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Latest News from China - 03/18/2001

March 25, 2001 |  

[Beijing] Practitioners Face New Tribulation: Quota Driven "Transformations"

According to letters from China, since March 15, Beijing has started a new round of harsh persecution against all Falun Dafa practitioners, forcing every practitioner to write the so-called Three Statements, "Renouncing Statement", "Repentance Statement", and "Guarantee Statement. Those who refuse are sent to a "transformation class" held by the district or county. Those not transformed are sent directly to a labor camp. The quota for the number of transformations in Beijing is 2,000. They assigned a quota to every district and county. For instance, Chaoyang District was assigned a quota of 200. On March 15, some community officials began to visit and threaten practitioners at their homes. The transformation site for the Chaoyang District is said to be located near the Twin Bridge.

[Beijing] Warning: The Communist Party Continues to "Play with Fire"

Recently, I overheard a rumor saying, "Falun Gong practitioners would start burning vehicles." The rumor reminded me of what happened more than a month ago, the day before the Chinese New Year. I was chatting with a person about Falun Gong, and he said, "It is rumored that Falun Gong practitioners will 'close active points.'" I was surprised and asked him what he meant by "closing active points." He said that "Closing active points" referred to group self-immolation. I found this to be ridiculous and kindly explained to him that Falun Gong practitioners do not kill others or commit suicide. I did not pay attention to what he told me at that time, but the self-immolation incident did occur in Tiananmen Square on Chinese New Year Eve. This time, a rumor says that Falun Gong practitioners will burn vehicles. Will the wicked people play a new trick, first by spreading rumors, and then creating an incident for which Falun Gong practitioners would be blamed? I want to warn the common people about this. Fellow practitioners, please pay attention also. We must understand Fa from the perspectives of Fa, enhance Fa-studying, treat Fa as Teacher and not give the evil any opportunity.

[Chengdu, Sichuan Province] Chengdu Chinese Medical University Forces Every Student to Sign Against Falun Gong or be Dismissed from School

It has been reported that Chengdu Chinese Medical University forced all students to sign their names on the banners against Falun Gong, and those who refused to sign were dismissed from school.

Meanwhile, the school enthusiastically started posting bulletins, banners, and other propaganda materials attacking Dafa on campus. It appears to be just like the Cultural Revolution. Ten words saying "Denounce XX; Refuse XX" were written on a blackboard on campus. Practitioners erased the two words "Denounce" and "Refuse" and removed the statements slandering Dafa. The next day, the entire campus was under the control of the police. They hung banners saying "Denounce XX; Refuse XX" everywhere and added a large number of security guards, trying to catch Dafa practitioners. Ironically, not only were the Dafa practitioners not captured, but also the weather was uncooperative. On March 8, 2001, a strong wind scattered the banners everywhere, and a rainstorm on March 9 washed away the rest.

[Shandong Province] Record of Jiang Zemin's Totalitarian Regime: Murder and Arson is OK, Practicing Falun Gong is Not

The transformation class in Mengyin County is famous for its viciousness, becoming a "model" for the city and province.

A staff member for the transformation class even said to a Dafa practitioner, "You can commit murder and set fires, or rape a woman. We don't care about these things. But practicing Falun Gong is definitely not allowed!"

[North China] Record of Jiang Zemin's Totalitarian Regime: Falun Dafa Practitioners Become Drill Targets for New Security Guards

The vicious authorities of a local government in Northern China recently sent innocent Dafa practitioners to the campus of security guards to serve as drill targets. Everyday, new security guards practiced beating and tying up practitioners again and again. They tried to destroy the Dafa practitioners' faith and righteous thoughts toward Dafa. Their atrocities made many kindhearted people angry, and these people are helping Dafa practitioners collect evidence of the crimes committed against them. In the interest of justice, we are temporarily withholding details regarding the names of the place and criminals.

[Beijing] Dafa Particles Suppress the Evil by Posting Dafa Leaflets

March 2 was the day for the "Two Conference" held by Jiang Zemin. One Dafa particle entered Beijing to post leaflets safeguarding Dafa. On this day, the streets in Beijing were full of policemen. Security guards watched the street crossings and numerous police vehicles were on patrol. On the way back home after posting leaflets, this Dafa particle saw a police vehicle approaching. The Dafa particle just walked forward as if nothing was amiss and took a taxi, leaving the spot. As soon as he arrived at a safe place, a strong gust of wind started to blow followed by a continuous sand storm.

