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Latest News from China - 03/19/2001

March 23, 2001 |  

Recently, a practitioner read to her child (a young Dafa practitioner) some doubtful points about the self-immolation incident in Beijing's Tiananmen Square [January 23, 2001]. The child listened attentively. Suddenly the child spoke loudly to the mother, "Mom, people in the self-immolation incident are definitely not our practitioners." The mother was puzzled and asked, "Why are you so sure about this?" The child told the mother seriously, "You see, those people in the self-immolation incident bought a box of Sprite [soda], and then poured out all the soda and filled the containers with gasoline. None of our practitioners is so wasteful. Instead, all of us are very economical."

These several words from the child made us adults think deeply! It is indeed so. Falun Gong practitioners do lead a simple life. They are all strict with themselves in both their personal lives and work. This is an absolute fact known to every citizen who has ever become acquainted with Dafa practitioners in China. How could Dafa practitioners ever pour out a box of Sprite soda in order to get the empty bottles?

Jiang Zemin thought the self-immolation tragedy he orchestrated was flawless. Actually he could not even deceive a child! This helps the public to clearly see his contemptible, shameless and sinister nature.

[Beijing] More Information about "Special Agents Informed Against Dafa Practitioners"

On March 17, the Minghui Net published an article "Special Agents Informed Against Dafa Practitioners. More than 10 Dafa practitioners were arrested in Shijingshan District, Beijing." [Translator's note, Chinese article from www.minghui.ca/mh/articles/2001/3/17/9118.html, the English version is not available at this moment, please check back later by searching keyword "9118.html" from www.clearwisdom.net]. In the article, there was the following description, "According to information from Security Bureau personnel and the policemen who were responsible for us, this arrest was linked to a 40 year old woman with a Northeast China accent whose pseudonym was 'Hongguo' and a young man wearing glasses. The woman was initiatively writing "disclosing materials." When the police went to arrest practitioners, 'Hongguo' opened the door. After the practitioners stood in a line, only 'Hongguo' and 'Han Xiaobing''s names were called out. Then the police began to ask for the remaining practitioners' names. Later, practitioners were taken away one by one. In the basement of Haidian Hotel [in Haidian District of Beijing], only those two had the freedom to move around. All the others were placed under tight surveillance."

After the news was published, an insider told us that the woman whose pseudonym was "Hongguo" was actually named Li Xia. She was a former Falun Gong contact person at the Jincheng Paper Mill, Linghai City, Liaoning Province. The young man whose pseudonym was "Han Xiaobing" was actually named Wang Jian from Northeast China. He is 172cm tall and wears black-framed glasses. He has a cellular phone and pager. Details of his identity are still unknown. Recently, a lot of practitioners were arrested in Beijing due to reports from these people.

[Jilin City, Jilin Province] The Real Story of Persecution of Dafa Practitioners in Jilin City Labor Camp (Part I)

For the practitioners whose detention terms have terminated but have not yet written guarantee statements, the Jilin City Labor Camp would not release them. Instead, they added three months to their detention terms. Now they have increased it to six months. Dafa practitioners firmly resisted this illegal act and arbitrary persecution. When receiving no response, Dafa practitioners went on a hunger strike to request to resolve this problem. But labor camp police took no concern for practitioners' lives. On the contrary, they aggravated the persecution of practitioners. For example, practitioner Wu Longbo went on a hunger strike. However, after he began to eat, on February 23, 2001, he was taken to a discipline room and was beaten. Director of Education Section Liu Ju, director of Administration Section Zhao Wanchai, and other policemen used electric batons to beat him until he was seriously injured, and then they sent him for medical treatment to Jilin City Mental Hospital. Later he was sent back to the labor camp. Now he is detained in the No.1 Class of No. 2 Team of the Education(Large) Unit. He is in poor health and his vision has deteriorated.

Practitioner Xu Weidong went on a hunger strike. On February 11, 2001, he was injured and lost consciousness while being force-fed. He was then sent to a hospital for emergency treatment and survived. Now he is detained in No.3 Team of the Education Unit.

Practitioners Xu Weiguo, Xue Baoping, Tian Fushen, Fu Hongwei and others were all subjected to brutal torture. Even 60 to 70 year old seniors are detained and forced to work in the labor camp.

On March 7, 2001, practitioner Pan Zhaowen was beaten by several guards and locked in a solitary cell because he complained about a torture posture adapted by the labor camp. To ask for a resolution of this problem, 60 practitioners went on a hunger strike. But the police in No. 2 Team did not pay any attention to so many practitioners' lives. They did not want to resolve the problem. However, they accused our practitioners of attempting to die. They also asked whoever wanted to die to just write down their names [the labor camp would provide the service for those who wanted to die]. In order to cover up their persecution of Dafa practitioners, they did not permit us to have pens and paper. They confiscated them from us in case we would write down our sufferings here in the labor camp.

