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Latest News from China - 03/23/2001

March 30, 2001 |  

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[Nanyang, Henan Province] Dafa Practitioner Xiao Jiayong Beaten to Death by Police

Dafa Practitioner Xiao Jiayong (male) from Nanyang, Henan Province, went to Tiananmen Square in Beijing to hold up a banner supporting Falun Dafa. He was arrested and sent to a local police station, where he was beaten by four policemen. When he was sent back to Nanyang, the condition of his swollen abdomen got steadily worse. There he died despite medical treatment, leaving his wife and a six years old boy behind. His body was cremated on March 17, 2001.

[Nongan County, Jilin Province] Students Forced to Sign a Promise to Not Practice Falun Gong

There are about 2,000 students in No.10 Middle School of Nongan County in Jilin Province. They were told to sign a promise to not practice Falun Gong, or they would be dismissed from school. There were two students there who practiced Falun Gong. They were dismissed from school because they had been to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and refused to sign the promise. Meanwhile, two meetings were held in the middle school to criticize Falun Gong and to ask for signatures on anti-Falun Gong petitions.

[Changchun, Jilin Province] 2,500 -- 3,000 Practitioners Detained in Heizuizi Labor Camp

According to reliable sources, 2,500 -- 3,000 practitioners are being detained in Heizuizi Labor Camp. Male labor camps in Changchun were so crowded that some were sent to Jiutai City.

The labor camps in Changchun are known for their viciousness, and they employ the most heartless methods to torture Falun Dafa practitioners. Seeing that the practitioners refused to write letters promising to give up Dafa even after enduring so much, the police used more brutal measures. The police beat them up and forbade them to sleep for several days and nights.

Some of the labor camps in Changchun where practitioners are being held include Heizuizi, Fenjin, Weizigou, and Chaoyang.

[Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province] The Wicked Baiyun District

After the Chinese Lunar New Year, a middle school student in "Xingzhi" Technical School in Baiyun District was sent back from Beijing, where he had gone to appeal for Falun Dafa. Students in all the middle schools and high schools were then forced to write a statement of at least 1,000 words denouncing Falun Dafa, while students in elementary schools had to write statements of at least 300 words. Teachers in charge of every class were responsible for this assignment. If anyone refused to write, the grades of his entire class would be reduced. Blackboards at the school were filled with materials slandering Falun Dafa. It was reported that even children in kindergarten wouldn't be spared. They were forced to repeat slogans cursing Falun Dafa.

In Baiyun District, a four-story building was constructed and one million Yuan ($120,000) was allocated to transform practitioners of Falun Dafa. Those who refused to write the "Three Statements" ["Break Statement," "Repentance Statement," and "Guarantee Statement"] were taken in for "transformation." A female practitioner was "carried" by force from her workplace by no less than twenty people, including local policemen, town hall officials, managers at her workplace, and officials of the local women's association. She was sent to the "Drug Abstinence House of Baiyun District" and is still being held there now. She has an elderly grandmother, and her father has trouble walking, yet now nobody can take care of them. Ridiculously, her company still officially has her as an employee and pays her base salary.

The Drug Abstinence House in the Baiyun District had been used as a place to convert Falun Dafa practitioners since July of 2000. At the time, there were more than 20 practitioners being kept there. The most recent program started in December of 2000, and practitioners have been constantly sent there. Aside from the two practitioners who escaped from the fourth floor at the end of February, all the practitioners were told that whoever refused to write the "Three Statements" would be detained indefinitely until they were converted or sent to labor camps. For every practitioner, there are two people either from their work units or from the residential committee monitoring them. The expenses of these guards are paid by the government, a waste of financial and human resources. To prevent the two escaped practitioners from going to appeal in Beijing, Baiyun District has sent policemen to stay in Beijing. They are not allowed to go back to Guangzhou until they can successfully bring the two practitioners back with them.

