners who went would then be illegally arrested. Dafa practitioners Zhou Lei and Liu Jian were among those who were duped and arrested by the police in this manner. Based on addresses coaxed from practitioners by these "transformed" ones, police confiscated machines for printing Dafa materials and communication facilities.

Police lied to Dafa practitioners, saying that as long as they wrote a promise to not practice Falun Gong, nothing would happen to them. They would then send the practitioners to "transformation" classes and ask "the converted" to persuade them. As soon as practitioners saw through their tricks and tried to convince "the converted" not to sell out their consciences, the police would drop their pretense and send practitioners to detention centers to be tortured. It was said that while Liu Jian was detained in Liuchangshan detention center, he went on a hunger strike. Nevertheless, he was still brutally tortured. Furthermore, the police did not even notify his family. Practitioners Jin Shuangqi and Sun Ying were arrested also, and their whereabouts are unknown.

In Wangchun and Liuchangshan labor camps, some so-called "transformed ones" are serving as "shock troops" in persecuting practitioners. They tried again and again to mislead practitioners with their twisted interpretations of the Fa. When this failed, they would severely beat practitioners. These wicked people also deceived practitioners by sending them letters, giving reports in meetings, and telling their own experiences.

[Jining, Shandong Province] Policemen May Start a Comprehensive Search for Practitioners

According to reliable sources, the police will start a large-scale search and arrest of practitioners at the beginning of April. It will cover all the surrounding villages and towns. Practitioners, please use your judgment to avoid being arrested by them.

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] Practitioners' Families Oppose Illegal Detention of Dafa Practitioners in Changchun Agriculture School

Changchun Agriculture School is located in Xinglong Township. A student dormitory in the school has been turned into a detention center for Dafa practitioners, guarded by uniformed and plainclothes policemen from the Changchun Political and Legal Committee, police station, and the Judicial Bureau. Each practitioner was forced to pay 1000 Yuan RMB (translator's note: Chinese currency - the average monthly salary in urban areas is about 500 Yuan) for "room and board". However, they were addressed by numbers as if they were criminals and had no freedom at all. Their families were not allowed to visit them, and they were isolated from the outside world. It was under such circumstances that the authorities tried to make Dafa practitioners write promises to give up practicing. At present, there are over thirty Dafa practitioners detained in Xinglong Township, and this number is increasing. According to insiders, the so-called "conversion class", which seriously violates human rights, will continue to be held until at least August 2001. Some of the detained practitioners have never been to Beijing to appeal, and they were just simple, diligent workers. The government's illegal act has invoked strong opposition from practitioners' families and sympathy from society in general.

[Changchun, Jilin Province] Over One Hundred Dafa Practitioners Illegally Detained in Chaoyanggou Labor Camp

Over one hundred Dafa practitioners are being illegally detained in the Chaoyanggou labor camp. Over forty people are squeezed into one cell, and they have no basic freedoms. Furthermore, it is quite common for guards and inmates to beat and abuse practitioners. The food sent in by families of the practitioners never reaches the practitioners.

[Guiyang City, Guizhou Province] The Illegal, City-Sponsored "Re-education Class"

On March 1, 2001, Guiyang City organized an illegal "Re-education Class," forcing over eighty Dafa practitioners to attend. The practitioners are not allowed to speak or act freely during the class. The so-called "converted people" were summoned from Zhongba Labor Camp of Guizhou Province to help with the conversion. It was said to be a twenty-day class, but the practitioners have still not been released. All of those in the class have gone on a hunger strike since March 20 in protest.

[Yushu City, Qinghai Province] Police Station Kidnaps and Blackmails Falun Gong Practitioners

Since July of 1999, the Yushu police station has persecuted Falun Gong practitioners by illegally detaining them, sending them to labor camps, imposing fines on them, and destroying their Dafa books. They tried to extort confessions from Zhang Liyou, Liu Fengming, Xu Yaxuan, and others through torture. In the period before October 1, 1999, they arrested a large number of Falun Gong practitioners. In order to make room for the practitioners, they even released some criminals from jail. They arrested many practitioners at their homes to prevent them from going to Beijing to appeal. Practitioners Jiao Mingfeng, and Zhang Junyan from Qingshan Township were arrested while they were working in the fields. Police charged them with "disturbing public order" and detained them past their sentences. Many other practitioners were sentenced to labor camps for the same cause. According to incomplete statistics, there were at least 60 people sent to labor camps without due process.

Countless practitioners have undergone inhuman torture in labor camps and detention centers. Practitioners Wang Xianyou and Han Yuzhu from Yushu City were tortured to death in labor camps. They employed harsh measures to force practitioners to write promises giving up Falun Gong, and to force their families to pay fines. Nobody knows how many practitioners have been hit with such fines. In February of 2000 alone, there were over two hundred practitioners detained and fined. The police extorted money from each of them, ranging from 1500 Yuan to several thousand Yuan, without giving any receipts. The police simply put the money in their own pockets, and these crimes are still ongoing.