[North China] The Current Situation of Practitioners in Remote Areas

Recently, a practitioner in the remote areas of Northern China said that she has been resolutely practicing Dafa since April 25, 1999. She believed that "cultivation meant cultivating oneself," so she had never contacted other practitioners. She refused to read the articles from Minghui sent by fellow practitioners, and she even did not admit the fact that "The Knowing Heart" was written by the Teacher. She said that validating the Fa in Beijing and clarifying the truth was actually damaging the Fa. Recently, she mistook the wall in her home for a door, and when she tried to leave she got a bump on her forehead from running into it. When she looked at the door, it was a door, but when she tried to go through it, it was a wall.

She realized that this situation was related to her incorrect understanding, and enlightened to the fact that her incorrect ideas were holding her back. They seemed like a door, but in fact they were a wall. So she went to the home of a fellow practitioner and patiently listened to her. In the end, she understood and made the decision to keep up with the pace of Fa-rectification.

A practitioner from another area said, "There were over 3,000 practitioners in our county and neighboring counties before the persecution began. Almost all the veteran practitioners in our area have been arrested. Inasmuch as they were the source of our Dafa material and Teacher's articles, we have not even been able to read Minghui articles for more than two months. Recently, those who were "transformed" came back to our county and held a "transformation class."

[Harbin, Heilongjiang Province] Practitioner Detained For Appealing In Beijing

After watching CCTV reports about the self-immolation event, practitioner Li Yingmin, a resident of Harbin, Heliongjiang Province, went to Beijing twice to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa. The police from her hometown found her and sent her back to Harbin. Currently, she is being detained in the Second Detention Center there.

[Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province] News From Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

On the afternoon of February 16, Yang Zhongxing, the Communist Party Committee Secretary of Quzhou County, led a group of people to Shijiazhuang, attempting to arrest practitioner Huo Junmei. When they and police from Hedong Police Station stood outside of Huo's apartment, she refused to let them in. They, together with the Political Security Department of the city government, used a fire truck to forcibly gain entrance into her apartment from the balcony. They brutally slapped her face more than 10 times and then took her to the City Political Security Department to continue interrogating and torturing her. On the 17th, she was taken to Quzhou County and held in the detention center there.

The police illegally searched her home twice within two days. Around midnight of the 16th, they rushed into her apartment and confiscated pictures of Master Li, videotapes, cassette tapes and a few Falun Dafa books. They also took away thousands of RMB Yuan (Chinese currency) in cash. A few hours later, they came back again and opened the door with her key, this time taking away whatever they could move. They also confiscated her husband's private car and asked for 30,000 Yuan (Urban areas, yearly income is about 6,000 Yuan.) as bail. Her family refused to pay the money. It was rumored that He Junmei was later transferred to Jize County Detention Center.

[Chengdu, Sichuan Province] Persecution In Forced-Transformation Class

Chenghua District in Chengdu, Sichuan Province opened a so-called Forced-Transformation Class to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. The Shuangqiao Police Station was one of the entities in charge of searching for practitioners in the region and sending them to the class. From February 28 to the morning of March 1, the police used either violent or deceitful means to seize practitioners in their homes or workplaces. They gave no reasons or explanations and followed no legal procedures during this process.

More than 80 practitioners living in this region were locked up in the forced-transformation class camp located in a suburban county. Practitioners protested in many ways, including with hunger strikes. On the first day of class, a young female practitioner was transferred and then illegally detained for 15 days in the Second Detention Center of Chengdu, because she resolutely opposed 'being transformed.' In the policemen's words, everything they did was intended to guarantee the smooth sailing of the two national conferences being held in Beijing. Currently, practitioners have been illegally sent to separate detention centers with each group consisting of about 10 people.

There were similar illegal forced-transformation classes in other regions and counties, and some classes were funded by the government. Others forcibly collected fees from practitioners' relatives or workplaces, at a rate of 45 Yuan per person per day.

This is the so-called "best period of human rights in China" as declared by Jiang Zeming and his followers.

[Hefei, Anhui Province] News From Hefei, Anhui Province

1. Practitioner Wang Caiyun, a resident of Hefei, was illegally sent to the mental hospital. Although she was diagnosed as normal on the first day, she was still locked up there for more than 30 days. The police threatened her family with large fines and loss of jobs in order to force Wang to give up Falun Gong. She was compelled to leave home, and her recent situation is unknown.