[Jilin City, Jilin Province] The Real Story of Persecution of Dafa Practitioners in Jilin City Labor Camp (Part II)

This happened in Jilin City Labor Camp in Jilin Province. On February 22, 2001, a meeting was held in Jilin City Labor Camp. They decided to extend the sentences of the over 10 practitioners held here by six months. These practitioners were not released after their terms were served because they had not given up practicing Falun Gong. In the meeting, a 'transformed' person who had practiced Falun Gong in the past vilified Falun Dafa. At that time, some Dafa practitioners stood up to stop him from slandering Falun Dafa. Consequently, four practitioners were forced to leave the meeting, and were handcuffed for a week. On February 23, Dafa practitioners in the No. 4 Large Unit went on a hunger strike to protest this illegal act. Four practitioners were taken to the discipline room, and were beaten with stun batons. Xu Guijun's face became swollen and deformed from the beating. Wu Longbo was beaten into dementia. He could not go to sleep for four to five days and could not control his excretions. On February 28, he was sent to the hospital for treatment. After he was sent back on March 5, he was still mentally debilitated and had no response when being asked questions.

[China] It is not a Joke But a Real Story

Question: Why were you all sent to this labor camp?

A: I went to Tiananmen Square in Beijing to appeal and validate Dafa and was sentenced to 3 years of labor re-education.

B: While distributing Dafa truth-clarifying materials, I was arrested and sent to this labor camp.

C: I was arrested when I was talking with a fellow practitioner.

Question: Why did they dare to arbitrarily arrest and pass sentence on people? It is against the law, and violates the human rights!

A: Once, when I was preparing dinner at home, the police came to take me into custody. I asked why they arrested me. They replied, "You disturb public order." I said, "How can I disturb social public order when I am preparing dinner?" They took out a detention warrant and asked me to sign it. I refused, but I was still detained for 15 days. Later, I was again arrested at home and detained for another 15 days.

B: Practitioners in my hometown were also arrested at home. When the police filled in the form to approve sending them to labor camp, the police wrote: the charge of possibly going to Beijing. This is more wicked and defies human and divine laws. They arbitrarily arrest and pronounce sentence on anyone they think will possibly go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong.

C: In my hometown (Jilin City, Jilin Province), they set up compulsory 'transformation' classes, and charged meal fees of 600 Yuan each [about $72, $60 is the average monthly wage in China]. Those who did not attend the classes would need to pay a security fee of 2,000 to 3,000 Yuan [$240-$360]. Some practitioners not only refused to attend the transformation classes and to be voluntarily taken away by police, but also refused to pay the security fee. Many practitioners thereby were forced to leave their homes.

B: Practitioners in my hometown, who had been forced to write guarantee statements renouncing Falun Dafa before, published their renunciation statements on the Minghui Net, declaring as null and void everything that did not conform to Dafa, such as a guarantee to stop practicing Falun Gong, and so on; and also declaring their determination in closely following Teacher and steadfastly cultivating Dafa. Police are now trying to locate and take these Dafa practitioners into custody.

[Tongling City, Anhui Province] The Recent Persecution Situation in Tongling City

Chen Yutian, a Falun Gong contact person in Tongling City, Anhui Province, has been transferred from Hefei City to Chaohu Farm. During the detention period, the police tried many times to make Chen comply by attempting to trick him into believing that "You'll be released only if you write a guarantee statement renouncing Falun Gong", but they failed every time. Later, when Chen met his wife, who is also a Dafa practitioner, he persuaded her by saying, "Why are you still here? Haven't you been to Beijing? Please hurry up!" Shortly after, his wife and several other fellow practitioners went to Beijing, but they were intercepted by the police in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province [next to Anhui Province], and were illegally detained for 15 days after being taken back to their hometown.

During the New Year's Day holidays, a dozen of Dafa practitioners went to Beijing to appeal and were arrested and sent back, and illegally detained for 15 to 30 days. A couple of days after their release, some of them were taken into custody again and illegally sent to a labor camp. They are: Zhou Meifeng and Wu Shunxiang (each was sentenced to 1.5 years forced labor) and Chen Dayuan (was sentenced to 3 years forced labor). The names of the rest of the practitioners were unknown. It is said that the list of names for forced labor was provided by Beijing, and the Security Bureau also sent people to Tongling City to monitor the persecution. It seems that the evil forces are making death-defying efforts to struggle before meeting their end.

