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Passive Forbearance is as Good as Nurturing the Evil

March 21, 2001 |  

My name is Zhang Tao, and I live in Twin City of Heilongjiang Province. Because of practicing Falun Gong, my family was broken up, and I became homeless due to the persecution of Jiang Zemin's criminal group. I would like to make public my situation.

On July 22, 1999, Jiang Zemin started to slander and persecute Falun Gong. On July 25, 1999, I went to Beijing with a kind heart and a good intent to appeal for truth and justice. However, the police tried to keep me silent by sending me back to the Detention Center of Twin City, and ransacked my home looking for Dafa materials or whatever they could take. I could not bear the torture in the jail, so I wrote a repentance statement and was released. Afterward, I continually thought that the Falun Gong issue is the most unjust case in history. On February 7, 2000, I once again went to Beijing to appeal, this time with my wife and daughter. However, the police still didn't allow us to talk and sent us back to the Detention Center in Twin City. I refused to sign the repentance statement, so they detained me for more than one hundred days. On May 30, 2000, they sent me to Yimianpo Labor Camp. They did not allow me to study the Fa or practice Falun Gong in the labor camp. Anyone who was found practicing Falun Gong would be tortured violently. One day, the guards tortured some practitioners because they practiced Falun Gong. The guards shocked their mouths using electric batons, beat their faces to bleed using iron locks, and kicked their chests so hard that they could hardly breath. During the labor punishment, the guards instigated inmates to persecute Dafa practitioners. The inmates asked practitioners whether they would practice Falun Gong, if they answered "yes," the inmates would press the practitioners with stones or order practitioners to run; if the practitioners could not run, they would drug, pushed, and beaten. Some practitioners were beaten so badly that they rolled on the ground. The inmates kicked me in the chest without any reason; it was extremely difficult to breath at that time. The guards also forced us to study materials that slander Dafa, and to write repentance statements. Teacher taught us that other people may treat us badly, but we do not treat others badly and we should always be benevolent to other people. So I don't hate those who tortured me. But I should not have forborne it passively.

After my release on November 10, I reviewed the Teacher's articles. I had a new understanding of the fact that for practitioners, just being able to distinguish the good from the bad is not enough. We must resolutely resist and eradicate the evil. Passive forbearing is as good as nurturing the evil, so we must expose the crimes committed by Jiang Zemin's group, who illegally detain and torture Falun Gong practitioners nationwide. I was detained for an unlimited period, and my home was ransacked. Policemen took away my TV, cassette player, battery charger, and left my home upside down; their behavior was more brutal than that of bandits. They also grabbed my child's two music cassettes. My wife and daughter are still being detained now; I can't go home either. I hope that all kindhearted people will pay attention to the matter and suppress the crimes of Jiang Zemin's group.