2. Practitioner Liu Zhongai was arrested at his home because the local police station suspected that he distributed Dafa materials. Another practitioner named Lu Shanshan was taken away as well. Their current situations are unclear.

3. The police forcibly took away practitioner Lu Shanshan from another person's home without any reason. Her current situation is unknown.

4. The following practitioners were sent to labor camps recently:

Female practitioners, Ji Guangxiong, Zhang Lanping, Tian Zhongfeng, Li Lan, Yang Xiaohong, Huang Min and her mother.

Male practitioner Yang Lei was sentenced one-and-a-half years forced-labor at Lanhu Farm.

According to insider information, local police stations are going to 'visit' all the practitioners whose names are on their lists. If a practitioner is found to be not at home, policemen will bring his or her picture to Beijing. Presently, detention centers in all Beijing counties are full of arrested practitioners who refused to give their names and addresses. Policemen from other provinces are required to identify their local practitioners detained in Beijing by checking each face against the pictures. This time, all the practitioners who are seized and sent back will be sentenced to labor camps.

[Shanhaiguan District, Hebei Province] Persecution Reports From Shanhaiguan District

In January of 2001, in order to "transform" detained practitioners, Shi Xiaofeng, the head officer of the Shanhaiguan District, ordered local police departments not to release any practitioners no matter how long they have been detained. At that time, the longest running detention term for a practitioner was 4 months.

On March 4, 2001, the police department required all practitioners to report to police stations. They were told that it was just a meeting and everyone would be back home soon. When practitioners went there, they were gathered together to listen to "transformation" reports presented by those who had already given up Falun Gong. The police also forced everyone to sign an anti-Falun Gong banner. Those who refused to sign were sent to detention centers immediately. A male practitioner resisted being locked up, so a few policemen violently beat him and dragged him into a cell. Two practitioners suffered from severe mental and physical torture while in the detention center. To avoid taking responsibility, the local police department had to release them. The wounds on their bodies are still visible and not fully healed even now.

[Daqing, Heilongjiang Province] Practitioner Liu Liping Arrested

On the evening of March 16, 2001, practitioner Liu Liping was arrested at her younger sister's home by policemen who were waiting for her there.

Liping obtained Dafa in 1996. She firmly believes in "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance" and has been steadfast in practicing Falun Dafa. Since July 20, 1999, when the government started the cruel persecution of Falun Gong, she has been arrested twice by the Daqing City police department for appealing in Bejing and practicing Falun Gong in a public area. During the detention period, she was subjected to unimaginable torture. After her release, she kept speaking out the truth of Falun Dafa to the public. Last October, the Daqing Police Department issued a warrant and arranged surveillance to arrest her. After they failed to do so, the head of the police department applied pressure on her brother, Liu Rui, who works at the arrest approval section of Sa district police sub-department. Liu Rui was told to cooperate or risk losing his job. They also told him that if he chose to cooperate with them, his sister would be sent to a labor camp for one or two years, instead of more than 10 years. Liu Rui yielded to the pressure eventually and promised to cooperate with the police department. He attempted to use family members to trap her, and these attempts were not successful until the 16th. Whether or not Liu Liping's arrest on the 16th was due to her brother is hard to say before further information is obtained.

[Hebei Province] Persecution Reports from Hebei Province

Recently in Xinji, Hebei Province, the police again forcibly sent more than 10 practitioners to a forced-education class held by the Xinji Communist Party School. Policemen told practitioners that whoever refused to be 'educated' would not be let go and may be sent to labor camps. According to insiders, the ?' Office (an office set up by each local government to persecute Falun Gong) issued orders that the quota of locked-up practitioners in this forced-education class should be set at around 60 people.

Practitioner Gao Shuying, female, about 40 years old, resides at 8th Street in Xinji. She was locked up in the local detention center for appealing and validating Dafa in Bejing around the National Holiday last October. In early January of 2001, she was arrested again for spreading truth-clarifying materials. This time, she was sentenced to one year of forced labor. According to people who sympathize with Falun Gong, Gao Shuying suffered cruel torture in the Xinji police station. She was beaten by the police until she lost control of her bowels.

