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Latest News from China - 03/21/2001

March 26, 2001 |  

[Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] Dafa Practitioner's Solemn Announcement: If We Die from an Accident, We Did Not Commit Suicide. It was Due to Persecution from the Government.

Dear Fellow Practitioners,


We are Dafa practitioners wrongfully detained in the No. 4 Large Unit of Shijiazhuang City Labor Camp for more than one year now. We have experienced many sufferings and persecutions in order to validate Dafa. We won't describe them here in detail. From March 1, 2001 when the two meetings (National People's Congress and People's Political Consultative Conference) were about to be held, more than 90 Dafa practitioners went on a hunger strike in order to appeal for Dafa.

Up to now, more than 20 practitioners have not eaten or drank anything for 15 days; they were force-fed through their noses. Practitioners Fan Lixin, Jin Lihong, Hu Shengman and some other practitioners decided to go on with the hunger strike to appeal for Dafa. They have requested and wish to reclaim Dafa's innocence and free all detained Dafa practitioners.

On the 12th day, Fan Lixin's blood pressure was zero and she was forcibly given an intravenous injection. But she pulled out the injection tube to show her strong determination that she could give up everything for Dafa. Her relatives were called in to persuade her. But she still refused to eat anything, except to drink a little water. We now inform you of her situation. If we were dead, the government may attempt to damage Dafa by claiming we had committed suicide to create trouble, therefore, we solemnly announce that we would never commit suicide. What we have done is appealing for Dafa. All mishaps are caused by the vicious persecution.

Please make our announcement known to the public, resist the vicious persecution and cooperate with our hunger strike inside the labor camp.

Thank You. We hope this can be posted on Clearwisdom.Net and also hope you can address a letter to the Human Rights Conference in Geneva.

Practitioners from Shijiazhuang City: Fan Lixin, Jin Lihong, Zhao Zhiqiang, Hu Shengman

[Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province] Daqing City Educational System Forced Students in Middle and Primary Schools to Sign Against Falun Gong

Since the beginning of the new semester, officials in the Daqing City Educational System confused right and wrong and helped a tyrant to do evil. They forced middle and primary school students to sign the so-called "Fight Against [Chinese government's slanderous words omitted]" petition. This act greatly hurt their young hearts, committed monstrous crimes and fostered the vicious forces. The following are some examples.

  1. In Dongxin No.1 Primary School: Even First Grade pupils could not escape from signing. In order to get a higher quantity and get praised by their superior, the school leaders even forced pupils' parents, who came to accompany their children home after school, to sign.
  2. In No.69 Middle School, many students objected to signing. In order to finish the task, the organizers had to ask someone else sign for them. In some classes, they had one student sign for all other students in the same class.
  3. In order to increase the quantity, students in No. 55 Middle School were divided into groups, each group had four to five students. Under the scrutinizing of teachers and a video camera, students were forced to sign. They were even organized to have a discussion.

This was the way to collect the so-called 1.5 million signatures for the 57th UN Human Rights Conference in Geneva. This is a special characteristic of human rights in China.

[Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province] The True Story of Collecting Signatures: Primary School Students were Expelled from School for Refusing to Sign

Falun Gong practitioners Zhang Miao, in Class 3 of the 5th Grade in No.2 Yongjun Primary School, and Miao Xin in Class 1 of the 3rd Grade were expelled from school, as they did not sign against Falun Gong. The two students cried. Their teacher Yu Derong said, "Our school dismissed its two best students." The school principal said, "This is the order from my superiors. Those students who do not give up practicing Falun Gong would be dismissed."

Is not the "superior" he mentioned Jiang Zemin? Jiang even claimed that he governs the Country with virtue. That is so untrue. He forced all Chinese people to sign in order to justify the suppression of Falun Gong. They sent the signatures to the UN Human Rights Conference as false testimony. He did not even leave the children alone. He became a public enemy to all Chinese people. He acted as the most vicious life in the world, and he is trying to push all people to the evil abysm with him.

[China] A Letter to a Mother from a Middle School Student

Dear Mom,

How are you? You don't need to worry about me. Take good care of yourself. I am fine here.