[China] People's Daily Tells Lies Without Doing Their Homework

There is a picture in the column "Democracy and Legal System" in the March 21, 2001 issue of the People's Daily. In that picture, there is a man named Zhu Jinming, a policeman of Tongzhou County of Beijing. He received the title of "Outstanding Policeman of the Nation." He is said to have monitored the activities of Falun Gong for twelve years, secretly investigating Falun Gong practitioners. It was in 1992 that Mr. Li Hongzhi started to introduce Falun Gong to the public. How could this man do this four years before Falun Gong was even introduced?

According to the propaganda of the Chinese government, the reason for the crackdown of Falun Gong was because practitioners went to Zhongnanhai (the political headquarters of China's leaders). It now seems that it isn't as simple as that. Telling too many lies will eventually reveal the truth.

[Dongying City, Shangdong Province] Monetary Reward for Arresting Falun Dafa Practitioners

Practitioner Li Lianjun fled his home in Dawang Town of Guangrao County affiliated with Dongying City, Shandong Province, to avoid persecution. According to some kindhearted people, the town, county, and city government of Li's hometown have had several meetings since October of 2000 to arrange for his arrest. They issued a monetary reward of 5,000 Yuan (Translator's note: the average monthly income of a worker is 500 Yuan) for anyone who reports Li's whereabouts. Obviously the evil intends to lure people who are tempted by material gain into doing their dirty deeds.

In addition, since the large-scale crackdown of Falun Dafa in October of 2000, followers of Jiang Zemin and his accomplices have arrested approximately 30 practitioners in Guangrao County of Dongying City, Shandong Province, of which 16 were sent to labor camps. Males were sent to Wangcun Labor Camp, and females were sent to Lixia District Women's Labor Camp in Jinan, capital of Shangdong Province. It is said that there are more than 500 female practitioners in that labor camp. In addition, there are about a dozen practitioners who have been detained for a long time in a variety of ways, moved from police station to detention house, and then to the communist party school. Currently there are three practitioners being held in the party school. The person in charge there is the director of Political & Security Section of the police department, Liu Xinsheng. He indulges himself in beating practitioners after drinking. They took advantage of family members of practitioners and extorted money from them, ranging from 800 to 2,000 Yuan per practitioner for early release.

[Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] File of Jiang's Dark Reign: Family Broken, Child Left Alone

Practitioner Gao Yulan (female, middle school teacher) in Shenyang, capital of Liaoning Province, and Li Yongdeng (male, senior engineer of Northeast Architecture Design Institute in Shenyang) are a married couple. They were illegally arrested on March 15 by the police. Gao is said to be detained at Longshan Women's Education Institute, Li in Zhangshi Education Institute. Detailed information is not yet known. Their son Li Shangrong, also a practitioner, was arrested last year. Their daughter-in-law, Hexin, (a practitioner) is missing, along with her several months' old baby. A happy family was thus broken apart by the crackdown.

Jiao Yang (female) and his husband Yan Wei are Dafa practitioners. Yan Wei went to Beijing to appeal in October of 2000 and was sent back to the police station in his hometown, then to the labor camp. He is now detained in the Fenjin Labor Camp of Changchun, capital of Jilin Province.

Jiao Yang also went to Beijing in October of 2000 and was arrested there. She was kept in the detention center in Huadian City, Jilin Province. Because Jiao had a newborn baby to nurse, her family asked again and again for her release and turned in a fine of 5000 Yuan. She was then released after one month's detention. Seven days later, the police found an excuse to arrest her and detained her for another 28 days. Jiao said to the police, "I am in my nursing period. It is illegal for you to detain me (her baby was nine months old at the time)." She was then released. To avoid being arrested again, she fled from home, leaving the baby girl to her mother. In February of 2001, she was arrested again.

The couple, Shao Hui (male) and Mu Ping (female), was arrested at the same time in October of 2000. The police suspected that they had organized the distribution of Falun Dafa flyers. At present, they are still under detention. Their five-year-old, Shao Linfeng, is being taken care of by Shao Hui's parents. The department that is responsible for the arrest is the Political &Security Department in Hongshi Forestry Bureau of Jilin Province.