On January 20, 2001, the Qiaodong sub-department of Shijiazhuang City police department, disregarding law and human rights, illegally seized 27 practitioners from their homes under false pretenses or by brute force. During the period of the Chinese New Year, about 37 practitioners were held in the Dongfenglu detention center. Among them, Deng Ren, Liu Yan, Hou Juanjuan, Zhang Rongxiu, and Cai Huanxin have been sent to labor camps. The Yang Xiaojie couple was not allowed go home, and their present whereabouts are unknown.

Although the quality of the food in the Dongfenglu detention center was extremely bad, each practitioner was forced to pay 20 Yuan for food per day. Later on, all practitioners conducted a hunger strike. On February 9, 2001, the detention center released most of practitioners, and the rest (about 10) were transferred to the Sanhuan Hotel on Huitong Street. In order to be released, they were required to sign a "Not practicing Falun Gong" statement and pay a large amount of money varying from 2000 Yuan to 5000 Yuan. One practitioner started to vomit blood during a hunger strike and was sent to a hospital. Another three practitioners were released after their relatives paid 2000 Yuan for each of them. Currently, Zhao Fenge, Zhang Jinzhi, Gao Hanzong, Liu Zongqun, Liu Liqun, Qiu Lanfang and some other practitioners are still being detained in this hotel.

[Yongji County, Jilin Province] Persecution of Practitioners in Yongji County

Currently all the practitioners in Yongji County are experiencing persecution by the local police and other government departments. Every practitioner was forced to make a pledge that he/she would give up Falun Gong and not appeal in Beijing. Their relatives were ordered to co-sign the pledge. If they refused to do so, they would be fined 10,000 Yuan and suffer illegal detention. Practitioner Jiang Bo was taken away by the police for practicing Falun Gong at home. So far he has been detained for more than 4 months in a local detention center.

We appeal to all kind-hearted people to help stop the persecution of practitioners. Let those who are still unaware of the truth not lose the opportunity to be saved!

Telephone number of Yongjie County Police Station, 86-432-422-2713.

[Siping, Jilin Province] Siping Labor Camp Policeman Zhang Xiaosen Brutally Persecutes Dafa Practitioners

Many Dafa practitioners have been detained in the Siping labor camp. Most of the practitioners could not bear policeman Zhang Xiaosen's brutal torture and against their will signed a pledge to give up Falun Gong. More than twenty imprisoned practitioners who refused to sign have been suffering from repeated brainwashing and inhuman torture. Zhang Xiaosen repeatedly beat practitioner Jiang Wenbin with a big rolling pin until he vomited blood, because he refused to sign the pledge. Currently, Jiang Wenbin still cannot get out of bed or take solid food. On a daily basis, Zhang Xiaosen mentally and physically tortures those practitioners who refused to write the "renouncement" letter .

Telephone number of Siping labor camp, 86-434-3321424; 3386640

[Lanzhou, Gansu Province] Torture of Dafa Practitioners in Anning District of Lanzhou

The list of Dafa practitioners who were illegally sent into Pingantai labor camp (incomplete):

Kong Weixia, female, Northwest University

Zhang Jihong, male, The Railroad Bureau of Lanzhou

Yang Rui, female; Li Jianhong, female; Wu Yuying, female, Changfeng Factory;

He Yingguo, male, The Zinc Product Factory in Anning;

Zhang Yuxia, female, police in the 2nd forced labor education station;

Chen Deguang, male, Honggu district;

An Jiheng, Oil Factory of Lanzhou.

The list of Dafa practitioners who have been illegally imprisoned in Xiguoyuan Detention Center (incomplete):

Shao Shanyue, female, Environment Protection Group in Anning; Wang Mei, female;

Ren Canru, female; Guo Shoujun, male, Northwest University;

Yao Jiannong, male, Self-employed; Yuan Yang, female, a teacher in Shajingyi School;

Yu Wenfang, female, Gansu Agricultural University; Lu Lanying, female; Lu Jufang, female; Xie Xiaoping, male, a peasant in Hongyi Village of Anningbao County.

The list of Dafa practitioners who were illegally sent to the Anning Sub-department of Police Bureau (incomplete):

Cai Fengzhu, female, retired staff from Northwest University; Yi Xiaolong, female, the police in the 2nd forced labor education station. Qing Shizhen, female, retired staff member of Gansu Province Communist Party School, was taking care of two grandchildren in her home when she was forcibly taken away by the police. Also included in the list are Li Zhaohui, Li Yuanqing and other two students from Northwest University.