I will do according to your words. I will study the Fa [Law and Universal Principle] when I have time. When I had a chat with the principal of our school the other day, he asked me, "Is Falun Gong good or not?" I answered, "Good!" Just because of this, the principal called my grandfather and said he wanted to transfer me to another school. Grandmother and aunt did not want me to transfer to another school after they knew the truth of the matter.

Mom, I miss you very much. I think you must know my heart. If it is possible, you come back and take me to Beijing. I am not afraid of any suffering and hardships.

Okay. Talk to you later!

I wish you achieve Consummation as soon as possible.

Your Daughter

February 17, 2001

[Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province] Practitioners Disclosing the Truth will be Persecuted in Dashiqiao City

After the article "A Senior, Li Yanhua, was Beaten to Death by Vicious Police in Liaoning Province" was published on Minghui Net and due to the pressure from the upper government, Dashiqiao City Police Department, tried to arrest the practitioners who took the picture and got it published on Minghui Net. Police were asked to solve the case within a certain time. However, they paid no attention to punishing the murderers who beat practitioner Li Yanhua to death. Now her murderers are still at large.

Note: Before the article was published, Dafa practitioners in Dashiqiao City clarified the truth to the public on this matter. However, in order to confuse the public, the Government invited some people from the TV station, doctors, and Li Yanhua's husband to commit perjury. They played the fabricated "news" on TV to cover up their crimes.

[Minghui Net] The article, "Accelerating Speed on the Internet" published in the Latest News from China last week, was deleted, because the method provided by the article could not conceal the IP. Hope everybody does not use that method any more.

[Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] Cellular Phones, Public Phones and IC Card Phones were monitored on a large scale in Shenyang City. Practitioners please pay close attention to security.

[Nanyang City, Henan Province] A Couple was Detained, Meanwhile No One Looks After Their 10-Year-Old Son

The couple Guo Jianbang and Li Dongyue in No.12 Team of Dongwu Village, Nanyang City, Henan Province, was detained due to appealing in Beijing on December 27, 2000. They were detained in No. 2 Detention Center until today. In this tough situation and in the face of inhumane torture, they firmly continued to believe in Dafa. It was said that Guo Jianbang was sentenced to two and half years of forced labor and Li Dongyue was sentenced to 2 years of forced labor. No one looks after the couple's son who is about 10 years old.

[Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province] A "Transformation Class" Ends in Disgrace for the Daqing City Petroleum Administration Bureau

After the "self-immolation" incident, the head of the company carried out the orders from the upper government, and deprived Falun Gong practitioners of the right to work and restrained their personal freedom, taking no concern for the regular operation of the company's business. They set up a transformation class, using brainwashing methods in attempt to achieve their personal political purposes. Eventually, after one-month of attempting transformation, the practitioners became even firmer in Dafa; this class disgraced the leaders .

To vent their personal resentments, the leaders expelled practitioners from the Party, or persuaded them to give up their Party memberships, degraded their positions, and heavily fined them without giving any reason. Afraid that it might arouse the public's objection, they forced grass-roots workers to declare their position on this act, according to the leader's will, and then they claimed this was the will of grass-roots workers. This is scandalous behavior. One leader was very angry as he thought the punishment was not severe enough. And another leader claimed in public, "I prefer a pornography website to Minghui Net." They are very cruel and vicious!

Kind-hearted people, sharpen your eyes. It has been easy to discern the bad from the good, the righteous from the wicked.

People who were in charge of the "transforming class":

Cao Shucheng, Vice Secretary of Party Committee, Tel: 011-86-459-5594332 (Office) 011-86-459-5988006 (Home), 011-86-459-189 call 30690 (Pager)

Wang Mingzhi, Director of Party Committee Office. Tel: 011-86-459-5595710 (Office) 011-86-459-5392345 (Home), 011-86-459-129 call 17630 (Pager)

Huang Xianzhu, Vice director of Party Committee Office. Tel: 011-86-459-5595720 (Office)

[China] Exposing the Evil

On Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve [January 23, 2001], when I was on my way back home, I heard from a passenger that Jiange County police would not be off duty on January 23-24. They would take action on New Year's Eve to arrest Dafa practitioners when practitioners went back home to reunite with their families. They wanted to take the joint action with personnel from every district and county government.

[Hefei City, Anhui Province] News from Anhui Province

Recently, Dafa practitioners Sun Ping, Guo Chunrong and Qian Chaofen were forcibly taken away from their homes. Now their situations are unknown.