The couple, Chen Guangyu (male) and Tian Huiping (female), went to Beijing to hold up a banner supporting Falun Dafa. They were arrested and sentenced to a labor camp. As a result, their two daughters are left home alone. The elder one is 14, the younger one only 7, and they have nothing to live on.

Wei Qishan (male) and Yu Shurong (female) are husband and wife. They both practice Falun Dafa. Yu was sentenced to two years in the labor camp after going to Beijing in July of 2000. Wei was arrested by police in Tongxian County on Dec 9, 2000 for printing materials that clarified the truth about Falun Gong. He is currently still in detention. Their two sons are home alone. The elder one is 16, the younger one 12. They have had no financial resources for a long time. In spite of that, police are pursuing the elder son, Wei Zhongliang.

All kind-hearted people, please help those persecuted men and women and their children.

[Sanhe City, Hebei Province] Education Department Illegally Organizes "Transformation Class"

Around Feb 27, 2000, Practitioners Shang Chao (school teacher in Sanhe City), Wang Zhanqing (middle school teacher), Liu Fengling (teacher in No.3 Primary School), and Feng Yulan (teacher in Gaolou Primary School) were taken away by force from school or home under the directions of Zhang Baofu, Chair of the Education Department. They were kept in No.5 Primary School. Each of them was kept in solitary confinement, and thus they were pressured to give up practicing Falun Dafa. The term for their detention was set at two months. Those who were not transformed in two months were threatened with being sent to labor camps. Practitioners were forced to watch videos and read newspapers slandering Dafa. They were accompanied by guards while having meals, going to restrooms, or sleeping. They were forced to run long distances everyday. All this was meant to sap their will and show them as "models" of transformation. Thus, the school hopes to gain favor with their superiors.

Director of Education Department: Zhang Baofu, Telephone: 86-316-3212457

Office of Education Department: 86-316-3212428

[Lanzhou City, Capital of Gansu Province] The Extremely Vicious Transformation Class in Taoshuping Detention Center in Chengguan District

About 45 practitioners have been detained in Taoshuping Detention House for the last two months. The measures adopted there were extremely vicious. For example, a simple letter of promise to give up practicing Falun Dafa was not considered enough. They forced practitioners to watch a large number of videotapes slandering Dafa and searched for Dafa materials frequently. Two practitioners were moved to other locations after they were found to possess Teacher's articles. The police said, "They must be forcefully transformed. Anyone not converted in three months has to stay in the class for another three months. Those still not converted will be sent to labor camps." Many practitioners in the class were taken away from home right before Chinese Lunar New Year, which greatly disrupted their families. Their financial situations were also badly affected. At the beginning of March, when two national conventions were held, the Religion Bureau of the Province started to get involved in the transformation program. Director Wu is going to decide who has been "satisfactorily transformed."

We hope that practitioners can pass this test with a righteous mind, that relatives and families won't accept such persecution, and that related international organizations can pay attention to this situation of human right violations in the transformation class, and that kind-hearted people can help with an investigation.

[Shulan City, Jilin Province] Wang Wenpeng Goes to Appeal, His Colleagues Implicated

Practitioner Wang Wenpeng is an employee of Industrial & Commercial Bank in Shulan City, Jilin Province. He went to Beijing in December of 2000 to appeal for Falun Dafa and to tell people the true stories of Dafa offering people salvation. He was illegally arrested, sent back to Shulan City, and kept in police custody. The management of Jilin Industrial & Commercial Bank took his case as an excuse, saying that their branch in Shulan City failed to properly educate its employees. Therefore, they are considering an elimination of the yearly bonus for every employee in the bank (1,000 Yuan for every employee, about 100,000 Yuan altogether. (500 Yuan is the average monthly salary of a Chinese worker). It is said that the bonus for bank employees all over Jilin area might be affected. Wang Wenpeng simply tried to tell people his experience of practicing Falun Gong. How could it be possibly related to the monetary reward of his colleagues? One is repressed for having a faith and deprived of the right given by the constitution to appeal. Now he is said to bring damage to other bank employees. It is obviously a trick to make people angry towards Wang Wenpeng and Falun Gong.