However, coercion cannot change people's hearts. Many practitioners wrote solemn statements renouncing their "promises" given under extreme pressure and expressing their determination to practice Dafa. Consequently, police started a large-scale arrest of practitioners, detaining over 40. Police forced them to write promises and their families to pay fines. Many people said that the conduct of police was no different than that of kidnappers. Law enforcement officers who are supposed to serve the people deliberately broke the law by arbitrarily arresting innocent people, exchanging good for evil, disregarding people's lives and basic human rights, and making a fortune against their consciences. How deplorable!

[Yushu City, Qinghai Province] Partial List of Falun Gong Practitioners Illegally Sentenced To Labor Camps (Based On Incomplete Statistics)

Zhang Liyou, Han Yuzhu, Wang Xianyou, Xu Yaxuan, Wang Baogong, Liu Fengming, Tan Qiucheng, Jiao Mingfeng, Jiao Chuanfu, Jiao Shoutong, Zheng Fuxiang, Zhou Miguang, XX (female, over 40), XX (tall, detained in the fourth section), Hao Shuqin, Li Guiying, Zhou Qilin, XX (Refused to give up Dafa, detained in fourth section) Chen XX, Wang Xiaojiang, Li Yuanfeng's wife, Shan Zhenshuang, Shan Xinli, Yang Fuzhen, Zhao Shuxia, Wu Xiaoguang, Zhang Longyun, Xiong Guirong, Gao Shulan, Gao Fengqin, Wang XX, Liu Shuchun, Liu Shujuan, Chai Xiuzhi, Chai Xiuhua, Lin Songtao, Liang Jirong, Zhao Shuchun, Chen Ronghui, Zhu Feng, Yuan Tiemei, Chen Jiangyan, Teacher Jiang, Dong Xinjing, Mr. Huang's daughter(Huang Ling), Mr. Huang's daughter-in-law, Yang Zhanjiu, Cui Zhanyun, Tiebeixin exercise site coordinator (female, tall), XX (male, Fenjin exercise site) Li Shuying, Wang Baogong(2 Times)

[Jining City, Shandong Province] List of Criminals Who Tortured Dafa Practitioners

Practitioners in Jining, Shandong Province sent a message about the experience of Dafa practitioners in police custody. During interrogations, the police slapped their faces, grabbed their hair and rammed their heads against the wall, poured icy water on them in the winter, and forced them to stand on icy ground with bare feet. Even elderly women in their sixties or seventies were treated like this. The following is the list of the thugs responsible:

Liu Yalei, Chief Officer of Political & Security Section in the Police Department of Mid-District of Jining City, Shandong Province

Vice-Officer: Guo Hongtao (Mobile phone: 86-537-9080566), Gao Luyang, Zhang Bin

Political & Security Section in the Police Department of Mid-District: Zhang Bin, etc.

[Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province] The Illegal Conduct of "Keeping a Constant Watch" in Sartu District

A 610 office was set up to handle issues relating to Falun Dafa practitioners in the Sartu District of Daqing City. They adopted a strategy of "keeping up a constant watch." Practitioners were placed under strict surveillance, and they were required to report to the authorities whenever they moved or left their homes. They were deprived of their personal freedom, and their human rights were trampled upon. The officials openly stated that everyday work could be neglected, but practitioners of Falun Gong should be monitored diligently. They stipulated that the main officials in each work unit had to make reports every day on the movements of Falun Gong practitioners. Officers failing to report for three days would be removed from office. Officials of all ranks felt extremely bitter but dared not speak out. They knew in their hearts that Falun Gong practitioners were good people, magnanimous, hard working, honest and morally upright. In order to fulfill the "assignment," they often wrote promises on behalf of practitioners.

[Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province] 615 Office Sets Up Illegal "Transformation Team"

A "transformation team" was assembled in Jiamusi City to further persecute local practitioners. A group of so-called "converted ones" was sent out to help persecute practitioners. Everyday two vans were taken from one organization for their use. These criminals would then wine and dine themselves, using money from the government. Some employers also took part in the persecution, sending practitioners who were their employees to the transformation class to be brainwashed. Those who refused to go were threatened with being arrested or sent to labor camps.

A transformation class was organized within the labor camp in Jiamusi City. Practitioners steadfastly practicing Dafa from each work unit were sent to the class. Everyone was forced to turn in a room and board fee of 1,000 Yuan (the average monthly income of an urban worker is 500 Yuan.) Each class lasted three months, and afterwards, those who refused to be converted would be sent to the local labor camp.

[Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Crimes Committed by Gongcheng Police Station

Following the illegal instructions of Xu Youfang, Party Secretary of Helongjiang Province, Gongcheng Police Station shamelessly arrested a practitioner who went to visit relatives in another city before the Chinese Lunar New Year. The police first detained the practitioner's family members and interrogated them to obtain this practitioner's whereabouts. Family members were afraid the elderly mother of the practitioner would be frightened by the police, so they reluctantly told them where he was. Ignoring the practitioner's elderly mother, who fell unconscious, police sent people to take the practitioner back to Harbin.

The Stalin Police Station in Harbin illegally detained practitioners and forced them to curse Dafa and Teacher. They even stepped on the portrait of Teacher right in front of practitioners.

[Chengdu City, Sichuan Province] List of Persecuted Practitioners (Continued)

Wang Wentao, female, 43. She went to appeal in Beijing in December of 1999. She was detained for two days, even though she was four months pregnant. She was put in an illegal transformation class in January of 2000 and released when she was about to give birth.

Yan Min, female, 38, staff of No.2 Railway Hospital in Chengdu. She was put in the illegal transformation class from December of 1999 to June of 2000. She was also illegally detained for 15 days before Chinese Lunar New Year of 2000. She went to appeal in Beijing in January of 2001. After being taken back to Chengdu, she was illegally sentenced to one month of criminal detention, and then one and a half years in a labor camp.

Xie Chengxin, female, 50. She lived in the area near Yingmenkou Police Station. She was put in the illegal transformation class from December of 1999 to June of 2000, and she was illegally detained for 15 days before Chinese Lunar New Year of 2000. She went to appeal in Beijing in July of 2000 and was illegally detained there for 15 days. In September of 2000, she was illegally sentenced to one year in labor camps because of her determination to practice Falun Gong.

Li Donglin, male, 31. He was an employee of the post office in Chengdu. He was sentenced to one and a half years in labor camps for going to Beijing to appeal. He was set free in October of 2000.

Liao Xiaoping, female, in her 30's. She was detained for going to Beijing to appeal (the exact time unknown). She was illegally taken away from home on Jan 18, 2001 by the Wangping Street Police Station in Chengdu. She is still being detained in the Ningxia Street Police Station.

Ren Mingfang, female, in her 50's. She was detained for 15 days for exchanging experiences with other practitioners in Nanjiao Park in May of 2000. She was illegally sentenced to one year in labor camps for going to Beijing to appeal in the fall of 2000.

Qian Shijie, male, 58. He was an employee of the Storage and Shipping Co. in Chengdu. He was illegally detained for 30 days in January of 2000 for writing letters to the People's Committee in the District. He went to Beijing to appeal, and he was illegally detained there for 15 days and then jailed for 30 days. He went to Beijing again in November of 2000 and was illegally jailed for 30 days. He was illegally sentenced to one and a half years in labor camp on Dec. 28, 2000. He is now detained in Xinhua Labor Camp of Mianyang City.

Mao Kun, female, 32, an accountant living in Chadianzi. She was illegally sentenced to one year in labor camps for going out to appeal in November of 1999. Her detention period was illegally extended for half a year in November of 2000. She is now being held in the Nanmusi Female Labor Camp. Her son is now being taken care of by her mother.

Su Wei, female, 42. She went to Beijing and was injured by beatings from the police. She was forced to divorce for continuing to practice, and she was later sent to labor camps for one and a half years.

Huang Xiuqing, female, 62. She is a retired employee of No.107 Factory of Chengdu. She went to the newspaper, "Morning Business" to speak the truth of Falun Dafa and was detained for 15 days. She was arrested at a practitioner's home and has been detained five times (75 days total)

Liu Guiying, female, about 40. She was a former senior engineer of No.29 Institute, working in the Information & Industry Department. She was forced to go to the transformation class in Jinniu for three months. She was deprived of wages for more than a year and illegally detained for 15 days. She was fired in January of 2001 for an issue related to Dafa materials. She is now being illegally detained in the Ningxia Street police station.

Chen Jinsong, male, 31, lived in Chadianzi. He was illegally detained in February of 2000 for 15 days for practicing Dafa. He was forced to go to the transformation class for three months, which led to his forced resignation from work and divorce. After he was illegally jailed for 30 days in July of 2000, he was held in a detention center for another 15 days. He was taken from home on Jan 18, 2001 at midnight and jailed for a month.

Li Bingnan, female, 60, a senior engineer. She was illegally sentenced to one year in labor camps for appealing in Beijing many times. She is serving her sentence outside the labor camp under surveillance. Her home was illegally searched five times, and about 20,000 Yuan of her savings was illegally confiscated. In addition, she was fined more than 6,000 Yuan.

Written on Mar 24, 2001