[Qingzhou City, Shandong Province] Dafa Practitioners were Illegally Arrested

In order to escape the brutal persecution and not be taken away by police, many Dafa practitioners from Qingzhou City were forced to leave their homes, becoming destitute and homeless. Even so, police still did not stop persecuting these kind and honest citizens.

On February 10, 2001, when Dafa practitioner Jia Honghai was distributing truth-clarifying materials, he was taken away by police from Guashi police station in Qingzhou City. Later, Jia was transferred to Weifang City by the Security Section of City Public Security Bureau to receive "transformation." Jia refused to comply. So he was cuffed to an iron chair in the detention center for 15 days. Later, he was again forcibly sent to a transformation class in Anqiu City. Jia managed to escape the persecution and became destitute and homeless. His whereabouts are still unknown. It is said that during the detention period, Jia Honghai went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution.

On the evening of February 20, 2001, when Dafa practitioners Zhang Wei, Lu Zhenguang, Li Ming, Gong Haiyan, and Xian Chunwei were sharing experiences together, a group of police from the Security Section of the City Public Security Bureau arrested them, and confiscated many goods from their rented house. At the same time, the place where Dafa practitioners printed materials was also ransacked. Dafa practitioners Jing Guangfeng (from Linju County, Weifang City) and Zhang Shouxiang were arrested. All printing equipment including a computer, a machine for making printing plates, a printer, and a mimeograph machine were stolen by the police.

It is said that Dafa practitioners Li Ming and Li Shunqin were forcibly sent to a labor camp in Jinan City, Xian Chunwei was forcibly sent to a labor camp in Changle City, Lu Zhenguang and Zhang Wei were detained for 30 days, Zhang Shouxiang was detained for 15 days, and the whereabouts of Gong Haiyan and Yan Xiling are unknown.

[Chongqing City, Sichuan Province] Five Dafa Practitioners will Soon be Taken to Court

Five Dafa practitioners from Chongqing City including Chen Qi, He Haiou, Zou Zhongmei, and Li Zhongyu will soon be taken to court.

Li Zhongyu's husband (Mr. Hu) was arrested when he obtained Teacher's "Speech at the Western US Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference" and passed it to other practitioners. The next day, he was transferred to the Liliaoba Detention Center in Chongqing City. His arrest was probably because another practitioner's pager was monitored, and the police tracked him to Mr. Hu. Therefore, I'd like to warn all practitioners to pay attention to their communication ways. Once you find a problem, please immediately change the related communication equipment, so as not to get other practitioners in danger.

[Dongfeng County, Jilin Province] The Persecution of Dafa Practitioners in Dongfeng County

Since September 3, 1999, 40 Dafa practitioners from Dongfeng County, Jilin Province, have been detained in the Dongfeng County Detention Center for practicing Falun Gong. They are:

Zhou Wenjie, Wang Yuling, Wu Lijuan, Wei (X)ju, Wang Suxia, Liu Debao, Chen Xuezhu, Li Xiangzhi, Dong Yufang, Dai Suli, Li Juncai, Ha Jingbo, Yu Suyan, Yue Xia, Dong Lianhui, Zhou Xi, Feng Gongxia, Wang Guicai, Feng Gongjun, Dong Yusu, Yang Haijun, Jiang Hua, Wang Shuping, Zhao Wannu, Fan Guirong, Li Guilan, Xin Yanhua, Yang Zhankui, Dong Yulan, Zhao Yan, Jiang Xueling, Liu Dianzhu, Liang Zhong(X), Zhang Xiumei, Jiang Xiaoxia, Li Guizhi.

A female Dafa practitioner, name unknown, from Nantunji village; a male Dafa practitioner from Daxing town, a female Dafa practitioner, last name Liu from Dongfeng town, and a teacher, last name Sun from Yonghe village middle school. All practitioners listed except that Zhou Wenjie, Wang Yuling, Wu Lijuan, and Dong Yusu were not fined, Liu Dianzhu and Dong Yufang were each fined 5,000 Yuan, the rest of the practitioners were fined 4,000 Yuan each.

There are 10 Dafa practitioners being sent to labor camps:

Zhou Wenjie, Wang Yuling, Wu Lijuan, Wei (X)ju, Ha Jingbo, Dong Yusu, Yu Suyan, Li Xiangzhi, Liang Zhong(X) and Zhao Yan.

[Chengdu City, Sichuan Province] A Partial Name List of Dafa Practitioners Being Persecuted in Chengdu City (Continued)

Huang Jie, male, 30, an employee of Chengdu Seamless Steel Tube Factory, was sentenced to 2 years of forced labor in June 2000 for appealing in Beijing.