[Yanjiao Township in Sanhe City, Hebei Province] A Record of the Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners By the Police

I am from the Yanjiao Township in Sanhe City, Hebei province. I went to Tiananmen Square in Beijing and held up a banner supporting Falun Dafa. The local police took me to Shijingshan Police Station in Beijing. Later, people sent by city hall of Yanjiao took me back.

In the Appeal Office at city hall, officials sat down to convert me, but I did not listen to them. In the end someone said, "There was a male college student, and he was finally converted after chief officer Tian Shuguang beat him for three hours. Who do you think you are?" Thus I was sent to the Police Station of Yanjiao.

In the Police Station of Yanjiao someone began an official record of my words, and after a while, I was taken to interrogation. The officer who interrogated me was called Yang Fuwen, known as chief officer Yang. He first asked for my name and the reason for going to Beijing. I told him I went to rectify the Fa. (Translator's note: practitioners believe that offering people true stories helps eliminate false ideas or distorted conceptions in one's mind.) He then asked, "Aren't you living in a socialist country? Isn't it a regime of the communist party?" I replied, "Yes." He asked me to come closer and gave me four hard slaps to the face. I saw stars and my ears rang. He then made me kneel down on the ground and stripped off my coat, summoning two men to assist him. They tied my hands behind my back, and then pulled the rope up till my hands reached shoulder level. They pressed me against the ground, grabbed my hair, and used an electric baton to shock my face and back. I jerked and convulsed at every shock. Yang shocked at the right side of my face several times. My face was twitching, and it felt distorted and swollen, especially my lips. When Yang got tired, he made me kneel near the wall in the outer room. Someone who stood by said that if I was walking in the street at night, people would be frightened to death by my distorted features.

After a while, Yang called my name. With my eyes closed, I was reluctant to answer. He prodded at my hands to see if I had cramps. He didn't beat me again, but he handcuffed me to the heating pipes, where I stayed for the next two days. I was sent back to city hall after three days in the police station.

No one knows how many practitioners Yang has gone through, but almost everyone who was sent back from Beijing and happened to fall in his hands were beaten, regardless of sex or age. Compared with them, the beating I received was a light one.

[China] Experiences of Practitioner Sun Yushu

Sun Yushu (female) was afflicted with an assortment of ailments before she started practicing Falun Dafa. She experienced the miraculous power of Dafa in helping her attain good health without medical treatment. After Falun Dafa was banned on July 22, 1999, she went to the government office of the province to tell of her own experience and speak for Dafa. As a result, she was detained for seven hours. In December of 1999, she went to Beijing on a business trip. It was assumed she had the intention of appealing for Falun Dafa and was sent back to her hometown. Afterwards, she was kept in the local detention center for nearly nine months, where she experienced various sorts of torture. Later, her husband bailed her out. Barely after leaving the detention center, she was put into a transformation class. Her being kept away from work has caused her company a great deal of financial loss. Her husband, children, relatives, and friends all have been busy running about to help her out. Is practicing Falun Dafa a crime? Can't practitioners go to Beijing for a business trip? No force, no matter how powerful, will ever shake one's faith and belief in the truth. Sun expressed her will to "follow Teacher closely, steadfastly cultivating Dafa," (Master Li's words from The Knowing Heart) no matter how much torment she has to endure.