Practitioner Peng Yuxia and her husband are both Falun Dafa practitioners. On February 10, 2001, Peng Yuxia was sent to the City Detention Center by the local police station. She led an inhumane life there. Her husband could not return home, as police searched everywhere to arrest him. His whereabouts are unknown, and he has still not returned home. No one took care of their ten-year-old daughter.

[Qingdao City, Shandong Province] Practitioners Detained in Lichang District are Still Not Released

On December 27, Lichang District Government, Political and Law Committee, Police Department and Administration Office arrested and detained 12 Falun Dafa practitioners at the Lichang District Government Hotel (Yingbin Building, Laoshan District) in the name of setting up an education class. Practitioners have still not been released. Some are detained, and some have been sentenced to forced labor. The same kind of vicious methods were used with Dafa practitioners in Laoshan District of Qingdao City.

[Dandong City, Liaoning Province] Passengers were Searched in Dandong City

It was said that around the Chinese Spring Festival, passengers would probably be searched in Dandong City, which is a three hour drive from Masanjia Labor Camp [An infamous labor camp in which torture is widely used to persecute Falun Gong practitioners]. This created a lot of trouble for practitioners to distribute flyers.

A practitioner wrote a repentant statement under great pressure from the government, but the Police Station still did not release him.

Local patrol police sometimes checked a photocopy house to see whether there was someone printing Dafa materials. Sometimes they went to an Internet Bar to search whether there was someone visiting Dafa Websites.

[Heilongjiang Province] News from Heilongjiang Province

During the UN Human Rights Conference, Jiang Zemin and his accomplices decided to send all practitioners in detention centers and labor camps to transformation classes held by the governments of all levels, in order to assert the claim of the "Best Period for Human Rights."

[Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Brutality in Changlinzi Labor Camp

Many Falun Dafa practitioners were illegally arrested and sent to a detention center after they went to Beijing to appeal to the government. After the legal normal detention period [15 days] was terminated, over 90 practitioners were still not released. Instead, the police sent them to the Changlinzi Labor Camp without even notifying their families.

At the labor camp, the guards harshly persecuted practitioners both physically and mentally. As the result of extended forced standing and humid conditions, Dafa practitioner's bodies became swollen and they couldn't even put on their shoes. To punish the determined practitioners, the guards kept them up until mid-night. Sometimes, the practitioners were repeatedly awaken, and were forced to write their understanding and self-criticism statements. If not this did not meet the guards' requirements, the guards wouldn't allow the practitioners to go back to sleep.

The labor camp's visitation policy is simply unbelievable. When family members came to visit, they have had to indicate that they themselves are not Dafa practitioners. If they are, then the visit is not permitted.

Phone number for the Changlinzi Labor Camp: 011-86-451-2037079

[Qingdao City, Shangdong Province] Police Arrest Falun Gong Practitioners While Turning a Blind Eye to Criminals

Since the Chinese Spring Festival [January 24, 2001], Qingdao Public Security Department has mobilized all of its police force to intensify the persecution of Falun Gong. They deployed all plainclothes police and special agents to search for and arrest Falun Gong practitioners.

The police forced all the detained practitioners to repent. They threatened to send all those who refused to labor camps. As of today, police departments in Shinan District and Shibei District have illegally detained about 100 practitioners. These practitioners are now being forced to repent. Jiangsu Street Police Station in Shibei District sent seven policemen to practitioners' home. When the practitioners refused to open the door, the police used tools to pry open the door and arrested three practitioners. They are now detained in the Dashan Detention Center in Qingdao City.

Li Village's Xishan police branch office in Licun area assigned more than a dozen ruffian-like plainclothes police to patrol the streets. Their assignment was to arrest any Falun Gong practitioner they knew. They also posted many anti-Falun Gong flyers outside the police office and other residential areas.