The list of Dafa practitioners who have been taken illegally into custody in "Study Class" (incomplete):

Liu Zhu, female; Xiao Cui, female, was forced to divorce her husband; Zhao Qing, female, Environmental Protection Group in Anning; Li Dongchao, male, the teacher in the 44th middle school in Lanzhou; Zhu Guihua, female, the statistician in local government of Kongjiaya County; Cao Qiulan, female, retired staff member from Lanzhou Airplane Factory in Lanzhou.

The list of Dafa practitioners who were forced to leave home (incomplete):

Li Guilan, female, retired staff member from Airplane Factory in Lanzhou

He Wenzhuo, male, Northwest University

[Harbin, Heilongjiang Province] The List of Dafa Practitioners

Illegally Imprisoned Past Their Sentences

Gao Shuyan, Room 201, Section 2, Cement Plant's Residential Building 25, Taiping district of Harbing

Chen Yaqin, Room 503, Section 4, Residential Building 43

Liu Dongyun, Room 84, Section 4, Residential Building 107, Truck tires mechanism Factory in Harbing

Pan Xuanhua, 6 Shangjiashu Street, #502, Nangang district in Harbing

Zhang Yuhua, 7th group of 1st committee on Fendou Street, Shuangcheng

Yang Xiuli, Oil chemistry ethylene factory 629-3-2-2, Daqing

Wu Jiyang, 536 Gongbin Road, Xiangfang district, Harbing City

Zuo Xiuyun, Hongwei Village, Songjiang Town, Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province

[China] The Miracle Experienced by a 76-year-old Woman After She Practiced Falun Dafa

Seventy six-year-old Mrs. Wang started practicing Falun Gong in 1998. The "7.20" event did not affect Mrs. Wang's firm belief in Dafa. In the fall of 1999, Mrs. Wang had symptoms of illness, but she understood that it was to eliminate her Karma (note, A black substance resulting from previous wrongdoing). But her daughter was so worried about her that she sent Mrs. Wang to a hospital immediately. The doctor took a CAT scan of her head and was very surprised at the result. "The picture shows that the blood vessels in her brain look like those of a 30-year-old person," said the doctor. Her daughter was very happy, and she sent her mom back home. From this experience, her daughter came to understand the power of Dafa.

[China] Several Stories of Promoting Dafa

Young practitioner Li lost his job because he practiced Falun Gong, so he put all his time and efforts towards promoting Dafa to people. The following are a few anecdotes about his experiences:

A. A misunderstanding

One day he went to a restaurant to distribute Dafa materials. When he was ready to leave after giving out a few copies, he heard someone calling him. Thinking that he'd met a plainclothes policeman, he tried to walk away quickly. Then he heard the person say, "Hey, young man, can you give me a few more copies?"

B. Banners everywhere

One day, Li hung a banner reading "Falun Dafa is good" on a tree along a busy street. A woman asked her friend, "What is that?" Her friend replied, "Falun Gong." While walking along the street, they looked at the trees and walls bearing banners of Falun Gong and seemed to realize that the truth of Falun Gong is everywhere.

C. Evil cannot suppress Good

Li put flyers reading, "Stop persecuting Dafa practitioners" on electric poles, walls and poster boards in residential areas. One day just after he finished his job, a person came over and whispered to him, "Aren't you afraid of being arrested?" Li calmly replied, "Not at all."

[Chengdu, Sichuan Province] The List of Some Persecuted Practitioners in Chengdu

Jiang Yonghong, male, 30 years old, was a staff member of the Chengdu Compressor Factory before being arrested. Because of his appeal in Beijing, he was sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor at the Dayan Labor Camp in Ziyang County. He was released in September 2000. In January 2001, he was arrested again for accessing Falun Gong websites. This time he was sentenced to three years of forced labor.

Shu Gangju, female, around 50, is a businesswoman. She went to Beijing to appeal in January 2001 and was sent back with a penalty of one-month's criminal detention. She was then sentenced to one year of forced labor.

Jiang Zonglin, male, 53 years old, is living in the district under the jurisdiction of the Yingmenkou police station. He was forced to attend the "re-education class" from December 1999 to June 2000. He was arrested and detained without cause for 15 days during the Chinese New Year holidays. In July 2000, he went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa and was detained for 15 days again for "endangering public security." He was dismissed from the XX party by his workplace and removed from his post as an administrative staff member. His workplace only paid him money for food and basic living needs. In December 2000, he went to Beijing a second time and was sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor. His home has been illegally searched for three times.

