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Persecution of Dafa Practitioners at the Haidian Detention Center, Beijing

March 25, 2001 |  

So that more people can know the truth about the suppression of Falun Gong, I would like to expose everything that I saw and experienced while in captivity at Beijing's Haidian Detention Center. I also hope that these facts will help more people to support Falun Dafa, and thereby secure a good future for themselves as well.

In December 2000, I went to Beijing to validate the Fa. I was arrested and sent to the Haidian Detention Center, which, as you will soon see, can only be characterized as a devil's den! I was interrogated the very first night by officers Wang Xiang, Zhang Gang, (Police ID 035870) and Zhang Mingsheng. One officer asked me who I was, so I replied, "A Dafa practitioner." Immediately, another officer started to bash and kick me, severely injuring my right leg. I was questioned again two days later, and this time three officers took turns knocking me around the room. I recognized the one whose badge number was 036993. They shocked me with an electric baton and bashed my legs with a board and a steel mallet until I passed out. When I awoke, they continued with this same brutality for almost five hours, leaving my whole body in agonizing pain and my legs covered with bruises. Since my chest, ribs and back were also covered with burn marks from the electric baton, many people could not help crying when they saw my horrific wounds and scars.

I was again interrogated the next day at noon. Using the same ruthless treatment, they beat me again for about four hours; but when they saw that I was on the verge of death, they quickly dragged me back to my cell. Since then, I have not been able to walk properly, like before. To defend Dafa, I went on a hunger strike, so my captors made my cellmates carry me to the treatment room, where I was force-fed every day. This is the usual procedure for force-feeding: One doctor holds the feeding tube and works the equipment while eight male guards, some carrying steel mallets and others carrying boards, hold the practitioner in position during the feeding process. These guards behave like animals. They beat people and even sexually molest female practitioners. Their language is filthy and their behavior is beastly and cruel. They were extremely evil indeed!

And what is most outrageous, the Detention Center does not hesitate to incite other inmates to physically harm Dafa followers. In particular, two female wardens, Gao Yan and Li Hui, always encouraged other prisoners to bash and beat us. One prisoner (No. 115) stripped off the clothes of an elderly female practitioner and made her stand outside in the freezing cold when the temperature was minus 10 C (less than 14 F) and poured cold water on her. This poor old lady came from Heilongjiang Province and was in her sixties. After two hours of this inhumane mistreatment, she nearly died of frostbite. The prisoners call that the "icing" treatment.

The following is a brief record of the treatment received by ten Dafa practitioners during their detention:

Practitioner A: While validating Dafa at Beijing on December 29, 2000, she was arrested and detained at the Haidian Detention Center. Because she refused to reveal her name and address, the officers applied the electric baton on her frequently during interrogation. To prevent her from moving, they cuffed her hands and feet to a chair so that they could freely shock her with the electric baton. As a result, her two legs and feet were covered with blisters and her hands swelled up like pincushions. One male officer sat on her, pulled her hair, and kept striking her head, shocking her at the same time with an electric baton.

Practitioner B: She was arrested on December 29, 2000 and sent to the Haidian Detention Center. She was beaten repeatedly during the interrogation. Once, a female guard took the practitioner's jumper off, leaving just her underwear. The guard then applied the electric baton to her body. Three times she collapsed, and each time they made her get up again and applied the same treatment. Later, one male officer took over, gave her a hard wallop and knocked her down again with an electric baton. The ordeal lasted about four hours. Because she refused to cooperate with their forced-feeding process, the wardens left the cuffs on her hands and feet all day and night. The wardens encouraged the inmates to beat her up almost every day, and their actions were most demeaning.

Practitioner C: She was sent to the Haidian Detention Center on January 2, 2001. The interrogators used the electric baton on her numerous times during questioning. Once, they used a high voltage electrode to shock her head, leaving scars all over her face. After she had gone through a 20 days' hunger strike, they took her clothes off and applied the "Icing" treatment on her.

Practitioner D: She was sent to the Haidian Detention Center on the evening of January 2, 2001. On the same day, she was injured from being beaten. She said that during questioning, three guards beat her repeatedly with a wooden bat and applied an electric baton to her body. When she was sent back to her cell, she vomited and collapsed. Later, she was sent to the hospital and has not been heard from since.

Practitioner E: She was sent to the Haidian Center on January 27, 2000. Because she refused to cooperate with the brutal behavior of the officers and guards, she was bashed and beaten every day during interrogation. They applied the electric baton to her as well. Other inmates also humiliated her and struck her, leaving her with injuries all over the body.

Practitioner F: She was taken away for questioning from her cell on 3rd January 2001, and not brought back until late at night. Her hands, arms, legs, and feet were all black and blue. Her chest, ribs, and back were covered with wounds. The next day she was taken away to the hospital by the guards, and no one has heard from her since.

Practitioner G: She was 67 years old. They tortured her every time during questioning, either with the electric baton or a strong beating. One time, they took her clothes and shoes off and left her outside in the freezing cold and snow for about 3-4 hours. The temperature was 10 C below zero. Those police officers did not even spare an elderly lady in her sixties. They have completely lost their human nature!

Practitioner H: She went to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa on December 27, 2000. When arrested, she was beaten up so severely that she could not walk. Then she was sent to the Yangfangdian Detention Center where she was again beaten the whole night. She had to be carried back to her cell. The police even taunted her with, "Aren't we a civilized law enforcement Center?" How ironical!

Practitioner Li Zhen was arrested on December 20, 2000, and was sent to a police station at Yuegezhuang, Fengtai District, Beijing. They strapped her hands and hung her up, leaving her feet dangling a foot off the ground. With an electric baton, they shocked her all over and smashed her face. Then, with a timber rod across on her legs, two police officers, one at either end, started to apply pressure. Her legs became so swollen that she could not walk any more.

Practitioner Li Hua was arrested at the same time. Two police officers took turns bashing her with their fists. They then whipped her arms and body with leather belts. Holding a piece of timber across her lower legs, the two officers, one at each end, started to apply pressure on the timber while a third officer grabbed her by the hair and struck her face. Seeing that she still refused to tell her address, they moved the timber to a different position and continued to apply pressure. In the end, her lower legs were completely deformed and had swollen so much that they became bigger than her thighs! Over forty days have passed since then, and she still cannot walk.

We will continue to reveal the true facts and expose the evil more thoroughly and effectively. We also hope that the kind and sincere people among our readers and fellow citizens will see the truth and benefit from reading this article.

A Dafa Practitioner from China

20th March 2001