What's worse, in order to capture as many practitioners as possible, the police even used deceitful methods. They asked a transformed former practitioner (spy) to call or page several practitioners for a meeting. The police will would arrest the practitioners on the spot. Yang Xueyan from Qingdao City is such a spy. After she was transformed in a transformation class in Beishi District, Yang Xueyan led police to raid a printing house where Dafa truth materials were printed. The police stole all the property, including Falun Gong flyers and printers, causing much difficulty for Dafa work in the future. On March 11, 2001, around 2 p.m., she paged another practitioner and said that she had just escaped from the transformation class and wanted to have a meeting with that practitioner. The unsuspicious practitioner was arrested at the designated meeting place. Using the same trick, Yang helped police to arrest several other practitioners.

Practitioners in China, be aware of moles!

[Qingdao City, Shandong Province] Persecution Cases in Qingdao City

Li Yantao, male, 32, Ph. D. researcher in Qingdao Oceanography Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Science. Mr. Li became a Dafa practitioner in October 1998. In July 2000, he learned that Jiaozhou City's government's Political and Legal Committee has had secretly sent more than ten Falun Gong practitioners to a mental hospital for persecution. Mr. Li exposed the crime. As a result, he was detained for a month. His employer bailed him out in August 2000. To punish him, the Research Institute suspended his work for three months. At the end of the suspension, they refused to let him come to work. In the meantime, Mr. Li was being followed constantly and was not allowed to contact other practitioners. On the 2001 New Year's Day, Mr. Li was talking with several other practitioners in his apartment. All of a sudden, several policemen from Qingdao City Police Department broke in and arrested everyone in the room. Mr. Li was later sentenced to three years of forced labor. Now he is detained in the Licun Village Labor Camp.

Li Hong, female, 25, a former student of Shandong University. In 1999, after she went to Beijing to appeal, Li was expelled from the school. Later she was admitted into Qingdao Chemical Engineering College's night school. In August 2000, the school expelled her again because the police assumed that she distributed Falun Gong flyers. On November 18, 2000, she was arrested again for hanging Falun Gong banners. After one month's detention, the police from her hometown came and took her back. It was believed that she was sentenced to 3 years of forced labor. Details about her are not clearknown.

Zhang Jiancheng, male, about 30. Mr. Zhang is a determined practitioner. He went to Beijing four times to appeal for Falun Dafa and was repeatedly arrested. Now he is detained at the Licun Village Labor Camp in Qingdao City.

Xin Yuzhen, female, over 40. Ms. Xin went to Beijing twice to appeal for Falun Dafa. The first time, she was forced to attend a transformation class. The second time, she was detained for 15 days and later for another 7 days. On January 28, 2000, of the Chinese Lunar calendar [February 20, 2001], Ms. Xin was arrested by the police and later sentenced to three 3 years of forced labor. Now she is held in the Wangcun Village Labor Camp.

Wang Kangning, male, 31, graduate of Jinan Fine Arts College in Jinan City, Shandong Province. Mr. Wang became a Dafa practitioner in January 1999. In May 2000, on his way to Beijing to appeal, Mr. Wang was intercepted at the railway station by the police from Laoshan Police Station, Qingdao City. After 24 hours of detention at the Laoshan Police Station, he was released. In June 2000, he went to Beijing again. This time he was arrested by police in Beijing and sent back to Qingdao City. He served 15 days in detention. In July, he and several other practitioners went to Beijing again to unfurl a banner that read "Zhen, Shan, Ren [Truth, Compassion, Forbearance]." This time he was detained for a month. In August, he was again detained a month for distributing Dafa flyers. According to Mr. Wang, he was repeatedly and severely beaten by inmates and he believes they broke his ribs. At the end of October 2000, he was detained for another month for posting Dafa flyers. Later he was sentenced to three 3 years of forced labor. Now he is held in the Li Village Labor Camp.

Yin Guodong, male, 23, a student at Qingdao Chemical Engineering College. In June 2000, Mr. Yin went to Beijing to validate Dafa. He was arrested and sent back to Qingdao City. As a result, he was forced to quit school. In August 2000, he was detained for a month for distributing Dafa flyers. Later he was bailed out and fined 3,000 Yuan RMB (about US$380). In November 19, 2000, he went to Zhongnanhai (central government office compound and residence area in Beijing) to file a suit against President Jiang Zemin. Beijing police arrested him and he was severely tortured. He was later sent back to Qingdao City and sentenced to three 3 years of forced labor. Now he is detained in the Li Village Labor Camp.