Guo Qing, male, 25 years old, is an employee of the Road Machinery Factory. He was imprisoned on July 22, 1999, and his home was illegally searched by Yao Jeanine and Ceng , who are working with the Jinjiang Police Station. Guo Qing went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa in June 2000. After he was brought back, he was locked up in the Yinyang anti-drug station for 2 days, held for 15 days in the detention center, and put into jail for 2 days in the local police station. He was forced to leave home in order to avoid attending the "re-education class." His present whereabouts are unknown.

Fan Xiaodong, male, 28, is an employee working with the Chengdu 106 post office. In July of 1999, the police searched his home and confiscated his computer equipment. He went to Beijing to appeal in December 1999 and was punished with a 15-day detention after being brought back . Because he refused to write a "promise" letter, he was detained 11 times for a total of 165 days. On March 1, 2001, he was forcibly sent to a re-education class located in the Wenjiang district. Currently, he is holding a hunger strike there.

Chen Songbo, male, 52 years old, is a businessman who has been detained for 38 days for appealing for Dafa. He was also fined 6000 RMB Yuan (Urban areas yearly income is about 6,000 Chinese Yuan), and the police illegally searched his home once. He was dismissed from the XX party and lost his job. He was then sentenced to 2 years of forced labor at the Xinhua Labor Camp in Jinyang County.

Fang Guanxiao, male, 58 years old, worked in the Seamless Steel Tubing Mill as a senior economic analyst. Because he appealed for Dafa and kept practicing Falun Gong, he suffered brutal beatings four times and was detained for 116 days. He was also fined 9000 Yuan, and the police illegally searched his home 4 times. He was sentenced to one year of forced labor but was allowed to serve his term outside of the labor camp. His eight family members--including a daughter who lost her job as a result of the persecution--have also been punished by the government because of his firm belief in Falun Dafa..

Miao Sufang, female, 63 years old, is a resident of Caojiaoxiang, Chengdu City. In January 2000 she went to Beijing to speak the truth about Dafa. She was then sent back and sentenced to one month's detention in Chengdu. Later, she was sentenced to one year of forced labor. When she was in Beijing, she suffered many brutal tortures and her waist was severely injured.

Wang Kai, male, in his 30s, works in the Chengdu Seamless Steel Tube Mill. He was sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor because of his appeals in Beijing. He was released in November of 2000.

Miao Lixia, female, 45 years old, works in a purchasing station in the Aba district. She was detained for 30 days for spreading truth-clarifying materials in December 2000, and then sentenced to forced labor for one year.

Luo Shuyun, female, 67 years old, was detained for 40 days and was brutally beaten once during her detention. She was also fined 347 Yuan. On January 18, 2001, around 1:00AM, the police broke down her door and took her away from home without cause. She was locked up for 30 days and spent her Chinese New Year in a detention center.

[Harbin, Heilongjiang province] Be Alert of Lies

Just before the Chinese New Year, Hao Lianqin, a practitioner from Harbin, escaped from the police on the way to the police station and has stayed away from home since then. The leaders from Hao's work unit in Sidalin Park found her family. They promised that as long as Hao would not go outside, she could still work as before. Hao believed them. When she came back to her work unit after the Chinese New Year, she was detained by those leaders. They also reported her to the local police station, and she has been imprisoned since then. We hope all Dafa practitioners and their families do not so readily believe these types of lies. Again, we advise those leaders of practitioners' work units, and people working with district offices and police stations: do not use "following orders" as an excuse to do what you know is not right.

[China] The Result For Those Who Do Vicious Things

A practitioner from a city in the Northeast region of China, Liu Xiaojin, (pseudonym) had to leave home to avoid arrest. One day, the head of the police station, along with several policemen who were in charge of the local district, came to her home and rudely demanded that her husband drive them to her relatives' home to arrest her.

Her husband had no other choice, so he drove his car with the policemen in it. On the way, he noticed that water from a thermos was spilling out from the lid. He tried to cover it with a cushion, but just as he did so, boiling water suddenly shot out from it. The policeman who sat in the passenger's seat was drenched from head to toe, and his face and head were badly burned. It was a message from the heavens. The leader had to order the practitioner's husband to drive back and cancel the plan of arresting his wife. Meanwhile, the policeman was sent to the hospital the next day. We hope it made them relalize that there is someone in charge recording all good and evil deeds.

March 18, 2001