[Beijing] Experience of practitioner Zhang Jialin

In October of 1999, I went to the Appeal Bureau in Beijing to tell the officials my experiences involving Falun Dafa. However, the Security Bureau in Beijing sent me to the detention center in Daxing County. Eight days later, the police in my hometown took me back. Their interrogation went on for two days and two nights. Getting no satisfying answers, they beat and cursed me. I was sent to a local detention center the following day and kept there for more than seven months. During these seven months, I suffered all sorts of torture. In addition to beating and cursing, they wouldn't allow me to sleep. They asked inmates to keep an eye on me, so whenever I fell asleep, I would be beaten and handcuffed. The suffering and pain are hard to describe with a few words. Finally, after my family sought out many people for help, the police agreed to give me parole on the condition that I would write a promise to give up practicing. Nevertheless, they ordered me to report to the police station everyday. They even went to search my house at midnight. One night at around one o'clock, more than ten people from the city police department, local police station, and civil security guards broke into my house, but found nothing. Still they asked my husband and me to go to the police station. When we refused, they literally carried us there. I escaped later that night. At present, I am leading a vagrant life, not being able to go home.

[Anhui Province] More Practitioners Arrested

Xu Song, male, 30, is from Anhui Province. He has a master's degree from Chinese Science and Technology University (Translator's note: a renowned university in China) and worked in a software company. He was arrested for giving out materials telling the true stories of Falun Dafa. He was sentenced to one year in a labor camp.

He Chao, male, 30, from Anhui Province, was suspected of giving out materials telling true stories of Falun Dafa and was arrested a month ago. He is currently being detained.

Shen Huajun, male, 27, from Anhui Province, was arrested and taken back home when he went to Beijing to appeal on July 20,1999. He went to appeal again in January of 2001 and was sent to Shuanggang Police Station in Hefei, capital of Anhui Province. Shen jumped from the third floor to escape from the persecution. When he got home, the police and people from his work unit came over to arrest him, and he was detained for 15 days. Recently, he was arrested again when he was suspected of giving out materials revealing the truth about Falun Gong.

Practitioner Liu Gewu works in the No.2 Automobile Manufacturing Base in Xiangfan, Hubei Province. Liu was arrested for giving out materials revealing the truth and sentenced to two years in the labor camp.

[Nongan, Jilin Province] Partial List of Practitioners Who Were Illegally Sentenced to Labor Camp

Since July 20, 1999, Nongan County has sent over 150 practitioners to labor camps. The following is a partial list.

Liu Chengjun, male. He was doing some laundry at home in August of 1999, when police came to take him for a conversation in the Political & Security Office of the county. He never returned. It is said that after several months he was sent to Fenjin Labor Camp in Changchun, capital of Jilin Province. It is also said that he was sentenced to one year, but he still has not come back home. His family members were not allowed to visit him. Later he was moved from Fenjin Labor Camp to somewhere else.

Zou Yanming, male. At the beginning of 2000, one day when he was at work, police took him to the Political & Security Office of the county and sentenced him to two years in the labor camp. His home was ransacked, and his family members were not allowed to visit him. He is being held in the Fenjin Labor Camp in Changchun.

Jiang Quande, male. The Political & Security Office arrested him for attempting to appeal in Beijing in 1999 and sentenced him to one year in the labor camp. His term has long since expired, yet he has not been released. He is being held in the Fenjin Labor Camp in Changchun.

Zhang Yuanming, male. The Political & Security Office took him back in 1999 when he appealed for Falun Dafa in Beijing. Liu Shangkuan, director of the Political & Security Office took all the money he had (24,500 Yuan) and never returned it. At the beginning of 2000, Zhang was taken from home and sentenced to two years in the labor camp. He served time in the Fenjin Labor Camp in Changchun, where he was tortured to death.

Liu Zhongkui, male, Zhao Xiang, male. They were arrested from home at the beginning of 2000 and sentenced to one year in the labor camp. It has been more than one year now, yet they have not been released.

Diao Xianyan, male, Zheng Jiawu, male, Gu Zhongjun, male. They were sentenced to one year in a labor camp for appealing in Beijing, and they are still being detained in the Fenjin Labor Camp in Changchun.

Li Min, male. He was taken from home by police to the Political & Security Office in August of 2000. They ransacked his house and asked him where he got the materials. He wouldn't reveal his source and received heavy beatings for one day and one night. Those who administered the beating included staff working in that office, the police, and even inmates. He was then sent to No.1 Detention center of the county. He was sentenced to three years in labor camps and is now being detained at the Weizigou Labor Camp in Changchun.