Zhu Yunxiu, female, a 58-year-old retired teacher from Xiaonanjie Primary School, was detained for 16 days because of appealing for Falun Gong. She was also illegally fined 5,600 Yuan, and her house was unlawfully ransacked. She was forced to attend a transformation class for two months and was deprived of her personal freedom.

Zhu Jun, female, 53, an employee of Chengdu Red Flag Tractor Factory, was detained for 15 days for signing the letter to the National People's Congress in February 2000. She was forced to attend a transformation class from March to April 2000. Later, she was detained for 15 days of security detention and 30 days of criminal detention for going to appeal in Beijing in April 2000. In August 2000, she went to Beijing to appeal again, and was detained 30 days. She was then sentenced to 1 year of forced labor on September 12, 2000. She is now held at the Zizhong City Nanmushi Women's Labor Camp.

Tang Denghui, female, 48, a resident of Dawan village, Tianhui town, was forced to attend a transformation class from March to April 2000. She was also detained for 15 days of security detention and 30 days of criminal detention for going to appeal in Beijing in April 2000. In August 2000, she went to Beijing to appeal again and was detained for 30 days. She was then sentenced to 1 year of forced labor on September 12, 2000. She is now held at the Zizhong Nanmushi Women's Labor Camp.

Zheng Changqiong, female, is a 58-year-old accountant at Sichuan Architecture General Company Affiliated School. In January 2001, she went to Beijing to appeal and was detained for one and a half months after being escorted back to Chengdu City. She was then sentenced to 1.5 years of forced labor.

Du Peiyang, female, a 55-year-old doctor from Chengdu Seamless Steel Tube Factory, was sentenced to 1 year of forced labor for distributing truth-clarifying materials in January 2001.

Du Wanxue, male, about 31, a resident of Guangan city, went to Beijing to validate Dafa three times. He was brutally tortured by policemen with electric batons in Beijing. His body was covered with black burn spots from the electrodes. His chest and abdomen were burnt so much that the original skin color could not be seen. The scene was so harrowing that people were moved to tears at seeing him. He was later arrested for printing truth-clarifying materials. He has been missing for four months, and nobody knows his whereabouts. (It is said he was sent to a labor camp.)

Wang Suhua, female, 47, an employee of the Transportation Department Affiliated Hospital, was detained for 20 days for appealing. She was also unlawfully fined 5,400 Yuan, and her home was illegally ransacked five times. She was then sentenced to 1 year of forced labor at the Zizhong Nanmushi Women's Labor Camp, where she was shackled with handcuffs and anklets and was forced to parade through the street with a board [with slanderous content] hanging from her neck. Her husband was forced to divorce her.

Zhang Xiaofeng, female, a Politics teacher at Chengdu Aviation Professional Technology College, was suspended from work by her college after she went to Beijing to appeal the first time. She was later sentenced to 1 year of forced labor after she went to Beijing to appeal the second time.

Pan Guangping, female, around 50 years old, was a former staff of 611 Research Institute of State Aviation Department located in Chengdu City. In August 1999, she went to the provincial government to appeal. After that, her work unit and the local police station revoked her personal freedom, ordered her to report to the police station everyday (including Festivals and holidays) and forced her to write a guarantee letter to not practice Falun Gong. In December 1999, she was sentenced to 1 year of forced labor after she went to Beijing to appeal, and was severely tortured for insisting on practicing Falun Gong exercises in prison. She went to Beijing again on New Year's Day in 2001 and was intercepted at Beijing Railway Station. She was detained for one month after being sent back. Shortly after her release, she tried to protest the injustice against her and was arrested again and sentenced for 1.5 years of forced labor. She is now held at the Zizhong Nanmushi Women's Labor Camp.

Deng Qixian, female, an employee of Communist Youth League Committee of Chengfa Corporation, was sentenced to 1 year of forced labor for going to Beijing to appeal twice.

Wu Bo, female, 32, was detained 110 days for appealing and unlawfully fined more than 6,000 Yuan. She is now sentenced to 1 year of forced labor, executing outside prison. She has been fired from work.

Jia Jinfeng, female, an employee of Metallurgy Division of Chengdu City No. 420 Factory, was sentenced to 1 year of forced labor near the end of last year. (Probably for going to Beijing to appeal, other details are not known)

Chen Guohua, female, 50, a retired employee from Aba Material Purchase Center, went to Beijing to appeal in November 1999, and was once detained for 10 days of security detention, and then one month of criminal detention. She was forced to attend a transformation class from January to June 2000 and was illegally fined more than 3,000 Yuan. She is now unable to go back home and has to wander about due to the persecution from Jiefangbei Road Police Station.