Yin Jiabing, male, 24, worked at Qingdao Chemical Engineering College Factory. In November 2000, he was arrested when posting Dafa flyers. After one month in detention, he was sentenced to three 3 years of forced labor. Now he is held in the Li Village Labor Camp.

[Wenjiang City, Sichuan Province] A Sichuan Practitioner Tells Their Story

Since the government began its crackdown on Falun Gong, the troubles have been incessant. After going to Beijing to appeal and being escorted back to my region, I was detained for half a month. After that, police kept looking for me off and on, once there were people from the police station, another time there were some from the street administrative office, and I was also harassed with frequent follow-up phone calls. My family members often said, "Will the Party just let us live in peace!"

Once at midnight, several policemen came to my house. My spouse and I happened to be away from home, and my teenage daughter was staying at home alone. The police forcefully hit and kicked the door, acting like intruders. My daughter was very frightened by their behavior. She thought they were robbers and prepared a knife to protect herself while dialing the emergency number 110.

On March 1, 2001, the police station called us to go there under the pretense that they had something to talk to us about. I had sufficient reason for refusing, as I did not violate any law. But later I thought that I am a Dafa practitioner, I should act nobly and upright, as I didn't do anything shameful. However, once I arrived there, the police station immediately detained fellow practitioners and me, and forcibly sent us to Huipu Village, Wenjiang City to attend a transformation class. They illegally held us there for 15 days. They even extorted more than 600 Yuan for living expenses from us. I am a retired worker; I only have a monthly income of 180 Yuan [about US$20, monthly wage in China is about $60] to make ends meet. When my neighbors knew about this, they all felt very angry and said, "Don't pay them! This is really odd; they hold you illegally yet they still ask you for money! What reason do they have?"

[Huachuan County, Heilongjiang Province] Facts of Huachuan County Police's Persecution of Dafa Practitioners

  1. On December 8, 2000, Wei Zhanwen, the section chief of Political & Security Section of Huachuan County Police Department (residential phone number: 011-86-454-3824330), and Liu Diannong together with two other men bought a new police car (in order to persecute Dafa practitioners) with the fines they extorted from Dafa practitioners. At around 8 p.m. on December 8, 2000, they drove this car to arrest Li Shuping (female); Yin Yuping (female), her home phone number is 011-86-454-3828861; and Li Chunhai, Yin Yuping's husband, who live at Changqing Street, Yuelai Town, Huachuan County.
  2. During the time they got out of the new police car to arrest the practitioners, the police car mysteriously disappeared, which has still not been found. To vent their resentment, the policemen fined Yin Yuping 6,000 Yuan. Her husband spent 2,200 Yuan of their hard earned money to bribe some government officials and still couldn't get his wife back. The two practitioners were secretly sent to a labor camp in Jiamusi City [Heilongjiang Province] on January 21, 2001. Their families are having a hard time, and their children and family members are suffering tremendously.

  3. Du Shaolong (male), a former self-employed Chinese medical doctor of Huachuan County, who now lives in Shuichan Building, was detained in June 2000 for practicing Falun Gong. The director of Huachuan County Police Department Zhang Yunze, and the director of 615 Office [a governmental organization specializing in persecuting Falun Gong] Wang Zhongwu (whose office telephone number is 011-86-454-3821075) tortured him into keeping the posture of "operating an airplane," and forced him to stand with his hands on the ground while Zhang Yunze boxed his face and Wang Zhongwu kicked his back with his hard leather shoes, striking him with heavy blows. They beat him for more than 40 minutes. He was beaten so harshly that his mouth gushed blood. Zhang and Wang were also swearing while beating him.
  4. Falun Gong practitioner Yan Chengyou (male) was taken to the detention center by Huachuan County Police Department on June 7, 2000. During the detention period, he was severely beaten by Wang Zhongwu for an entire afternoon. He vomited blood all over the ground. They beat his back with a bamboo board. He vomited twice as his internal organs were badly injured. He was then sent to the hospital after the inmates reported his condition to the guards in the detention center.
  5. In order to shirk their responsibilities, Wang and the other people said Yan's vomiting of blood was not because of the beating. Fearing the truth would be exposed, they immediately sent Yan to a labor camp in Jiamusi City and wanted to end this matter. Yan Chengyou's whereabouts are still unknown.