Sha Yongjun, male, Wang You, male, Zhang Qiguang, male, Zhang Jie, male. They were arrested by police in Tiananmen Square in Beijing in October and November of 2000. Escorted back to their hometown, they were sentenced to two years at labor camps. One of the two years is to be served at the Weizigou Labor Camp.

The Zou Yanjie couple went to appeal in Beijing. After they left, local police and officials in Halahai Commune broke the lock on their door and took everything in their home, including the sleeping mat. The couple was sentenced to a labor camp and still has not returned.

Pan Gang, male. On New Year's Day of 2000, police went to his home and asked him, "What did you do last night?" He said, "Nothing." Police found he had books of Falun Dafa, so they took away Pan and all the books. They kept him in the detention center for two months and sentenced him to a labor camp. He was sent to the labor camp in Jiutai City, because labor camps in Changchun were all too crowded.

Ma Weicai, male. He went to appeal in Beijing in December of 2000 and was arrested. He was detained for three months and sent to a labor camp in Jiutai City.

The following are all female: Xu Qingyan, Jiangyazhi and her sister, Liu Lu, Cheng Guiling, Chen Meiling, Zhang Liying, Huo Yunzhi, Pan Li, Han Lihua, Chen Guixiang, Dou Yuhua, Li Shuqing, Xu Yafen, Zhang Dongmei, Yuan Guiping, Wang Jing, Li Shuxiu, Zou Yanhui. They went to appeal in Beijing from October to December in 2000, Arrested by police in Tiananmen Square, they were later taken back and kept in the local detention center. The Political & Security Office sentenced them to one to three years in labor camps. They were then sent to Heizuizi Labor Camp in Changchun.

Wang Zhongling, female, Han Shuqin, female. They were taken from home and detained in Heizuizi Labor Camp in Changchun.

In Addition:

Zhang Yanlong, male. He went to appeal in Beijing in December of 2000 and was arrested by police in Tiananmen Square. There is no further information about his current condition.

Sun Mei, female. She went to appeal in Beijing in October of 2000 and was arrested by police in Tiananmen Square. There is no further information about her current condition.

There are still more than twenty practitioners being held in the detention center of Nongan County for appealing, giving out materials, and making statements of steadfastly practicing Falun Dafa. Practitioners who went on hunger strike there were beaten by the head guard with a club until the club was broken. We hope kind-hearted people everywhere could help them.

Lin Xiaoguang and Cao Yugun: Commanders of Police Department in Nongan County, Jilin Province, Tel: 86-431-3223364, 3225811, 3224945, 3224920, 3222186.

Liu Shangkuan: Director of Political & Security Office

[China] Street Talk Overheard Under a Cruel Reign:

1. "Now there is only one pure entity in China left, which is Falun Gong. It is the foundation and hope of China. The XX Party is hopelessly doomed. Few officials of that party are not corrupt. Anyway, I haven't heard of any Falun Gong practitioners who are corrupt or embezzle money. When you are trying to tell people what Falun Gong is, simply say this: Falun Gong practitioners are not corrupt, nor do they wine and dine themselves with public money, nor are they tainted with prostitution and gambling. That will explain everything."

2. I don't know about other Falun Gong practitioners. I only know that those of my acquaintance are good people. They do excellent jobs at work. I don't see them having any political intentions.

3. I fail to understand one thing. There are so many Falun Gong practitioners all over the world. Why hasn't a single one committed suicide? I never heard of any of them committing suicide before Falun Gong was banned. How come they are said to have committed suicide afterwards?

4. Now I understand about those so-called "transformed people" on TV. They were forced to convert. I know a Falun Gong practitioner in Tsinghua University (Translator's note: One of the top universities in China.). The couple was fired and put in police custody. Their teenage boy was left without parental care or financial support. Finally, the mother was released when she wrote a promise to give up practicing.

Written on March 23, 2001