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Dafa Practitioner Yang Weidong Persecuted to Death in Mental Hospital

March 30, 2001 |  

Dafa practitioner Yang Weidong (from Weifang City, Shandong Province) was arrested by policemen from the Nanguan Police Substation early in the morning on November 23, 1999. He was then held in the retaining room at the Nanguan Police Substation. This so-called retaining room is actually a damp and dark prison cell, located in a narrow hallway. It has a window (1 meter high, 1.5 meters wide) with no glass to keep out the cold wind. No sunlight can be seen in this cell year round. The temperature outdoors was --7 to -8oC (17-18 oF), and the temperature inside the cell was even lower than outside. The officers at the Nanguan police substation detained the men and women together, and didn't allow them to leave the room to eat or use the restroom. There was no sound insulation; therefore it was extremely awkward when one of them needed to relieve himself/herself. Inside the cell, the cold wind blew in through the open window. The cement floor was extremely cold, and the police did not provide any quilts. Under these harsh conditions, Yang Weidong's health deteriorated quickly. It was so bitterly cold that he could not sleep, and he had trouble breathing. His voice was weak, and he could only speak in short segments. He hardly ate anything, and coughed all day long.

However, the police did not care about his poor physical condition. After being detained for two days and one night, he was sent to the Weicheng Detention Center by his work unit (the Public Health Bureau) on the evening of November 24. Here, he was put under administrative detention. After he arrived at the detention center, Yang Weidong's health deteriorated even faster. He could barely walk, and could not sleep through the night. He could not eat much, and only drank gruel on a few occasions. He was coughing violently every day, and could not breathe when he lay down. Once, the detention center required that each individual be photographed, but by this time Yang Weidong could no longer get out of bed, so they had to take a picture of him in his sickbed. Seeing his poor health condition, the guard only asked him a few questions, but didn't take any further action to help him. With his amazing willpower, Yang Weidong endured the 15-day administrative detention.

When the detention period was over on Dec 8, his work unit sent him to the mental department in Kangfu hospital, (Weichang District, Weifang City) and forced him to stay there. In addition, they sent a guard to watch him, prohibiting him from studying the Fa or practicing the exercises. By this time, Yang Weidong had developed liver edema, and his lower limbs were swollen. Even the doctor in Kangfu Hospital was frightened upon seeing his condition. He told the guard who watched Yang Weidong: "He is on the brink of physical collapse, how come you do not send him home? His illness is already incurable." Finally, the hospital realized that Yang Weidong was dying, so they asked his family to take him home. Five or six days later, on the evening of December 25, Yang Weidong passed away.

1, Victim's personal information:

Name: Yang Weidong

Gender: Male

Age: 54

Occupation: Director of Health Bureau

Family Condition: Good

Health Condition: Good

Previous Psychiatric History: None

2, Description of being sent to hospital:

Hospitalization Date: December 8, 1999

Location: Mental Department in Kangfu Hospital of Weicheng District, Weifang City

3, The following include some of those responsible for Yang Weidong's persecution in the mental hospital, and a partial list of circumstances regarding the terms of his hospitalization:

(Name, Occupation): Xu Jiang, Secretary of Health Bureau

Responsible Party (Policeman, Work Unit, or Family Member): Tang Zhaoshan from Medicine Inspection Department.

Victim's Standpoint: Unknown

Did the Victim Sign any Agreement? Unknown

Hospitalization Document Signatory: Unknown

Condition for Leaving Hospital (For instance, write a statement for not going to Beijing to appeal or give up practicing Falun Gong.): Yes.

4, Situation after hospitalization:

Name and Title of Primary Care Doctor and nurse: Unknown

Hospital Name: Mental Department in Kangfu Hospital of Weicheng District, Weifang City

Dafa Practitioners in China

March 20, 2001