  6. On January 22, 2001, Falun Gong practitioner Li Jingfeng (male) was tricked into going to Huachuan County Detention Center by an unidentified person from Chengnan police station using the excuse that he wanted to discuss something with Li Jingfeng. He was held there for 10 days without any charge or legal procedure. Li Jingfeng managed to escape from the detention center after he discovered it was a hoax. He wandered about for three days in the cold winter with temperatures of -300C (-22 0F). This practitioner's leg was broken and his ears were badly frostbitten.

During this time, the Huanchuan County Police Department tried to surround and seize him but they were afraid of taking the responsibility of his death (they were afraid Li Jingfeng would die outside). Li Jingfeng did nothing wrong, neither did he commit any crime. The police department detained him without any charge and without due legal process. The victim later went to see Sun Xiping, the head of the county, who claimed this was not his responsibility, shirking responsibility to others. Li Jingfeng had been detained a total of six times and suffered numerous inhumane tortures. He was both mentally and physically debilitated. He was sent to Jiamusi City Mental Hospital once by the Political Security Section of the Huachuan County Police Department and once by his family members. The Political Security Section extorted more than 8,000 Yuan from him. Li Jingfeng was banned from his farm, and was not even allotted one field; he was even denied the field to grow food for his family.

Falun Gong practitioner Song Huiqing (female), a resident of Hengtoushan town, is now detained at No.1 Detention Center by Huachuan County Police Department. A teacher, Qin, female, is also detained at No.1 Detention Center by Huachuan County Police Department. Su Fenglan (female), a resident of Putaogou village, Hengtoushan town, is detained by the Huachuan County Police Department. The Political Security Section fined the above-mentioned three practitioners 5,000 Yuan each. They wouldn't release these practitioners or let them meet with their family members even after their family members had paid the money.

[Dachuan City, Sichuan Province] The Principal of a Primary School in Dachuan City was Arrested

More than 30 Dafa practitioners including the principal of the No.13 Primary School of Duchuan City, Tang Chengyun and Beiwai Primary School teacher Yang Lan were arrested in January and February 2001. Their computers and photocopiers were taken away after their homes were ransacked, which made it very difficult for local practitioners to browse the Internet and obtain materials from Minghui Net. We hope Dafa practitioners in other places pay close attention to security.

[Baoding City, Hebei Province] Baoding City Increases Persecution Against Dafa Practitioners

The persecution in Baoding City is running rampant now. During the "Two Conferences," a large number of practitioners were being taken into custody. In order to protest the illegal detention, dozens of practitioners including Liu Yuzhi, Liu Yuling, Liu Yulan, Tang Guihong, Wang Guiying, Liang Lanzhi, Sun Lianying and Tian Ying (all are female) were requesting to be released immediately, they have been on a hunger strike for many days, and their lives are in danger. Kind-hearted people, please pay attention to their situation.

Address of Baoding Detention Center: No.238, Qiyidong Road, Baoding City, Hebei Province. Telephone number: 011-86-312-5028774.

[Baoding City, Hebei Province] The Lekai Film Company Makes Everyone Declare a Position

The China Lekai Film Company makes everyone declare a position and express their attitude toward the "Self-Immolation Incident" and Falun Gong. Dafa practitioner, Zhang Yueming (male), the secretary to External Affairs Department, denoted that the Constitution protects citizen's freedom of speech, and he refused to make comments and silently protested. When he was forced to clarify his attitude, Zhang Yueming asked to resign. The security section illegally restrained his personal freedom for 7 hours.

Address of China Lekai Film Company: No.1 Jianshenan Road, Baoding City, Hebei Province.

Telephone number: 011-86-312-3231409. Person in charge: Li Baohe

Telephone number: 011-86-312-3276688. Person in charge: Du Maotao

Telephone number: 011-86-312-3260879. Person in charge: Zhang Gu

[Baoding City, Hebei Province] Zhonghua Road Police Station Fabricated Rumors to Defame Dafa Practitioners

On March 1, 2001, the Zhonghua Road Police Station of Beishi District in Baoding City, Hebei Province illegally ransacked the house of Dafa practitioner Tang Guihong and took away Dafa materials, some handbags, 9,400 Yuan in cash, and a box of old blank paper. Without providing an arrest warrant, they illegally took Tang Guihong away. They handcuffed her with her hands behind her back for one day, and then sent her to a detention center. They confiscated Tang's money and claimed that it was used for holding Dafa activities. They also claimed that there were 2000 pieces of Dafa truth material confiscated from Tang's house, but actually it was only old blank paper. The way they distort the truth is really insulting.

