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Latest News from China - 03/10/2001

March 21, 2001 |  

[Minghui Net] [Wendeng City, Shandong Province] Wendeng city, Shandong Province Threatens and Induces the Masses to do Vicious Deeds Wendeng city, Shandong Province will be awarded taxi drivers 500 Yuan RMB (equal to a monthly salary of an average urban worker in China) from the government for the disclosure of each Dafa practitioner. In order to prevent Falun Dafa practitioners from going to appeal, they set up checkpoints on the road. Passengers are forced to get out of the vehicle and step on a portrait with the Teacher's name written on it. A handicapped old man was not able to get out so they unexpectedly took the portrait on the bus and asked him to step on it. Regardless of whether a person is a Falun Dafa practitioner or not, they arrest all those who refuse to cooperate with them and put them into a "transformation class" until they step on the portrait. These wild crimes violating human rights, breaking the law and defiling public opinion are precisely the acts of Jiang Zemin's criminal gangs. [Duyun City, Guizhou Province] A "Cultural Revolution" Farce in Duyun City, Guizhou Province On March 4, 2001, Duyun City of Guizhou Province illegally held an ugly farce by openly arresting and punishing Dafa practitioners in the Duyun railway station in the downtown area. 17 Dafa practitioners, who either went to Beijing to verify Dafa last December or were arrested for distributing truth-clarifying materials, were tied up and showed before the public with signboards hung on their chests. Among them, Yang Hongyan and Chen Dingyuan were detained and are being sent to a labor camp. Zheng Zhentang, Lin Muhua, Jia Yuanlian, Lin Yinghua, Luo Shanhua, Shi Juying, Gong Guoying, Song Yunping, Wang Wenxiu, Pan Yuehua, Xiao Liqun, Chen Jusheng and Liang Rongqi were all sentenced for 3 years of forced labor re-education. Min Jie and Ran Suhua were sentenced for 2 and half years of forced labor re-education. Before this, on January 14, 2001, Dujun City government once held a similar ugly farce of illegally arresting and detaining Dafa practitioners in the downtown area of Baizi Bridge. [Beijing City] A Violent Scene in the Beijing Tiananmen Police Station On the morning of February 8, 2001, I was arrested and detained in an iron cage in the Tiananmen Police Station because I unfurled a banner and shouted, "Restore the reputation to my Teacher" in Tiananmen Square. There were more than 10 people already in it. One female practitioner brought a copy of Zhuan Falun with her. We started to read the book. After reading about 2 pages, we heard a burst of loud shouting and curses. More than 10 policemen rushed inside and kicked those Dafa practitioners who were doing the sitting meditation on the floor. Several of the policemen jumped on some Dafa practitioners' heads, rushed at the practitioner who was reading the book, seized her hair and grabbed the book from her hands. Suddenly a male practitioner shouted at them, "Do not beat people." 4 or 5 policemen rushed toward him and beat him up. They slapped his face and beat his head and face. A policeman standing behind suddenly shouted, "Don't beat his face," as he leaped towards the practitioner and violently kicked at his waist and kidneys. The other policemen also changed their attack strategy, and kicked his thighs and bottom until he fell down to the ground. They still didn't think it was brutal enough and dragged him out of the cage. They took him into another room and continued beating him in there. Later on, they cuffed him on the wall, his face was covered with blood. They didn't stop torturing him until night. [Changchun City, Jilin Province] "Falun Dafa is Good" was Sprayed on the Wall Along Both Sides of the Railway at Changchun Railway Station Changchun practitioners sprayed half meter-high signs reading "Falun Dafa is good," "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," "Please come to know the truth of Falun Gong, and don't be confused by the lies" and other similar messages on the wall along both sides of the railway near the Changchun Railway Station. Many travelers coming to Changchun could see them before arriving. [Guangzhou, Guangdong Province] Guangzhou Tianhe Police Rob Falun Dafa Practitioner's Home Falun Dafa practitioner Lu Yazheng, female, about 50 years old, lives on Taojing Road, which belongs to the Huale Police Station Dongshan district. On February 20, Ms. Lu went to the Tianhe district to tell the people how Falun Gong is being framed by the government. The police from Tianhe district arrested her for "undermining the enforcement of law." They searched her, found her address and the keys to her home, which they immediately went to ransack. At the time, no one was in the home; however, after the police left, a family member returned and saw everything scattered about in a mess. Lu's family later received the "Detention Notice" from the police. Such "People's Police" have the people trembling in fear! [China] I Too Want to Practice Falun Gong at Home On February 22, I paid a visit to my younger sister's house, bringing the book Essentials for Further Advancement with me. In the evening, I took the book out and began reading, but my young niece took it from me and went to her room. I followed her and saw that she was reading the book carefully. After a while, my niece asked me to come into her room; she told me, "Something strange happened to me while I was reading this book. There was a round object rotating in front of my head." I asked her, "Is there any difference between this book and your textbooks?" She replied, "The characters in this book have yellow, green, red, and blue colors. It also has Swastika symbols glittering with golden light. When I read page 32, my body felt uneasy so I closed my eyes. Wow! In the center of our yard I saw a lotus seat and a very good-looking man in yellow sitting on it. He had bare feet and a bare shoulder, just like the one in the picture you have hanging on your wall." I asked her, "Did you see where he went?" "He flew into the sky - to the stars in a blue world. I turned around and saw the stars and the earth here," she replied. The next day, she told me that during the night she dreamt of floating in the air and flying into the sky. The Teacher was also there and stretched out his hand to let her stand in it. She became afraid and said, "Let me down." Then she woke up. ... At noontime, after returning home from school she told me more, "I usually play with my classmates during the break between classes, but today I felt sleepy after class. Before going to take a nap, I saw the Falun ('Law Wheel') rotating around me. It gave off yellow, green, red and blue light." She asked me, "Can you give me a book? After school, I too want to practice Falun Gong at home." (Rewritten from a practitioner's oral account.) [China] Auntie Liu's Benefactions Auntie Liu has taken care of our baby for over a year. One day, she told me, "The security guard in our building dragged my husband to sign against Falun Gong. Many other people had signed. But my husband said, 'I don't support Falun Gong, nor am I against it. Why do you ask me to do such things, to betray my heart? I don't want to sign.' Later, he said to me, 'If you weren't always telling me that Falun Dafa practitioners are all good people, I probably would have signed it today.'" Hearing this, I was moved to tears. I said to Auntie Liu, "Please tell your husband that I thank him on behalf of all Falun Dafa practitioners." Auntie Liu said, "This is nothing. Last night when having dinner together, our family talked about Falun Gong. I 'cautioned' everyone, 'All the Falun Dafa practitioners I know are good people. You are not allowed to do any bad things against them.'" I told her, "That was so good; it was a great benefaction." [China] The Vicious People Receive Retributions On January 1, a policeman whose last name is Hao from Jingzhan Village led several people to illegally detain four Falun Dafa practitioners in the police station. On the next morning, Hao came to the police station and prepared to go on patrol by motorcycle. Although the road was straight and smooth, as soon as he drove away, his motorcycle turned upside down and he broke both his legs. Wang Shijiang, director of the security department of Jingzhan village, constantly beat up and cursed Falun Dafa practitioners. Consequently, he was beaten up by the thugs from the village. His motorcycle, having cost him 9,000 Yuan (about US$1,100), was also stolen.