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Wuhan Practitioner Peng Min Paralyzed Due to Police Torture: CCTV Conspires to Create a Story

March 24, 2001 |  

[Minghui Net] Peng Min, male, a Dafa practitioner from our site in Wuhan, Hubei Province, was arrested because he traveled to Beijing to appeal and produced materials that supported Falun Dafa. Police from the Qingling Detention Center in Wuchang, Hubei Province viciously beat him, leaving wounds all over his body because he insisted on studying, practicing and sharing Falun Dafa with others.

On January 9, 2001, police fractured his fifth vertebra and neck bone, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. Peng's mother managed to bring him home for recovery when she learned of the incident. She played the music of "Pudu" and "Jishi" and helped him to study Dafa everyday. When he began to show signs of improvement, 30 armed police from the City Social Security Bureau (CSSB) removed him from his home and transferred him to the No. 7 Hospital in Wuhan for further "treatment."

The police recommended to the city's 610 office (an office that deals specifically with issues related to Falun Gong) that Mr. Peng be isolated in a small room at the end of the bone surgical department. With a screen covered from the outside, his mother and brother, Peng Liang, were forced to take care of him day and night; they were not allowed to leave. This isolation method prevented messages from leaking out. At the same time, policemen from Zhongnanjie Police Substation of Wuchan were assigned to the adjacent room to keep full time watch on their activities. The police forbade them from studying or listening to Dafa music. At this point, Peng Min was on the verge of death: he was completely paralyzed and had a festering wound on his back. The hospital, however, acting under the instructions of the 610 Office and CSSB, did not offer any medical care to Peng Min. They told his family that Peng Min was meant to die in the hospital and that they could not leave until he died.

On March 9, 2001, people from CCTV Feature Focus Group and Wuhan TV Station came to the hospital to interview Peng Min and his family. This time the hospital showed a very good attitude. They treated his wounds as they turned his body over in order to make him face the camera. They even told the reporter that they had provided the best doctors, best equipment, and most effective medications to treat Peng Min! Mr. Peng and his family immediately revealed their lie. Peng Min told the reporter in details how his condition was the result of beatings. He mentioned again and again: it is the vicious persecution and not practicing Falun Gong that put him in this condition. But the reporter of CCTV did not pay any attention to what Mr. Peng was saying, and repeatedly asked some prearranged actor's lines and empty words to cover the truth. They asked Peng Min's mother, "Do you regret that your son became like this?" His mother answered with a sense of justice, " I have no regret." His mother told us later that she knew her son was persecuted because he practices a righteous Fa (law and principles). She knew he had chosen a righteous path.

On March 12, 2001, we heard that Peng Min's condition was worsening and visited him in the hospital. We found him very pale. He did not have many words, but his consciousness was clear. With his brother's help he was reading Teacher's new article "Coercion Cannot Change People's Hearts." His mother kindly told us to leave, saying that the last practitioner to visit Peng Min, someone named Chen, had been arrested by the police who guarded the room. Nobody knows where Chen is. She hoped we could leave safely so as to tell other people about the CCTV interview story. Before we left, she also told us that Peng Min had had a fever for several days and that his health was deteriorating rapidly. But in spite of this, he did not forget that he was a Dafa practitioner. He still continued studying Dafa whenever possible.

Peng Min's mother could hear music from other dimensions in her son's room. Sometimes the music was intense, and sometimes it sounded like weeping and remorseful talking. The music seemed to be saying something...

On the way home from the hospital, we reflected on the stories about this family. All five members of this family are Dafa practitioners. After September 22, the whole family went to Beijing to appeal. The father, Lao Peng was arrested and escorted back to Wuhan when he appealed in Beijing. Then he was illegally sentenced to the Hewan Labor Camp of Wuhan. Lao Peng was very determined in the labor camp. He was often tortured to the point of death because he insisted on studying and practicing Dafa. But he never compromised. His words and behavior often made those so-called "transformed people" very ashamed. His youngest daughter, Peng Yan, 24 years old, was arrested together with her brother Peng Min. She has been detained in the No.1 Detention Center of Wu Han since last year. Police told us that she was "die-hard" in her practice. All kinds of torture and punishment could not transform her. On the contrary, her words and behavior could often move other prisoners. Many prisoners also began to cherish "Zhen-Shan-Ren." This made the guards of the detention center very awkward, so they had to change her cell every half a month to cover the truth. Her other brother, Peng Liang, has also been detained in the Qingling "transformation class" of Wuchang many times.

How the family has suffered! How respectful they are! They are trying to wake up the people with their own lives! They are using their life to compose a song of cultivation! Let us sincerely wish that this family continues to ride the boat of suffering and make advances on their paths of cultivation, encouraging and supporting each other until the end.

Practitioners in China

March 13, 2001