On the evening of February 28, 2001, Tang Guihong's husband, practitioner Zhang Yueming was secretly arrested by the police from the Zhonghua Road Police Station, while on his way home. He was brutally beaten. His family and friends were very concerned about his situation; however, the police did not tell his family where he was until March 7, 2001. This is violating citizen's rights.

To protest the police's brutality, Tang Guihong and Zhang Yueming have been on a hunger strike. We hope all kind-hearted people show your concern for their situation.

Address of Baoding City Beishi District Police Department: No. 188 Xinbei Street

Tel: 011-86-312-2025382

Zhonghua Road Police Station Tel: 011-86-312-5089685; Chief: Wang Hongbin

[Sanhe City, Hebei Province] The Situation of Some Arrested Dafa Practitioners

Kang Jingtai, male, a university graduate and doctor at the Chinese Medicine Hospital in Sanhe City, was sentenced to 2 years of forced labor and is now detained at the Wanzhuang Labor Camp in Langfang City, Hebei Province.

Xin Baodong, male, an owner of a small business, was sentenced to 1 year of forced labor and is now detained at the Wanzhuang Labor Camp in Langfang City, Hebei Province.

Yuan Jingxing, male, a farmer of Xiaowang Village in Xinji Town of Sanhe City, was sentenced to 1 year of forced labor and is detained at the Wanzhuang Labor Camp in Langfang City, Hebei Province.

Pan Zhenfang, male, a farmer of Lizhuang Village of Xinji Town in Sanhe City, was sentenced to 3 years of forced labor and is detained at the Wanzhuang Labor Camp in Langfang City, Hebei Province.

Feng Yuhong, female, a farmer of Shibaihu Village of Duanjialing Town in Sanhe City, was sentenced to 2 years of forced labor and is now detained at the Kaiping Labor Camp in Tangshan City, Hebei Province.

Chen Xiufen, female, a farmer from Qiaoguantun Village in Sanhe City, was sentenced to 2 years of forced labor and is detained at the Kaiping Labor Camp in Tangshan City.

Wang Lianshuang, female, a farmer from Yangzhuang Village in Yangzhuang Town of Sanhe City, was sentenced for 1 year of forced labor and is now detained at the Kaiping Labor Camp in Tangshan City.

Li Yonglian, female, a teacher at the Fourth Elementary School in Sanhe City, was sentenced to 3 years of forced labor but is serving outside of the labor camp because of "illness" and after she was forced to pay a fine.

In addition, since March 1, 2001, three police stations including Nancheng, Xinji Town, and Beicheng Police Stations in Sanhe City have illegally tried to arrest Dafa practitioners, Bai Lingxia, Meng Qingyun, Meng Qingxiang, Guo Chunying, Song Jianguo, Li XX, Yuan Junping, Wang Keying, and Liu Fengling. Police attempted to send them to labor camps. However, the police failed to find them. Some of the practitioners have had to leave their homes, and some of them have sustained both mental and physical injuries from this incident.

[Zaodong City, Heilongjiang Province] Dafa Practitioners' Family Members are Illegally Detained


Dafa practitioner Chi Xuefeng, male, 22, was arrested around last Spring Festival [Chinese Lunar New Year] and detained in the Zaodong City Detention Center until August 2000. After being released, he did not stay at home. However, in early December 2000, unable to detain him, the Zaodong City Police Department then detained his father, Chi Hongbin, who did not even practice Falun Gong. Without any legal procedure or charge, they detained his father for 18 days until Chi Xuefeng was arrested in Beijing and taken back to Zaodong City. They imposed a fine of 3,000 Yuan to release his father. To prevent Dafa practitioners from going to appeal in Beijing, the Zaodong City Police Department also arrested some practitioners at their homes. Practitioners Wang Hongyan, Chen Jinlan, and Fang Shuhua have been detained since January 24, 2001 [the 1st day of the 2001 Chinese Lunar New Year].


Gu Yazhi, Gu Yayun, Li Benjun, Qi Yabin, Qi Yafan, Aunty Liu, and many other unknown practitioners were arrested without legal procedures and have been detained since December 2000 only because they did not write a guarantee letter [to say that they won't practice Falun Gong any more] and did not pay the fines. We urge the international community to rescue these Falun Dafa practitioners who are suffering in China.

For the so - called "transformed practitioners who stopped practicing Falun Gong," as Jiang Zemin claimed, they have to pay several thousand Yuan in fines. They must report to their work units, residential committee or local police station every day at 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. or have to be watched by their family members while practicing the exercise at home. Do these acts really mean being transformed and no longer practicing Falun Gong?

[Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] How did the Police Extort Money from Dafa Practitioners?

Recently, a practitioner's husband told us a story about his experience. The practitioner was sentenced to 1 year of forced labor at the Wanjia Labor Camp because of practicing Falun Gong. One day, the practitioner's husband was called to the labor camp. The officer asked him, "How much money did you bring with you today?" He said, "200 Yuan." The officer continued, "Today, we will give your wife a physical check-up. Why did you bring that little amount of money?" He answered, "It is not a little amount of money. I only earn 400 Yuan per month and we don't always get paid."

Then, they took a taxi to the Public Security [police] Hospital. He saw that the "General Registration Fee is 2 Yuan" and "Registration for a Specialist's treatment is 16 Yuan." The hospital staff asked, "Is she a detainee?" He said, " Yes." The doctor then said, "Then she has to pay 160 Yuan for the Special Registration." The police thought, "There are only 200 Yuan, and it takes several dozen Yuan for a round-trip taxi ride. The rest of the money will only be enough for the registration fee." He then angrily said, " Your Public Security Hospital is too much; registration fee charges of 160 Yuan is ridiculous!"

The doctor then called the Chief of the hospital. The chief then called the police to one side and said, " You bring some more detainees here for check-up, and I will give you a certain percentage." That police said, "All the Falun Gong practitioners have a difficult life, and many can't get paid from their work. (Many work units only pay Falun Gong practitioners 200 Yuan for living expenses) Take what percentage? You charge too much!" He then turned to the practitioner and said, "Just write a guarantee to say that you'll no longer practice Falun Gong and I will release you." The practitioner said, "I've determined to practice all the way to the end. I can't stop practicing, and neither can I lie to you." The police then said, " Then write that you won't go to Beijing nor associate with other practitioners." The practitioner said, " I won't write anything."

A couple of days later, the practitioner's husband received a call from the police, the police said, "Your wife is sick and she needs to go to the hospital. You should bring 1,500 Yuan here." The husband said, " I don't have any money." Police continued, "Why don't you be kind!" He responded, " If you are kind, you should release her. And her life and death would then have nothing to do with you." On the following day, two policemen came to the practitioner's home and asked her husband, " Is it that you don't want to pay the money?" He answered, " It is not that I don't want to pay but I don't have any money." Police said, " You can pay 1,000 Yuan then." He answered, " I want to pay but I have no money." The police then left dejectedly.

[China] "This is a Movement"

A University professor's wife is a Dafa practitioner and was taken away by police because she went to appeal in Beijing. The professor had no way out but to go consult a legal department. A lawyer told him that his fee is 150 Yuan per hour.

However, when they just started to talk for a few minutes, a young man beside them suddenly said, "Falun Gong can't hire lawyers, and neither can they file their appeals. We don't apply the law to deal with the Falun Gong issue, that's a 'Movement.' This is the directive from the upper level of the government."

The lawyer forced a smile and said, " Sir, you have heard. I can't accept your 150 Yuan. We just started for a couple of minutes, so forget about the payment."

The old professor sadly held the 150 Yuan, not knowing who to turn to ask for help.

[Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] Jiang Zemin's So Called "Virtue Management": Policeman Zhao Hongtao Persecuted Practitioners and was Promoted


Zhao Hongtao, a policeman from Shenhe District of Shenyang City, is the chief of the Security Section of Shenhe District Police Department. Since July 1999, he made his best efforts to persecute Falun Gong practitioners: arresting, detaining, and transforming them. Because of his extraordinary performances in persecuting Falun Gong, he has now been promoted as the chief of the "Falun Gong Persecution Team."